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Chapter 109 Jiuzhu Tianying

Mei Nongchen and Leng Yi were frolicking, and there was a rush of footsteps outside the door.

After a pause for about 30 seconds, Wu Di’s cautious and anxious voice sounded, “Master, something has happened to the immortal world!”

Two days later, Mei Nongchen and Leng Yi’s group returned to the immortal world, and as soon as they stepped into the immortal realm, there was a sound The strange breath instantly envelops everyone, making people flustered inexplicably.

On the way back, Wu Di recounted the matter. Three days ago, the immortal world had frequent earthquakes for some reason, severely cracked in the sky, and every time the ground cracked, there would be a suction force inside, drawing people within a hundred miles of the gap in. In the crevice.

In just three days, countless people were missing. No matter how strong the cultivation level is, people can’t make the suction in the cracks. The immortal world is panicked, and everyone is in danger.

Mei Nongchen and Leng Yi glanced at each other, and they both felt that the entire fairy world was wrapped in a mysterious power, that power was like a huge cage, as long as they entered the fairy world, they were caged birds.

On the way to Miluo City, they saw a lot of huge cracks, each crack was desolate within a hundred miles, houses collapsed and no one was inhabited.

People who have not been touched are like frightened birds, anxious and uneasy.

The deeper the fairyland, the denser the fissures.

I don’t know if they were lucky and didn’t encounter a crack in the ground.

“Is it an earthquake?” Mei Nongchen looked at the once-beautiful immortal world in such a mess, and couldn’t help but said, “It’s not like it, I haven’t heard of an earthquake, but I suck people underground.”

Leng Yi has a nice eyebrow. Tightening tighter and tighter, eyes deep and solemn, as if thinking of something serious.

Mei Nongchen rarely saw his heavy expression, and his heart tightened, “Leng Yi, do you know what?”

Leng Yi did not look at her, but radiated his gaze far ahead, and answered the question, “I hope it is I think too much.”

“Lengyi?” Mei Nongchen tilted her head to look at him.


Back to Milo City, fortunately Milo City did not suffer.

The people in Miluo City are much better than those in other Xiancheng cities. Maybe it’s because they are at the feet of the emperor. They don’t seem to be afraid of being sucked away by the seams at all. Everything is as usual.

Before reaching the gate of Miluo Palace, Zhu Feng hurried over and invited Lengyi to Emperor Zun’s study.

Mei Nongchen returned to Zijinque on her own, Xiao Erjiu and Xiaoba took Xiaoer, Xiaoshi, and Xiaojiu back to their own yard.

Wuming disappeared from Mei Nongchen’s eyes since entering the Mi Luo Palace. It is probably the reason for the completion of the mission, and there is no need for him to stay with her again.

Leng Yi didn’t come back until it was getting dark.

“What did your majesty say to you?” Mei Nongchen asked.

Leng Yi’s eyes were still dignified, seeing Mei Nongchen’s slightly raised face, holding the corner of her mouth and grinning reluctantly, wrapping her waist with one hand and stroking her face, bowed her head and kissed her lips, “Let’s go in Said.”

Entering the room, Leng Yi sat down in the soft chair and pulled Mei Nongchen on his lap. He buried his face in her chest, absorbed her body scent, and let out heavy breathing sounds.

Mei Nongchen put his arms around his head and did not speak. She knew that the things encountered in the immortal world must be extremely difficult to solve, otherwise Leng Yi would not be so silent.

After a while, his muffled voice came from her arms, “It’s awake.”

Mei Nongchen was taken aback, “Who is awake?”

“Jiuzhu Tianying.”

Jiuzhu Tianying? What it is?

Leng Yi raised his head and tightened Mei Nongchen into his arms, and said, “The Nine Candles Tianying is a super ancient beast god. It has existed before the emergence of the chaotic world. It has been sleeping under the fairy world until it wakes up. This is the time when the Three Realms are destroyed.”

“Why?” Mei Nongchen was curious.

“It will eat all the people in the world, the mortal world, the immortal world, the demon world, and none of them will be spared.”

“How do you know?”

“The memory of the Leng clan is inherited, and we are born to inherit the memory of the Jiuzhu Tianying. As for why, I don’t know. I can only guess that a certain ancestor foresaw that the Jiuzhu Tianying would be a disaster for the Three Realms someday in the future, so leave us a warning.”

Mei Nongchen also became heavy. It seems that Jiuzhu Tianying is a powerful animal god. She holds Lengyi’s face in her right hand and rubs his cheek with her thumb. “Maybe it’s a mistake. The occurrence of such an earthquake does not necessarily mean Jiuzhu Tianying’s awakening. “

My father called me over to determine if the Jiuzhu Tianying is awake, we have already determined, yes.”

Hearing this, Mei Nongchen rubbed his cheek with the thumb and his breathing became heavy. “Then what’s the solution?”

Leng Yi has always been the same as Taishan collapsed. Today is so abnormal, there must be demons in it.

“Seal it and let it fall asleep again.”

“How to seal it?” Mei Nongchen’s voice trembled slightly.

After a moment of silence, Leng Yifang said, “Use my blood and my father’s blood.”

“A drop or all?” Mei Nongchen’s voice trembled even more.

“I’m sorry, I might have broken my promise. I wanted you to use my whole life to verify my sincerity. Unexpectedly, things are always impermanent…”

“Are they all?” Mei Nongchen interrupted him sharply, she didn’t want to listen to him. Saying this, I don’t want to listen at all!

“…” There was a long silence.

“I won’t!” Mei Nongchen screamed loudly, bounced from his legs, and pointed his nose, “I don’t allow you to do that! Never allow it!”

“But if you don’t do that, the world will be ruined. The ancestral blood of the Leng clan does not allow me to stand by. Even if I don’t do it, the blood in my body will drive my body to accomplish this.”

“What can I do if the world is ruined? If it weren’t for you, my world would be ruined! I don’t allow you to do that! There must be other ways, there must be other ways!” Mei Nongchen said incoherently, “Kill it! Yes! , Kill it! I am the king of God, I will kill it!”

Leng Yi hugged the person who turned and was about to leave, feeling the body in her arms trembling, although she tried her best to contain the tremor in her heart, but The body was still trembling slightly.

“It’s useless, it already existed before this world was created, and the power it contains is unmatched in this world. Only the blood of the Leng clan can seal it. It is absolutely impossible to kill it.”

“You haven’t tried, how do you know?” Mei Nongchen didn’t want to give up easily.

Leng Yi suddenly laughed, her eyes gleaming, and Mei Nongchen was embedded in her arms fiercely, “You are really like me. I told my father about you. He gave it to me. The answer is that someone tried it before, trying to get rid of its eternal troubles while Jiuzhu Tianying was not awake. As a result… he was not even close, so he was smashed to pieces by the twisted space around it.” After a

pause, he again Said: “The space where the Jiuzhu Tianying is located is so distorted that you can’t even get close, so how can you kill it?”

Mei Nongchen turned and stared up at his eyes, “What about you and your majesty? Seal it with your own blood? Doesn’t it need to be closed?”

Leng Yi rolled his lips and looked back at her with a smile for a long time. “There is nothing to hide from you. Yes, there is a shortcut to get close to it. It eats it and enters its stomach to seal it, but there must be many dangers in its stomach, and my father and I may not be able to succeed.”

“So…” Mei Nongchen’s eyes bloomed with squiggles. Glorious and dazzling, “We can make a desperate move, enter its abdomen, and kill it from within!”

“You and I are both gods, the odds of winning are great, Leng Yi, let’s kill it together, okay? “Her eyes were filled with hope.

Leng Yi is not so easy to admit his fate. In the study of Emperor Zun, he also argued with Emperor Zun. He wanted to kill Jiuzhu Tianying, but Emperor Zun did not agree and insisted on sealing according to the method in inherited memory. It resolutely refuses to risk the survival of the entire world.

But Leng Yi is different. In his eyes, nothing is important with Mei Nongchen.

In his own heart, even if he died, he wanted to be with her.

“What you think is exactly what I think. Let’s go kill Jiuzhu Tianying, live, we are together, die, and we must be together.” Leng Yi embraced her as if hugging the whole world.

“I hate it!” Mei Nongchen burst into tears, pursing her lips and punching his arm with a fist, “Then what you said before was as if you were going to sacrifice yourself to save the world!”

“Don’t cry.” Leng Yi kissed the tears on her face and held her little hand tightly. “That’s my father’s idea. He doesn’t want to risk the safety of the world, so our idea must be implemented secretly. “

That night, the entire fairy world trembled again, accompanied by a loud’click’, a huge gap appeared between the mountains hundreds of miles away from Miluo City, and the suction force was like an invisible hand, closing the gap. The living creatures within a hundred li all grabbed into the abyss.

The cries of men, women and children and the calls of the fairy beasts were mixed and intertwined, very stern and stern.

Everyone is stubbornly clinging to the things at hand, hoping to escape this catastrophe, as long as they can persist for half an hour, the suction will disappear and they will be able to live.

It’s just that they are allowed to use all their strength, and they are still a little bit robbed of the hope of living by the powerful suction, and finally fall into the abyss in the fear of the unknown destiny.

Everyone was unwilling to die like this, crying bitterly, two of them quietly embracing each other looked so strange.

Mei Nongchen and Leng Yi fell into the abyss with the crowd, where there was a huge beast waiting to eat their meat.

Falling down for a long time, it was pitch black all around, and the scream was about to tear their eardrums.

Suddenly, the scream in the ear became sharper, like a sharp sword inserted directly into the ear, causing pain. Leng Yi held Mei Nongchen between her legs and kept her away from her, covering her ears with her hands.

Mei Nongchen struggled twice and wanted to look down, when the scream suddenly became so high, she felt that it had something to do with the Jiuzhu Tianying under the abyss.

Leng Yi suddenly hugged her head, her lips pressed close to her ears, and said, “Don’t look.”

Mei Nongchen’s heart tightened, and then she really stopped struggling and fell in Leng Yi’s arms obediently.

She did not see that in the dark abyss, countless pairs of green eyes were flashing!

The number of eyes alone made the legs of the less courageous person tremble.

When everyone got closer, they realized that they weren’t eyes at all, but beast mouths that kept opening and closing!

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