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Chapter 98 Have they ever found me?

It was another seven days when Bell woke up. During these seven days, Mei Nongchen could not remember how many bags of blood he had filled him. She only remembered the news about the’theft of the hospital blood bank’ from the newspaper on TV. No less than twenty times, almost every time I turn on the TV, I have to watch the panic faces of doctors in major hospitals.

Because under the surveillance cameras, they couldn’t see the thieves, but they could clearly see the blood bags in the blood bank disappearing inexplicably. It was just a ghost, and even some hospitals began to put tokens in the blood bank.

Mei Nongchen: “…”

“Master sister…” Bel is still very weak, her voice is vacant, and her breath is insufficient.

Mei Nongchen looked at him, her eyebrows slowly gathered in the middle, “You have drunk so much blood, why are you still so weak?”

“Sister, the blood in the blood bag in the hospital is dead to me, lifeless. There is a part of the vitality in the living human blood that I am sucking, that’s what I really need.” Bell watched Mei Nongchen’s eyes gleam, and her Adam’s apple rolled up and down unconsciously, seemingly very thirsty.

Mei Nongchen was frowned upon by him, “What do you mean? Want me to find a living person for you to suck blood?”

“Master sister, you are now an extraordinary body, and your blood is much more nourishing than those mortals, can I… …Can you…” Bel’s voice became quieter as she said, and finally she lowered her sallow and thin face shyly.

Mei Nongchen grinned, a little disgusted, but after another thought, she needed to find out the conspiracy of Demon Venerable in the Demon Palace, this Bel, it seemed to be very important.

Thinking of this, she went to the bed and sat down, stretched out her hand to lift Bell’s chin, and said: “It’s not impossible to want to suck sister’s blood, but you have to promise me one thing.”

Hearing that, Bell originally began to dim. His eyes brightened instantly, “Master sister, you say, I will agree to everything.”

“No matter what happens in the future, you must listen to me!”

“Okay! I’ve always listened to what my master sister said…” As he said, he didn’t see how he moved, but he closed his eyes lightly. After a while, his face started to glow slightly, a layer of soft moonlight halo. Covering him, his skin began to turn white at a speed visible to the naked eye…

Mei Nongchen’s eyes widened and she was speechless. She knew that Bell was sucking the blood in her body at the moment, but she didn’t feel it at all, no wonder he It can be a mosquito, but no one notices it.

For about ten minutes, Bell opened his eyes. At this moment, his appearance was renewed with glazed radiance. Although he was not as fleshy as before, his scallion-like skin made people want to pinch a few.

“Is my blood effect so good?” Mei Nongchen flicked his face a few times, um, very Q.

Bel also had an unexpected expression on his face, obviously he did not expect to recover so quickly.

“Maybe…because my sister has a high level of cultivation…” He was not sure.

In fact, the reason that Bell recovers so quickly has nothing to do with Mei Nongchen’s cultivation base, but because she has been cleansed by the high-grade Qi Lingzhu Yijing. Her blood contains more than a million times more vitality than ordinary people. Although Bei Er took care of Mei Nongchen’s body and only sucked a small amount of blood, the vitality contained in it was enormous.

Of course, they don’t know these.

“Forget it, it’s a good thing that you recovered, whatever the reason!” Mei Nongchen waved her hand, not wanting to entangle this question, “You tell me what happened? How could you be caught? Your blood can really be alive and dead? How can those people find that your blood is special?”

“I don’t know this very well. I met an old friend a few months ago, and I haven’t seen him for decades. He was very surprised when he saw me. Excited, it’s good for me, we talked about everything, and then he suddenly took me to a strange place and wanted to give me an injection. Of course I didn’t want to. I’m not sick. What injections! I just didn’t expect… “Beer’s expression was bitter, and his always watery eyes were full of anger. He squeezed his hands with a creak, and said: “Unexpectedly, he found someone to catch a smile and threatened me if I didn’t cooperate with him, he would let him People killed and laughed…”

“So you agree?” Mei Nongchen frowned, she seemed to be able to guess what was going on. The friend Belle said was Dr. Sun in all likelihood. He hadn’t seen him for decades, and Belle was still a teenager. It looks like, as a Ph.D. who spends his days in the laboratory, this is definitely a discovery that makes him feel turbulent. Immortality is an incredible thing that everyone yearns for.

The plan to resurrect Mr.’S’ may only be his experiment. Once it succeeds, he will receive the attention and admiration of the whole country and the whole world.

“Of course not. I resisted, but they shut Xiaoxiao into a strange room. I could see her, but she couldn’t see me. I couldn’t get into that room. I could only watch Xiaoxiao in that room. The room was trembling with fear. I…” Bai Er suddenly became awkward, his white and tender cheeks flushed.

Mei Nongchen’s eyelids twitched slightly, “So you feel sorry for your smile, so you compromised, and let your old friend give you the injection, but I didn’t expect that it was a paralyzing potion, and your old friend tied you up. Get up, do you want to drain your blood?”

“I didn’t have it at the beginning, but I didn’t start to draw blood until recently.” Bell felt a lingering fear, “Fortunately, sister is here, otherwise I would have died.” To

figure out what happened, Mei Nengchen didn’t want to go into it any more, so he changed the subject.

“Beer, don’t you really remember where your home is?”

“Don’t remember.” Belly shook his head, without a feeling of homesickness on his face, and said, “The master sister asked what this is doing. “

Mei Nongchen looked at his eyes that are exactly the same as those of the devil concubine, and asked tentatively: “If I know where your home is, and I will take you back, would you like it?”

” Would you like to go with a smile?” Bel Blinking big eyes.

“Uh…” Mei Nongchen was slightly stunned. She thought that Bell would say unwilling indifferently, or say yes with a little expectation, but she didn’t expect to ask this sentence. She was stunned for a moment and thought of Lu Xiao. With a smile,’If he dies, I won’t be able to live.’ Mei Nongchen nodded subconsciously and said, “Where you go, she will go.”

“Then I’m willing.” Bell dropped his eyes, and his long eyelashes just concealed the emotions in his eyes, “I just don’t know where my home is.”

“Devildom.” Mei Nongchen didn’t want to hide it from him. There is nothing to hide, “You are the son of the Lord of the Demon Realm, your mother… She misses you very much. She is sick because of your disappearance. If you can return to her, she will be very happy…”

” Really?” Bel still lowered his head and played with his fingers. Mei Nongchen couldn’t see his expression clearly, and only heard that his voice was unstable. “Have they looked for me for so many years?”

It turns out that he doesn’t really care!

Mei Nongchen’s lips twitched slightly, patted his shoulder, and said, “Your mother is sick because of you, did you say that they have looked for you? I must have searched the world in order to find you. It’s just… Sometimes, instead of turning the world over, you can find the person you want, because there is another word in this world, which is called yin and yang cuo.”

“Yeah.” Bell nodded obediently, then raised his head, faintly visible in his eyes Yingguang clicked, “Then when shall we go back?”

Mei Nongchen’s eyes were cold, “Of course it is for Xiaoxiao to solve the worries of the future before going back.”

… The

Imperial City Mental Hospital.

Bei Er and Lu Xiaoxiao looked at each other across the door, and choked silently.

Because Mei Nongchen had been given special attention when visiting Lu Xiaoxiao, she did not encounter any obstacles when she came to visit Lu Xiaoxiao again, except that the dean must personally agree to enter the house.

She didn’t want to trouble Feng Er again, so she no longer asked to be able to visit the house. Anyway, when the matter was resolved, she would take Lu Xiaoxiao to leave. The day of the gathering will be long, so she is not in a hurry.

“Sister Nongchen, thank you, really thank you for saving Bel.” Lu Xiao smiled and wept with joy.

“I should do it.” Mei Nongchen suddenly apologized. If Bel was the son of Demon Venerable, he would definitely not be able to show up to save him in time. Wouldn’t it be painful for a lifetime?

The three murmured for a while. After learning about their parents, Lu Xiaoxiao was silent for a while, and said: “When they had the courage to receive the first sum of money, they should think about today, and they can’t blame others.”

Mei Nongchen couldn’t help but be overwhelmed. Looking at her a few more times, she didn’t expect her mind to be quite transparent.

As for going to the Demon Realm, Lu Xiaoxiao did not show any surprised expressions. She must have guessed the extraordinary part of Bel. She only said indifferently, “I will go wherever he goes.”

Bel listened to herself. She was very happy, and she was jumping happily with Mei Nongchen’s hand.

Mei Nongchen laughed, she was really a child.


waiting for another three days, the person behind the scenes never appeared. Just as Mei Nongchen’s patience was about to run out, Lu Zhai finally came to an uninvited guest.

Without thinking about it, Mei Nongchen knew that she must be the one she was waiting for.

Sure enough, a group of people broke in fiercely, and then an extraordinary man walked in graciously. His special assistant carefully checked the sofa and coffee table several times with the veil he was carrying, until he was wearing it. The white gloves couldn’t feel any gray, so the man sat down slowly, putting his arms on the backrest at will, his legs overlapped, and his posture was arbitrary.

Mei Nongchen just saw this scene on the stairs, frowning unconsciously, feeling disgusted, and said while going downstairs: “It seems that Mr.’s subordinates are a bit disadvantageous. This girl has been waiting for you for a long time before coming!”

The thick sword eyebrows of the man on the sofa moved, his lazy eyes wandered to Mei Nongchen, and the corners of his mouth twitched, “The girl wants to see me so? It’s really an honor to be here!”

“Hmph!” Mei Nongchen tried to endure it. Being impatient, said: “Before speaking, can I ask you a question?”

“Girl, please.”

“From now on, will you trouble Lu Tianwei and his wife again?”

“Oh, do you care about them?” The man’s gaze was always lazy, looking up and down at Mei Nongchen, as if he was looking at a woman without clothes. The corners of his lips became more and more twitched, and he said, “It depends on my mood. You will destroy the underground building I have worked so hard to build. It also ruined my plan to resurrect Mr.’S’. I was very angry. It would be very difficult to calm my anger. I’m afraid you can’t bear it, girl!”

He said, his eyes cast on Mei Nongchen. He actually began to be naked, rubbing his chin with his right hand, the meaning was obvious, and Mei Nangchen treated it with color.

Mei Nongchen was not annoyed, on the contrary, she smiled more brilliantly and said: “If this is the case, then I’m not polite.”

“Oh? How are you going to be polite the girl…”

Before the voice fell, she was leaning on the sofa casually. The man straightened his waist suddenly, his half-squinted eyes widened in an instant, his lazy expression cracked on his face, he looked at the entourage lying on the floor in disbelief and his special assistant.

His special assistant is proficient in all kinds of martial arts, and his two fists are equal to a hundred hands.

But at this moment, the special assistant fainted silently, teaching him how to not be surprised?

“You…what did you do to them?”

“The focus of your concern is wrong, sir, you should ask, what do I want to do to you.” Mei Nongchen slowly raised his water-like hand, and said: “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you, just take something from you…”

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