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Chapter 92 The access order to enter the devil’s palace

The thick clouds have dissipated and the wind has subsided.

The people in the audience looked at the Lord of the Demon Yin City with their mouth open in horror on the ring with incredible faces. The red and sharp teeth in his mouth were turning

into powder one after another, but for a moment, that mouthful made people look at. The trembling sharp teeth disappeared from people’s vision.

This…what happened again?

The Lord of Moyin City was stiff, his back was in cold sweat, he didn’t notice when who controlled him, but he really felt that the souls of the fierce beasts that were connected to him had all disappeared! Like the unicorn wolf, it was swallowed by some powerful existence!

That is definitely someone he can’t afford to offend.


A hiccup that was too slight to be slightly full, but it slammed into everyone’s ears like thunder.

After this full hiccup, the lord of the Demon Yin City suddenly regained his control over his limbs, staggered back two steps, and fell down on the ring.

The people in the audience turned their gazes from the face of the lord of Moyin City to the face of Mei Nongchen who had been standing quietly by the side. At this moment, she was half-squinting her peach blossom eyes, her eyes were filled with mist, her cheeks were blushing, and she was full of satisfaction and aftertaste after the big meal!

The lord of Moyin City also struggled to roll his eyes and projected his gaze on Mei Nongchen, naturally seeing what everyone in the audience saw! It’s just that this situation and this scene instantly evoked some terrifying fragments that the Lord of the Demon Yin City buried deep in his memory. In those fragments, there were also such a pair of peach blossoms, such a misty eyes, and enjoyed the satisfaction of a gluttonous feast.

There is also the red-haired red dress that is unique to the Devil Realm, and every time he dreams back at midnight, he will startle him in a cold sweat!

“You…you…who are you?” After a long while, the lord of the Demon Yin City found his voice, because he had no teeth, his words were quite open.

“Me?” Mei Nongchen’s eyes were shining brightly, her eyebrows and eyes were as beautiful as a hundred flowers blooming, her eyes swept over the unidentified onlookers in the audience, and she smiled cleverly: “I’m here to fight the ring, lord, you lose Now!”

“You…you…my beast spirit…it’s you…” The lord of the Moyin City tremblingly pointed at her, his leaky mouth couldn’t speak the whole thing, and the spirits of the ancient wild beasts It is the source of his strength. Now that his spirit has been lost, he is no longer the once powerful Lord of the Demon Yin City. He killed countless people and countless enemies. If his enemies were to know about this, they would be able to spit him out. Drown.

Although everyone in the audience did not know exactly what happened, but seeing that the Lord of the Demon Yin City lost a sharp tooth, now he is sitting on the ground with trembling fingers and unable to speak a complete sentence. Look at his calm expression and blushing face. The energetic Mei Nongchen knew that this seemingly weak woman actually defeated the powerful and vicious Lord of Moyin City!

The audience suddenly exploded the pot.

“Oh my god! That woman really won! Did you see what she did?”

“I said she has a hole card! Look at how embarrassed the Lord of the Demon Yin City is, I can’t imagine that he also has today!

” Hush! Be quiet, he heard that you have ten heads that are not enough for others to pick!”


“She has the chance to enter the devil’s palace to have a banquet! What else are we fighting for?”

“… …” The

words awakened the dreamer, the discussion in the audience stopped abruptly, and the other people in the ring began to look at me and you.

Indeed, since the Lord of the Demon Yin City grinned, everyone knew of his identity and they had already retreated. Now this seemingly less powerful woman actually defeated the Lord of the Demon Yin City, indicating that she must have something unknown. The method is more terrifying than the ruthless lord! Wouldn’t they be looking for death if they met her?

Wuming raised his hand and wiped the two big nosebleeds that were shaken by the roar of the unicorn wolf. The sight projected on Mei Nongchen’s face became more respectful. He looked at him and was excited with Xiao Erjiu. Xiaoba, who hugged each other, laughed and jumped, glanced at Xiaoba’s phrase “she can win”, Wuming’s always emotionless eyes deepened, and it seemed that he was the only one who didn’t know how powerful the princess was.

However, the prince concubine’s cultivation is so high that he is far from it. Why did the prince send him to protect her? Wuming feels like a tasteless existence at this moment.

Seeing him in a daze, Xiao Ba came over to elbow his arm and said, “Look, I said she can win.”

Wuming’s face was blank, and said coldly, “You It’s clear.”

Just as everyone in the audience shook their heads and sighed, a figure shot from the direction of the magic palace and landed on the ring where Mei Nongchen was.

The visitor wore a black robe, the edge of the black robe was trimmed with silver thread, and the jade pendant of the beast totem hung on the waist, which was the logo of the guard of the magic palace.

He lifted his arrogant chin, swept across the faces of everyone in the audience contemptuously, gathered his magic power, and said loudly: “Send the demon prince’s order, this time the birthday celebration of the demon prince is different, as long as he has the ability to defeat a hundred people in a row on the ring , You can enter the palace for a banquet!” After

he said, he waved his hand, and immediately, on every ring, a man in black robes appeared in the same costume as him, and everyone held a pass into the magic palace in his hand. make.

“These people will supervise the scene. As long as someone loses a hundred people in a row, they can get a pass…”


These words were like a boulder falling into a lake, stirring up waves.

“Really? In the past, only winners were invited. This year, you only need to lose a hundred people in a row. Really?” Some people can’t believe that as long as they enter the magic palace, even if they can’t become the magician of the magic prince, they will be respected by the magic. If you use it, then their family will get great benefits. This is exactly the original intention of their journey to the Demon Capital.

“It must be true! Lord Demon Servants personally spread the word, can there be any falsehoods? Quick! We will quickly get on stage and fight again, and we must defeat the Hundreds before dark!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s too early, we must Hurry up!”

“Passing order! Passing order! I’m coming!”


“…” The people who

originally thought they had no hope of entering the Devil Palace immediately ran to the other twenty-odd arena, and no one dared to go to the ring of Mei Nongchen.

Mei Nongchen looked at the swarms of people who dispersed for a while and was speechless. According to the magic servant, she couldn’t enter the magic palace if she couldn’t defeat a hundred people in a row?

She hesitated and felt that she still had to fight for herself.

“Excuse me, that…”

Hush——! Snapped!

Before she said her words, a black shadow came directly from the arrogant Demon Attendant’s hand and fell on Mei Nongchen’s feet.

“This is a passage order specially given to you by Lord Demon Lord, please pick it up.” After speaking, the demon servant sneered at her coldly, his body flashed, and flew in the direction of the demon palace as it came.

Mei Nongchen looked down at the black gilt pass, her eyes flickering, and she didn’t move. Something was faintly jumping in the dark pupils.

“What the hell! I am!” Xiao Erjiu broke away from Xiaoba’s restraint and jumped onto the ring, kicked the permit, but still not stunned, ran over and stepped on a few feet. “It’s actually right. Sister is so rude! Damn it!”

Then turned to Xiaoba and muttered dissatisfiedly: “Mynah, why did you stop me from teaching him?! It’s disgusting, it’s so rude to my sister! I can’t wait for it! Beat his ass into a sunflower!”

“I want too!” Xiao Ba gritted his teeth: “But we can’t! We still have things to do!”

Wuming had no expression, but his hands had white joints. He was silently talking about his anger at the moment.

Mei Nongchen grabbed the flames that jumped in her pupils, and stretched out her hand, the dusty pass that was still being trampled on by Xiao Erjiu flew directly into her palm, and she looked at the large and complicated writing in the middle of the pass. The word Ling’ suddenly curled her lips and smiled. The spring returned to the earth. She turned to look at the indignant three people gathered around her, and smiled: “No need to be angry, I’m going to the devil’s palace tonight to see how the devil’s prince’s birthday is celebrated. Feast.”

“What are you still doing in a daze? Don’t you go to the ring to earn a pass!”

“What?” Xiao Erjiu was full of indignation, eyes gleaming, and said excitedly: “Sister, I can go too? Really? ? “

Mei get dust:” go you can, but you can not say a word, not running around, be obedient …… “

small twenty-nine head Meng point:”!!! good good good “

so, three each choose a The ring began to earn a pass.

Mei Nongchen moved her body and wanted to leave the arena where she was dizzy.

“Wait!” The Lord of Moyin City, who had been in a state of horror, suddenly called her. His eyes were still sullen, and the lingering black mist had dispersed. Only then did Mei Nongchen really see his face clearly. A meticulous face, every part is as meticulously outlined with a brush, the lines are graceful and soft.


“Sister, you sucked my beast spirit, I’m already a useless person, is my sister going to sit back and ignore it?” The Lord of the Demon Yin City swayed to his feet, showing two rows of neat teeth while speaking, Mei Nangchen I couldn’t help but look at it a few more times. I didn’t expect that he would regain a white tooth in such a short time, but when she thought that Yun Baizhi, who had been knocked down by her, would also grow his teeth soon, she was relieved that there are so many secrets in the world. Rebirth from a broken tooth is not a big deal.

“What do you want?” She asked indifferently, taking a moment of doubt very well.

“Either you are responsible for the rest of my life, or you will return my beast spirit to me.” The lord of the Demon Yin City opened his lips and smiled, and said: “Although I have killed countless people, I admit that I have never offended my sister, and I think sister should not be a reason to take the lives of people who, if you leave this, then I must have offended the people I want to cut to pieces, so, it is the equivalent of your sister killed me …… “

had Said, the lord of the Demon Yin City is very accurate, Mei Nongchen is really the kind of person he said, as long as you don’t mess with her, it doesn’t matter how many people you kill, she doesn’t have the heart to fight the sword, but If anyone dares to provoke her, she will give it back.


“The Lord of Moyin City is the lord of a realm, and his power and wealth are incomparable to a poor and white person like me. Isn’t it possible that I don’t even have an entourage who can protect me?” Mei Nongchen looked at him with a smile. Obviously I don’t believe that he really has no ability to protect himself.

Hearing this, the lord of the Demon Yin City flashed his eyes, and then he laughed and said: “It’s true that I am only going to relax this time. I really didn’t carry any servants, and…” After a pause, he said: ” And I didn’t expect that I would have today, and I didn’t have any preparations.” After that, he shrugged his shoulders and spread his hands, expressing helplessness.

Mei Nongchen looked at his unconcealed and straightforward appearance, and couldn’t help being vigilant in her heart. She didn’t think that this person with a sharp tooth shook the demon world would treat her calmly after she destroyed his natal weapon.

Xu Ye saw Mei Nongchen’s doubts, the lord of the Demon Yin City suppressed all the smiles, his eyes radiated insidiously again, and the evil spirit on his body was also faintly pouring out, “Huh! I didn’t expect you to be so cunning. The spirit of the beast came out, and then took the opportunity to swallow it. Now that I perform so hard, you still don’t believe me. I admit that even if you smash your corpse into pieces, you can’t solve my hatred, but I become so miserable and do worship. I didn’t hurt you a bit. Should you take responsibility for your actions? To protect me from being killed by my enemies before my subordinates arrive? Of course, I can promise that I won’t be wrong with you, let’s talk about it. , Your cultivation is not something I can afford!”

“You are credible to say that.” Mei Nongchen felt relieved. She felt that the Lord of the Demon City’s nakedly showing hatred was much more pleasing to his eyes than he pretended to greet him, “I can agree to your request, but you have to obey me. Besides, I can’t hurt my friend any minute.”

“Okay!” The lord of Moyin City couldn’t help but laugh, what a cunning little fox!

As I was talking here, Xiaoba, Xiao Erjiu, and Wuming came back soon, each holding a permit in his hand.

Xiao Erjiu: “Sister, these people are weak. It’s not fun to earn the permit so easily!”

Mei Nongchen glanced at the permit in the hands of the three, and said to Xiaoba: “Now There is still a long time before the birthday banquet of the devil prince. Let’s go to Bailiyu’s mansion. I have something to ask him for help.”

She pointed to the Lord of the Demon City and said to him: “I can hand him over to Bailiyu for protection. Two days?”

Xiaoba’s obscure eyes swept over the Lord of the Demon Yin City, and said: “Yes.”

… A

group of five people came to the Baili Demon Mansion not far from the Demon Palace.

Before they arrived, a long gray shadow flew directly from the gate, “Sister, my dear sister, I know you can’t let me go, I know you love me. Since we parted yesterday, brother I no longer want to wander around the flowers, those so-called beauties, compared to you, are all shit, sister, my sister…”


Without exception, the gray-black long shadow was kicked directly again.

However, Wuming was really angry this time. He sacrificed a long sword and slashed directly at Bai Liyu. Mei Nongchen quickly stopped him and said: “He is only for this virtue, and it’s not a matter of giving a lesson. Why bother with him? Angry? Besides, we have something to ask him for help here.”

“Help! Definitely help!” Bai Liyu immediately got up from the ground, his white left cheek and sole prints were very abrupt, but this did not affect the color waves rolling in his eyes. He patted the dust on his body while moving towards Mei. Nongchen leaned forward and said, “Isn’t it just protecting the individual? No problem, as long as the younger sister often comes to see my brother, my younger sister, my brother wants to kill you…”

Wuming immediately seemed like a shield when he saw this. Heng Heng in front of Mei Nongchen, with a gloomy voice, said: “Stay away from her!”

Bai Liyu immediately exploded his hair, “How many times have you kicked me? Lao Tzu…”

“Bai Liyu!” Xiao Ba also exploded his hair, he scolded: “Huh is rude!”

Seeing Xiao Ba angry, Bai Liyu immediately shrank his neck, and then greeted everyone: “My mansion is close to the magic palace, everyone go in and rest. For a moment, I can wait until the banquet starts before we start.” Then he said to the lord of Moyin City: “Lord, please come in.” The lord of Moyin

City followed everyone into the mansion, his eyes were always on Xiaoba and Bailiyu’s body. Shooting back and forth, although Bai Liyu has not come into contact with him, he has heard of it a little. He is a person who is famous in the city. He did not expect to be so humble in front of this person, and the two look exactly the same. It is really intriguing. It seems that these people are so humble. It’s not an ordinary person…

Thinking about this, the eyes of the Lord of the Demon Yin City flickered, and things seemed to be getting more and more interesting.


getting dark.

Colorful lights exploded above the magic palace, as gorgeous as fireworks.

The birthday banquet of the devil prince began.

Mei Nongchen mingled with Xiaoba, Xiao Erjiu, and Wuming four in the crowd. The number of ring winners invited by Demon Lord was simply staggering. The huge banquet hall was full of seats and was full of seats. She glanced roughly, but no less. Five thousand people.

Everyone wore all kinds of black robes, and they couldn’t tell who was who for a while, only feeling dazzled.

“Xiao Ba, is it the same for the Demon Prince’s birthday banquet in previous years?” Mei Nongchen couldn’t help asking with the buzzing voices in her ears.

Xiao Ba took a dignified glance at the audience and said, “No, there was only one winner of the ring in previous years. Moreover, the Demon Lord will invite people with a little reputation in the Demon City to a banquet, but this year there is no, not even those under his command. The generals didn’t come, it’s so strange!” Bai Liyu was also invited in previous years, but this year he was not invited.

“I also think something is wrong. It stands to reason that the devil’s invitation to the ring winner is mainly for the demon prince to choose the demon master. If there are two or three more, it is understandable. This time there are more than 5,000 people. It is too incredible. So, is there anything important about Mozun that needs so many people to serve him?” Mei Nongchen said as she pulled Xiao Erjiu who wanted to run around, warning him not to have trouble with her eyes.

Xiao eight: “I think we still need to be more careful. The eldest brother said that Demon Lord gathered his subordinates to gather in the Demon Palace. Now that he has made an exception to invite so many powerful people to gather here, there must be some inevitable connection between these two things.”

“Moreover, The matter of Mozun gathering his subordinates is very secret. No one knows the whole Mozun. It is Bai Liyu who learned about it through listening to the words of my elder brother.”

Mei Nongchen thought for a moment and agreed with Xiao Ba’s idea, so he thought about it. I told Xiao Erjiu and Wuming again, so that they were always on guard.

Of course, the conversations between them are heard through sound transmission, and no one else can snoop on.

After a while, a demon attendant came out from behind the curtain, and the people underneath immediately fell silent and stared at his face with scorching eyes.

When the demon waiter saw everyone calm down, he said loudly: “The Demon

Lord and the Demon Consort Empress are about to drive——” The words fell, the curtain was opened again, and two figures walked out slowly.

A tall figure, pale complexion, ruby ruby on his forehead, set off his enchanting score.

His black robe is embroidered with a lifelike beast totem with gold thread, which is the totem that the demon king is qualified to enjoy.


The other is a pretty and glamorous woman with a slightly thin body. Although she wears heavy makeup, she still can’t hide the fatigue and sickness between her eyebrows and eyes.

This is the devil concubine empress who is dominated by the devil.

“Let’s see my king——! Knob to the devil concubine empress——!” When

everyone saw the two, they knelt down and bowed, their voices were uniform and shook the sky.

Xiao Erjiu and Xiao Ba followed the crowd and knelt pretendingly, but Wu Ming had a look of righteousness. They sat in their seats very upright and did not want to kneel. Xiao Ba pulled him hard, with an eager tone, and said to him. Into the ears: “Hurry down on your knees! Don’t forget the purpose of your trip! It is to protect your sister, not to put her at risk! Your behavior like this will only arouse the suspicion of the Demon Venerable, and he will doubt your sister if he suspects you. How do you explain to Lengyi about the big thing that broke my sister?”

He clenched his hands that were barely exposed outside his sleeves, and finally knelt down unwillingly.

From the corner of Mei Nongchen’s eyes, Xiao Ba and Wuming’s little movements were seen in his eyes, and her eyebrows were raised. It turns out that Wuming is also self-conscious!

She felt Mozun’s cool eyes passing by everyone. After a moment, Mozun said: “No need to be polite, get up and take a seat.”

Everyone thanked them, and Yiyan got up and took a seat again.

“Today is the birthday of Prince magic, you traveled from their birthday, magic prince has not yet exit, on behalf of the deity as his father, he should express gratitude for you, come on wine!”

Then down, stood outside the hall The handmaid immediately filed in, holding the wine jug to fill the wine glass in front of everyone, and the strange aroma of wine immediately filled the huge hall.

Xiao Erjiuyi’s expression immediately changed when he smelled the fragrance of wine.

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