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Chapter 99 The Return of the Demon Prince

Mei Nongchen bid farewell to Feng Er, stealing Lu Xiaoxiao from the mental hospital at night, and embarking on the road back to the Demon Realm.

As for the person behind the scenes, Mei Nongchen only did one thing to him: erase all the memories of the Lu family and Bel. Of course, none of his subordinates could escape, and all the things that were not conducive to the Lu family were eliminated. memory.

Because Lu Xiaoxiao is still a mortal body, and Beier is just a blood-sucking product, and cannot be transmitted by the light escape mirror, Mei Nongchen had to take them to fly in the clouds, to the demon world, and “borrow” again. Three red-eyed two-headed giant wolves were killed.

Some places in the Demon Realm are filled with poisonous miasma. Lu Xiaoxiao’s physical body is naturally unable to resist. Bel tried to feed her own blood, and it was able to detoxify the poison of the miasma, relying on Bel to donate blood from time to time. Peace came to the magic city.

Although she had been mentally prepared for a long time, she was still stunned by the completely different sight of the Demon Realm and the mortal world, and she was amazed along the way.

Outside the magic palace, Lu Xiaoxiao was even more amazed at its magnificence and peculiarities, with excitement in her eyes, as if full of yearning for the future life, Mei Nongchen couldn’t help but raised her brows. At first she was afraid that Lu Xiaoxiao could not adapt. Seeing this situation, she is purely worrying about it.

The guard at the door stopped them. Mei Nongchen was about to speak, and the palace gate slowly opened with a groan. The figure of the demon concubine flew out eagerly, but stopped one meter away from them. His eyes were accurately locked on Bel’s body, with a magnificent brilliance, which made one’s heart throbbing.

Since Belle appeared, her big eyes were also wide open, their eyes were like torches, facing the demon concubine’s eyes, glued like the most viscous maltose, silent on all sides, so that the sound of breathing was not so obvious.

The strands of light breeze lifted up everyone’s long hair, and there was a good smell in the air, not fragrant, just good smell.

Lu Xiaoxiao and Mei Nongchen glanced at each other. She already knew the identity of Bei Er on the way here, presumably the thin and gorgeous woman in front of her was Bei Er’s mother.

“Beer… my son, are you really back?” The magic concubine whimpered with tears, as if she couldn’t believe that the child she had been looking forward to for thousands of years was standing in front of her now, with her lips on her lips. Trembling.

Mozun stood behind her, looking at Bei Er’s gaze jumping a little bit of sparks, although not as excited and difficult to suppress as the devil concubine, but the slight disorder of breathing was still caught by Mei Nongchen. No wonder, this is his only one after all. Son.


“Sister, you’re finally back!” Xiao Erjiu looked at Mei Nongchen who suddenly appeared at the gate of Huyang Pavilion, jumped three feet high, and the surprise call shocked Wuming and Xiao inside the house. Eight.

“Sister!” Xiao Ba hurried out, almost tripped on the threshold, and then hung his eyes shyly, not daring to look at Mei Nongchen, as if he felt that the trip just now made him very shameless.

“Too… Master.” The lifeless voice froze, but it was obviously also pleasantly surprised.

“I’m back, are you obedient during this time?” Mei Nongchen slapped Xiao Erjiu who was flying over, grinning and said to Xiao Ba and Wuming.

“Come on, let me introduce to you…” She pulled the dumbfounded Lu Xiaoxiao, and said: “This is my good girlfriend, called Lu Xiaoxiao. You should take care of her more in the future, you know?”

“Lu Hello, girl.” Xiao Ba and greeted unruly.

“Sister! You look so cute!” Xiao Erjiu’s eyes were as bright as searchlights, making it impossible to look directly. “My name is…you can call my brother…”

Xiao Erjiu’s coquettishness is comparable to Bel, Lu Xiao Laughter seemed to have been immune to it. Skin Xiaorou tugged at the corners of her mouth without a smile, and said, “Hello.”

Then she pulled Mei Nongchen aside and asked mysteriously, “Sister Nongchen, who are these people?”

She is a little dizzy because she is the sister, the younger sister, and the master.

“They… friends, they are all friends.” Mei Nongchen said one by one to the three people standing by: “This is Wu Ming, this is Xiao Ba, this is Xiao Er Jiu.” After

introducing them one by one . Mei get dust and said: “Bel has just come back, presumably with his parents a lot to say, you first lived in captivity Court, and so tomorrow, we’ll actively look for shellfish ear, let him give you another residence.”

Speaking Where she lived, Lu Xiaoxiao was a little lonely. Even though she didn’t care where she lived, Belie didn’t even mention her since she entered the magic palace. She couldn’t help feeling sad when she thought that he had been so badly in the past.

Seeing her depressed, Mei Nongchen patted her hand and comforted: “Beer is a child who has not grown up. Since you have chosen him, you must be prepared. Before he matures, he will Do a lot of things that make you sad and disappointed. You still have to look a little bit more in order to be relaxed and happy. “What

a pale and feeble comfort!

Mei Nongchen thought of Leng Yi, and put her first in everything. She suddenly felt that she was really lucky. Although it is all love, love and love are also very different. Some people can be in another person. You always have a lifetime of happiness in your love, but some people have to be sad all the time alone.

Sadness is not that the other party loves not enough, but that the love is immature.

Just like unripe fruit, the first bite is sour and sweet and delicious, but if you eat too much, it hurts your teeth.

Immature love feels for a long time, sad.

“Sister Nongchen…” Lu Xiaoxiao raised Xuanran’s eyes and said, “Can I wait until the day he matures? I am a mortal, and I have to go through birth, aging, sickness and death. I know that Bell is more than two thousand years old. But he still looks like a teenager. I also know that he eats blood for a living, and I know he is not an ordinary person, but I don’t care about it, but I am afraid that one day I will grow old, and he is still young as a jade. I have hinted at him countless times, hoping that I can be like him, whether a demon or a demon, as long as I can coexist and die with him, it doesn’t matter to me, but he… never understands my heart.”

Mei Nongchen sees Looking at her, I felt very distressed, “He made you so sad, then why are you still with him…”


Lu Xiao smiled ashamed and entangled. Mei Nongchen didn’t force her, and said, “Don’t count. I’ve been running around for several days, so you go to my room to rest first, and you’ll talk about it later.”

Mei Nongchen said as she led Lu Xiaoxiao to her room, and watched her lie down and closed her eyes before closing the door.

“Look at her carefully.” She said to the three people in the courtyard: “I’ll go to the devil concubine’s bedroom.” The

three all replied: “Okay.”


Devil concubine bedroom.

I don’t know if it was the demon concubine’s order or because Mei Nongchen had come and go many times, the guards of the demon palace didn’t stop her and let her in directly.

Mei Nongchen was not polite, and went straight across the front hall to the inner room of the apse. As soon as he arrived at the door, he could hear the woman’s low sobbing, sometimes accompanied by the man’s low comfort.

Mei Nongchen tapped three times on the door of the inner room, then pushed in.

“Mei Lingyu, come here.” When the devil concubine saw her, she waved to her happily. Mei Nongchen walked over with her head hanging down, with a well-behaved and obedient appearance. The devil concubine took her hand and said: “Bel To be able to come back, thanks to you, what reward do you want? I call the shots and give it to you.”

The demon sitting on the soft stool listened to Mei Nongchen’s eyes and instantly fell on Mei Nongchen, neither salty nor indifferent, but As a needle pierced her body, she didn’t dare to move rashly, cold sweat rushed out of her pores, uncontrollable.

For a long time, Mei Nongchen felt that her legs were standing hard as a stone pillar, and her thoughts fluttered. She was flattered on her face and said: “The little girl has nothing to ask for, so…just give the little girl some money, haha …… The little girl also needs money to live by her family teacher.”

“What? Sister wants to go? No. My sister wants to stay with me!” When Bell heard that she was going to go, where would she be willing? He has long lost his previous memories and is very unfamiliar with the Demon Realm. Mei Nongchen and Lu Xiaoxiao are his only acquaintances here, and he naturally hopes to be accompanied by them.

“Little girl damn it!” Mei Nongchen knelt down in fear, and said: “The little girl didn’t know the demon prince of

her highness before, so she was more casual in her address.” She said to Bell again: “His Royal Highness, please don’t call me again in the future. My sister, the little girl can’t afford it.”

“Sister, what are you doing on your knees?” Bell pulled her up directly, with a little red face, and said: “If my sister hadn’t rushed to save me in time, I would have died long ago. Now, what’s wrong with calling you sister?” As he

said, she pulled her to the side of the soft chair and sat down, and then asked the devil concubine: “Mother concubine, do you think it is wrong?” The

devil concubine was still surprised at that. ‘Sister’, but when she heard that this woman saved her son’s life at the most critical moment, her heart felt tight, yeah, why did she forget that Bell’s fate was almost shattered, her son Almost died of fate…

“Nothing wrong.” She concealed her momentary astonishment, and her gaze at Mei Nongchen became a little softer, “Mei Lingyu, your kindness to me is a thousand words. I can’t show, I can see that Bell cherishes your friend very much. I don’t know if you want to stay as a palace doctor. If you want, I will ask someone to re-arrange your residence for you. You can also make Bell Companion, what do you think?”

Mei Nongchen’s drooping eyes flashed with surprise, and she nodded desperately in her heart.

But the face still made a very embarrassing look, “But the master…”

“If you are afraid that your master will disagree, I can send someone to talk to him.” Mo Fei anxiously said.

“No. My teacher never likes to be disturbed by others. If it’s because of my affairs that disturbs his cleanliness, the little girl will be even more frightened.”

“Then what do you mean?” The devil suddenly intervened. One sentence.

“Since your Highness is showing love like this, if the little girl refuses to resign, she won’t know what is good or bad, but the little girl can’t stay here for too long. The position of a palace doctor is really incompetent. His Highness has only not returned home for many years, and will think about it for a while. We need the company of former acquaintances, and when His Royal Highness becomes familiar with the demon world and makes more friends, naturally she no longer needs the companionship of the little girl. At that time, the little girl will go back to take care of her family teacher.” In a word

, Mei Nongchen spoke neither humble nor overbearing. The appearance of flattery was completely different before, and both Mozun and Mofei couldn’t help but look at her a few more times.

“Great!” Bel did not pay attention so much, he only knew that his master sister agreed to stay with him, and he was very happy.

On the way to the magic city, my sister repeatedly emphasized that she can no longer call her master sister and can only be proportional to her sister. Although he didn’t understand why, he did the same.

Everything depends on my sister.

“Then, how does Your Highness plan to place Xiaoxiao?” Mei Nongchen solved the problem of staying in the palace, and naturally wanted to fight for a place for Lu Xiaoxiao.

“That’s right! Smile!” Bell patted his forehead, ran to the demon concubine and sat down: “Mother concubine, Smile is my person, I want to marry her.”


Bell said. , Not only Demon Venerable and Demon Concubine were startled, even Mei Nongchen didn’t expect him to say such a thing.

Marry a smile.

She curled her lips and smiled, stretched her eyebrows and relaxed her eyes. Although Bel was a bit naive, she was a good boy. In time, when he matures, she must be a good husband who loves his wife.

She is happy for Lu Xiaoxiao.


“You mean the strange woman who came back with you? No, she has no magic power at all, she is a waste, how can she be worthy of you? If you are just for fun, just put her into the house, marrying? !” The Demon Zun’s voice was cold and calm, but the words he said made Mei Nong dust like falling into an ice cave.

Income housing?

Just like the housekeeper in ancient times, she has no status and is just a tool to vent her desires?

She stared at Bel’s lips nervously, for fear that he would say something more chilling.

“Father!” Bei Er said unhappily, “I don’t have any magic power at all, and I’m a trash. I’m just a couple with her!”

Before Mei Nongchen’s tight heartstrings had time to relax, Mozun said And knocked her down into the abyss.

“You are different from her. You are the demon prince and need to be baptized in the demon liquid pool. When you soak in the demon liquid pool water, the huge magic power that has been sealed since childhood will recover, and then, you will forget the previous one. Everything, welcome the new self. After half a month, the full moon is the best time for you to accept the baptism of the magic liquid pool!” After the devil said, he got up and left, leaving only a touch of irresistible back.

Forgot everything? Half a month?

Lu Xiaoxiao’s crying face suddenly popped out of Mei Nongchen’s mind, and she regretted bringing it back to Bei Er. She was just…

If Xiaoxiao knew all this, what would happen?

Must be depressed and desperate for life, right?

“My elder sister bit her lip and bleeds!” The sudden shouting pulled Mei Nongchen’s mind back, and she realized that she had left the devil concubine’s palace with Bel, and was walking on the way back to the pavilion.

She stretched out her hand and wiped the corner of her mouth. The back of her clean and white hand was stained with a thin layer of blood. There was also a faint pain on her lips that spread to the nerves of the brain, making her frown.

Staring sideways at Bei Er’s puzzled face, it was indeed a handsome face that could detract from the girl’s heart. Thinking of what Mozun had said, the corners of Mei Nongchen’s eyes and eyebrows could not help but be stained with frost, “Beier, you really want to Forgot to smile?”

“Of course not!” Bel walked to Mei Nongchen, turned to face her and walked backwards, saying: “If you forget, no one will forget to smile.” After a

pause, he added: “Yes. I will never forget my sister.”

“This is not what you want, your father said, you have to accept the baptism of the magic liquid pool, and so, you will definitely forget the past and welcome your new self. When the time comes, How can you deal with it if you want to laugh?”

“I…” Bell paused, and Mei Nongchen also stopped, “I don’t accept the baptism, I don’t want to be the demon prince!”

“Why?” Behind Bell. Suddenly there was a clear and sweet voice. He turned his head and saw Lu Xiaoxiao’s puzzled and happy face.


I want to choose a name for the male protagonist of the next novel. The male protagonist is a prince, he is domineering and decisive. The name requirements: meet the identity and character, but the last name is not limit.

Everyone, let’s get your head started, and give Yaoyao a name

for the male protagonist who wrote this article. Yaoyao has a naming barrier… (The female protagonist’s name is taken from an idiom.) The selected male protagonist’s name, his surname Will become the emperor’s surname of that dynasty, so let’s use our brains together.


There is also a shortage of names for all kinds of female matches and male matches. Those who are not selected as male lead will retreat to become male matchers next.

Oh, I hope you don’t let me wait, heartbroken.

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