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Chapter 110 Lord God King!

Super ancient beast god Jiuzhu Tianying, body shape like a dragon, without eyes, with eight claws on the belly, countless huge mouths on the back, night vision like wolf eyes, and faint green light.

Accompanied by the screams, everyone fell towards the mouths of different beasts and disappeared instantly.

Leng Yi tightly held Mei Nangchen in his arms, as if he were one body.

The two fell towards the mouth of the same beast, the strong green light in that mouth pierced people’s eyes, Leng Yi tightly clutched Mei Nongchen’s head to prevent her eyes from being stung.

The smelly and rotten aura rushed towards each other, and after the two fell into the mouth of the beast, the mouth closed instantly, and Leng Yi condensed the enchantment around the two of them, preventing the Nine Candle Heaven Infant’s breath from corroding them.

They continued to fall down the damp and sticky pipe. The wall of the pipe was covered with sharp serrations and arranged closely. Lengyi protected Mei Nongchen and carefully controlled the trajectory of the fall in the middle of the serrations, trying to prevent the serrations from touching. Enchantment, because every time the sawtooth touches, the enchantment will weaken by one point.

Mei Nongchen raised her head from his arms, the dazzling green light had gone away, with her super eyesight, her pupils shrank when she saw the sharp jagged teeth all over her body, and at the same time she sacrificed her power to strengthen the barrier’s defense.

She felt that they were still descending continuously, and the jagged pipe wall was undulating like a wave, presumably this was the esophagus of Jiuzhu Tianying.

After falling for a long time, it is inevitable that the sawtooth stabbed the enchantment several times. Fortunately, the two of them had a strong cultivation base and kept strengthening the enchantment. This sawtooth is so powerful, one can imagine how miserable those with a slightly weaker cultivation level will end up, presumably before it can fall into the stomach of Jiuzhu Tianying, half of his life is already dead.

Further down, Mei Nongchen and Lengyi seemed to hear a vague “rumbling” sound, the more they went down, the clearer and more convulsive sound, not ear-splintering, it was convulsing, the “booming” sound was like a huge hammer. In their hearts, let their hearts rumbling.

Mei Nongchen and Leng Yi glanced at each other, and they could see it clearly in each other’s eyes.

heart! They are getting closer and closer to the heart of Jiu Zhu Tian Ying.

At this moment, there were no serrations on the pipe wall suddenly, and a stronger and more corrosive aura rose from below, and the enchantment made a’sizzling’ sound under the corrosion of that aura.

Mei Nongchen looked down, and the pale yellow liquid below was surging like ocean waves.

Gastric juice! Strong corrosive gastric juice!

Once it falls in, there will be no bones left.

Mei Nongchen quickly sacrificed the Feng’s legacy sword and nailed the Feng’s legacy sword into the end of the pipe wall with a’poof’. The two of them hung in midair, only five meters away from the gastric juice.

Jiuzhu Tianying’s stomach is huge, and Mei Nongchen feels as small as a grain of rice to it.

Leng Yi stretched out his hand to take the hilt and hung it on the hilt with Mei Nongchen in his arms. The suction force underneath kept pulling them, trying to drag them into a place where no one can recover.

Jiuzhu Tianying felt the pain, and his huge body shook violently. Mei Nongchen and Lengyi were swayed left and right by the impact. The liquid under his feet suddenly became more agitated, and the gastric juice splashed upwards, corroding the barrier.

The thunderous rumbling of the heartbeat still echoed in my ears.

Mei Nongchen discerned carefully, the sound of the heartbeat sounded diagonally below, and she lifted her palm to pat it in that direction. This palm was a test of how tough the Jiuzhu Tianying’s stomach wall was, so she only used one. Layer of supernatural power.

With a soft sound of’pop’, Jiuzhu Tianying’s stomach was not deflated.

“So strong!” Mei Nongchen sighed.

Leng Yi’s eyes gleamed, “Hold me tight!”

Mei Nongchen heard the words wrapped around his body like an octopus, he raised his arm around Mei Nongchen’s hand, his fingertips condensed a ray of golden light, and the golden light contained it. With ten levels of divine power, with the aura of destroying everything, he flew towards the position of Jiuzhu Tianying’s heart.


Jiuzhu Tianying’s huge body shook violently in pain, and the stomach wall was knocked out of a large hole by golden light, but it did not penetrate.

Leng Yi tightly held the hilt of the sword, hugged Mei Nongchen and tried to stabilize his figure, looking at the big black hole, surprise flashed across his eyes, “Hope!”

The suction at his feet suddenly disappeared, and Leng Yi seized the opportunity to move up. Yue, standing on the hilt with Mei Nongchen in his arms, hit the big hole in the stomach wall of Jiuzhu Tianying three times, directly hitting it into a stomach perforation.

Jiuzhu Tianying was angry, the green light in the opened beast’s mouth turned into red light, and he roared and rushed upwards.

The immortal world suddenly collapsed and the ground cracked, and the sound of the collapse was like thunder. People went out to look at the sound source, only to see a giant beast rushing into the sky like a blowout!

The body of the beast is thicker than the mountain. The mouths of countless red beasts are wide open, and thunderous roars are coming out of those huge mouths. Everyone can feel the breath of death after a long distance.

The beast breath that enveloped the entire immortal world also became as heavy as a thousand gold, suppressing people’s breath.

“What the hell is this? It’s terrible! Are the recent earthquakes and crack-absorption incidents related to it?”

“There are such terrible beasts hidden in the underground of the fairy world, we don’t know at all!”

“The fairy world is over! We’re done! This fierce beast makes people feel scared when they look at it. Who can fight against it?”

“Yes, if the previous god king didn’t fall, there might be a chance, but now…”

“I don’t want to die, woo , Mother…”



Above the Mi Luo Palace, the emperor and the empress stood side by side in the void, their eyes heavy and long.

“Yi’er has acted.” The Empress murmured, not knowing whether to tell it to herself or to the people around her.

“Yeah.” The emperor replied inaudibly, and said: “At this point, I can only hope that he is right, otherwise…”

“The Three Realms perish.” The empress said, her eyes grew longer.

They already knew that Mei Nongchen had sneaked into the demon world, and knew that the death of Demon Lord was planned by her alone. Their impression of this daughter-in-law has been greatly changed. She is not empty of beauty, courage and wisdom. Don’t let the eyebrows.

Mei Nongchen and Leng Yi quietly left the Miluo Palace. They knew it, but they didn’t come out to stop them. Perhaps the children were right.

Leng Yi still has no children. Once the emperor and Leng Yi died in the process of sealing the Jiuzhu Tianying, the Leng clan has no successors. When it wakes up again, what should the Three Realms do at that time?

Killing it is indeed a once-and-for-all solution.

Jiuzhu Tianying twisted and rolled painfully under the night, and set off gusts of wind. The space around it was twisted into twists, and everything that was close to it was twisted into fragments, and the mountains, lakes, and forest houses were completely destroyed. A few people were accidentally swept by the wind and turned into bloody fragments. Those who saw this scene were immediately overwhelmed with fear, and one by one stood up in the air, panicking and fleeing away.

There was no grass anywhere that Jiuzhu Tianying passed.

“Are we all going to die?” The people who had escaped far stopped and looked back at the home that had turned into a wasteland, snuggling together in twos and threes, their teeth trembling in the air.


With a roar of the beast, a red beam of light was emitted from the mouth of a beast of Nine Candles Tianying. The beam hits the ground, setting off a mushroom cloud like an atomic bomb explosion. The violent beast’s might radiated outward in a circular shape from the explosion point, and everything passed by was transformed nothingness.

The howls resounded across the sky.


No, this is the end of the world.

At this time.

All the beast mouths of Jiuzhu Tianying shot red light beams, falling to every corner of the fairy world. This time, no one in the fairy world could be spared!

The emperor and the queen clasped their hands tightly to each other, and they still believed that Leng Yi and Mei Nongchen would succeed!

The world suddenly quieted down at this moment, the screams and cries came to an abrupt end, so quiet that heartbeats from hundreds of miles away could be heard.

Everyone raised their heads, and their eyes were reflected in extremely fast red light beams. The colors were bright and brilliant, illuminating their desperate faces. This might be the last sight they could see in this life.

The light beams of electric light and flint are approaching, some people can even feel its hot temperature, and some people seem to see a long hair flying on their foreheads turning into nothingness.

However, just a few minutes from the top of everyone’s head, it stopped.

All the red light beams stopped their offensive at this moment, as if time had suddenly stopped.

The cold sweat struck everyone’s cheeks silently, dripping on the ground, and it seemed to make a faint ticking sound.

No one dared to move.

Quiet, the ultimate still.

There was a pause.

The red light beam retracted into the beast’s mouth like a rewind, and the Jiuzhu Tianying remained in a skyrocketing posture and froze, and his huge plump body quickly swelled up like an inflating ball.


There was a huge explosion, and a rain of blood began to fall over the fairy world, with large or small pieces of meat mixed in the blood.

The stench spread, and people still kept their heads up and looked up at the sky and did not dare to move, until someone exclaimed: “That monster is dead!”

“Ah-ha ha ha…”

“Ah -! Ah- —!”

Everyone started screaming frantically. No one hated how disgusting the rain of flesh and blood was. They hugged each other and jumped in excitement. The joy of the rest of their lives could not be expressed in words and actions. Some people even opened their mouths wide. To pick up the blood of Jiuzhu Tianying, some people bite its meat fiercely.

“Damn monster, damn monster! Damn!”

“Saved, haha…it’s dead!”



They vent their resentment and ecstasy, until the rain of flesh and blood is over, no one will find out Two figures stood in the sky.

“Look there, there is someone in the sky!”

“Who? Who?”

People gathered their eyes in the sky again. At this time, the sky was faintly bright, the east was white, and the white clouds on the horizon were dyed with pale gold, showing people. The sun is about to come out, and what they want to welcome is infinite light.

“It’s His Royal Highness! Look, it’s His Royal Highness!” At the

place where people’s eyes gathered, two bloody figures stood against the wind, a man and a woman. The cool breeze lifted their blood-stained clothes, and they held one in their hands. A long sword stained with blood.

People couldn’t see what they looked like when they were infested with blood. They only saw that the tall man had a pair of dazzling golden pupils, just like the sunrise on the horizon.

In the whole world, the only one with different-born golden pupils is the prince Lengyi.

“His Royal Highness!”

“His Royal Highness saved us!” The

people were grateful and knelt down to Leng Yi, “Thank you for your help! Thank you for your help!” After

hearing this, Leng Yi’s eyes suddenly shot cold. , Raised his hand and condensed water with the only remaining supernatural power, washed away the blood stains on Mei Nongchen’s face, revealing a beautiful face and a trace of golden phoenix wings, and said in a deep voice: “The princess is killing this monster. The person, the person you should thank, is her, not me! “The

princess? !

Isn’t the princess dead?

People raised their heads to look at Mei Nongchen, and they really saw the mark that the woman’s eyebrows belonged to the princess, but did this woman have the ability to kill the monster?

They are skeptical.

Mei Nongchen’s eyes were locked on Lengyi’s body, and her heart warmed into hot spring water. She understood that Lengyi said this for her. He was preparing for her re-appointment as a princess. He hoped that she would get everything from the fairy world. The love of people.

She didn’t want to let him down, and he was right. This was an opportunity for her to succeed as a princess.

Recovering the Feng Yijian, she released the coercion of the god king outside. The coercive force of the invisible mountain instantly pressed on everyone’s spine, pressing them to pant, and everyone’s heart was shocked, so tyrannical. The coercion, they only felt in the once god king.

“Venerable God King!” A blue-robed man hiding in an inconspicuous corner of the crowd suddenly said.

“Ah! She is the new god king of the immortal world! Thank the Lord God King for his life-saving grace!” A beautiful young man not far away from the blue robe also shouted.

Immediately afterwards, there were voices of the king of gods everywhere in the crowd, and gradually, the voices became more and more louder.

“Thank God King for your life-saving grace! Thank you for your life-saving grace!”

There is no way in the world. If there are more people walking, it will become a way; the world doesn’t know that Mei Nongchen is the king of gods, and there are too many people shouting. , The world will know.

Mei Nongchen regained his pressure and gratefully looked at the little ones scattered around the crowd. It was they who took the lead in exhaling the King of Gods. Everyone knew that their prince was a strong King of Gods.

At this time, the sun has jumped out of the horizon, and the golden and brilliant sunshine is shining on the messy land of the fairy world. In this ruin, new life is sprouting quietly. I believe that soon, the fairy world will be able to return to its glory.

Accepting the adoration and gratitude of everyone, Leng Yi took Mei Nongchen and flew towards the direction of Mi Luo Palace. Their divine power was so bad that they had to take a good rest.

Passing by the fairy garden in Jiuyou, Mei Nongchen went in and took a look, except that the walled house was damaged a bit, her father and her mother were fine.

The Miluo Palace was somewhat affected, but fortunately there were no casualties. Leng Yi hugged Mei Nongchen all the way to Zijinque. Maybe he was too tired. Just when he walked to the door, Mei Nongchen’s eyes went dark and he passed away.

Leng Yi was taken aback, “Quickly declare the fairy doctor!”

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