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Chapter 91 Lord of the Demon City

As soon as Mei Nongchen finished speaking, a strange noise suddenly came out from the sky, much like the “click” sound of a tree branch breaking, but with a strange etherealness, then the towering palace walls around the magic palace suddenly moved upwards like life. Extend, gather the whole magic palace in the middle like petals close together.

She quickly picked up Xiao Ba and Wuming, and shot at the gap in the palace wall that was closing. The speed was so fast that between the lightning flashes, she escaped at the last moment the palace wall was closed.

Xiao Ba and Wuming haven’t realized what’s going on yet, they have been taken away from the magic palace a hundred meters away.

After flying another distance, Mei Nongchen stopped and put down the two of them in his hands.

At this time, Xiao Ba and Wu Ming both were dressed in messy clothes, the black cloth covering their heads had disappeared, and their hair was messed up badly. The breath in the body is unstable, and the blood is chaotic.

They flew too fast just now, far beyond the speed that their cultivation base can withstand!

“Sister…Sister…Sister…Fa…What happened?” Xiao Bayi sat on the ground and adjusted his breath for a while before saying in shock.

But the lifeless face that has been like a wax sculpture, at this moment, there is also a hint of horror. The crown prince’s cultivation… is unfathomable!

The gaze that had been flat, cast on Mei Nongchen at this moment also brought a trace of respect that he did not have before.

“Did you not see? The walls of the Demon Palace trap us in the Demon Palace.”

“No…” Xiao Ba shook his head, watching Mei Nongchen’s eyes darken, what happened to him unexpectedly I don’t know anything! I am so useless! “I only heard a strange sound, and it flew out before I could react…”

“…” Mei Nongchen twisted his eyebrows and put his eyes on Wuming’s face, only to see Wuming numb. The face also shook his head, obviously he didn’t see it either.

Each was silent for a while.

Xiao Ba opened his mouth and said: “The method of sneaking into the magic palace to find out is not working, only to find another way…”


The magic palace.

The Demon Lord retracted the divine consciousness covering the entire palace, tilted his body into the golden chair, and then slowly raised his beautiful diamond lips, revealing a wicked smile, but his eyes were killing the cold.

“Humph…interesting. It’s the first time someone escaped from my urn cover. It seems that my Demon Capital has recently come to an incredible character! Humph!” The

devil let out a few muffled laughs from his chest. , So scared that the maidservant’s shoulders trembled.

The whole hall was silent for a while.

“Oh, yes, I also escaped some time ago. This is… the second time someone has escaped…”

“Is there any relationship between these people and the people before?”

… The

next day, the whole demon All are even more lively.

There are as many as 20 arenas built alone. Every ring is surrounded by three floors and three floors surrounded by people. Mei Nongchen and Xiao Ba, Wu Ming, and Xiao 294 people are mixed in one of the arenas. Watching from the crowd below, Xiao Ba and Wu Ming always protected her from being pushed and trampled by the crowd, while Xiao Erjiu looked at the stage with bright eyes, looking eager to try.

At this time, a man covered in black mist was standing on the ring. He was like a snake made of black mist, flexible and fierce. Everyone who challenged the stage was defeated by him, or seriously injured or injured. Qi Jue died. The four people from Mei Nongchen here were not seriously injured. There were no less than 2,000 people killed by his single move. Everyone died in an extremely miserable state, and everyone in the audience began to be timid. , And some even left here directly, turning around and squeezing into the other ring to find a good opportunity to show their glory on stage.

Seeing fewer and fewer people in the audience, the black misty man suddenly grinned and laughed. The exposed teeth were as sharp as animal teeth, and the red light was faintly visible between the sharp teeth. It was very shocking, and the laughter was even more ear-piercing. Han, even Xiao Ba couldn’t bear it, a mouthful of blood spurted out, everyone panicked and ran faster.

The people around the other ring also covered their ears and followed the sound, looking at them with shock, he… he… Lord of the Demon Yin City!

Speaking of the Lord of the Demon Yin City, there may be many people who have never seen it, but his unique red lipstick and sharp teeth are famous for the entire Demon Realm.

It is said that each of his sharp teeth is refined from the spirit of a wild beast of ancient times, and there are three hundred and sixty teeth in a mouth.

It is said that the bones of the strong who died under his sharp teeth piled up like a mountain.

It is said that the Demon Lord will be polite to three points when he sees him…

Looking at the deadly dead corpse mountain piled up beside the ring where he is located, everyone shivered and killed so many people in a short time. It was terrible. !

I’ve never heard of the Lord of the Demon’s City being interested in fighting in the ring. I don’t know why this year, he appeared on the ring in an uncharacteristic manner. Moreover, as the Lord of the Demon’s City, his wealth and rights are unmatched. I don’t know that this time he is a demon. Is the position of the teacher coming to work for the devil, or… the idle egg pain comes to join in the fun?

Regardless of his purpose, for the sake of his life, it is better not to confront him.

So the people who were still hesitating to leave, rushed to the other arena, and in the blink of an eye, only Mei Nongchen, Xiaoba, Xiao Erjiu, and Wuming stood alone and eye-catchingly at the feet of the Lord of Moyin City. .

The eighth general told Mei Nongchen about the identity of the lord of Moyin City. Since everyone avoids him, in order not to be eye-catching, it is better for them to avoid him in the crowd.


Mei Nongchen’s eyes sparkled immediately after hearing it. She thought about it last night. The magic palace seemed unguarded but it was heavily guarded. If you don’t want to disturb anyone infiltrating it to inquire about the news, she can only be invited into the magic palace to have a banquet. The road can go, and now the Lord of the Demon Yin City is so bullish that no one dares to provoke him, then if she defeats him, wouldn’t the chance of entering the Demon Palace be within easy reach?

Moreover, You Qinyi has also practiced several sets of magic skills. After Mei Nangchen gained her memory and supernatural power, she inherited all her skills together. It is not difficult to deal with this so-called Lord of the Demon City!

Thinking of this, a black shadow flashed past Xiaoba’s eyes. Before he could react, Mei Nongchen was already standing in front of the Lord of Demon Yin City.

Xiao Ba was dumbfounded for a moment, and then he understood Mei Nongchen’s thoughts, raised his hand to stop the lifeless rushing to the ring, and said: “She can win!”

Just now, when he talked about the cruel man, Wuming was next to him. It is also heard, how can the prince concubine be the enemy of such a powerful role? Even though he was shocked by the unfathomable cultivation of the princess last night, the coercion on her body was extremely weak compared to the lord of the Demon Yin City who took human lives while talking and laughing on the stage. She had no choice but to face him. For the sake of death!

The people on the other side of the ring saw that there were people who dared to challenge the Lord of Demon Yin City without fear of death. They were still women, and they exploded in an instant, and they came here one after another.

“There is one who is not afraid of death, oh! It’s still a beauty!”

“Tsk tusk, it’s a pity, I don’t think the Lord of the Demon Yin City is a pity and jade, this beauty is estimated to be with the people in the pile of corpses. It’s just like a tragic end.”

“It’s not necessarily. Maybe someone has a hole card. Otherwise, who doesn’t know the fate is good?”

“But you see her pressure is lower than mine. The hole cards are useless! Isn’t someone crushed to death with a finger?”



Xiao Erjiu had already struck her arms and opened her fist to compete with the Lord of the Demon Yin City, but her sister didn’t allow it. Now she saw her rushing up, first bursting her cheeks for a burst of dissatisfaction, then raising her arms to cheer for her. Cheer up.

“Sister will win! Sister will win! Sister will win!…”

Mei Nongchen said: “…”

Xiao Ba: “Shut up! You second!” Then he looked at the ring and raised his arms: “My sister must Victory! The younger sister will win! The younger sister will win!…”

Xiao Erjiu, Wuming, Mei Nongchen: “…” In the


The Lord of Moyin City squinted at Mei Nongchen with a pair of insidious eyes. Since coming to power in the morning, this is the first woman who dares to challenge him. He can’t help but look at it more, well, she is a rare beauty. , In this demon world accustomed to beautiful women, her face and figure are still superior.

“Little beauty, brother, I am not a pity and cherishment, but seeing you are so beautiful, I can’t bear to kill you. If you confess and kowtow, how will your brother spare your life?” The lord of the Demon Yin City opened his lips and pointed his teeth. It is looming, no matter how you look at it, it’s tight.

Mei Nongchen was standing on the stage, the slightly wide black robe couldn’t conceal her graceful posture. As soon as the wind passed, she outlined a seductive arc, and she could see that the people under the ring were shining with eyes and shaking their heads. regret.

It’s a pity, so beautiful.

The other two dozen arena have already stopped fighting, and they watched here with the people under the arena.

They also looked forward to how the Lord of the Demon Yin City would deal with this rare beauty.

But perceiving that Mei Nongchen’s cultivation base is so low, he couldn’t help but ridicule while curious, overpowering!

How do they know that Mei Nongchen deliberately suppressed the pressure and concealed the true cultivation base, otherwise, it is estimated that these people will be worried for the life of the Lord of Demon Yin City.

Mei Nongchen looked at the Lord of the Devil’s Yin City, whose eyebrows were stained with disdain, and her red lips were rolled up high, revealing an amazing smile, “The little girl also hopes that the Lord of the Demon’s Yin will give him advice!”

What an arrogant tone!

The half-squinted eyes of the Lord of Moyin City suddenly opened, revealing the fierce light, and then turned into a black mist snake and shot towards Mei Nongchen’s face!

At this moment.

Demon Palace, Demon King’s bedroom.

The Demon Zun stepped back to the left and right, slowly came to a smooth black wall, his right index finger and middle finger were erected in front of his lips, his lips were lightly opened, and a string of whispering chants poured out of his mouth, erecting The black light on the fingertips of the two fingers in front of his lips suddenly appeared. For a moment, he sent his fingers forward and prodded on the smooth black wall. In an instant, the wall seemed to fall into a calm lake with a drop of water. The fingertips began to faint out the layers of shallow lines, and the demon zun directly passed his hand through the wall, and then the whole person disappeared in the blink of an eye as if being sucked away by the wall.

In another gray world.

The sky was rolling grey clouds crazily revolving around a place, and a deep vortex was swirling in that place. In the vortex, thunder and lightning rolled around, and the thunder was rolling, tearing everyone’s eardrums.

A huge chain was suspended from behind the gray cloud, and under the chain was a huge iron cage. In the iron cage, there were countless people who were weeping and howling!

Every once in a while, there is an electric current flowing from the chain hidden in the gray cloud, following the iron cage, hitting the people in the cage, and then after those people trembled violently, the current took them with them. The strength of the body returned to the thick clouds along the iron cage and chains, and then a sigh of contentment was transmitted to everyone’s ears through the thunderous sound, making them feel painful and numb in their hearts and lungs. Fear enters the body.

At this time, a black figure appeared out of thin air, and the people in the iron cage suddenly crawled to the side of the giant cage. The iron cage immediately tilted to one side, and the people who had originally not wanted to move had to slide to the side.

Human flesh piled up in the iron cage for a time.

“Forgiveness of the devil! Forgiveness!”

“For the sake of our service to you, forgive us! I don’t want to die!”

“Forgiveness, let me out!”

“It’s terrible here, I want Go out, Demon Lord forgive me!”


Amidst the wailing begging for mercy, a voice of indignation suddenly sounded.

“You don’t ask him! We were born and died for him, he actually harmed us like this! Bei Chen! You must not die!”

Everyone twisted and looked around, and saw the top position of the pile of people stacked like Arhats. The man with a square face and wide mouth and straight eyebrows stood angrily and pointed at the nose of Demon Lord, but his trembling thick legs were telling his inner fear at the moment.

This person is the first general under the command of Mozun, Cangze.

“Tony Chen, you are so heartless, you deserve to die without sons! Your son already dead! Dead beast tide in your own making! You deserve to die without sons!”

A phrase ripple.

“What? The devil prince is dead? Isn’t he practicing in retreat?”

“Impossible, isn’t it still celebrating their birthdays every year? They also choose magicians for them…”

“Hey! Cangze! Shut up, let’s not listen to this! You scold the demon venerable like this, even if he gets angry Maybe let us out!”

“…” The

devil only silently looked at the whirlpool of gray clouds in the sky, listened carefully, and could hear the slow breathing from the depths of the whirlpool. While sucking, he only felt his blood boiled!

Wait for’it’ to wake up! Wait for’it’ to wake up! Just wait for’it’ to wake up! He can instantly destroy the entire fairy world! The unification of the three realms is just around the corner!

The Mozun was so excited that he wanted to laugh when he thought that he was about to step Leng Yan under his feet and push Leng Yi to the dust!

“Leng Yi loves his violent wife so much. When the time comes, the deity will dig up his wife’s grave in front of him and pump her body into mud. I am very excited to think about it. I don’t know when Leng Yi How beautiful will

Leng ‘s face look? Ah… Will he vomit blood again in pain? Will he kneel down and beg me to stop? Hahahaha !” The devil seems to have seen Leng Yi’s humble begging for mercy, and he is about to fly with joy. He didn’t listen to Cangze’s curse at all.

He didn’t care. When he said,’Leng Yi loves his violent wife so much’, in the pile of meat piled together in the iron cage, there are three pairs of eyes that are all stagnant, and they can’t believe it.

“Impossible!” one of them couldn’t help shouting.

“Impossible?” Mozun smiled evilly, thinking that he was saying that it was impossible for Leng Yi to kneel and beg for mercy. He turned his phoenix eyes and laughed again after seeing the person’s face, “Oh… it turned out to be You, the person who sneaked into the immortal world with bad intentions in my magic palace, may or impossible, you have never seen it, alas…it’s a pity!”

After speaking, his figure slowly disappeared.

“Hey, don’t go, let us go out, Lord Demon Lord please!”

“I don’t want to die here! I want to go home, my lady is still waiting for me at home! Uuuuu… Dear……”

“…” There

was another wailing, the people in the iron cage became chaotic, and the three of them struggled across the wall of flesh to gather together.

“Second brother, nineteenth brother, Mozun said that Lengyi’s wife died suddenly…is it…is it true? I can’t believe it…”

“Second brother, can you tell a story for your sister? Look at her Is it good or true now…”

“I also thought, but most of my divine power was sucked away by the current. I…I have no power!”


“Just, what monster is hidden behind the cloud? To be nourished by the cultivation of so many people, brother, do you think it has something to do with that catastrophe?”

“I think it is related to that, otherwise the demon can’t let go of all the demon generals under his command… “

Damn it! How can I spread the news?! I don’t know if Big Brother will return home safely!”


Furthermore, Mei Nongchen will fight against the Lord of Demon Yin City.

The lord of Moyin City made several moves to Mei Nongchen, but he couldn’t even touch a corner of her clothes, which made him put away his contempt, his brows became more solemn, and the black mist on his body became even more intense.

Under the ring, I was always ready to rush to the stage to save lives at any time. Although I was shocked to see this, the tight nerves and muscles still did not dare to relax.

His Royal Highness once said that it is necessary to protect the prince and concubine with his life, and he dare not forget it for a moment!

Xiao Erjiu and Xiao Ba cheered again and again, just like dancing and shouting like a cheerleader.

Mei Nongchen: “…” What about the shy boy who said it?

The people in the audience who had originally ridiculed Mei Nongchen’s overpowering could not help but look solemn, this woman is not simple.

It seems that the weak cultivation base is low, but she is still alive with several tricks under the Lord of the Demon Yin City. This is not easy, let alone her calm and relaxed attitude, she must have a bigger trump card in her hand. Thinking of this, everyone couldn’t help but start to expect that this woman would be able to defeat the Lord of Demon Yin City.

Mei Nongchen didn’t care about what others thought. The spirit control technique she cultivated was about to move in her body, and her blood began to boil, just like something on the Lord of the Demon Yin city attracted her, and she couldn’t help it. Want to take it for yourself.

what is it then?

Mei Nongchen tilted his head and looked at the cruel man in front of him. He opened his mouth slightly, faintly revealing a grit and sharp teeth. In the sharp teeth, there seemed to be a fierce beast roaring in anger, making her blood boil. stand up!

‘Each of his sharp teeth is refined from the spirit of a wild and ferocious beast’, Xiao Ba’s words are still in his ears.

Mei Nongchen’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated, the spirit of a wild beast! The spirit of the wild beast!

This is the reason why Soul Control is ready to move! Spirit!

The last trick of soul control: Soul Eater!

She wanted to clarify the reason, she was so excited that she couldn’t help but rub her hands together, her eyes were shining, and the blood spurted all over her body, she wanted to devour her soul! She wants to swallow the spirit in those three hundred and sixty sharp teeth!

The lord of Moyin City looked at the woman who stared at him as if staring at a prey, his slender eyebrows couldn’t help but be picked up, interesting! He wants to see what this woman is capable of!

Is about to attack again.

“Wait a minute!” The woman suddenly stopped.

He raised his eyebrows again, “Why, my sister wants to kowtow to

surrender ?” Mei Nongchen’s eyes are exquisite, full of admiration and reverence, “I have long heard that the sharp teeth in the mouth of the Lord of the Demon Yin City are the rare fatalities in the world. Weapons, the little sister has long been insight and knowledge, but the lord is high and powerful, not for these vulgar and humble people to see. I risked my death to come to power today to get a glimpse of the lord’s power of teeth. I wonder if the lord can let the little girl. But this lifelong wish?”

Check it out! This little ass shot.

Mei Nongchen’s full worship, coupled with a heavenly voice and these intoxicating compliments, is the ruthless person of the Lord of Moyin City. He also felt that he had a good impression of Mei Nongchen. Come, and at the same time give birth to a bit of pride.

There are countless people who die under his sharp teeth in this world. Everyone talks about the discoloration of his teeth, and no one wants to look at his sharp teeth, because it represents the death sickle, which is used to harvest lives.

There are countless people who admire him, but those people are just those who admire his power and wealth, and admire his sharp teeth. The world is unique in front of her.

especially! It’s really special!

He grinned and laughed a few times, and said loudly: “My sister is really different. Since you want to see and see, then the brother will follow your wishes. Don’t worry, although the power of sharp teeth is domineering, the brother will not hurt. Yours.”

Mei Nongchen: “…” She felt a little embarrassed when he saw his attitude suddenly turned sharply. He was so polite, and he was embarrassed to start!

“I’m just here to join in the fun this time. I didn’t expect to meet a special woman like my sister! Good! Good! Excellent! It’s not worth my trip! When the birthday banquet of the Demon Lord’s son is over, I wonder if my sister is willing to go. I gathered in the Devil Yin City?”

Everyone in the audience: “…” He was really just to join in the fun! By the way, I also made a girl…

Wuming’s eyes stared at Mei Nongchen’s mouth, for fear that that mouth would say promise. If this is known by His Royal Highness, he will die very ugly! Although he is not afraid of death, he is afraid that it will be ugly!

Mei Nongchen was taken aback. He didn’t expect that he would say such words and make such invitations. For a while, he did not know how to communicate. From the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of the three people in the audience. With a movement in his heart, two blushes climbed on her cheeks, and she twisted After a moment, pointing to Wuming and Xiaoba said: “That is the two brothers of the younger sister, can they go to the Lord’s Demon Yin City for a visit, but the consent of the brothers is still needed.”

Hearing this, Wuming’s nerves were tense. Song, then glared fiercely at the Lord of the Devil’s Yin City, even if he died, he would not let the prince go to that Devil’s City as a guest!

Everyone in the audience: “…” Can’t you fight this one?

The lord of the Demon Yin City faded away and swept the two people under the stage, and then said to Mei Nongchen: “Sister, don’t worry, I will let your two brothers agree. Come on, brother will let you Look at the power of my sharp teeth!”

Mei Nongchen: “…”

Just after the words of the Lord of the Demon Yin City, a light beam that was too fast to see clearly shot out of his mouth, straight into the sky, and in an instant, the situation changed. A thick cloud came up suddenly, and the wind rose from the flat ground, rolling up everyone’s black robe, and accompanied by lightning, a huge beast head protruded from behind the thick cloud, its shape resembling a wolf, and a single horn on the bridge of the nose shone with cold light. His eyes were red, and he roared at the people below like a fierce spirit, and the roar made the people tumbling and veins violent.

One-horned Kuilang!

The lord of Moyin City looked at everyone’s reaction and was triumphant. This is the unicorn wolf that he hunted from the wild land at a great price, refined from its soul, and its animal power is more alive than it. The time is even more tyrannical, and even the Demon Lord has to retreat when they see it, not to mention these people with low cultivation base!

Just when he wanted to praise Mei Nongchen about how powerful his unicorn wolf was, the fierce beast that flaunted the sky suddenly let out a scream, and then its figure disappeared like water sucked by a straw. not see.

Everything happened in an instant, so fast that the Lord of the Demon Yin City still had a triumphant expression on his face, so fast that everyone in the audience was still trying to protect his heart.

After a while, everyone found that the beast power that had suffocated them had disappeared, so they looked up on the stage and saw a sharp tooth in the slightly open mouth of the Lord of Demon Yin City, slowly shattering into powder, and dissipating with the wind… …

Fa…what happened?

Everyone looked at the sky and at the lord of Demon Yin City, confused.

And the Lord of the Demon Yin City, who had lost a sharp tooth, slowly turned his gaze to Mei Nongchen, and saw that beautiful little face was filled with two emotions, doubts and unfinished thoughts, as if to say, I haven’t seen enough. , Why did the lord put it away?

Isn’t it her?

His two slender eyebrows were twisted into twists, and the spirit of his one-horned wolf had indeed disappeared, and it was swallowed by something!

who is it?

A fierce look mixed with anger glanced at everyone, and he could swallow his beast soul under his nose without revealing his identity, this man! It’s by no means simple stuff!

It was his carelessness just now. This time, he will definitely find someone who dares to make trouble in front of him!

The fierce gaze was condensed, and the lord of Moyin City was about to sacrifice another sharp tooth. He did not expect that as soon as he opened his mouth, the spirits in the sharp teeth flew out one after another without his control, but they were not in front of others. Appeared, but disappeared without a trace!

He wanted to stop, but was horrified to find that he could not move like a sculpture!


Actually, I didn’t want Xiao Yiyi and Xiao Chenchen to separate.

Ke Su, when

he was alone together, I couldn’t help letting them do something, so worried, I was speechless to myself.

So I asked them to separate for a while, and then meet again, the fire must be fierce, oh…so shameful!

They have been updated recently, oh…more worrying!

Dear friends, don’t think I’m lazy, I’m actually a hardworking baby…

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