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Chapter 90 Into the demon world, Bai Liyu

Leng Yi put aside all affairs and stayed with Mei Nongchen for three days. During these three days, Mei Nongchen was naturally devastated, from his body to his mind.

In these three days, Mei Nongchen had never left the gate of Zijinque except for a trip to the fairy garden.

Three days later.

The news of the sudden death of the prince concubine shocked the entire world of immortality, and everyone sighed.

It is said that His Royal Highness lost his beloved wife and got mad. It is described as madness. He vomited blood and fainted at the moment when the princess’s body was put into the coffin. The blood splashed on the white silk on the red coffin.

Some people regretted the death of the prince, some were blessed and some were happy, and some secretly rejoiced.

The crown prince was suspended again.

Zijin Que, Book Pavilion.

Leng Yi stood by the window with his hands behind him, his long eyes radiating far away.

On the wall next to the bookcase, there is a Q-version portrait. A Q-version female doll is stepping on the ass of a Q-version male doll, pinching her waist to show off her power, and the male doll is on all fours and crying. Howl: “My Queen is forgiving.” The

two dolls looked like Lengyi and Mei Nongchen.

At a glance, you can tell that it came from Mei Nongchen’s hand.

That’s why it was framed, and hung in a place where Leng Yi could only see it from his side, like a rare famous painting.

Wu Di looked at such a portrait that undermined the majesty and childishness of the master. After the princess left, the master became more indifferent than before. His face was even harder than that of snow sculptures and ice sculptures. He couldn’t help but speak. He said, “Master, did you let the princess go like this?”

Hearing this, Leng Yi’s right index finger and thumb slightly twisted behind him. After a long time, he spoke, and his voice seemed to be misty from the sky. “Otherwise, what else?”

Wu Di: “Aren’t you worried? You… why…” He paused before he finished speaking. He didn’t know whether to ask or not.

Leng Yi: “Do you want to ask me why I don’t go with her?”

Wu Di: “Subordinates Passover.” There was a long


Leng Yi: “She went to the Demon Realm. In addition to saving people and inquiring about news, the more important thing is to hone and enrich herself. If I follow, do you think I will put her in danger? I can’t help but jail her. Protected by the wings, if so, what is the meaning of her journey to the devil?”

“She is right, I should give her room to grow, instead of cutting off her wings and plucking her advantage. Tooth, let her become a dodder who can only live by me.”

Leng Yi raised his hand to cover his left chest, whispering to himself, not knowing who to speak to, “But, I don’t know why, since she left, there hasn’t been ups and downs here…”

and he was silent for a long time.

Leng Yi turned back abruptly, the sharpness in those eyes made Wu Di’s heart trembled, “Send the news to our secret pile in the devil world, so that they will always pay attention to her whereabouts, if she is in danger, let them save people at all costs. ! “

witch hoppers heard at heart and shocked, and those Anzhuang, after self-planted masters never used, did not expect ……

convergence surprised at heart, he will head to droop” under obeyed. “


Fanyin was anxious and restless, pacing around the room in small steps, his face full of sorrow.

“What the hell is going to do to get the dust? She died, disappeared, what is she going to do? If she hadn’t come to tell us about the fraudulent death in advance, I’m afraid I would be scared to death by the news of her violent death! Brother Nine, tell me What the hell is she going to do? Don’t tell us.” The

old god Jiuyou was leaning on the ground in a soft chair, not at all worried about his daughter as a father. He half-squinted his peachy eyes, his eyes flowed, his right hand Riding the tea cup on the table, making a ding-ding-dong-dong sound.

Seeing his indifferent look, the Sanskrit voice was extremely loud, “Nine brothers!”

“Don’t worry.” At this moment, Jiuyou’s eyes are clouded with a layer of red mist, and the whites and pupils of his eyes are indistinguishable. With suction, he smiled at the angry Sanskrit, and said: “I will go to the palace at night and ask our virtuous son-in-law to ask clearly.”

… Devildom


Mei Nongchen, Xiaoba, Xiao Erjiu, Wuming four people smoothly sneaked into the demon world.

Wuming was the dead man sent by Leng Yi to Mei Nongchen, because he didn’t care about his life, as if he had no life, so Mei Nongchen named him Wuming.

Wuming looks like a twenty-five or sixteen-year-old, a face that has been waxed, except that his eyes can turn and his mouth needs to be lifted when he speaks. There are no other expressions. If you don’t know that he is a living person, Mei Nongchen would think he was a robot.

Mei Nongchen used the phoenix gold seal that covered her eyebrows with a spell, and put on the black robe’borrowed’ by Xiao Erjiu and others, just like a witch.

Now, they are riding a two-headed giant wolf with red eyes, heading towards Demon Capital.

The devil is the largest city in the devil world, where the palace of the devil is located.

Along the way, there are many people who ride all kinds of monsters to the magic capital like them.

Tomorrow is the birthday of Demon Lord’s son. Every year Demon Lord celebrates his birthday. At that time, winners will be invited to enter the magic palace to share a feast. If you are lucky, you can leave the demon master who is the son of Demon Lord in the devil world. , The position of the magician is quite the prime minister of the mortal ancient times, and his power can be described as one person under ten thousand.

Therefore, at this time of the year, many people squeeze their heads and want to enter the magic palace, and more people die in the ring.

“You have to choose a magician every year? So no one can become a magician?” Mei Nongchen looked at the rusher who whizzed by from time to time and brought a gust of wind. It seemed that the seat of the magician was a piece of cake. Sweet pastry.

“My sister is right. It is true that no one can be favored by the demon’s son, but as long as they enter the devil’s palace, they will be respected and used by the devil. As for what to do, no one knows what they do. They only know that their family will get huge benefits. , So these people who rushed to the magic capital not only did it for the position of the magician, but also many people did it for those benefits.” Xiao Ba lowered his head slightly, not daring to face Mei Nongchen.

Mei Nongchen contemplates carefully, invites the strong to enter the magic palace every year, but no one becomes a magician every year. Either the magic sovereign has other intentions for the magician, or the son of the magic sovereign is too stubborn and unwilling to be affected by the magic. Teacher constraints.

“How old is the son of Demon Lord?” she asked suddenly.

“I don’t know the specifics, it’s probably more than two thousand years old.” Xiao Ba squeezed the reins in his hands, smelling the scent of a woman in his nose, his palms sweating unconsciously.

Mei Nongchen looked at him unnaturally, a little speechless, is this too shy?

She stretched her hand to support her forehead, her tone was helpless, “Then is he very stubborn? Don’t like being restrained by a magician?”

“I used to be very playful, especially like sucking human blood, and died in his hands. I don’t know how many people there are, but since the battle between the immortals and demons, he suddenly faded out of people’s sight. Mozun declared that he had collected inferiority and concentrated on cultivation, and gathered mentors for him, but so far no one can become his. Magician. “

Love to suck human blood?

Mei Nongchen’s eyes stagnated, why is this problem so like Bell?

Xiao Erjiu looked at Mei Nongchen, who was “very happy talking” with Xiaoba, with a grievance on his face. Before setting off, Mei Nongchen told him to pretend to be dumb, and he was not allowed to speak silently, for fear that he would say nothing. What shouldn’t be said that broke the big event, so he hasn’t even separated his lips since he set foot in the demon world. How can he not envy and hate when he looks at Xiao Ba who is talking with Mei Nongchen shyly?

Wuming didn’t have any expression, sitting on the back of the red-eyed two-headed giant wolf like a wooden pile, without blinking his eyes.

Mei Nongchen couldn’t help but start to talk again, this lifeless, so determined!

After walking for a while, Mei Nongchen discovered that people in the Demon Realm seemed to have a preference for black. Most of the people encountered along the way wore black robes. Even if they had other colors, they were still gray and black.

And the people here, regardless of gender, are mostly very beautiful. Mei Nongchen’s face is not so conspicuous in the crowd. Only a few young men will be slightly surprised when they see her, but it is only a moment. That’s it.

Sunrise and sunset three times.

The group finally reached the magic capital.

Mei Nongchen looked at the inner city of the Demon Capital with crowds of people, wild animals rampant, and loud voices, and she had to admit that the birthday celebration of the son of Demon Venerable was really grand.

And it’s messy.

Two giant winged hook-tailed dragons and beasts in the sky are tearing and spitting fire to each other. Sparks are flying everywhere, but people don’t seem to see them. Only when the sparks fly to the top of their heads will they reach out to block them, and then continue to drive Work on the road to work.

From time to time, a centipede-like multi-legged beast sprang up from the ground, often turning a group of people on its head, and the person who was turned over just got up and yelled, and then walked away as if there was nothing wrong with it.

There is also a small ginseng fruit-like beast that jumps around people’s shoulders. Some people slap mosquitoes when they feel annoying, while others just don’t see…

“People here… It’s so good to get along with Warcraft…” Mei Nongchen stared wide-eyed for a long time, tugging at the corner of her mouth and giving a compliment.

“The people of the devil love warcraft.” Xiao Ba patted the mount under his hip and said to her.

“Then where do we live at night?” Mei Nongchen looked at the black tents set up on both sides of the road, presumably they are going to be like this too. With so many people in the magic city all at once, the inn must be overcrowded.

Just, is there a place to put up a tent?

“Come with me.” Xiao Ba beckoned to everyone, and then led them around several turns to a courtyard with a huge area. Judging from the solemn black gate, this family is not rich. expensive.

Mei Nongchen pulled Xiao Ba who was about to knock on the door, and whispered in a low voice, “Do you know the owner of this family? We have a special identity, are they reliable?”

“Of course reliable!” Did not wait for Xiao Ba. After the black door, a voice with the same tone as Xiaoba but with a different tone came from behind the black door. Then, the black door opened silently inward, revealing a figure.

Mei Nongchen turned his head to look, and saw a young man in a black robe who looked exactly like Xiao Ba!

Had it not been for the romantic smile on his face, and the full of eyes, Mei Nongchen must have thought that Xiao Ba had slipped into the door while she was not paying attention!

“This is…” she asked dryly.

“Sister, I’m your brother…” The boy who looked the same as Xiao Ba turned into a black light, and rushed directly on Mei Nongchen, just…


With the sound of the meat smashing the ground, the boy flew three meters straight out.

Lifelessly, he retracted his raised legs and stood blankly behind Mei Nongchen, in a posture of killing anyone who dares to come up.

The prince said that no male creatures are allowed to approach the prince princess, so when the mount was divided, he deliberately picked a female red-eyed two-headed giant wolf for the princess.

Mei Nongchen: “…” In fact, this is Leng Yi’s purpose for letting Wuming follow, right?

“Who? Who kicked me?” The boy who flew out immediately jumped up. What’s so special. Just now, the man had his feet too fast, and he didn’t see who it was.

“Bai Liyu, don’t be unreasonable to my sister!” Xiao Ba who had reacted yelled at the boy, and then said to Mei Nongchen: “He is Bai Liyu, my clone, my own, and this is also my home. Go, I’ll take you in.”

“Nonsense! I am the subject, and you are my clone!” Bai Liyu retorted to Xiaoba, then patted the dust on his body, running towards Mei Nongchen and flying eyebrows. , Said: “I have long hoped that one day I can see my sister with my own eyes. My sister’s voice and smile always linger in my mind. My sister’s beauty is beyond reach. My sincerity for my sister can be learned from the sun and the moon. The world can show, if my sister does not dislike it, I am willing to be a cow and a horse for my sister, and I will work hard…”

Mei Nongchen got off the back of the red-eyed two-headed giant wolf and watched stunnedly as she ran up to her, pointing to the sky and spitting on her chest, spitting the stars and flying across her heart to show the sincere Bai Liyu. This… is really talking to her. The clone of Xiaohachi who wants to blush?

“Xiao Ba, he… doesn’t look like you very much!” She couldn’t help but speak.

“Of course it’s not like that, I’m not comparable to him, oh…what a failed clone!” Bai Liyu sighed.

“Get out!” Xiao Ba pushed him away disgustingly, and greeted everyone: “There are so many people at the door, let’s go in and talk.”

A group of people entered the yard, and Mei Nongchen found that the yard was also colored in black. Lord, almost the eye-catching place is black. It is reminiscent that everyone I see along the way wears black robes, and the buildings are all black. Except for living animals and plants, the Demon World is simply a black world.

“My sister is struggling, but can I give my sister a squeeze of shoulders and legs?” Bai Liyu followed Mei Nongchen, his eyes wavy, lingering on her, he almost pulled the eyeballs off and stuck to her. The wretched look made her frown.

Wuming was about to teach him another lesson, Xiao Ba who was walking in the front suddenly stopped, his always shy and shy eyes were slightly angry at this moment, and he glared at Bai Liyu and said, “If you are so presumptuous, believe it or not, I will take it back. Doppelganger?!” When

Bai Liyu saw that he was really angry, he immediately shrank his neck and took a few steps back. He didn’t dare to compete with him for the position of the subject, and even a trace of fear was in his eyes.

Mei Nongchen raised her eyebrows, and it seemed that Xiao Ba was not as bullying as she seemed.

Entering the lobby, the furnishings should all be black, everyone took their seats, and Xiao Ba explained his relationship with Bai Liyu to everyone.

It turned out that the original name of this Xiaoba was Bailiyu, and he was Baimingxianjun, and he was best at the technique of avatar.

His clone is different from others, and others are just copying the subject, but he can separate a clone that is completely different from himself, and he and the clone are both coexistent and alien.

Coexistence means that they can feel and experience each other’s experiences. Simply put, Xiao Ba knows all of Bai Liyu’s experiences, and Bai Liyu also knows all the things and people that Xiao Ba has encountered, even though they have already Not seen in a thousand years.

Alien is very simple, no matter who dies, the other can live well.

This somewhat lecherous Bailiyu was a clone of Xiaoba who was hunted down by You Qinyi and separated in a hurry. It was considered a failure.

Hearing this, Bai Liyu finally couldn’t help but jump out, “Who is the failing product? I am so suave and handsome, I don’t know how many beauties like me, how about you, does anyone like you? Humph!”

Xiao Ba ignored He continued.

The reason why he separated Bailiyu was to give himself a chance. Once he died in You Qinyi’s hands, this Bailiyu would be his only hope of living.

Bai Liyu has been doing well in the demon world over the years, and he is not even said to be overwhelmingly powerful in the demon world, but he is also a prominent figure.

He knew that Mei Nongchen and his party were coming, so he bought this courtyard in advance and kept it as their place to stay. Bai Liyu’s own mansion is not far from the Demon Palace, but there are many people in the mansion, and the people who visit every day are the ministers of Demon Venerable, and it is not suitable for Mei Nongchen to settle down.

At this time, Mei Nongchen suddenly realized that she was still wondering how Xiao Ba had been trapped in the Boundless Palace for thousands of years, how to understand the Demon Realm so well, it turned out that there was a clone who had been in the Demon Realm.

Bai Liyu took off the storage bag around his waist, gave a map to Mei Nongchen, and said sternly: “I know that you are going to save people. I have sent someone to sneak into the magic palace to find out. If it weren’t for The demon respected this matter and blocked the news. It means that the three people are already horrible.”

“This is the map of the devil’s palace that I rushed to make. If you want to find out the whereabouts of the three people, there is This will be a lot more convenient.”

“If the eldest brother had told all the brothers about the matter, I would be able to know about it through Comrade Xiaoba, and then help you find out about the movement of the demon. Madam has broken the army again, it’s really not worth it.”

Bai Liyu’s words are clearly a rigorous person, who is very different from the previous obscure and trivial kind. Just as Mei Nongchen looked at him with admiration, he suddenly grasped. Zhu Mei Nongchen stretched out the little hand of the grounding map and said lasciviously: “Sister, do you think your brother is attentive and considerate? Do you feel your heartbeat speeding up? Have you fallen in love with…” The word’I’ has not been said yet. He was kicked by two feet that flew over at the same time, and flew directly out of the gate.

Lifelessly retracted his feet, glanced coldly at Xiao Ba who was also reclaiming his feet, and said coolly: “The next time I will kill him!”

Xiao Ba also said coldly, “I’m afraid you are not his.” Opponent!” Then she said to Mei Nongchen shyly: “I’m sorry, sister, I…he…”

Mei Nongchen said: “…”

into the night.

Mei Nongchen and Xiao Ba had no life and the three of them covered their heads and masked their faces. They approached the magic palace quietly, and Xiao Erjiu was ordered to stay in the room and not to move.

The magic palace was a black palace as expected.

The night was extremely dark, and there was no light.

The three of them climbed over the towering palace wall from a hidden corner, silently landed on the grass, and walked towards the place where the devil lived according to the map instructions.

Since I can’t think of where Xiaoer, Xiaoshi, and Xiaojiu are locked up, I can only start from Demon Venerable.

It’s just that they walked for a while without encountering anyone along the way, and the surroundings were as quiet as if they were in an uninhabited city.

“Wait.” Mei Nongchen suddenly said, calling Xiao Ba and Wuming. She looked around and pressed her voice: “It’s too quiet here. There is no patrolling person. It’s not right!”


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