C hapter 5 Identity

Chapter 5: Identity

Shang Ruimo arrived home on time at 12 noon. After lunch and returned to the study, Runshi reported to him that Qiao Yangbai had woken up and was in good condition.

It’s a pity that Xiao Ning, Qiao Yangbai, and even Runshi all guessed wrong. Shang Ruimo just nodded expressionlessly after hearing this, without making any response.

Guangyou, who was standing on the side, handed over the information about Qiao Yangbai he found.

The thin A4 paper with only two pages, but it makes people scared to read it.

Guangyou originally thought that the boss would be furious after seeing it, but he didn’t expect that Shang Ruimo looked at it word by word, and the expression on his face remained unchanged.

Guangyou explained: “Qiao Yangbai’s parents sold her to the Yongyao Gang because of debts. She spent five years in the Yongyao Gang. Although the specific situation is not clear, it is definitely Yongyao. One of the mistresses of the boss Huo Dongchen.”

Shang Ruimo threw the unfinished materials on the luxurious table, and asked, “Why did she throw her out?”

“It was to save someone who was caught by his parents for the same reason a few months ago. The girl who was sold to the Yongyao Gang. It seemed that she wanted to help her escape, but she was arrested.”

It seemed that he had received the expected answer, and Shang Ruimo continued to ask: “Her life in five years is about What is it like?”

“Although it is said to be favored. But in fact, her life is very bad. She is favored only because Huo Dongchen likes to serve her.

No matter, Huo Dongchen is the kind of person who left her subordinates to have fun after playing with a woman. In addition, she was beaten privately by other mistresses. In short, it was very miserable…”

Very miserable.

Two words explain Qiao Yangbai’s this Five years.

When she first became Huo Dongchen’s mistress, she resisted, and Huo Dongchen, who was irritated by her, threw her down and was punished. That time, the younger brothers almost beat her back. She lay on an unconcerned board. The bed was dripping for three days, the wounds were suppurative, and the fever persisted. It was not until she was about to die that Huo Dongchen ordered her to be sent for treatment.

From then on, she stopped resisting, and let Huo Dongchen like a lifeless puppet. At the mercy.

But she still can’t accept that after she was done by Huo Dongchen, she was thrown into the arms of

her younger brothers and was humiliated. She screamed and cried, and the ultimate end was to be knocked unconscious by the younger brothers . When she woke up, she faced herself. A messy body.

No one knows all this.

Guangyou continued: “The latest news is that the Yongyao gang is mobilizing everyone to look for Qiao Yangbai, and Huo Dongchen seems to be determined to find her. “

” Oh? “Shang Ruimo’s eyebrows are awe-inspiring, perfect when he is interested in something,” I didn’t know that Huo Dongchen was so persistent to his mistress. “

He seems to only do this to Qiao Yangbai.” “I haven’t seen the appearance of Qiao Yangbai Guangyou touched his hair,” But it is said that he is a rare beauty. “

Run Shi leaned in Guangyou’s ear and said with a smile: “If you remove the word’it is said’, that’s right. “

Always Lianxiangxiyu Yoga suddenly his eyes shining light:” wow? Is it really a big beauty? “

I’ve seen it, it’s absolutely correct, you have to believe the boss’s vision.” “

“You two will get out if you whisper again.” Shang Ruimo said lightly, and the warm atmosphere in the study suddenly dropped below zero. “All news about Qiao Yangbai’s presence here is blocked from the outside world, although It may be a bit late to say, but you two should be able to do it well. If it is too late, you should also call A Ming to deal with it. In short, there should not be any mistakes in this matter.”

Runshi said worriedly, “But boss, this matter is already It’s been more than two days, maybe the news has been leaked…”

“If Huo Dongchen knew that Qiao Yangbai was with me, he wouldn’t go crazy and dig three feet into the ground. Only when Huo Dongchen came here on the grounds of being a guest. It was when he knew Qiao Yangbai’s whereabouts.” Shang Ruimo said, “Well, you can cover it for as long as you can.”

“Yes, the subordinate understands.”

“Also, how is Qiao Yangbai’s mood? “

I heard the maid Xiao Ning say that she was very calm, even…” Run Shi glanced at Shang Ruimo nervously, and did not dare to go on.

“I don’t even care who saved her, right?” Shang Ruimo, who had already expected this answer, was not upset. “Okay, I know, I still have something to do with the company. You two first Go on.”

Run Shi and Guangyou just quit Shang Ruimo’s study, they ran into the anxious Xiao Ning and Xiao Tao head on.

“Mr. Runshi, Mr. Guangyou, I found you two!” I don’t know what happened, Xiao Tao was about to cry in a hurry.

“It’s Miss Qiao’s business?”

Guangyou nodded at the same time when Xiaoning and Xiaotao nodded at the same time, and immediately said softly: “If you have anything to go further, the boss will be dead if it disturbs the boss in the office!” The

four people walked away. It stopped at the top of the stairs leading to the third floor on the second floor.

As soon as the footsteps stopped, Xiao Ning immediately said: “I just saw Miss Bridge feel bored, so I helped her get a magazine, but I didn’t know what was going on. She suddenly cried when she saw it. We persuaded her. It took a long time to persuade her, but she was like a different person. Then we brought lunch for her to eat, and she said nothing to eat!”

Runshi and Guangyou looked at each other, not knowing why Qiao Yangbai suddenly So abnormal.

Xiao Tao asked anxiously: “Should I inform the master about this matter?”

Guangyou shrugged and said helplessly: “If the boss knew that we didn’t tell him about it, we might die very miserably.”

“Well, I think it’s the same.” Run Shi said, “You two will go back and take care of her first. We’ll talk to the boss about this. Don’t worry.”

Watching the two maids leave, Run Shi put his hands in his hair dejectedly: “Guangyou, what do you say? I now think that if you are a little negligent towards that woman, you will definitely be cut off by the boss…”

“If you have time, you can report to the boss as soon as possible. It is easier to keep it away than complaining here. Your head.” Guangyou grabbed his back collar with a smiley face and dragged him back.

Business matters. Private affairs are also handled publicly with a cold face. This is Shang Ruimo.

After learning that Qiao Yangbai refused to eat, Shang Ruimo sent him the magazine without saying a word. After turning a few pages, he immediately changed his face.

He stood up, walked like a wind, left the study, and went straight to Qiao Yangbai’s bedroom.

Runshi and Guangyou could see that the boss had a dark face and was in an extremely bad mood, so they wanted to follow him to prevent anything from happening. As a result, Shang Ruimo swept back.

At this time, Qiao Yangbai turned her head to look at the bright sky outside the window. She heard the door slamming. She turned her head in surprise and saw a man rushing in.

It was a straight and perfect face, with awe-inspiring eyebrows, a piercing nose, his face as handsome and cold as a knife, and his eyes as sharp as a beast. Slender and powerful arms. Since he has been working in the office, he is still wearing a tailored Gianfranco Ferre tailored suit. His figure can clearly be seen as a well-proportioned and perfect physique that has been trained for a long time. Coupled with a height of 8.5 meters, it is the kind of handsome that walks with wind.

Moreover, his expression made people see that he was bleeding cold blood that was different from ordinary people.

“You are…”

Before Qiao Yangbai said anything, Shang Ruimo held his shoulder with one hand and raised his chin with the other.

The man in front of her looked at him condescendingly, casting a large shadow on her face.

Under the eyes of this man, Qiao Yangbai, who thought he would no longer be afraid of anything, couldn’t help but shudder.

That is something that ordinary people can’t bear, it’s like a look in the eyes that has no temperature, no emotion, and bloodthirsty.

“Eat or not?”

In the eyes of others, Shang Ruimo’s tone can be said to be gentle and without any viciousness. But Qiao Yangbai felt an unusual meaning from the bottom of his heart.

“I don’t want to eat, I can’t eat.”

Feeling a little trembling in his own words, Qiao Yangbai hurriedly grabbed the sheets with his hands, trying to calm down.

Shang Ruimo’s eyes narrowed dangerously, which was an omen before the storm.

Xiao Ning and Xiao Tao, who have been here for a few years, knew the temper of their masters, and they had hurried out after Shang Ruimo came in, and they didn’t even forget to bring the door to the room.

“If you don’t eat, don’t even want to see that person.” The

man’s low voice echoed in his ears, and Qiao Yangbai opened his eyes as if hit by the words.

The voice trembled uncontrollably: “You…how would you know?”

“Humph. It’s useless if you know the reason.” Shang Ruimo’s arrogant eyes were like the king of all things, and he continued to ask lightly, “Are you eating or not?”

Qiao Yangbai closed his eyes for a second. , And then opened quickly, and said in a strong tone that even she herself did not believe: “I don’t eat.”

“I gave you a chance.” The color of Shang Ruimo’s black pupils seemed to be darker, and he opened his mouth, “Come in. “As

soon as the voice fell, three horrifying big men walked outside the door.

Obviously Shang Ruimo’s bodyguard.

What makes people feel terrible is that one of the three people is empty-handed, one is holding a pot of vegetable porridge, and the other is holding two large test tubes.

Shang Ruimo’s expression and tone remained unchanged, just three simple words: “Fill me.”

Fill me.

Such simple three words shocked Qiao Yangbai to the extreme.

After all, Shang Ruimo walked to the door and looked back at what happened. One person had already pressed the desperately struggling Qiao Yangbai, and another person began to violently pour food into her mouth.

It hurts. Test tube □ In the mouth, food scrambled into the esophagus. Really hurts.

Qiao Yangbai hadn’t eaten well for a few days. Such a torture behavior taught her to vomit while crying.

The more you fill, the more you vomit. Tears were wet by the pillow, teaching her not to live in pain.

In the end, Qiao Yangbai almost lost the strength to resist, and his hollow eyes twitched.

Seeing what Qiao Yangbai looked like, the sturdy man looked at Shang Ruimo anxiously, waiting for his next order.

The corners of Shang Ruimo’s lips were imperceptibly provoked, and he continued to spit out three faint words: “Continue filling.”

Hearing these three words in his erratic consciousness, Qiao Yangbai looked at the man by the door desperately, as if He shook his head pleadingly.

“Don’t know how to regret now.” Shang Ruimo’s sharp eyes seemed to penetrate her. It was an invisibly powerful occupation. He repeated the simple words indifferently, “I gave you Opportunity.”

“Continue to fill it until the end of the meal.” Without any emotion, Shang Ruimoli walked out of the guest room.