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Chapter 95 Excited or not, try to find out

This… is Lu Xiaoxiao’s home?

Less than a year after returning to the mortal world last time, Lu’s house is no longer beautiful, very depressed.

At this time, the mortal world is in the early spring, when everything is supposed to be revived everywhere, but Lu’s house gives people the feeling that everything is withered in the late autumn. The withered yellow leaves spread all over the floor are carried out by the warm spring breeze. Xuaner.

Mei Nongchen was still wearing that black robe, matched with her white face, walking in the deserted villa, rustling fallen leaves under her feet, there was a sense of sight of a witch being born.

She walked to the gate and searched the inside and outside of the villa with her divine sense, and there was no one.

But she found that Lu Xiaoxiao’s room was still the same as before, except that a thick layer of dust had accumulated, and even a set of dresses were neatly placed on the bed, as if Lu Xiaoxiao was originally preparing to change clothes and go out.

Half of the coffee was drunk on the coffee table in the living room. The rest of the coffee had evaporated, cracked and dried up at the bottom of the cup, with an opened newspaper beside it.

There are half-cut vegetables in the kitchen.

It was as strange as the entire villa disappeared suddenly and without warning.

For no reason, Mei Nongchen’s heart jumped.

What happened?

At this time, an unknown gust of wind lifted the dead leaves that were flat on the ground, and a long strip of paper was exposed at the bottom. The faded black characters on it instantly stung Mei Nongchen. eye.

‘Emperor Capital People’s Court Seal’.

Could it be Uncle Lu’s accident?

Looking at the fallen leaves in one place and the thick dust in the house, it should have been a long time since the accident happened.

The most important thing now is to figure out what happened to the Lu family and where Lu Xiaoxiao and Bei Er are.

She put away the light escape mirror and flashed to the National Cemetery. She wanted to meet her father first.

Devildom, Devil Palace.

Xiao Erjiu trot all the way back to the pavilion. He kept in mind Mei Nongchen’s exhortation to him before he left, so that he stayed with starlings and Wuming three honestly, doing nothing, everything. She’ll talk again when she comes back.

As soon as he returned to Guoyang Pavilion, he was dragged in before his feet entered the gate.

“Why are you alone? What about my sister?” Xiao Ba asked while looking behind him.

“My sister doesn’t know where we went, let’s wait for her here.”

Xiaoba was surprised, “What?”

Wuming grabbed Xiao Erjiu by the collar, exuding murderous aura, and said, “Tell me clearly. What do you mean by not knowing where she went?!”

“Sister, she…” Before finishing speaking, Xiao Erjiu covered his mouth with a hand, he almost blurted out what he had seen and heard in the devil concubine’s bedroom, and suddenly remembered Mei Nongchen again. When speaking to him, he deliberately told him to shut his mouth tightly, or if he was about to beat him, he covered his mouth and swallowed the words that were about to be spoken abruptly.

Wuming, Xiao Ba anxiously said: “Say it quickly, why don’t you say it?”

“Sister, don’t let me say it!” Xiao Erjiu covered her mouth again after speaking.

“You!” Xiao Ba slapped his slap, threatening: “Don’t tell me?!”

“Don’t tell me! My sister won’t let me tell you! She also said that we should wait for her obediently, don’t you listen to your sister? “

You…” Xiao Ba and Wuming are extremely angry, but they are helpless. Mei Nongchen does not let them know, there must be her own reason.

“Forget it, let alone pull it down, did the sister say when to come back?” Xiao Ba compromised, and Wu Ming let go of his hand holding Xiao Erjiu’s collar.

“My sister said it’s about a month…”

Mortal, the capital.

National Cemetery.

Standing in front of Mei Yiru’s tombstone, Mei Nongchen looked at the gentle and elegant smile of the person on the monument, his eyes gradually moistened.

My father’s life is so distressing.

Falling in love with a woman who can never be touched in the first half of life is like falling in love with an illusory dream; in the second half of life, lonely waiting for a child who does not know the return date, aging in the long wait, suffering from all the pain, but hesitating Leaving, just to be able to take another look at his cherished child.

Mei Nongchen knelt in front of Mei Yiru’s tombstone and raised his hand to caress his smiling face, “Dad, why do you give all your love to me and mother? Why do you always worry about us? Why not… love yourself more One point?”

“You must be very happy in your next life…”

“Sister!” A stern and vigorous voice with a childlike surprise came from behind, Mei Nongchen turned her head and saw a mature and majestic face. That face was carrying an overwhelming surprise that was extremely inconsistent with his majesty.

She smiled, “Feng Er, in less than a year, you have changed again.”

“My sister hasn’t changed at all, still so… young and beautiful.” Feng Er’s deep eyes flickered, he remembered The last time I saw her, I was really stunned by her changed face. After less than a year, she seemed…a bit more beautiful than the last time I came back.

“Feng Er, what are you doing here?”

“I’ll take a look at Uncle Mei.” Feng Er said and walked up with his long legs. Now he is no longer the thin young man he used to be, he is very tall. , Body shape Kong Wu, you can see at a glance that he is a person who exercises regularly.

Mei Nongchen noticed that he was holding a bunch of white chrysanthemums in his hand. She stepped back two steps and watched Feng Er gently place the bunch of white chrysanthemums in front of Mei Yiru’s tombstone, where many similar bouquets had already accumulated. Some were already dry, and some were still a little angry. Just now, she was still wondering who came to worship her father. She thought of many possible people, but Feng Er did not expect it.

“Do you often come to worship your father?” She couldn’t help asking.

“Yeah, I think your uncle will be lonely if you are not at home, so come and see him when you are fine…” Feng Er turned his back to Mei Nongchen, his voice was steady and he didn’t recognize his emotions, “Sister is over there. , How are you?”

“Very good, how about you?” Mei Nongchen looked at the tall and straight back in front of her, a bright suit that fits perfectly, and her fine short hair was meticulously combed, exuding the steady and noble temperament of a successful man. It seems that he is doing well.

Feng Er looked back, staring into her eyes, and said, “I’m fine too.”

His eyes were filled with strange emotions, Mei Nongchen opened her eyes, and suddenly remembered about Lu’s family. Maybe it could be from Feng Er’s mouth. Get any useful news.

“I just went to Lu Tianwei’s house and found that Lu’s house was sealed. Do you know what happened?”

Feng Er’s eyes dimmed and said: “I don’t know this very well, it was only three months ago. I heard that Lu Tianwei made a big mistake and was sealed off in the villa and put in jail. His daughter suddenly disappeared, and the others are not known. If my sister wants to know, I can send someone to check it for you. “Make a

mistake?” Go to jail? Missing?

“Then do you know where Bell went?” Mei Nongchen asked.

“Bel? I don’t know.”

Mei Nongchen: “…” She basically has no connections in the mortal world. If you want to find out what happened, you have to borrow Feng Er’s hand, so she said: “Then you help I found out exactly what happened to the Lu family and where Lu Xiaoxiao went.” After

finding Lu Xiaoxiao, I was able to ask about the whereabouts of Bel.

Feng Er was overjoyed when he heard the words, and said: “Okay, leave it to me, I will have someone to investigate now.” He stepped aside and made a call, and then came back: “I’m afraid it will take a day or two to find out the truth. Time, you can go to my house for these two days, okay?”

Mei Nongchen looked at his shining star pupil and nodded, “Okay.”

… I

thought Feng Er’s house must be some super mansion, Unexpectedly, it was actually the former plum house.

It’s just that the word on the house number has become’Wind House’.

The bodyguard Zhaizi guard was no flaw, if there is no wind to allow two, most people estimate is immune winged into those two black bodyguards saw the wind immediately stretched straight, call out in unison: “Wind Boss!”

The face of some Astonished Mei Nongchen, Feng Er’s majestic face suddenly blushed, and Nuonuo said: “After you go, I will buy Mei’s house, because this is my sister’s former home, and I think you may return to it in the future. Come back, it will be troublesome if there is no place to live, so…”

Mei Nongchen said nothing, lowered her surprised expression, raised her leg and walked towards her former bedroom along the path of memory.

Sure enough, her bedroom was still the same, and even the duvet cover and sheets were the same.

She stood in the bedroom and looked at it for a few moments, turned around, looked at Feng Er who was standing at the door, and said, “Thank you, but don’t do this again in the future. I shouldn’t have such an important position in your life. …”

She raised her finger to the position of her heart, and said: “Your place should be filled with worthy people, and I am not that person.” The

voice did not fall.

“Feng Er!” A nice voice came from the door of Mei Xinchen’s room, followed by a swift of cheerful footsteps, she was a petite woman.

“Feng Er, why did you come back so early today? People are so bored, can you accompany me out for a walk?” Sure enough, a petite figure flew over and hung on Feng Er’s arm.

It was supposed to be soft and intoxicating. The second suddenly pulled his arms back like a cup of boiling water, looking straight at Mei Nongchen’s more surprised face, and took a step back. “Sister…”

The figure then noticed a woman standing in the bedroom. , She looked at Mei Nongchen, her elegant eyes widening.

Mei Nongchen was also surprised, even more surprised than knowing that Feng Er’s home was the former Mei’s house, and even more surprised than seeing that his former room was kept intact.

Because the face of the girl with wide eyes standing at the door is almost exactly the same as her former face!

She looked at the face that seemed like a world away, and she couldn’t find her voice.

Like, it’s so alike!

“Feng Er, you…” Mei Nongchen didn’t know what she was going to say.

“Sister, don’t get me wrong. I rescued her by accident. I didn’t want to…” He wanted to say that I was not looking for someone to replace you. Suddenly, he remembered what Mei Nongchen had said before, and felt that he didn’t seem to have anything at all. Qualifications say what substitutes are not substitutes.

The girl at the door was shocked when she saw Mei Nongchen. She had never seen such a beautiful woman. Adding all the so-called goddesses that often appeared on TV together, she was not as much as the woman in the bedroom. One.

After listening to the elder sister who called Feng Erhuan again, she immediately understood that the woman in the room is the real owner of this bedroom, right?

Feng Er once said that he reserved this bedroom for the person he cherished the most. Although he could only call her sister, he was still happy.

She looked at Feng Er, then at Mei Nongchen, and then smiled, showing two rows of teeth, “Hello sister, my name is Ai Mei.”

Mei Nongchen’s eyelids twitched, “Ai…Mei ? “

Aimee smiled and rolled two windward arm, said:.” after that, ah, I woke up injured forgot everything, even his own name yet no one forget, the wind gave me two names “

looked Her eyes were full of happiness and sweetness, Mei Nongchen was a little inexplicably guilty when she introduced herself, “Hello, my name is Mei Nongchen.” In the

next moment, Aimee’s smile stiffened at the corner of her mouth, and then she slowly turtle. Crack…


Mei Nongchen lay on the familiar bed tossing and turning, and her mind kept jumping out of Aimee’s face. If she had not changed her face now, I was afraid that the two would stand together and say that they are identical twin sisters.

Feng Er met her, is it luck or misfortune?

She was wearing some transparent crescent-white sling pajamas, which was the same as before. Not only did Feng Er maintain her room very well, even the clothes in her cloakroom remained intact and remained the same.

Lying down, I suddenly thought of Leng Yi again, and I haven’t seen him for many days, I don’t know how he is now.

Putting his hand under the pillow and touching the light of the mirror, Mei Nongchen’s eyes twitched.

She has checked the light escape mirror with her spiritual sense, and this spatial teleporter has no function that can be located by others, that is to say, holding it, no matter where you go, you will not find it, even if you go to the fairyland Milu Palace.

She thought of Zijin Que in her heart, the bright light flashed, her eyes closed, and then opened again, she had appeared in the master bedroom.

Mei Nongchen pinched the light escape mirror and looked around, no one was there.

She frowned, Leng Yi didn’t come back to sleep, so late, where did he go?

Just thinking about it, the door was silently pushed open from the outside.

Mei Nongchen was taken aback, turned his head to look, and faced a pair of equally surprised eyes.

Leng Yi was stunned for a moment, and the next second there was a burst of ecstasy in the golden pupil, and the wind flashed over and gave Mei Nongchen a bear hug, holding her breastbone to pieces.

She struggled, “Leng Yi, let go, you strangled me!”

Leng Yi slightly loosened his arms when he heard the words, and scanned Mei Nongchen up and down three times with interest, staying on her chest for three seconds each time.

Because her pajamas are a bit transparent, they are crescent-white, and they don’t wear underwear, so her chest is faintly exposed with two pink points, which is really alluring.

Mei Nongchen was embarrassed by his naked gaze. He glared at him, “What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen a beautiful woman?”

Leng Yi ignored her, his eyes were firmly locked on her chest, and there was something in her voice. Unusually hoarse, he asked: “Why did you come back suddenly? Still dressed like this? Did you miss me? Huh?”

Mei Nongchen realized that she was wearing a little cool, and seeing his tiger-wolf-like gaze, she felt that she was dead, so she hurriedly changed the subject, “I came back to see you in a hurry, are you excited?”

Hearing this, Leng Yi tightened his right arm abruptly, Mei Nongchen was unprepared, and her body clung to his body at once, and the woman’s deodorant rushed into his nostrils, her tortuous lines were about to be squeezed into a straight line. When she reached the soft touch on her chest, a muffled groan almost overflowed her mouth, and immediately under her lower abdomen there was a strange reaction that should have occurred at the moment.

“If you are excited or not, try to know…” As

he said, he lowered his head and kissed Mei Nongchen’s lips, his flexible tongue leaned into her mouth and stirred wantonly. The sweet taste instantly drowned him, like a drug addict Smoked like a big cigarette, making him sink in both physically and mentally.

Under his offensive, Mei Nongchen gradually lost herself, and the light escape mirror squeezed in his hand slipped to the ground, making a clear bang.

Her arms were tightly wrapped around Leng Yi’s neck, and she responded enthusiastically. She twisted her body uncomfortably in his arms. Leng Yi was entangled in hers and her body temperature soared. She lifted her butt and picked her up and walked quickly. Going to the table, let her sit on the table, and the hot and humid kisses follow the graceful lines of ups and downs all the way down…

His kiss swept the familiar pleasure all the way, swallowing Mei Nongchen whole…

They huddled together on the table Once, go to the bed and hang out again.

Finally, Leng Yi asked for another bath while taking a bath. After he gave himself to Mei Nongchen for the last time, he leaned against her ear and said contentedly: “I know you miss me too, come back often…”

Mei Nongchen: “…” If it hadn’t been for her to faint in the end, she might have jumped and cursed again.

When I woke up the next day, feeling the whole body being devastated and about to fall apart, and the extreme swelling of her lower body, Mei Nongchen inevitably wailed again, staring fiercely at Leng Yu, unresolved, and leaned over his lips again. He took a bite, then put on his clothes and quickly escaped back to the wind house with the light escape mirror.

Leng Yi watched her run away as if being chased by a ghost, her eyes filled with smiles.

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