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Chapter 94 Bel’s fateful disc

In the early morning of the next day, Mei Nongchen woke up in a dampness.

What was wet was not something else, it was the pillow under her head. She dreamed of Lengyi last night, dreaming of his affectionate eyes, affectionate kisses, and that affectionate whisper: I miss you.

For a few moments, she really wanted to leave here and return to his side, without hesitation.

Lying on the bed, staring at the dilapidated house beam above, Xiao Ba and the others cleaned up the yard last night. Although it was still devastated and cramped, it was nowhere near the cobweb dust and the luxuriant grass in the yard, and it looked like a person living. The place.

There was an irregular hole in the roof, Qingguang shot in from the hole, Mei Nongchen watched, the irregular hole slowly became rounded, slowly became golden, and slowly became , A person’s golden eyes, a beautiful face, like a polished face, slowly emerged, getting closer and closer.

Her eyes bloomed with a softer and dreamy light than Ye Mingzhu, and slowly raised her hand to caress the face that had been circulating thousands of times in the dream…


“Sister! Are you awake?” Xiao Er Jiu’s crisp and loud shouts were accompanied by a violent slap on the door, instantly dispelling the golden face, Mei Nongchen’s hand was stuck in the air, for a long time, she dropped her hand to the corner of her eye, and wiped off the one that was about to fall. Crystal clear.


Xiao Ba and Wuming looked at Xiao Erjiu, who was lying on the door like a gecko, and the green veins on his forehead faintly jumped.

“Be quiet, don’t scare my sister.” Xiao Ba pulled Xiao Er Jiu like a sucker from the door, and sternly yelled.

Xiao Erjiu turned his head and stared at him dissatisfiedly, her mouth flattened, and said: “Didn’t you let me knock on the door?”



door was opened from the inside.

Mei Nongchen stood at the door with a smile in his black robe, and said, “Morning.”

Although she smiled at the corners of her mouth, her eyes were white and reddish, and the sorrow in her eyes could not escape Xiao Ba and the lifeless eyes, only Xiao Erjiu grinned and grinned unconsciously. Lung, “Sister, it’s early.”

Xiao Ba’s eyes flickered slightly, and then said: “When will we leave the magic palace?” In fact, she was speaking to her: “Bai Liyu has been sending people to guard the palace gate last night. None of the people who entered the palace for the banquet left the palace.”

Hearing, Mei Nongchen showed such an expression as expected, and then said: “We are not going out of the palace. If the Demon Lord wants me to heal the Devil Concubine, then I can’t live up to his expectations and I will definitely want the Devil Concubine Empress. Find out the cause of her disease clearly, heal her thoroughly, and get the reward of the demon…”

She bit the word’find clearly’ a little harder, Xiao Ba immediately understood what she meant, and said: “Then we will accompany her. You, wait for you to heal the devil concubine and get the reward of the devil, we will leave together.” As

he said, the two fighting roosters from last night hurried over and roared: “Mei Lingyu, hurry up! Go with us. ! magic Princess Goddess of the palace “

to see if they frantically look, plum get dust eyelids hop, and quickly piled Chanxiao, he asked:”? what is happening, ” “

magic Princess Goddess sudden nightmare to live this morning, can not wake up more than drama cough , You hurry over with us, the devil is too late to blame you and must pick your head off!”

He couldn’t help but to come up and pull Mei Nongchen, Wuming took the lead in blocking her, his eyes sharp and imposing like a mountain.

The two magic servants were taken aback for a moment, and then their complexions changed, and they were about to turn their faces immediately.

Mei Nongchen passed Wuming and the two Demon Attendants, and then pulled over Xiao Erjiu, hurried to the courtyard gate, and said: “What are you doing in a daze, delaying my treatment of the Devil Concubine Empress, you can afford it? “

Although the two demon servants were unwilling to do so, they didn’t want to have another attack. They gave a vicious look, raised their legs to keep up, and yelled as they chased, “That man can’t go!”

“Can you go, I have to ask.” Only after Mozun can count.” Mei Nongchen slipped fast without turning his head back.

To the devil concubine’s bedroom.

Crossed the front hall to the inner room of the apse.

All the maids knelt on the left side of the door and shrank, their faces pale.

On the right side was kneeling a fat middle-aged man with a stubble face and small eyes squeezed by a pile of meat filled with panic, but the moment he saw Mei Nongchen he gave birth to a touch of contempt.

There is no need to ask, Mei Nongchen guessed his identity. The man who can appear here must be the king of Shuo’er medicine mentioned by the demon concubine’s personal servant last night.

Inside the door, a violent cough rushed out, making people hear the heart and lungs numb along with it. The cough was so violent as if the heart and lungs would be coughed out in the next second.

Mei Nongchen dragged Xiao Erjiu directly into the door, and saw the devil concubine half leaning in the arms of the devil, her two delicate eyebrows twisted together, her chest undulating violently due to coughing, bed curtains, bedding, and wooden furniture. It is black, and her pale face adds a bit of fragility under the background of this black, like a crystal clear bubble, it disappears into the air with a touch.

The interior is full of strong medicinal smell, but today’s medicinal smell is very bitter. It must be the so-called Shuo E Medicine King who prescribed a new prescription to stop the devil concubine’s cough, but obviously, there is no effect. No wonder he kneels in panic. Doorway.

The Demon Sovereign sat on the head of the bed, his arms lightly embraced the Demon Concubine, his always calm eyes were now tainted with endless pain, and the ruby inlaid on his forehead was also dim and dull, like a pitying red eye looking down. Looking at the weak and delicate face below.

He raised his head and glanced at the panting Mei Nongchen, his eyes gloomy, as if saying: If you can’t cure her, the deity will kill you!

Mei get dust no courtesy, he went to a few magic Princess bedside squat, while out on the side of a small pillow welcome twenty-nine acoustic:. “I came to feel the pulse, you tell me the condition of the magic Princess Goddess”

Mozun see Looking at Xiao Erjiu who was pulled in, his eyes paused, but he didn’t say a word.

Xiao Erjiu rarely looked serious, her eyes grabbed the demon concubine’s pale face, and her ears listened carefully to the small noises made by her body when she was running. After a while, she knew it to her heart and said to Mei Nongchen, “The Demon Concubine Empress” It was a great stimulus and it was related to her disease. She didn’t want to wake up, but didn’t want to wake up. Sister, if we want to wake her up, we must know what the cause of her disease is. “


I was fine when I left last night, so it was because something related to the demon prince had irritated the demon concubine after she left. It seemed that it must not be a good thing.

Mei Nongchen calmly retracted her hand resting on the pulse of the demon concubine. Following Xiao Erjiu’s instructions, she lifted the sleeve of the demon concubine’s right arm and pressed the hole at the hole. After about three minutes, she moved to the left. The arm continued to rub and press the most acupuncture point for three minutes. After pressing, the cough of the demon concubine really calmed down.

Mozun raised his eyes and glanced at Mei Nongchen, then looked down at the demon concubine with sweat on his forehead again, his brows furrowed.

Mei Nongchen tucked the Demon Concubine’s hand back into the bedding, got up, turned her gaze to the Demon Venerable’s face, and said: “Please also Demon Venerable to tell the truth, what happened last night that irritated the Demon Concubine Empress.”

Hearing this, Demon Lord looked away from Demon Concubine’s face, and his eyes were as deep as a black pool. There seemed to be unknowable terrifying creatures hidden in the water. They were waiting for an opportunity. Mei Nongchen only felt the light of danger enveloped her and let her She was frightened unconsciously.

She tried her best to calm her mind, her tone was stern, and said, “Do you want to watch her die? If you don’t let me know why she has a nightmare, how can I wake her up? She is not unable to wake up, but unwilling to wake up.”

Mozun Looking at her, she didn’t say a word, except that the struggling under her eyes could not escape Mei Nongchen’s eyes. Mei Nongchen also stared at Demon Venerable. The eyes of the two collided in the air, sparks flickered vaguely.

Just as the eyes of the two were glued, the demon concubine suddenly stretched out his hands outside the quilt and scratched in the air, as if something important was going away in front of her eyes, the corners of her eyes on both sides of her small face were washed out by a stream of water. “No! Don’t go, Bel! My son, don’t leave my mother!”


Mei Nongchen was still struck by thunder, and his gaze turned to the demon concubine’s face. The grief on her face was so similar to her at the beginning!

It’s just that Bell…

loves to suck human blood…

Although Mei Nongchen quickly concealed her shock, her momentary surprise still failed to escape the evil eye of the demon lord, but the demon lord thought she knew The secret of the disappearance of the devil’s prince is gone, and the murderous heart is suddenly!

Mei Nongchen obviously also noticed his killing thoughts, his eyes were calm, and his thoughts fluttered quickly. If she didn’t show the meaning of being alive, Demon Venerable would never leave her again, even with Xiao Erjiu and Xiao Erjiu. Xiao Ba and Wu Ming also suffer. Although she is not afraid of the power of Demon Venerable, if she wants to find out what she wants to find out, it is better to let Demon Venerable kill her.

Siding, Mei Nongchen quickly snatched the little hand of the devil concubine held by the demon lord, Yun Ji’s divine power transmitted her bewitching voice to the devil concubine’s nightmare, “Madam devil concubine, wake up soon, I know Bel gone, you quickly woke up, I tell you where Bel …… “

, then one, Mozun body shocked, then angry, a slap shot directly open plum get dust,” Hugh was presumptuous! “

this With a slap wrapped in the five layers of magic power and anger of Demon Lord, Mei Nongchen did not resist with divine power, and was shot and flew out and knocked over the long case under the window. The objects placed on the long case were scattered all over the place.

One of the paintings spread straight out, revealing a young, delicate and beautiful face. It was the face of a boy of about ten years old, with big wet eyes embedded in that face, which looked very pitiful. Provoking pity.

The bones of Mei Nongchen’s body were broken, and her blood surged. He vomited a mouthful of blood with a’wow’, and his eyes went dark and almost fainted.

When she saw the small face in the painting from the corner of her eye, her pupils suddenly shrank!

This, isn’t this a reduced version of Bel? !

“Sister!” Xiao Erjiu was taken aback by the sudden situation, and immediately rushed over to hold her arm, and anxiously called out with tears in her eyes: “Sister!”

Mei Nongchen stood up with his arm strength and used it. The cuffs slowly wiped the blood marks from the corners of the mouth, looking at the painting on the ground, I was even more sure that the original Bel was the son of the devil!

It turned out that the devil prince was missing, and he happened to meet her.

What kind of convergence and inferiority, what kind of closed-door practice, are all smoke bombs used by Mozun to conceal Bel’s disappearance, presumably he has disappeared since the end of the battle between the immortal and demons? At that time, he began to fade out of sight, and the magic concubine began to get sick…After

everything was connected, the demon prince held a grand birthday celebration for the demon prince every year, and invited the winners of the ring to enter the palace on the grounds of selecting the magician for him. The feast is even more unusual.

After thinking about it, Mei Nongchen became more determined to stay in the magic palace to find out what happened, so he said: “Eighteen years ago, I met a young man who eats blood for a living. I don’t know where I came from, but only knows his own name. Call Bell…”

“Bel! Do you know where he is?” Mei Nongchen didn’t finish her words, the demon concubine suddenly opened her eyes, staring straight at Mei Nongchen’s face, the eyes of hope and longing, let She nodded subconsciously.

“Do you really know where he is?” The demon concubine rolled directly from the arms of the demon, struggling to get out of the black quilt, and ran over barefoot and rolled over to hold Mei Nongchen tightly. Holding her hand firmly, as if she was about to crush her hand, the big teardrops rolled down from the big clear eyes of the demon concubine, and hit Mei Nongchen’s wrist, which was a bit hot.

“When and where did you meet him? How is he now? Isn’t he a little older? Huh?”

Mei Nongchen looked at the devil’s crazy face, her pale cheeks were slightly flushed with excitement, she seemed Seeing the former self from the devil’s body, a string in his heart was severely plucked, and the pain of losing a child that had been silent for a long time was revived at this moment.

She once asked herself when she dreamed back at midnight countless times: “How is he now? Has he grown up? Is he taller? Is he fat?”

“Well, he is very good. Every day he goes to crowded places to suck blood. I see him again every once in a while. He always grows taller and gains weight. His skin is white and red, tender and can pinch water, healthy, lively and beautiful…” The

magic concubine smiled and lifted one.

Her hand wiped her tears, “Really? Great.” Suddenly she remembered something, her face suddenly changed, “No! He was in an accident! His fate, his fate was about to be broken! Chen, go and save him! Go now…cough cough…” Before finishing speaking, the devil concubine was anxious and started coughing violently again.

Mozun immediately picked her up, walked to the bed and placed her on the bed, and comforted: “Don’t worry, I will save him.”

Mei Nongchen froze in place, his life disc about to be broken?

Although I don’t know what the life disc is, but listening to this name, it should be something related to Bel’s life.

Does it mean that Bel’s life is at stake when the life disc is about to break?

Thinking of Lu Xiaoxiao who was with Bel, Mei Nongchen suddenly became anxious, and stepped to the bed to hold the hand of the demon concubine, and blurted out: “What do you mean? Bel has life concerns?” The

demon’s eyes were obscure. Seeing her not speaking, the devil concubine coughs more than ever, but she has the heart to speak but is unable to speak.

“Xiao Erjiu, what are you doing in a daze, why don’t you

stop coughing the Demon Concubine Empress?!” Xiao Erjiu immediately stepped forward upon hearing the words , worked so hard, and finally suppressed the demon concubine’s cough.

The demon concubine quickly ordered someone to fetch the devil prince’s life disc, and handed it to Mei Nongchen: “This is my son’s life disc. A horizontal pattern suddenly cracked last night, indicating that he was seriously injured, and this pattern is still In the continuous expansion, if he is not rescued in time, I am afraid that his life will be worried…”

Mei Nongchen took it, and looked at Fang Yu, who was slapped in his hand. A drop of essence and blood in the jade was slowly tumbling, and the jade face was flying and dancing. The word’bel’ that emits fluorescence, but the fluorescence is a bit dim, as if it is going to be extinguished at any time.

A light grain spanning the entire jade surface is abruptly across there, and there are several fine lines faintly cracked on both sides of the horizontal grain.

Is this Bell’s fate?

She returned the fate to the devil concubine, watching her and said: “You believe me that way? Aren’t I afraid I made up a lie about knowing Bell to lie to you?” The

devil concubine was taken aback, but she didn’t expect she would ask straightforwardly. With this question, he put the life disc gently into his chest, and said mournfully: “I have lost him for thousands of years, and now he is in danger again, but I don’t know where he is even more powerless to save him, you are now It’s my only hope. Even if you lie to me, I will admit it.” It’s

about Bell, the devil concubine even forgot the word’ben concubine’.

She stared at Mei Nongchen with big wet eyes exactly the same as Bel, and asked nervously, “Will you lie to me?”

Mei Nongchen looked at her face, and suddenly understood where the previous sense of deja vu came from. Upon closer inspection, the appearance of the devil concubine and Bel was six points similar, especially the wet eyes, which were almost carved into the same mold. from.

“No, I didn’t lie to you. I’ll bring him to see you, okay? I have a good friend with him. If something happens to him, my friend will not escape bad luck, so I am also very anxious. I must Go back and have a look at once.”

“The deity sends someone to go with you.” The devil who has not spoken all of a sudden suddenly said, “If my son is really dangerous, the deity’s people can help.”

“And… the deity is afraid that you will go. No!”

“No need!” Mei Nongchen looked back at him, and his tone was also unquestionable, “Is there anything I can settle for myself, and I am still waiting for the demon lord’s generous reward, how can I never return? Let’s talk about it. I have three friends here, so it’s even more impossible to do something like that.”

“The most important thing is that I don’t want you to know where I go.”

Facing her outspokenness, Demon Lord used that kind of calmness. Looked at her from the mirror.

Mei Nongchen was seen as sitting on pins and needles, and said: “Also, this time I entered the devil palace, I only diagnosed the devil concubine.

I don’t know anything about the rest.” “My friends don’t know anything, I promise. !”

She is guaranteeing that she and Xiao Erjiu will not go out and talk nonsense. Since Demon Venerable has worked so hard to conceal the fact that Bel’s disappearance, then she and Xiao Erjiu, who have already seen the truth, are two for Demon Venerable. Stings in the flesh, unpleasant unpleasant.

After hearing her words, Mozun’s eyes were still calm, but without the sense of persecution before, “How long are you going to go?”

Mei Nongchen lowered his head to calculate, and then said: “The journey back and forth is about five days. He is still there now. It’s hard to tell if he is not in the place where we first met. If he gets into trouble, I have to rescue him. Maybe there will be some accidents on the road. After all, it will take me at least one month.”

“Too long,” The deity only gives you half a month. If you don’t come back within half a month, the deity will kill your three friends!”

“If this is the case, I’m sorry, I won’t go.”

“Don’t!” When the demon concubine heard that Mei Nongchen couldn’t say anything, she became anxious, turned her head and glared at Demon Lord, and then said to her: “You can go, as long as you bring my son back. As for your three friends, there are I am here, no one dares to touch them!”

“Also.” The Demon Concubine said to the Demon Venerable again: “Take out your light escape mirror and give it to Miss Mei.”

“What?” The Demon Venerable subconsciously covered her waist, “The light escape mirror is such an artifact, How can you hand it over to outsiders at will?” The

devil concubine widened her eyes and didn’t see how she moved. In the next instant, a hexagonal bronze mirror-like thing fell into Mei Nongchen’s hand, and the bronze mirror was engraved with weird patterns. With text.

Mozun “…” His light escape mirror!

Mei Nongchen: “…” What is this?

“This is a light escape mirror. With it, you can instantly reach where you want to go. Come on, try it, hold it with both hands, thinking about where you are going…”

She hasn’t said yet. After that, a strong light flashed, and Mei Nongchen’s figure disappeared in place.

Mei Nongchen left, Mozun drove away Xiao Erjiu and Shuo Eyao King who was kneeling at the door, stroked the devil concubine’s thin face, and said: “Do you really believe in Mei Lingyu?” The

demon concubine heard the words. She smiled bitterly, “What if you don’t believe her? You sent so many people to search for more than 1,500 years, and there is still no news, and Miss Mei is my only and last hope, cough cough…I just hope Now, she shouldn’t let me down…”

Mozun: “…” He cast his gaze on the spot where Mei Nongchen was standing before she disappeared. Make her regret coming to this world!

Mei Nongchen thought of the mortal Lu’s house in her heart, only felt that the divine power in her body rushed to the light escape mirror in her hand frantically, and then a strong light pierced her eyes so that she subconsciously closed her eyes, waiting for the light to dissipate. Go, she opened her eyes again, but was startled by the scene in front of her.

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