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Chapter 89 Put a soft pillow next time

Early in the morning, acacia forest.

The morning dew is clear, the mist is light, the air is damp and cool, the song of the birds on the branches is exceptionally crisp and sweet, the flowers on the treetops are exceptionally tender, the breeze is blowing, and the branches are blooming.


Mei Nongchen suddenly opened her eyes, sweating profusely. She dreamed that Lengyi wanted her in a forest last night, scaring her to death!

However, the discomfort of the lower body and the intriguing temptation reminded her that it was not a dream!

At this moment, she was hugged by Leng Yi in her arms, covered with his generous robe, Leng Yi was sitting under the tree with her back leaning on the trunk, and she had not woken up yet.

Seeing a crimson hickey right above his delicate apple knot, Mei Nongchen’s eyes became unnatural, and the memories she thought of as dreams flooded in, swallowing her like a tide, thinking that she might be caught here at any time last night. Leng Yi did all kinds of unspeakable movements where she found it, and her face flushed with embarrassment while she was afraid.

“Are you awake?” Just as she was upset, a clear voice rang from above her head, “We’ll go back when we wake up.”

Leng Yi hugged her and got up, then put her down, took off the robe wrapped around her and put on her , Mei Nongchen found out that her dress was neatly dressed.

“Aren’t you afraid of being seen?” Seeing her looking at her clothes in surprise, Leng Yi put on her robe, reached out and gently scraped off the tip of Mei Nongchen’s nose, and said: “So after the event last night, I’ll put your clothes on.”

“Msang, am I very considerate?”

“…” Mei Nongchen ignored his self-proclaimed boast, and stared directly at the top of Leng Yi’s apple and his collar. The tie is so coincidental that it just reveals the eye-catching crimson hickey. If he appears in front of people like this, he will surely attract everyone’s attention.

Such an indifferent and abstinent face with such traces makes it easy for people to imagine.

Suddenly, Mei Nongchen gave birth to her guts. She curled her lip line and smiled dignified and virtuously. She stretched out her hand to pat the non-existent dust on Leng Yi’s collar, and pulled down by the way, saying: “There is something here. Hui, I’ll pat it for you.”

She bent her eyes to look at the more clear red marks, and laughed happily.

Let you bully me! See you how embarrassed you this time!

Mei Nongchen smiled as if the spring was shining, but her heart was drinking water.

Leng Yi looked at her so happy and laughed.

“That’s right.” Mei Nongchen followed Leng Yi out, and suddenly remembered the poisoning of the last time, so she asked: “This forest seems to be poisonous. I was poisoned the last time I came. Why is it okay this time?”

As she spoke, she took a few more breaths of the more intense floral fragrance in the air, and there was no other discomfort except for the refreshing feeling.

And that day, she couldn’t get out of the woods no matter how she circumvented. Today, under Leng Yi’s guidance, she found a way out very quickly.

“Oh.” Leng Yi paused and leaned over her ears and whispered: “This forest is called the Albizia julibrissin forest. As long as those who enter the forest can enjoy the Albizia julibrissin, they will not be poisoned.”

“…” He breathed warmly. The spray on Mei Nongchen’s neck was numb and itchy, and she subconsciously jumped a step aside.

Leng Yi’s eyes deepened with a smile, his cautious, so sensitive.

Thinking of the sense of ecstasy that made him want to stop last night, he sighed inwardly, no wonder the Taizu Emperor lingered in this forest day by day, it was really wonderful. Seeing Mei Nongchen, who was jogging in front of him, leaving the forest, Leng Yi’s eyes flowed deep, like an ancient well, which made people feel palpable.

After leaving the woods, he turned his head and glanced at the large morning glow-like blooming clusters, which seemed to be a frequent visitor here in the future

Leng Yi sent Mei Nongchen back to Zijinque. , And left with that wild hickey. Thinking that he was going to be laughed at, Mei Nongchen walked to the bath with a smile, preparing to wash herself and sleep beautifully.

Originally, she was still worried that after marrying Lengyi, she would be overwhelmed by the red tape in the palace. Unexpectedly, this palace was completely different from what she had imagined. No one cares about her at all? She once went to greet the empress, but was turned back without even being able to enter the door of Yulu Pavilion.

The empress mother also sent a message to Mei Nongchen and don’t dangle in front of her when she is fine. It is important to hurry up and give her a fat grandson.

“…” Although Mei Nongchen felt speechless, she was also happy to take her time.

She hummed a little tune and walked by Wu Di and a group of immortals, and saw that they all peeked at her, and her face was a bit wrong, and she was faintly shy.

Mei Nongchen: “…” Standing still, looking at them, “Do you have something to say?”

Wu Di and a group of immortal servants are young boys. At this moment, they lower their heads and shake them violently, wishing to drop their heads on the ground, their ears. They are all blushing.

Mei Nongchen felt that their ears were so suspicious that they were red, so she looked down at her, and her clothes were neat and not showing off. What do these people mean when they see her blushing?

“Is there anything wrong with me?”

He shook his head violently again.

Mei Nongchen twisted her brows into the word’chuan’, looked at them suspiciously, and walked towards the bath.

When she reached the edge of the bath, seeing the hot water curling up in the pool, she once again sighed Wu Di’s thoughtfulness.

When she came to the hanger and was about to take off her clothes, next to the shelf was a floor-standing Gao Fang mirror. She inadvertently glanced into the mirror and immediately put away her leisurely attitude and rushed to the mirror.


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Lengyi, you lack great virtue!”

She glared at her neck, and the palm-sized skin was covered with bluish and purple hickeys at the moment, there were more than a dozen large and small! No wonder the people in Wudi blushed as soon as they saw her. She and Lengyi haven’t returned all night. Early in the morning, she came back with this imaginative trace of her neck, and she was in a good mood to hum a little song… God. ! Can time go back? !

She took off her clothes and sank herself into the medicated orchid soup.

Forget it suffocating!

Outside the door.

“I think I want to refresh my view of the Prince, it’s a pornographic!”

“You haven’t refreshed yet?! As early as the first time the Prince brought the Prince back, I refreshed.”


“Boss It is said that there is a master, there must be a servant. When will the boss get married?”

Wu Di: “…”

Inevitably and unexpectedly, when Lengyi came back at night, she could only look at Mei Nongchen’s back, and she faced Lying on the beautiful couch beside the wall, he ignored him, but he had no idea where he was wrong, so innocent.

“Do you dare to call innocence?!” Mei Nongchen turned around’唰’,’噌’ sat up again, just about to criticize his bad behavior, his eyes accurately caught Leng Yi’s white jade apple. The red mark directly above was so glaringly conspicuous that she was stunned right now.

He… just went out and swaggered for a day?

However, he must be eye-catching when he goes out like this. If someone pays attention to his neck, he will definitely arouse his suspicion, so that he will definitely notice the marks on his neck and hide it immediately.

“Don’t you find anything special on your neck?” Mei Nongchen couldn’t help but ask.

“You said this?” Leng Yi raised his hand and touched the position directly above his Adam’s apple. He made a romantic and evil gesture for that random movement, which was very ecstatic. Mei Nongchen looked straight. eye.

“You gave it to me, I cherish it.”

“…” Mei Nongchen couldn’t keep up with his thinking, was stunned, and said: “Will others not look at you with strange eyes?”

“They just want to see it, this is from my daughter-in-law, and I’m afraid that others won’t see it?”

“…” Mei Nongchen got up and stood on the beauty couch with her arms around his neck and her legs together. Yue, wrapped around his waist, unbuttoning his

clothes button high up to his Adam’s apple, and said: “I find that I am really inferior to you… a thick skin!” After speaking, she kissed his lips directly, adding silently to her heart. One sentence: But I love your cheeky so much.

Leng Yi held her butt in one hand and stroked her slender back. He walked a few steps to the side and pushed her against the window. The soft light of Ye Mingzhu shone diagonally, projecting the entangled shadow of the two on the window paper. Above, Yun’s ears are so hot.

Two days later, in the afternoon.

Leng Yi accompanied Mei Nongchen to see Xiaoyi.

They had just arrived at the gate of the courtyard, Xiao Erjiu flew out of it in his coquettish rouge red fairy robe, like a butterfly, with his red lips and white teeth. He looked like a pretty boy.

For a moment, Mei Nongchen thought of Bel, who was still in the world, and they were so similar.

“Sister, the eldest brother woke up in the morning, knowing that you are coming, and waiting for you.” He was about to lean on her as he said, was frightened back by Leng Yi’s eye knife.

He couldn’t beat others, Xiao Erjiu had to secretly gouge Lengyi with his eyes. Leng Yi let out a cold snort, her eyes narrowed dangerously, a ray of golden light from her fingertips, and she sent it towards the pretty little face.

Xiao Erjiu was so scared that he hurriedly hid behind Xiao San, running and howling: “Brother, help! He bullied me…”

Mei Nongchen had a headache for this.

Xiaoyi was sitting on the rattan chair in the courtyard, her cheekbones still slightly raised, her lips pale, and her calm and introverted eyes were full of fatigue at the moment.

The sun slanted to the west and the courtyard gate was facing south. Mei Nongchen and Lengyi walked in from the courtyard gate. The sunlight hit them from their left, coating them with a golden halo that people would not dare to look directly at, Lengyi Her long arms tightly embrace her waist, like a huge mountain guarding her, the whirling air current makes their long hair and clothes fluttering and entangled, like a bird with wings in the sky, like a bird in the ground. branch.

This scene stung everyone’s eyes.

Although Xiaoyi and the others have been trapped in the Boundless Palace for thousands of years, with their extraordinary abilities, they returned to the place where they were the masters of the name, and it is easy to return to the glory of the past, but they are unwilling. The woman in front of them will remove them from the abyss of despair. They were rescued from the middle and gave them a new life that they themselves did not dare to hope. They knew that there was something more important than the fame and fortune in this world, and that was the pure and beautiful woman in front of her.

They didn’t expect to have her one day, they just wanted to protect her silently. But until this moment, they finally understood that maybe she didn’t need the so-called guardian at all, and the person next to her was better than all of them combined.

“Xiaoyi, is it related to me that you go to the Demon Realm?”

Mei Nongchen looked at their expressions, and some of them couldn’t understand where their emotions came from, so she had to open her mouth to pull back everyone’s sanity.

“Why do you think that?” Xiaoyi was startled when he heard the words. The only reason they went to the Demon Realm was that he and the second, tenth, and nineteenth brothers knew about it, and even the other brothers didn’t know it. How could she know?

“Have you heard of the sixth sense? A woman’s sixth sense has always been very accurate.”

Mei Nongchen stared at him for an instant, did not miss the surprise in his eyes, so he was more certain of the previous guess.

“Tell me, what happened?” she said.

The corners of Xiaoyi’s pale lips were raised, and his tired eyes suddenly flashed like stars. The smile was a vaguely cold smile when he was indulged, and his eyes darkened and darkened.

“I know, I can’t hide anything from you, you are so smart…” Xiaoyi ignored Leng Yi’s cannibalistic eyes, smiled and praised, then suddenly lowered his smile, and said solemnly: “You may not know, two My younger brother is a divination fairy. His divination technique is unmatched in the immortal world. Ten days ago, he vaguely felt that there was a vision in the sky, so he took a divination. Unexpectedly, it was a violent phenomenon. The catastrophe is related to the devil world, and sister you, so…”

“So you secretly went to the Demon Realm to investigate?” Xiao Erjiu suddenly jumped out and blamed: “Big brother, why didn’t you tell us?! Let’s go together too!”

Others also had the same blame and unexpected expressions. , Obviously also kept in the dark.

“Let’s go together?” Xiao Yi glanced at Xiao Erjiu in a cool breeze. Although he was thin and pale at the moment, the deterrence in his eyes was not diminished. The latter immediately shrank his head and hid behind Xiao San again.

The same chilly eyes swept across the faces of the other brothers one by one, and said: “The reason why I didn’t tell you is because I was afraid that you would act impulsively.”

“My second, ten, and nineteenth brothers and I disguised and mixed into the Demon Realm and found Demon Lord. Gathering all his subordinates in his palace, as if conspiring something, we sneaked in at night and wanted to check it out. Unexpectedly, we exposed our whereabouts. They escaped to cover me and were caught by the demon. I was also poisoned on the way to escape…”

Xiaoyi’s eyes are full of pain, and I must see my brother being arrested, and I must feel uncomfortable.

“Then let’s go and save the second brother and them, the devil will torture them to death!” Xiao Erjiu’s white and tender face wrinkled and said with a stomping foot.

“Yes, big brother, Mozun is cruel, second brother and they fall into his hands, they must be better than dead! Let’s

go and save people!” “Yes! Let’s go and save people…”

“I want to go too! Go too!”



Hearing that his brother was caught by the Demon Venerable, everyone clamored to save others.

After hearing Xiaoyi’s words, Mei Nongchen turned to look at each other with Leng Yi, thinking of the devil’s deeds at the concubine election ceremony. She was vaguely disturbed. Xiaoyi said that there will be a catastrophe in the fairy world, and it is related to her. Is the gathering of Zunji’s subordinates in the Mozun palace related to this catastrophe?

What kind of catastrophe will it be?

Leng Yi saw her nervousness and took her body into her arms, “Don’t worry.”

It was amazing. This sentence blew away the haze from her heart like a spring breeze. Mei Nongchen couldn’t help but laugh at herself. Under Yi’s pampering, she went back more and more alive, he poured her out with all his gentleness, and she became more and more unable to withstand major events.

Thinking of this, she suddenly made a decision in her heart.

Xiaoyi saw the interaction between the two of them in his eyes, and he felt disappointed and gratified.

“About saving people–” He said in a deep voice, interrupting the discussion of all the brothers, and said: “We still need to discuss it carefully. My second brother and I have exposed the whereabouts of them and they have been horrified. The Demon Lord will definitely strengthen him now. palace defense, you want crept into, it would be difficult. ” “

then how do? “little twenty-nine immediately shouted,” do not let him the brother, ten brother of 19th tortured brother die? “

little Three severely He poked Xiao Erjiu’s forehead and yelled: “Shut up! Who said you can’t save them, you just arguing? Didn’t the elder brother say that we need to discuss a good solution?”

“We will discuss the solution later.” The younger one said. After the brothers finished speaking, they turned to Mei Nongchen, “Sister, let’s go back.”

“How is the cultivation level of that Demon Venerable?” Mei Nongchen asked suddenly.

Xiaoyi: “Strong better than the emperor, but not as good as the prince, why are you asking this?”

Mei Nongchen: “I want to go to the demon world with you, and rescue Xiaoer, Xiaoshi, Xiaojiu.” The

words were just finished. , Mei Nongchen obviously felt that Leng Yi’s vision projected on her had become piercing, making her feel like sitting on pins and needles.

She didn’t look back, but took another step in the direction of Xiaoyi, saying, “They went to the Demon Realm to take risks because of me. I can’t just sit back and watch. Besides, this matter concerns the entire Immortal Realm, and more importantly, it has something to do with me. , I must go to the Demon Realm to figure out what the Demon Venerable is going to do!”

“The most important thing is that my cultivation base is the highest, so I should go.”

Mei Nongchen finished speaking righteously, and waiting for everyone’s reaction, he thought he would get unanimous approval, but he didn’t expect everyone to shake their heads into rattles.

“No, my sister can’t go, it’s too dangerous.”

“That’s right, although you have a high cultivation base, the demon lord is insidious and cunning. You are definitely not his opponent.”

“This kind of dangerous thing should be done by our men. Can you be a woman to do it?”

“Yes! That’s right!”



Mei Nongchen was stunned. This is different from what she had imagined. I thought that only Lengyi would oppose it, but I didn’t expect these brothers to be too. Opposed.

She turned her gaze to Xiao Yi, “What do you think?”

Xiao Yi gave her a complicated expression, and said, “You can’t go. We went to the Demon Realm for your safety. If it weren’t for the catastrophe that Xiao Er’s fortune-telling had something to do with you We won’t bother about it. If you go into danger to save people, then it’s against our original intention to venture to the Demon World.”

“If…” Mei Nong Chen looked at him calmly, squinting. The streamer drew away suddenly, changing to persistence and stubbornness, she slowly opened her lips, “What if I must go? Do you want me to go with you, or do I go by myself?”

the residence of the first class since childhood After coming out, Leng Yi did not take her back to the palace immediately, but took her to Wangqinghai.

Hence the name Siyi, forget the sea of love, drink the water of the sea of love, and forget all the love in the matter.

Xiaoyi and they finally agreed to take her with her and let her go alone, they would only worry more.

Leng Yi hugged Mei Nongchen’s waist and dropped his feet on a cliff by the sea. The surging tide under his feet slapped on the cliff, stirring up countless waves of anger, and making a thunderous roar.

The sea is wide and boundless, and the setting sun is thick, coating the sea with a layer of red gold.

Leng Yi loosened his arms around Mei Nongchen, and stood with his hands against the wind. The hem of his clothes and wide sleeves swayed with the wind, the ink was flying, and the whole person exuded the air of condensation. He carried the wind of the king, although his eyes were stained with frost. , But such a perfect facial features and a tall and loose body can still detract countless girls’ hearts.

Mei Nongchen stood quietly behind him, staring at his handsome side face, not knowing how to speak for a while. She knew that he must be angry at this moment.

His mood was agitated like the waves under his feet.

There was a long silence.

Leng Yi finally spoke, but did not turn her head, “You must go?”


Mei Nongchen reached out and gently hooked Leng Yi’s little finger behind her right hand. She knew he was afraid of losing her and afraid of her going. No, but she really didn’t want to be a burden to him one day. Xiaoyi said that the catastrophe of the immortal world in the future is related to her, and Leng Yi cares about her so much, and he is the prince of the immortal world. When the catastrophe comes, he will definitely not be able to stay out of the matter alone, in case he is dragged down by her, in case he…

she is caught by himself Shocked by his thoughts, he rushed forward and hugged Leng Yi’s waist from behind, becoming more determined in his heart to go to the Demon Realm, and must figure out what the Demon Lord was going to do!

“I will protect myself, you have to trust me…” There

was another silence.

a long time.

Leng Yi’s voice was cold and numb, not distinguishing his anger, “So, do you have to go?”

Mei Nongchen hugged his waist tighter, and her voice trembled a bit when she heard his extremely slow heartbeat. “You have to believe me.”

Leng Yi: “Do you know why this sea is called Wangqinghai?”


Somehow, Mei Nongchen’s heart trembled unconsciously when she heard the word’forgetfulness’, her butterfly-wing-like eyelashes fluttered, “Why?”

Leng Yi: “The rumor, if you forget the water of the sea of love, you can forget all the love in the matter. If you insist on going to the demon world, I will not stop you, nor can I stop you, but I will only give you one year, after one year, No matter if you get results or not, you must come back. If you don’t come back to me on time, I will drink the water of the sea of forgetfulness and forget you.”

Hearing this, Mei Nongchen’s body trembled violently, and tears couldn’t help but burst into her eyes. Soaked Leng Yi’s brocade robe. If he really forgot about himself, she couldn’t imagine how she would face it. Just listening, she would have been heartbroken.

Perceiving her trembling, and being shocked by her tears, Lengyi’s tight muscles couldn’t help but loosen, and the frost in his eyes began to melt. He turned around and brought the person who was crying on his back. Embedding in her arms, rubbing the top of her hair with her cheek, she said, “So, you can go, I can wait, but you must return safely, no matter what happens, you must return safely.”

Back to Zijin Que, Leng Yi madly demanded her over and over again, every time she exhausted all her strength, Mei Nongchen was almost fainting, she could only bite her lips to force herself to be awake, but let her shame aside and cooperate with his madness. Go straight to the top again and again.

… On the

second day, Mei Nongchen discussed with Xiaoyi and others about the candidates to go to the Demon World, and finally finalized Xiao Erjiu who has a good doctor. After rescued Xiao Er, Xiao Shi, and Xiao Nineteen, he can be treated in time, and he is extremely good to the Demon World. Familiar little eight.

Xiao Ba is a shy teenager, and Mei Nongchen can see him blush every time she sees him.

Originally, Mei Nongchen thought that their brothers were sorted by age, but only after the memory of You Qinyi did she know that they were sorted in the order in which they were abducted to Wuliang Palace by You Qinyi.

This Xiaoba was the eighth one taken by You Qinyi, so although he was young, he ranked eighth.

In addition to Mei Nongchen, Xiaoba, and Xiao Erjiu, Leng Yi also sent Mei Nongchen a deadman-level immortal servant, who could exchange Mei Nongchen’s life with his life at a critical time.

Mei Nongchen refused. She never thought that her life was worthwhile for others, and everyone has the right to live.

Leng Yi glared, “If you don’t want it, then he has no meaning to live!” After

saying this, the immortal attendant actually drew out his sword to cut his belly!

Mei Nongchen was stunned. This Lengyi’s method of training people is really not terrible. It can train people to have no self-consciousness, and he doesn’t care about his life at all.

Helplessly, the three-person line became a four-person line.

The departure date is set in three days.

Why do you have to leave after three days?

Because it happens to be the birthday of the son of Demon Venerable in three days, every year at this time, the Demon World will celebrate, and the Demon World will become extremely chaotic. They can just take the opportunity to sneak into the Demon World, or even sneak into the Demon Venerable Palace.


night, Zijinque seems to be calm, but in fact the craze is rolling.

In the book court, on the table, a restricted-level sweaty sports feast is being staged.

A long time later.

Everything returned to peace, Leng Yi retreated from Mei Nongchen, Mei Nongchen lost support, her legs softened, and slowly slipped off the table. Leng Yi was startled and quickly picked her up and embraced her. .

Mei Nongchen’s eyes were silky, her face flushed, her mouth was open and panting, she saw that her hip bones were rubbed off by the table, and she immediately burst into tears, staring at the perpetrator with extreme resentment.

Leng Yi’s old face was flushed, distressed and self-blaming, “Don’t cry, I’ll put a soft pillow for you next time…”

Mei Nongchen: “…” Is there such a comfort for you?

Leng Yi helped Mei Nongchen clean her body, wiped the medicine, and washed herself clean before holding her back to the room to sleep.

The two were lying close to each other on the bed, although they were extremely tired, they were not sleepy.

Mei Nongchen was lying in Leng Yi’s arms, listening to his strong heartbeat, very relieved.

“If I don’t come back on time, do you really want to drink the water of Wangqinghai?”

“Do you want me to drink it?”

“No, even if I don’t come back on time, I will definitely come back, in case you I don’t remember me, who am I looking for?” Mei Nongchen grinned, her slender fingers circled Lengyi’s chest, paused, and then said: “But in case I really can’t come back, I hope you drink.”

Leng Yi’s body froze for a moment, and his arms suddenly exerted force, and Le Demei’s bones would be shattered. “If you dare not come back, go to the poor and fall to the yellow spring, I will not let you go!”

“Cough cough …” Mei Nongchen was strangled and coughed, “Lengyi, you want to strangle me!” After

a while, remembering something, she raised her small face and said: “Mozun used it in the concubine election ceremony. I’m here to kill you. It means that he has a hidden stake in the immortal realm, and he always monitors us. He must also have a certain understanding of me. If I disappeared from the immortal realm suddenly, he will notice it.”

“That’s what you mean… “Leng Yi asked.

Mei Nongchen’s eyes flashed, and she murmured in his ear. Leng Yi was startled for a moment, then laughed, scratching the tip of her nose, and smiling: “You!”

—–Off topic—- -The

babies who are updated on time every day are good babies.

There is no second watch today, yeah.

My little baby has a fever in the past two days and needs to be given medicine. What should I do if the little guy doesn’t like medicine? Hard chant! That scream,

squeeze her mouth tightly, howl with six small teeth… I pinch her small nose, pinch her chin, and break her small mouth, doing everything to the extreme, the bad guys do everything, worry Sang…I want to be a warm mom.

This will certainly be thinking about her hate on me, it must avoid me, did not think, just feed the medicine go out into my body sticky ……

Hang Hang chirp drilled into my arms, around her small body, my baby One of his hearts is soft.

There is a kind of love, that even if you pour me medicine, I will love you too.

Later, I gave her medicine for two days, and then I started to stick to me after the medicine was given. Then I realized another truth:

there is another kind of love. The more you give me the medicine, the more I love you…

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