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Chapter 96 Go and save him!

Mei Nongchen returned to the wind house and fell asleep all day.

Feng Er ordered no one to disturb her, so Aimee hovered in front of her room for a long time without daring to knock on the door, and finally bit her lip and left.

At night, Mei Nongchen had insomnia and couldn’t sleep anymore, so she ran back to Lengyi again to find the guilt. However, as a thin-skinned and pure-minded beauty paper, she would never admit that she really missed him… When

she returned to Zijinque’s master bedroom, Leng Yi had already been washed and stripped and waited on the bed. Mei Nongchen said with a black thread, “How do you know that I will be back?”

“With such a large plate of delicacies as me here, can you bear it?” Leng Yi said as he opened the quilt covering his body. Be, revealing a burly and sturdy body, Mei Nongchen only felt a flower in front of her eyes, and in the next second she was hugged by a pair of powerful long arms and rolled onto the bed.

Mei Nongchen: “…”

“Don’t you care about what happened to me these days? Don’t ask why I have time to come back?” Mei Nongchen reached out and pushed Leng Yi’s head, twisting her body to avoid him The wolf kisses and grunts dissatisfiedly.

“Hey, don’t move, because my husband is very busy now. When I’m done, if there is still time, I would like to hear…” Leng Yi caught her messy little hands and pressed them on both sides, and squeezed her body into between her legs. She cut off the chance of kicking him away, her teeth bit the thin cloth on her body, revealing the beauty that made his blood boil…

Facts have proved that Leng Yi has no time to listen to Mei Nongchen’s description of her situation these days, because as soon as he finishes his work, some people fall asleep with exhaustion, and when he wakes up, the sky is too bright.

Mei Nongchen resisted the physical discomfort and returned to the Fengzhai bedroom. Leng Yi wanted to chat with her again, but she was concerned about the Lu family’s affairs. Today, Feng Er’s investigation results may come out. She wants to hurry. Some know the result.

She had just returned to the bedroom, before she had time to change her pajamas, the door banged open from the outside, and two sturdy black bodyguards fell in with the door.

Mei Nongchen was startled, and came to the cloakroom for a flash, quickly changed into her pajamas and dressed neatly.

“Sister…” Feng Er looked at the empty bedroom, thinking that Mei Nongchen would leave without saying goodbye again like last time. He was shocked. He walked to the window, opened the curtains, and the sun poured in instantly. But no matter how bright the light is, the haze on his face can’t be swept away.

“Yeah! What did you hit the door for?” With

a familiar exclamation, Feng Er’s heart was shaken, and he slowly turned his head. He saw Mei Nongchen’s slightly surprised face. For a moment, he felt that she was his. Dreams, fragile dreams.

“I knocked on the door for a long time, and you didn’t say anything. I thought…you’re gone again.”

Mei Nongchen looked at his dazed eyes, feeling inexplicable in his heart, “If I want to leave, I will tell you.”

Aimee always stood at the door of the lost door, looking at Feng Er’s face with a sad look in her eyes. She now understands that the vague eyes when Feng Er stared at her in the past were never because of her, but because of the woman in front of her.

After a long time, she turned around and left.

Mei Nongchen glanced at her bleak back and sighed in her heart, “Feng Er, sometimes, instead of looking at the unclear scenery in the distance, it is better to cherish the flowers and trees in front of you.”

Feng Er also saw when Ai Mei left. Feeling lost, his heart tightened for no apparent reason. After a long time, he said: “The Lu family’s affairs have been investigated.” Then he shouted at the door: “Come in!”

A middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes heard the sound and handed a tan kraft paper bag to Mei Nongchen respectfully. Mei Nongchen reached out and took it. The kraft paper bag was stuffed with swelling, and his hand slightly sank.

“All the information is here, I hope it will be useful to my sister.” After saying that, Feng Er stared at her for a moment, and then walked away, walking a little hurriedly.

Mei Nongchen sat on the tatami mat in front of the window and looked through the materials in her hand.

It turns out that Lu Zhai was sealed and Lu Tianwei was arrested because he was embezzled and took bribes. Mei Nongchen could not help but sigh. The three generations of the Lu family were in politics. In the imperial capital, they were like Mount Tai. In the generation of Lu Tianwei, the power of the Lu family was expanded to Ultimately, Lu Tianwei’s wife, Benin, is also a political leader. Both husband and wife stomped the emperor’s feet. And Benin’s mother family was also one of the top family members in the imperial capital. In the end, Lu Tianwei would accept bribes because of Lu Tianwei’s corruption. And collapsed overnight.

Sure enough, human nature is greedy and hard to fill, Lu Tianwei is in such a high position, and he wants to get more.

Lu Tianwei entered the game, and Benin was naturally unable to take care of himself, and was also caught in prison.

Mei Nongchen looked down and suddenly saw that Lu Xiaoxiao was hit too hard by her parents being in prison. She actually got schizophrenia and was sent to a mental hospital!

She was surprised, how could it be possible?

However, the information clearly stated the name of the mental hospital where Lu Xiaoxiao was located and when he was admitted. Mei Nongchen’s hand tightened, and the flat edges of the A4 paper instantly turned into dried pickles.

Smile, in a mental hospital?

is it possible?

What about Bel?


Imperial City Mental Hospital.

Mei Nongchen stood outside a fully enclosed ward, looking inward through the glass on the door.

A small figure curled up on the hospital bed with her knees, her head full of yellow curly hair scattered on her shoulders, her body was wearing a large hospital gown, her gaze stared blankly forward, her face was thin, without the agility of the past. Lively.

“Smile…” Mei Nongchen’s heart seemed to be grasped. Why did her smile become so strange?

Lu Xiaoxiao didn’t move, only a pair of slender eyelashes that were like ink feathers trembled.

The nurse opened the door for Mei Nongchen. Originally, the psychiatric hospital stipulated that visits were not allowed in the room, but I don’t know what method Feng Er used to make an exception for Mei Nongchen to visit the room once.

“She’s emotionally unstable and she is often crazy. Miss Mei must be careful. I will be guarding outside the door and call me immediately if something happens.” The nurse reminded her kindly that she could make an exception to allow the dean to enter the room for visits, affirmation It’s a remarkable person, she must be careful to serve her, if there is any accident, then her job may not be kept.

“Okay, thank you.” Mei Nongchen nodded and thanked her, then stepped into the door and walked to Lu Xiaoxiao. He reached out and put her messy long hair on the cheeks behind her ears, calling out: “Smile, it’s me. “

Lu Xiaoxiao didn’t respond, Mei Nongchen called out a few more words, until she called the ninth sound, Lu Xiaoxiao’s vacant eyes refocused, she looked at Mei Nongchen’s worried and heartache face stupidly, in her eyes. The liquid began to pour out, slowly condensed into drops, and slipped from the eye sockets. After a long time, her chapped lips slowly opened, “Sister Nongchen…”

Mei Nongchen wiped her tears distressedly, “Smile, no Cry.”

Lu Xiaoxiao threw his head into Mei Nongchen’s arms, hugged her waist tightly, and cried loudly.

“Sister Nongchen, I’m not sick, they have to lock me up here, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …”

“What?” Mei Nongchen raised her hand to set up the barrier in the room, pulled Lu Xiaoxiao out of her arms, pinched her shoulders, and looked at her and said: “Make it clear, who are they? Capture Bei

What does the ear want to do?” “I don’t know.” Lu Xiaoxiao desperately shook her head, crying out of breath, “It’s just that one day my house suddenly broke into a group of people…”

From Lu Xiaoxiao’s intermittent recounting, Mei Nongchen roughly understood what happened.

One day someone broke into her house and took her parents away for corruption and bribery. Then a group of people covered in black appeared and took her to a dark room. After a long time, she was suddenly sent in again. The mental hospital has been closed until now.

“Where was Bel when you were taken away by the man in black?” Mei Nongchen frowned, and she thought something was wrong.

“I don’t know. His whereabouts have been erratic. He comes back every time I find him.” Lu Xiaoxiao wiped his tears.

“Then how do you know that he was taken away? How do you know that he is going to die?”

“I…” Lu Xiaoxiao suddenly squeezed, rubbing the corners of his clothes uneasily, “Since I had a relationship with him, there has been a strange connection between us, as if our two lives were connected. I can sense where he is, and even feel his pulse and heartbeat. It is a very strange feeling.”

“When they took me out of the dark room, I clearly sensed that Bel was there. Near me, his location never moved again. Until two days ago, I suddenly felt that his heartbeat became very weak, as if he was about to die. Sister Nongchen, would you go save him? “

“Can you save him?” Lu Xiaoxiao suddenly stood up on the ground, shaking Mei Nongchen’s shoulders vigorously, her eyes frantically, “Are you going to save him? I beg you to save him! He is going to die If you don’t save him, he will die!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Save him!” She threw Mei Dust to the ground, rushed to the door, and slapped it desperately. There was a huge’Peng Peng’ sound. Fortunately, Mei Nongchen had set up the barrier before the dust, otherwise such a big movement must attract the attention of the nurse guarding at the door, “Come on! Come on! He is going to die, you guys. Go and save him!”

Everything happened too fast, Mei Nongchen was stunned, but she quickly recovered and immediately used soul control to calm the violent Lu Xiaoxiao, stabilize her emotions, and return to the bed to sit down. .

The soothing technique of soul control was later figured out by Mei Nongchen, and was praised by Jiuyou.

“Do you know where that dark room is?” Mei Nongchen took her hand and looked at her. Her palm was already red and swollen. One can imagine how hard she had just used to slap the door.

Lu Xiaoxiao nodded slowly, shook his head again, and said, “I don’t know the details, I only know that Bell is in my direction now.” She said, pointing her finger to the north.

“Then how long did they take you from the dark room to the mental hospital?”

“I don’t know, I had already lost the sense of time at that time.” Lu Xiaoxiao’s eyes were not very calm, but he was no longer violent. , She stared at Mei Nongchen’s eyes, “Sister Nongchen, please, help me save him. If he dies, I won’t

be able to live.” “Bel, I will save him, but he was I don’t know where it is, how to save it? Think about it, if there are any clues that you have missed.”

“Clue…” Lu Xiao smiled, clenching her brows and sinking into thought. For a long time, she grabbed her hair irritably. , Yelled: “I can’t remember! They blindfolded me all the way, I can’t see anything, no one speaks, I don’t know anything!”

“Wait!” She suddenly brightened her eyes, and eagerly grabbed Mei Nongchen’s hand and said, “Coming out of the black room, they took me into a car, and the car started shaking and jogging. It seems to be a mountain road!”

Lü Xiaoxiao smiled and said clapping his palms like a little girl, then pushed Mei Nongchen towards the door, and said excitedly: “Why didn’t I expect that, in the mountains in the north, sister Nongchen, you go and save Bel, quickly Go!”

Mei Nongchen opened the door as she wanted, and the nurse waiting at the door immediately locked the door when she came out, and then led her out. Lu Xiaoxiao stood on the door watching Mei Nongchen leave, and kept telling: “Sister Nongchen, we must save him.”

Seeing this, the nurse said to Mei Nongchen: “Miss Mei, she didn’t hurt you, right? “No.

” Mei Nongchen glanced at her and asked casually, “Is Lu Xiaoxiao’s illness serious?”

The nurse immediately replied attentively when she saw her questioning, “It was not serious at first, and she almost never got sick. , It was just two days ago that I suddenly started talking nonsense, yelling for us to save people. Now I have started to go crazy and bit several doctors and nurses. “That’s

it. Mei Nongchen raised his eyebrows slightly. When Lu Xiaoxiao was sent in, there was no so-called schizophrenia. The reason for her madness now must be because she suddenly felt that Bel’s life was in danger two days ago, but could not save him, so she asked for help. Door, it’s only like this if you lose your sense in anxious heart.

In addition, shutting down a black room is inherently destructive to people’s psychology and physiology, and it is easy to go crazy after a long time. Lu Xiaoxiao was kept in a dark room for a long time, which had caused a lot of damage to her spirit; she was then sent to a mental hospital, treated as a mentally ill patient, and kept in a completely enclosed ward. It had a strong impact on her spirit; then Bell had an accident and had nowhere to ask for help, which directly crushed her already tense spirit, resulting in the current situation.

I really don’t know if Lu Xiaoxiao will get better in the future, I hope she will get better after she gets together with Bei Er.

After thinking about it, the nurse took her to the gate. Mei Nongchen thanked her, and walked over to a long row of red flag cars parked under a tree not far away, and got into the middle car. Several cars started at the same time and left slowly.

The nurse looked at the black car and dragon leaving in the dust with envy.

The train of cars was driving on the highway.

In the middle of the car, Bell stared sideways at Mei Nongchen’s side face that was perfect to be unreal. The slightly fluttering lashes were more dreamy and beautiful than the peacock feathers. Looking at it, the face in front of him started to slow down. Slowly changing, until an elegant and smart face clearly appeared in front of his eyes, and those elegant eyes were filled with thin mist, like a puff of unspeakable tenderness. He suddenly regained his senses, and leaned back in amazement, his heart beating. Suddenly speed up.


“What’s the matter with you?” Mei Nongchen asked strangely when she turned around and saw Feng Er’s expression like a ghost.

“It’s nothing.” Feng Er adjusted his facial expression, pulled out a far-fetched smile, and asked, “Is there anything else I can do for my sister?”

Mei Nongchen groaned for a moment when he heard the words, and said, “No, thank you. Feng Er.”

She felt that the sudden downfall of the Lu family could not be separated from the person who trapped Bel. Maybe it was the same person. The character who could easily bring down the Lu family was absolutely extraordinary, so let Feng Er not be involved. For good, so as not to get him into unnecessary trouble.

She knows that Bell is doing well, but, there is a day outside the world, and the Lu family is so famous that it also collapsed overnight?

She was unable to escape Feng Er’s eyes for a moment of hesitation. His eyes sank and said: “If there is anything I can help, sister, don’t be polite with me.”

Mei Nongchen smiled at him, “Definitely .”


black car dragon drove into the wind house.

Mei Nongchen got out of the car and saw Aimee standing under a peach tree not far away. Her eyebrows were slightly raised. It seemed that she was interested in Feng Er’s falling flowers.

At this time when the peach blossoms are in full bloom, the clusters of peach blossoms are like icy and jade fairies. They are extraordinarily delicate and elegant, like a person standing quietly under a peach blossom tree. Her pupils are made of peach blossoms, and her pink lips are The peach blossoms were dyed, and as soon as the breeze passed, her flowing hair was blown, and the petals of the sky were blown down.

Mei Nongchen turned his head to look at Feng Er with a dazed face, and the corners of his mouth could not help but raised. Feng Er, it seemed that he had already seen the scenery close at hand.

She left quietly and returned to the bedroom. Looking down from the window, Aimeshi Shiran walked to Feng Er and spoke with her face up. Feng Er looked down at her with soft eyebrows, perhaps even Feng Er himself. I don’t know how gentle my eyebrows are at the moment.

Mei Nongchen turned her eyes and flicked her right hand forward. Aimee softened her knees and fell directly to the ground. Feng Er hugged her in a hurry and hugged her directly.

Then the atmosphere between the two solidified, Mei Nongchen could feel the stickiness of the atmosphere from a long distance, and the smile on the corner of her mouth became deeper.

When eating at night, Aimee kept her head down, the roots of her ears were always reddish, and Feng Er’s expression was also very unnatural. Mei Nongchen’s eyes pierced between the two of them, eyes full of jokes. “Why do I think you two are weird, Feng Er, is there something that I don’t know about?”

Hearing this, Feng Er in his 30s has a red ear and waved his hands again and again, a lively and innocent young man. The boy looks like, “Sister, no…nothing…”

“Hey! I said no, my face is blushing, Feng Er, I have never seen you blush!” Mei Nongchen joked: “It looks like A young man who is in love at the beginning.”

Mei Nongchen ate the meal very cheerfully. Although she had no need for food after she became an immortal, she still ate a large plate of delicious food because of the two people who were about to hang their heads on the ground opposite. It’s really a meal.


quiet in the middle of the night.

A figure shot out from a window of the wind house, shooting far away at extreme speed, so fast that the human eye could not see it at all.

According to Lu Xiaoxiao’s instructions, Mei Nongchen swept to the north of the Imperial City Mental Hospital. She slowed down and flew forward high in the air, radiating her consciousness to all directions and searching carefully. After a while, she found it on a mountainside. Underground construction.

The imperial capital actually has such a place.

Mei Nongchen was a little surprised. In her cognition, underground buildings have always been doing shameful activities.

She approached quietly, and the entrance door was decorated to look like a natural boulder. If Mei Nongchen had already invaded the building, it would be difficult to find the entrance.

Standing in front of the entrance, Mei Nongchen was about to open it with divine power. Suddenly, two figures appeared in the area covered by her divine sense. After a pause, she jumped to the side of the treetop and hid.

After a while, accompanied by a slight rumbling sound, the huge stone-like door tremblingly moved to one side, and the dust fell down.

When the gap where only one person can walk sideways was revealed, the giant stone gate stopped moving. Two tall and burly men with guns came out, with their headlights on their foreheads, they went to the tree where Mei Nongchen was hiding, and put the guns. Lean against his leg, then… pull down the zipper and take out another gun and start hissing.

Mei Nongchen opened her eyes and was about to take the opportunity to get inside the door, but the voice from below stopped her in her footsteps.

“You said, is that person’s blood really that amazing? The living dead are flesh and bones, this is too exaggerated?”

“The real and the fake ones have nothing to do with us, as long as the money is paid off after the event is completed.”

“Dr. Sun said this morning that it’s almost done. As long as he drains the last tube of blood from that person tomorrow, he will be able to completely save Mr.’S’, tusk, Mr.’S’ has been dead for almost five years, you say He suddenly came back to life, will his enemies

pee their pants in fright?” “Hiss!” One of them shook his head and peeed, then put the small gun back into his pants, and said: “Don’t talk nonsense, hurry up. “Speaking, he picked up the gun by his leg and walked to the giant stone gate.

“Wait for me!” Seeing that his companion was gone, the other guy quickly put away the guy, picked up the gun and chased him up.

Mei Nongchen’s figure flashed, and rushed into the Shimen before them.

The two only felt a gust of yin wind coming from behind, shuddering, their backs were hairy, and their feet walked faster.

There was another slight rumbling sound, and the giant stone gate slowly closed tightly.

Mei Nongchen looked around while exploring the road ahead with her spiritual sense.

When I first entered, it was a short section of ordinary rock cave with a length of about one meter. After turning a corner, there was an unlocked door. Behind the door was a long straight staircase leading to the ground. The walls on both sides had a light every two meters. There are two outposts separated by five meters, and the guards are very tight.

Mei Nongchen quickly flew under the eyelids of those sentry posts, leaving only a gust of wind.

At the end of the stairs was a heavy metal door. This door was very strange. Mei Nongchen’s spiritual sense could not penetrate, and the door was also equipped with a fingerprint lock.

Mei Nongchen directly gathered his divine power and slapped the door. He heard a loud bang. The metal door was torn apart and alarmed the guard post at the stairs. The chaotic and heavy footsteps approached quickly, but Mei Nongchen was caught in front of her eyes. I was so shocked to see that I forgot to move!

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