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Chapter 93 I can cure the disease of the devil concubine

He immediately heard Mei Nongchen’s ears, and said, “Sister, the wine is mixed with Lost Soul, so you can’t drink it!”

Lost Soul?

Mei Nongchen was surprised when she heard this, there really is a problem!

If something goes wrong, there must be a demon. Behind the devil’s move, there must be a great conspiracy hidden, maybe it is related to the catastrophe that Xiaoer divined.

While facing Wuming and Xiaoba’s warning, she looked at Mozun calmly, but saw him holding a wine cup in his hand, with a look of wicked charm and grace, and his eyes were calm as if they were studded with fake eyeballs.

It was too calm, but it seemed even more unusual.

Mei Nongchen looked at the Demon Concubine next to the Demon Venerable again, her lips faintly pale when she touched the rouge, and she coughed twice with her sleeves covering her lips, presumably this demon concubine was suffering from a disease.

“Xiao Erjiu.” Mei Nongchen spoke to the nervous Xiao Erjiu: “Can you diagnose the devil concubine empress from such a distance?”

“She is heart disease, worried. Sicheng disease caused the evil spirit to invade the body. It should be a medical history of more than 1,500 years. Her disease…” As soon as he mentioned the consultation, Xiao Erjiu immediately came to his spirits, his eyes burning, and his words could not be heard.

The handmaid filled everyone’s wine cups with liquor and then filed out again. The Demon Lord smiled and raised a glass to everyone.

Mei Nongchen’s eyes were calm and flattered like others, but her heart seemed to be grasped tightly by an invisible hand, “Are you sure to cure the devil concubine empress?”

“This is what she is. Heart disease, heart disease still needs heart medicine, if you want to heal her completely, you must find the root of the disease.”

Just as the two spoke through voices, more than half of the people in the palace had toasted.

“Xiao Ba, how much does this Demon Venerable favor the Demon Concubine Empress?” Mei Nongchen’s eyes were firmly locked in the hands of the remaining people who did not raise a glass, and there was a string in his heart as he watched Lu Xu’s wine cup being lifted. Pull tightly.

Lifeless gathered the divine power in his palm, paying attention to the movements of the demon lord, ready to attack at any time.

“It should be regarded as extremely favored. It is said that since the end of the war between the immortals and the devil, the devil concubine empress has somehow worried and became sick, and she is always lingering on her bed. The demon is treated with decoction every day and treats her tenderly. I haven’t been spoiled with other women, I want to be regarded as a lover.” Xiao Ba told Mei Nongchen based on Bai Liyu’s experience, and didn’t understand what she was asking about at this moment.

Everyone had already picked up the drink and collided with Demon Venerable. Only Mei Nongchen, Xiaoba, Xiao Erjiu and Wuming hadn’t picked it up yet.

It’s another battle between the immortals and demons!

Mei Nongchen stared at the demon concubine for a moment, and her mood was flying. She suddenly thought that on the way to the magic city, Xiao Ba once said that the son of the demon was originally stubborn by nature, but after the battle between the immortal and demon world, he suddenly received a stubborn heart. Fade out of people’s sight.

The country is easy to change, and the nature is hard to change. A stubborn life cannot change overnight.


As the favored wife of the devil, the demon concubine’s status and status are unmatched in the devil world. There is no shortage of power, wealth and love. A woman has everything she should have in her life and what she longs for, so what else is worth her worry? So sick?

Mei Nongchen’s heart beat quickly, and the answer is ready to come out: child!

If the devil prince really took in the stubborn mind and devoted himself to cultivation, he would be happy as a mother instead of worrying about it.

Therefore, this demon prince is definitely not what the Demon Sovereign claims to the outside world, he must have encountered an accident!

Dead, or half-dead, no one can heal!

“Why don’t you

hold up the drink? Don’t you want to drink with the deity?” At this time everyone has raised the drink to the enchanted demon and stood up, only Mei Nongchen still sitting on their seats, appearing Abnormally abrupt. Mo Zunqing’s light, unhurried sentence pulled everyone’s attention to them, but he did not say to Xiao Ba Xiao Er Jiu and Wu Ming, but only asked Mei Nong Chen.

Hearing this, Mei Nongchen suddenly returned to her senses, and when her gaze shifted to the face of Demon Venerable, facing his calm but deep gaze and the inexplicable smile at the corner of his mouth, her complexion instantly turned pale and she was sweating profusely.

She bowed her head in fear and left her seat and knelt directly to the center of the banquet hall, her shoulders shaking like chaff, and her tongue knotted.

“Back to my king’s words, the little girl and the little girl were just shocked by the demon concubine empress’s graceful appearance. For a while, she forgot and forgot her identity, and still hopes that the demon will forgive her sins. It’s just a sentence, I don’t know. Dang, Dang?” For

a while, the atmosphere of the entire banquet hall became condensed and stale. The strong and strange aroma of wine was still wafting, but it was no longer able to capture people’s sense of smell, because no one was paying attention, everyone was watching and kneeling. The shivering woman in the center.

Mozun has always hated people who don’t know how to measure. This woman is afraid that her life will be worried.

Mei Nongchen’s drooping face was expressionless, and the sight projected on the smooth jade ground was indifferent. She thought very clearly that this demon concubine is the key to her escape from the danger today without arguing, and it is also the key to whether she can stay in the demon palace smoothly.

Rather than tearing her face to tell that the alcohol is poisonous or pretending to be poisoned and sneaking into the depths of the enemy in a passive manner, it is better for her to find out the matter as a bystander.

Stay in the magic palace to find out the life and death of Xiaoer, Xiaoshi, and Xiaojiu! Find out the conspiracy of Demon Lord!

She felt the sight cast on her from above the hall so calm, so calm that she actually began to sweat.

Time passed by every minute and every second, it was hard to endure.

Mozun firmly grasped Mei Nongchen’s figure with his gaze, while holding his chin in one hand, and slowly tapping the tabletop with the tip of his fingers, there was only a’ta-ta’ tapping sound in the entire hall.

a long time.

“Today, my son’s birthday is celebrated by the whole world. The deity is also very happy. If you have any words, it doesn’t matter if you say it.” His voice was like a straightened line, without ups and downs, but it made everyone feel cold. .

“Cough…cough…” Mo Fei coughed at the right time, she covered her lips with one hand and wiped her tears with a silk scarf with the other.

A touch of distress flashed across Demon Venerable’s calm eyes, ignoring the presence of outsiders, leaning over and gently stroking the back of the demon concubine, “You go back and rest first, don’t force it.” The

demon concubine nodded slightly after hearing the words. Then ready to get up and leave.

Mei Nongchen quietly sacrificed a ray of divine knowledge to understand the scene just now, so she felt more confident in her heart, “The devil concubine stayed!” She raised her head, her eyes became horrified again, and said: “What the little woman wants to say is related to The devil concubine empress is related.”

She carefully glanced at the demon lun and saw that he had no response, so she stood up and said with courage: “The little woman once went to the hidden world to study medicine, and what she learns is to relieve worries. The method of relieving depression, the little girl was attracted by the demon concubine’s peerless elegance, she had the courage to take a closer look, and found that the demon concubine was ill and sick for 1,500 years. If it is not cured soon, only

I’m afraid…” “I’m afraid how?” Mozun suddenly narrowed his eyes, and looked at Mei Nongchen’s sight with the violent storm and snow. Mei Nongchen felt that his face was about to be shaved off.

“I’m afraid that Xiang Xiaoyu will die sooner or later, but the little woman can heal it.” After saying that, Mei Nongchen looked at the demon venerable, unavoidably, the eyes of the two were glued together in mid-air. Be sure, and gradually gain the upper hand.

Wuming and Xiaoba have gathered all their divine powers in their palms, and every nerve in their bodies is tight and straight, like a cheetah ready to go. Xiao Erjiu looked at Mei Nongchen suspiciously, when will sister be healed? But he kept in mind Mei Nongchen’s instructions to shut up his mouth. Although he was unsure, he didn’t dare to speak up.

Others looked at Mei Nongchen and only felt that their heart beats faster and their blood rushed to the top. Who does not know that Mozun favors the Devil Concubine? Who knows that the devil concubine is sick and sick for a long time? The woman from here unexpectedly cursed the devil concubine to be about to die without knowing it, and boasted that she could heal! day! She wants to die and they can’t control it, but don’t anger the devil and harm them!

It was another long silent confrontation.

Until a soft cough called everyone’s attention.

“What is your ability to treat this concubine’s disease? How many doctors do you know are helpless? Cough…you don’t want to speak wild words at a young age.” The devil concubine’s voice is soft and weak, but the momentum is irrefutable.

“The little girl didn’t say anything.” Mei Nongchen looked straight into her eyes, and a strand of soul-controlling thread protruded from the center of her eyebrows, and quietly extended to the center of the eyebrows of the demon concubine. “There was a woman at the foot of the mountain where the master lived in seclusion. For more than a hundred years, no one can cure her depression and illness, so she can only live through the sorrow and grief of her sick bed. It is the young woman who arranged the sorrow for her and relieved her depression. A hundred years have passed. Now she is smiling and smiling at her life every day. The woman sees that the Devil Concubine Empress is in a similar condition to her, and she must be treated with the same method.” The

soul-controlling thread stagnated at the center of the Devil Concubine’s eyebrows. If she can’t tell her and the Demon Venerable, then Mei Nongchen has to control her.

However, after listening to Mei Nongchen’s words, the demon lord and the demon concubine were breathless. What did this woman know? Or is it just a coincidence?

Except for the Demon Venerable and the Demon Concubine, only three people knew about the events of the year. Two of them had been wiped out a long time ago, and the other was Cangze, who is now being held in a giant cage. The Demon Venerable understands Cangze deeply. , He is by no means a leaker.

So it is impossible for this woman to know this.

“Cough cough…” The

devil looked sideways and stared at the pale and thin face of the devil concubine, stretched out her hand to grab her skinny little hand, and the eyebrows flowed into the hot spring in an instant. Then he turned his gaze to Mei Nongchen’s face again, half-squinting his dangerous eyes, “Who did you learn from?”

Mei Nongchen said, “The nature of the family and the teacher is according to the heart, so there is no name and no surname.”

The demon’s eyes were fierce: “Give you half a month, if you can really heal the concubine of the deity, the deity will reward you well; if you can’t make the concubine of the deity get better, the deity will…”

He didn’t finish. , Mei Nongchen immediately looked at Xiaoba, Xiao Erjiu and Wuming nervously and worriedly.

Seeing this, Mozun couldn’t help but catch a sneer, and then said: “Let your friend pay the price of your stupid behavior!”

“Come on, will…” After a pause, he asked, “What is your name? “

Mei Nongchen leaned over and kowtowed in surprise, and quietly retracted the soul-controlling silk, her eyes were full of ridicule, “Little girl Mei Lingyu.”

“Take Mei Lingyu and her three friends down for a good life, and then put them together. Mei Lingyu took to the demon concubine’s bedroom.”

Before the words were over, two demon servants quickly appeared behind Mei Nongchen, and they asked Mei Nongchen, who was surprised to thank you, and Xiao Bawu who couldn’t react. Ming and Xiao Erjiu, who was ignorant on his face, dragged on.

After they left, the devil concubine also left the table and returned to the bedroom.

The Demon Lord watched her leave, then glanced calmly at the people who hadn’t reacted, and said: “Come on, have a drink with the deity…”


night was extremely dark.

The two magic servants led the four of Mei Nongchen twists and turns into a somewhat dilapidated and somewhat narrow courtyard. This courtyard was titled “Guyang Pavilion”. There was not a trace of light in the courtyard, and the weeds and cobwebs were tangled across the black walls. Gray markings are also mottled, and you can see that this place has been uninhabited for a long time.

Mei Nongchen was not at all annoyed, and still smiled and nodded and bowed to thank the two of them. The ugly manner of climbing up to the high branch made them feel disgusted and contemptuous.

“Don’t talk nonsense.” One of them said: “You will live here in the future, but don’t underestimate this deserted courtyard. At the beginning, it was our favorite small courtyard of the devil prince. It is to praise you to reward you for living. Alright, Mei Lingyu, let us go to the bedroom of the devil concubine!”

After speaking, the two of them flicked their heads and twisted their butts, and walked away like a fighting rooster.

Mei Nongchen motioned with her eyes to Xiao Ba and the others not to worry, let alone act rashly, and then followed the two roosters to the devil concubine’s bedroom.

About half a stick of incense time.

The two magic servants finally stopped at a luxurious gate studded with dark gemstones. One of them stepped forward and tapped rhythmically three times. After a while, a straight-faced maid opened the door and led Mei Nongchen. Go in, and the two magic servants are guarding the door.

Even though she had seen the extraordinary magnificence of the Immortal Realm Boundless Palace, Mei Nongchen was shocked by the luxury of the Devil’s Concubine’s bedroom at the moment. She wondered whether all the precious things were used here at the beginning of the construction of this palace. Just a jewel on the two doors, she estimated that it would be enough to support an ordinary person in the Demon Realm for a year.

Mei Nongchen lowered his head and looked around quietly with his peripheral light.

Entering the inner room, the strong medicinal fragrance immediately puffed out his nose. Because it was too strong, Mei Nongchen almost didn’t catch his breath, and a slight cough sounded in front of him.

She looked up and saw that the devil concubine was lying halfway on the bed, the makeup on her face had been washed away, revealing a pale but extremely beautiful face.

Mei Nongchen looked at the face without Fendai, with a vague sense of familiarity.

“Your name is Mei Lingyu?” The demon concubine’s big eyes are like a pool of water, and the water is sparkling.

Mei Nongchen kneeled and bowed and said, “That’s the little girl.”

“Ahem…Get up, how do you cure my concubine? Many medical powers can’t cure my concubine. You are only young.” Can you have this ability?”

Mei Nongchen got up, smiled without saying a word, looked at the closed doors and windows, and said to the maid who was guarding the bed: “Open all the windows to dissipate the smell of medicine in this house.”

The servant girl didn’t move when she heard the words, and said, “The King Shuo Eyao said that the lady can’t be exposed to the wind, and the doors and windows are best to be closed tightly.”

Mei dust Mouguang get a cold, Lise said: “? Let me Mozun Princess Goddess magic cure, this is my first step to healing Goddess, you did not, want to defy the will Mozun”

anti Purpose is a serious sin.

“Slaves, slaves dare not…” The servants knelt down in a hurry.

“Do not open the window yet!” Mei Nongchen said in a voice.

“Yes.” As

soon as the maid opened the window, the strong smell of medicine in the room immediately dissipated. Mei Nongchen secretly took a few deep breaths of the fresh air. The smell of this room can kill people even if you are not sick. Come, let alone the devil’s inherent weakness.

However, the night is as cold as water, and the patient still cannot be cold.

“Close it,” she called again.

The maid was taken aback when she heard the words. The window had just been opened for a while and was about to be closed again. She wanted to wonder if Mei Nongchen had deliberately trimmed her.

Seeing her unkind eyes, and the doubts in the eyes of the demon concubine, Mei Nongchen explained: “The doors and windows are closed and the air is not circulating. The air in the room will become very turbid after a long time, and it will also be filled with heavy air. The scent of medicine makes the air more filthy and unbearable, which is not conducive to healing, so you must open the window to exchange the inside and outside air, and bring in some fresh air into the room. But the night is too cold and the magic concubine cannot catch the cold, so close the window.”

“More , Breathing fresh air can make people feel happy, does the Demon Consort Empress feel better?” Mei Nongchen blinked at her mischievously.

Mei Nongchen was born extremely glamorous, and this cute gesture was made into a different style by her, but she was barely cute.

The corner of Mo Fei’s mouth twitched, revealing a far-fetched smile, which was regarded as an affirmation of her, but it is undeniable that she did feel a little more comfortable with the dull lungs just after the clear stream hit.

The handmaid was confused, and she still couldn’t understand that this session was going on for a while.

Mei Nongchen was ashamed. She stepped forward and stood in front of the Demon Concubine’s bed, looking at her and said: “I wonder if I can say a few words to the Demon Concubine Empress? It’s about the condition. I don’t think outsiders should be heard Okay.”

“She is my personal servant, there is nothing I can’t listen to, just say it.”

“What if it has something to do with your illness? You don’t need to avoid it?” Mei Nongchen looked at the demon concubine, her eyes burning. , As if seeing her through.

The demon concubine stared at Mei Nongchen for a while. She didn’t believe that this young woman really knew anything, but it didn’t hurt to listen, so she turned her eyes to the maidservant and said: “You go out to serve.”

“Yes, empress.”

After a while, there were only two people left in the room.

“I heard that the demon prince is in retreat?” Mei Nongchen asked calmly while placing the demon concubine’s wrist on the front pillow, pretending to pulse for her.

Hearing that, the demon concubine’s eyebrows clearly slipped a dim, “Yes, my son… is about to leave the customs.”

“The demon concubine empress can tell me why you are hurting?” Mei Nongchen asked casually. , And then said: “Don’t tell the empress, let me guess, watching the empress’s bedroom is so extravagant, luxurious and incomparable, it’s definitely not for wealth; the demon is always the same to the empress, and you must be in harmony with him, and you will not be sympathetic. ; Niang Niang Mu Yi Demon World, a high position, no lack of power, the Niang Niang, your worry, does it come from the word child?” The

demon concubine was surprised, “What do you know?”

“I don’t know anything. “Mei Nongchen retracted her hand on her pulse, and said, “A woman, what she pursues in her life is nothing but love, or some people prefer wealth or power. But in the end, she cannot get married and have children. Once married, the child will be a woman’s care for the rest of her life.”

“Manny, you have no shortage of love, wealth, and rights, so where do your worries come from?”

“Only, child.”

After Mei Nongchen finished speaking, she stared at the Demon Concubine without letting go of the expression on her face, but she didn’t need to ask anything. The painful eyes of the Demon Concubine had already explained everything.

“What’s the matter with him?” Mei Nongchen asked with bewilderment while suppressing her voice.

“He…” As soon as the demon concubine was about to speak, she suddenly awakened, and then looked at Mei Nongchen’s eyes obviously with alert, “You have asked too much.”

Mei Nongchen’s eyes dimmed, almost.

“You go back, my concubine is going to rest.”

“Yes, the little girl retires.”

Mei Nongchen left the demon concubine’s bedroom, and was led back to the’Guyang Pavilion’ by the two demon servants.

On the way back.

“Two eldest brothers, where is the retreat for His Royal Highness the Demon Prince?”

She was ignored.

“Two eldest brothers, when did His Highness the Demon Prince retreat? When are you going to leave?”

She was ignored.

Mei Nongchen: “…”


Back to the pavilion, Mei Nongchen felt uncomfortable looking at the faded door plaque.

Doesn’t breeding mean domestication and feeding?

“Two elder brothers, what was the purpose of this house in the past?”

Mei Nongchen asked with winking eyes, but she was not at all troubled by her. She flicked her head and twisted her butt, and left like a fighting cock. .

Mei Nongchen: “…”

Ignore her, and she will ask others.

“Sister!” She just lifted one foot, before she had time to step into the door, a black butterfly-like figure flew over, and Mei Nongchen dexterously dodged her side. The figure flew out of the gate and fell into it. Eat a mud in the flowers.

“Bah! Bah!” Xiao Erjiu struggled to get up, spit out the mud, stared at Mei Nongchen sadly, and said aggrievedly: “Sister!”

Mei Nongchen didn’t care about him, turned around and left.

Xiao Ba greeted him and asked, “How is it?” He had already guessed what she was going to do when she said that the devil concubine’s disease could be cured.

Mingli is treating the devil concubine, secretly inquiring about the news.

Mei Nongchen watched him silently, but touched his ears.

Xiao Ba instantly understood that the wall had ears.

This night, it was very quiet, no one would say a word easily.

Demon Lord’s bedroom, the figure of Demon Lord was spit out by a smooth black wall.

There was a sinister smile on his face, and anyone who saw it would be crumpled and chilled in his internal organs.

His “little baby” has more rations, and he is one step closer on the day of awakening. How can he not be happy?

At this moment, a figure walked outside the door.

“Give it to my king, there is no suspicious movement in the house.”

Mo Zun concealed his sinister smile and frowned slightly. Could it be that he thinks too much?

“Continue to stare.”


Immortal Realm, the Purple Golden Gate of Miluo Palace.

Book Pavilion.

After sitting at the table, Leng Yi stared sideways at the Q version of the portrait on the wall.

A man in black clothes was kneeling before the table.

“…The Demon Lord did gather his subordinates to the Demon Palace, but it is strange that none of his subordinates returned to their own territory or returned home, as if they had disappeared out of thin air, our people could not find a clue… …According to the latest news, the prince princess defeated the Lord of the Devil’s City in the ring and was invited to the Devil’s Palace for a banquet. This time, as many as 5,000 people were invited into the Devil’s Palace. This is very unusual. In previous years, only one person was invited… “

The man didn’t dare to leave after speaking, but still kneeled and waited for orders.

“Is there nothing else?”

“… There is a young man named Bai Liyu who is very enthusiastic about the princess…”

“What?!” Leng Yi Jin Tong instantly stared into a copper bell, and roared savagely.

“But, but, but, but, but…” Someone’s tongue was knotted.

“Say so fast!”

“But lifelessly guarded the prince concubine to the death, without a single vellus hair being touched by the enemy.” Someone raised his hand and promised.

Leng Yi refreshed his brows and waved his hand, “If you need to check, continue to check, if you need to stare, continue to stare.”

“Yes!” A figure flew out of the book pavilion.

Leng Yi stared at the portrait for a while, and then walked to the bedroom.

He slowly walked to the side of the bed, slowly lay down in the middle of the bed, and hugged the quilt into his arms. It seemed that there was still a faint female body fragrance remaining on it.

He waved back gently, and the pink curtain drifted down silently. He closed his eyes, Lianqu gold everywhere, whispering to himself: “I miss

you.” —— —— digression

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