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Chapter 97 Rescue Bel

After the metal door exploded, a creepy scene was revealed.

Behind the door is a fleshy room. The walls on all sides are scarlet fleshy. Red and green blood vessels, soap and twine, are all over the flesh wall. Numerous thick red tubes protrude from the flesh wall. Extending in all directions to the huge’T’-shaped meat bubble in the middle of the room, the meat bubble was translucent, filled with turbid liquid, and in that liquid, there was a bloody adult body suspended!

The body’s hands and toes occasionally twitched. In his skinless chest, a mutilated heart was beating rhythmically at a very slow speed. The whole figure seemed to have been corroded by aqua regia, very frail. It’s worse than the scarlet flesh wall and countless intertwined blood vessels.

Mei Nongchen was not the only one who was stunned. The guards who came with guns were also startled two meters behind Mei Nongchen. They stared at the scene behind the metal door in amazement, and even dusted Mei into the dust. The perpetrators have forgotten, obviously, they also did not know that the scene behind this door is so incredible.

But the scene did not stay in front of everyone for long. With a very slight sound of dragging the object, the weird room seemed to be pushed from the left, quickly moving to the right of everyone, and then revealed an ordinary experiment. room.

“What are you still doing? Why don’t you catch her soon!” In the laboratory, various utensils and machinery are densely placed in an orderly manner. A dozen people in white coats shuttle back and forth in an orderly manner, doing their own things, one of them. The small and thin old man with few hairs on his head yelled at the sentry behind Mei Nongchen. He had a pair of small, piercing eyes on his face, and he was a knowledgeable and savvy person. Mei Nongchen only glanced at him. Guessed that he is Dr. Sun from the second population I met before.

“If that person knows about it, you don’t have to leave this place alive!” He said, sweeping Mei Nongchen’s body with Zhan Zhan’s gaze, without putting her in his eyes, and then continued to fiddle with his hands. A vessel filled with blood-red liquid.

He roared, and the guard posts standing behind Mei Nongchen returned to his senses in an instant.’KaKa’ raised his gun at Mei Nongchen, but before he had time to pull the trigger, he saw a flower in front of him, and a breeze pounced on him. , A stabbing in the back of the neck, the next moment he lost consciousness, fell to the ground all the way, making a muffled noise.

Mei Nongchen did not counterattack with divine power, no matter how sturdy and strong the human body was, she couldn’t bear her light blow.

“Huh.” Dr. Sun’s exquisite small eyes were full of doubts, with sharp insight into everything, staring at Mei Nongchen standing outside the door. The feeling of wanting to see through made Mei Nongchen unable to help. Frowning his eyebrows, for a moment, he suddenly showed two rows of teeth, his eyes gleamed, and smiled: “Another person with supernatural powers, great!”

Mei Nongchen only looked at him silently, without any movement. , Because she had discovered long ago that behind the heavy metal door, there is a transparent glass wall. This glass wall is the key to her divine consciousness cannot invade. The glass wall encircles the city a huge cube, and the weird The meat room and this laboratory are covered together. Maybe, besides these two rooms, there are other rooms, but Mei Nongchen can’t detect it, and she didn’t see Bel in that weird meat room or in this laboratory. Believe must have been locked in another place by them.

There is also the black room that Lu Xiaoxiao mentioned. Mei Nongchen did not find it either. It must be in this special glass cube.

It’s just that Dr. Sun’s expression of perverted ecstasy looking at the prey made Mei Nongchen be cautious. Although Bell is not powerful, he alone is a demon, compared to these people in the mortal world. Existence, but also in jail, it is conceivable that Dr. Sun must have extraordinary means.

Dr. Sun hurriedly put down the utensils in his hand, rubbed his hands on both sides of the white coat, and walked quickly toward the glass wall, his entire face pressed against the wall, flattened his mouth and nose and high-protruding cheekbones. The back of the man smiled coldly, “Is the girl here to find someone? Looking for the boy with special blood?”

Unexpectedly, he would say this. Mei Nongchen raised her brows calmly, her eyes calm. Like a mirror, staring at Dr. Sun indifferently, without speaking.

“How about I take the girl to find him?” Dr. Sun waved to her and

said, “Come here, come over.” After that, he didn’t see how he moved, and the special glass wall silently moved from the middle to the sides like a sensor door. Moving away, Dr. Sun stood there like a child who was about to get candy and waved at her, “Come on, come on.”

Mei Nongchen’s eyes flickered. This Dr. Sun behaved so strangely, he must be beating her. The idea is beyond doubt. Her sudden appearance in such a hidden underground building should have attracted everyone’s attention and doubts, but she found that apart from Dr. Sun, other busy people seemed to have never noticed her existence, as if those people were living in another one. Like in the world.

Mei Nongchen radiated divine consciousness from the open glass wall. When the shot reached a certain place, her gaze changed, and then she raised her leg and walked towards Dr. Sun without hesitation.

The space of this glass cube is huge, the layout is very similar to the hospital, but it is different from the hospital. Every room in it can be moved, a bit similar to a Rubik’s Cube.

Dr. Sun took her tortuously for a while, and walked for a while. If ordinary people must be dizzy at this time, but the corners of Mei Nongchen’s lips evoke a strange curve, which is a touch of ridicule. .

She found that Dr. Sun took her to the room next to the laboratory.

Mei Nongchen’s spiritual sense had already invaded that room, and understood the scene inside.

“He’s right here, go in and find him!” Dr. Sun urged, flushed with excitement.

“Are you Dr. Sun?” Mei Nongchen, who had been silent all the time, asked suddenly, her slightly slanted eyes unexpectedly dazzling.

“Eh?” Dr. Sun was taken aback, as if he didn’t understand how she knew, but a moment later, a touch of relief appeared on his face. Since he can come here with supernatural powers, it must be true even if he doesn’t fully understand the situation here. Knowing a general idea, then it’s not uncommon to know him.

“You are so active in bringing me to find someone, and I will take away the people in the room, what about Mr.’S’ you are trying to save?” Mei Nongchen turned her head, with absolutely no expression on her gorgeous little face, she said again: “

Doesn’t your plan of the flesh and bones of the living dead come to nothing?” “It doesn’t matter, you go in!” Dr. Sun’s expression was terrifyingly paranoid, and he kept urging: “Go in, go in!”

Mei Nongchen thought in her heart. Sneered, “Why are you so sure that I came to find someone in this room?”

“I guess.” Although Dr. Sun’s eyes were dark and paranoid, he was very frank, and even eagerly wanted Mei Nongchen to enter this room. The minds of the room are all naked on the bright surface. If someone is deep in the city, he must pretend to be nonchalant to make the prey easy to be hooked. With his impatient appearance, even if Mei Nongchen has no insight into the traps in the room, he will be suspicious. There are nets waiting for her in the room.

Or, is he a leader in the world of disguise, who is good at doing the opposite because of his deep understanding of people’s hearts?

Mei Nongchen’s heart jumped, if so, then the sinking waiting for her is definitely not as simple as she can see!

Moreover, he saw at a glance that he possessed supernatural powers, and he must not be a simple character.

After thinking about it, she became more vigilant. Although she had the power of a god, she did not dare to take it lightly. I wondered at the beginning that Yu Qinyi just underestimated herself and neglected to take precautions. In the end, she ended up with a divine soul?

Mei Nongchen muttered the formula silently, and a thread of soul-controlling thread protruded from the center of her eyebrows and silently extended to the center of Dr. Sun’s eyebrows. At a distance of a few millimeters, it submerged at an electric speed to establish a puppet relationship between the two. He didn’t immediately obtain control over his limbs, but let the soul-controlling silk dormant temporarily, waiting for the best time.

“Go in, go in…” Dr. Sun urged with a flushed face, his eyes flashing with dazzling sparks, as if a wolf dog that hadn’t seen a meaty dog suddenly saw a piece of fat.

Mei Nongchen looked at Dr. Sun, whose eyebrows were unknowingly different, the corners of her lips twitched, and she reached out to put her hand on the doorknob, and squeezed it down, and the door opened with a creak.

Dr. Sun was so excited that there was nowhere to put his hands and feet behind her. He clamped his legs like an urgency, and quickly went in. The

door opened, revealing the scene inside. The room was very small and pure white, with an adult-high black cross standing in the middle. A scrawny man was tied to the cross by Wuhuada, his hands, feet and head were slumped weakly. Mei Nongchen couldn’t see his face, only his bare skin was yellow and dry, and the blood vessels of his arms were covered with blood vessels. The pinholes and the short hair full of shreds are like the chaotic grass that is about to lose its vitality in the late autumn. If Mei Nongchen hadn’t recognized his breath, he would definitely not be associated with the former white, plump and tender Bel.

She stood at the door, her eyes as calm as the sea before the storm, about to set off a great storm.

Staring at Bel for ten seconds, Mei Nongchen raised his steps and walked towards Bel at a very slow pace. The space was very quiet, and her footsteps that should have been silent at this time actually made a’tap’. Crisp, long and long echoes echoed in this space.

“Bel…” she whispered.

Bel’s head trembled slightly, as if he wanted to raise his head, but without a trace of strength, even raising his head was a delusion.

At this time, Mei Nongchen’s body had completely entered the room, and Dr. Sun’s eager and impetuous expression disappeared in an instant, replaced by a vicious and vicious expression.

call out! call out! call out! ……

Sharp sound of breaking through the air came from all directions, and dozens of tiny syringes shining with cold light shot at her!

Mei Nongchen’s eyes dazzled, she concentrated her divine power, shot like the wind, and bounced towards the extremely fast-fired needles, a dozen needles instantly turned their directions, and all the’ding, ding,’ were nailed to the wall.

The whole root is submerged.

At this moment.


With a scream, Dr. Sun kept his anesthesia gun in his hand and fell backwards, his face full of horror.

Mei Nongchen didn’t look back, and swept directly to Bel, putting him down from the cross.

She couldn’t help her nose sore, tears almost burst out, and the Beliere she started with was weightless, like a remnant leaf, ready to go with the wind at any time.


Hearing the sound, Bell opened his eyes slightly, revealing muddy eyeballs. His bloodless lips moved. Although there was no sound, Mei Nongchen instantly understood what he meant. He was saying: “Master sister…”

“Don’t be afraid, my sister will take you out!”

Mei Nongchen picked him up and shouted: “Get up!”

Dr. Sun, who was lying on the ground unconscious, opened his eyes and stood immediately. I got up, but the small eyes were no longer clear.

“Huh! To kill others and to kill yourself, how does it feel to be shot by an anaesthetic gun?” Mei Nongchen kicked his butt fiercely, and said, “Lead the way ahead.”

She looked like she was still being held by Dr. Sun. She knew that the anesthesia gun in her hand must not be an ordinary anesthetic, so she knew that Dr. Sun was shot.

He wanted to take advantage of Mei Nongchen’s attention to be attracted by the mechanism in the room to sneak attack behind her, but he never expected that before Mei Nongchen stepped into the room, he was already someone else’s fish.

With the guidance of Dr. Sun, they came to the laboratory through a hidden underpass. The staff in white coats were still busy, and did not even notice that she appeared holding Bel, even Dr. Sun was not careful. When he collided with one of them, the person’s eyes didn’t move, he stiffened and staggered a step before continuing with the matter in his hands.

Mei Nongchen realized that there was something wrong with these people. Before, she could understand that they were well-trained and did not interfere with foreign objects, but now, this reason is no longer valid.

Sacrificing God’s Sense and inquiring into the body of the tallest woman closest to her, after a careful examination, she found that her body had lost its function, that is to say, she was dead!

Mei Nongchen was shocked by the results of her own inspection, and then checked the remaining people one by one, and the results were all the same, dead! These people who are doing orderly work in front of her are dead!

Turning his gaze to Dr. Sun, there is no doubt that these are his handwriting.

What did he do to make the dead work like the living?

Thinking of the weird meat room I saw at the beginning and the conversation I heard outside the building, Mei Nongchen suddenly felt that compared with resurrecting people who had been dead for five years, this made the work of the dead less incredible. .

The sentries lying horizontally outside the glass wall have not yet awakened. Mei Nongchen hugged Bell and walked over them to the outside of the building. Just a few steps, her heart moved, and she gathered her supernatural power to lift up all the sentries on the ground. , Go out with her behind her.

The sky outside was white, and the sun was about to move below the horizon, ready to jump out at any time.

Mei Nongchen found a flat place to put down Bell and the group of sentry posts, set up a barrier on them, and then slid into the hole and returned to the bottom. Not long after, a few violent muffled noises came from the ground, and the mountains in a moment There are countless shaking and awakening mountains.

The stones rolled down on the top of the mountain, smashing countless broken branches, and immediately turned into nothingness when they hit the enchantment under the dust cloth of Mei Nong. Fortunately, she was thoughtful, otherwise, waiting for her to come out, it is estimated that they will have to collect their bodies.

A figure shot out from the cave with a rapid bullet, rolled up Bell and the guards with supernatural power, and flew to the open space down the mountain.

After they left, the mountain collapsed after a huge bang, causing a wave of dust.

Yes, she destroyed the underground building, and the flesh room between Dr. Sun and him was completely buried underground.

As for the survival of these sentries, they really have to thank themselves for the astonishment that appeared on their faces at the moment they saw the meat room. If they did not know that they did not know the existence of the meat room, Mei Nongchen would divide them. To be like Dr. Sun, if so, they will naturally go to sleep with him.

Mei Nongchen erased all their memories of her and Bell one by one, and then walked away with Bell in his arms.

She didn’t care whether these people were full of evil, but she felt that in the case of Bell and Lu Xiaoxiao, they were guilty, but not to death.

The real damn thing is Dr. Sun, and the mastermind behind that.

As for the mastermind…

Her lips were rolled up high, but there was no emotion in her eyes. She believed that the people behind it would be found soon.


a beautifully landscaped manor.

In a huge bedroom with a special European-style bed in the middle, a half-naked man stared at the tablet computer in the special assistant with a gloomy look. The tablet computer was playing. A video is the one where Mei Nongchen broke into the underground building to save people.

A breath of danger convolved around the man. After the video was played, his eyeballs remained motionless, staring at the last still picture. The woman in the picture was smiling charmingly and enchantingly at the camera.

For a long time, the forehead of the special assistant who was so savvy and capable for a long time began to sweat.

The man spoke, with a voice like cold ice, “Very good! Go and check!”

Mei Nongchen did not take Bei Er back to the wind house, but went directly to Lu’s house.

She has decided not to involve Feng Er, so that no one can find out her relationship with him.

At this time, the sun had already exposed half of his head, and Bell was sleeping very heavily on Lu Xiaoxiao’s bed. He looked like a person from an African refugee camp. He had no two flesh on his body. It is estimated that he will need to be restored to his original appearance. a period of time.

He slept for half a month before waking up.

In the past half month, Mei Nongchen’borrowed’ hundreds of bags of blood from major hospitals and poured it into Bel’s mouth, but it seemed useless, he was still as thin as a monkey.

Mei Nongchen went to the mental hospital to visit Lu Xiaoxiao several times and told her that she had been rescued, so she was relieved that Lu Xiaoxiao never went crazy again.

Lu Tianwei and Benin confessed to corruption and bribery, and were sentenced to life imprisonment because of the huge amount of money.

Mei Nongchen had also visited them in the prison, and the people of the past have long gone forever. Both of them were ten years old overnight. The vicissitudes of life were full of vicissitudes and regrets were hard to conceal.

Mei Nongchen told them about Lu Xiaoxiao, thinking that they could learn some clues about the person behind the scenes from them. Unexpectedly, the two of them were completely unaware of this. They never thought that the incident was premeditated. I thought it would be self-destructive if it was many acts of unrighteousness.

Moreover, after half a month, the person behind the scenes has not yet appeared, and Mei Nongchen is a little anxious.

She wants to take Bei Er back to the Demon Realm, and that Lu Xiaoxiao must follow. If the matter is not completely resolved, I am afraid that Lu Xiaoxiao will not be able to leave at ease. After all, her parents are still here, although they are in prison. But to disadvantage them, there are many means.

Only wait for Bell to wake up and see if he can get some useful news from him.

As for Mr.’S’, Mei Nongchen didn’t want to care, so she didn’t specifically inquire.

“Ah…” She lay in Lengyi’s arms, sighing while running her fingers around his long hair. Her face still carries the red tide after the passion, and there are no more spots and bruises on her body, because she I strongly protested against Leng Yi’s rudeness, and Leng Yi also deeply reflected and reviewed, and after many practice, he finally developed a technique that leaves no trace of affection.

Leng Yi knew that she was troubled, so he hugged her tightly without speaking. He once asked her if she was in trouble, but Mei Nongchen used the “woman’s secret” as a prevarication every time in order to repay the relationship between the men. Secret’s Enmity.

But he understood the significance of her move, and she wanted to solve her own difficulties herself.

He respected her too, so he stopped asking questions.

Mei Nongchen put her head on Leng Yi’s chest, pressed against his remaining warm skin without any barriers, rubbing a small hand back and forth on his muscular abdomen. This is a bad habit that she has never developed since. She felt that his abdomen felt great to the touch, and she couldn’t put it down. She always touched it twice when she had nothing to do.

But this action has serious sequelae. For example, it is not vigorous without touching her whole hand for a long time, and for example…

the hooliganism that squeezes her breathlessly and ravages her body at this moment is the biggest sequelae.

Leng Yi firmly restrained the bad hand that ignited in his lower abdomen, pressed its owner fiercely, and said, “It seems that my husband hasn’t fed you yet, so I can’t wait to ignite the fire on me…”

Mei Nongchen pushed him with his other hand and watched the movement between his lips and tongue. Not only did she sweep endless numbness, but also gave her a strong visual impact. The blood gradually heated, and the hand that pushed him became limp. The beast lurking deep in her heart actually began to recover under the cold tease, roaring to swallow her sanity.

“Leng Yi…” Breathlessly, with endless joy…

This time, she handed herself over to him countless times, and every time she felt that the end of the world was nothing more than this…

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