Chapter 1 Rainy day

This love is not for sale


MISS Guan Wanmei turned around! The girl breaks through the cocoon and becomes a butterfly, taking you to feel the love of the city!

We are all walking in the ordinary world, only love is extraordinary. Everything can be bought, but love is not for sale. Hold you tight, kiss you, I love you.

This is that even after so many years, even if many times want to give up that young first love, but Qiao Yangbai is still deeply attached to that person. Will he have a lover? Will he still remember me? If he has completely forgotten, what should I do if I have been obsessed with it?

Miss him, want to see him…

Chapter One_Rainy day

A wet and cold rainy day in late summer.

Rows of TV sets in the window are shining brightly, and the reflection in the night is unparalleled. The weather forecast in red font scrolls over and over again: There is a rare heavy rain tonight. Please pay attention to travel safety to pedestrians and vehicles. , To avoid traffic accidents.

In such a rainy night when people rushed home, something in the alley facing the street groaned like a whimper.

“Just leave her here, right?” A hardcovered man in a black suit leaned against the eaves next to the alley, smoking a cigarette, looking impatiently at the woman who had just been unloaded from the car.

The thin man standing next to him nodded: “It’s almost done. Anyway, the boss has explained to her. Let’s go back to the business!”

The woman who was in a semi-conscious state groaned subconsciously, curled up in the corner. , The body leaning on the wall slid down for a while, and then finally awakened by the cold rain falling on his cheeks.

“She’s awake.” The strong man knelt down and tugged at her mouth. “Hey, I said, don’t you need to say what the boss said to you, a woman who doesn’t know good or bad!?”

The woman grabbed the cuff of the strong man with her bloody fingers and pulled it desperately. She didn’t want to be abandoned in such a place, the sadness in her eyes was clear.

“You know you’re scared now.” The thin man picked up her hair, “If you don’t want to die, you should go back obediently and apologize to Old Dao! Swear not to do anything against his wishes!”

“No…no ……” The woman shook her head with loose hair. This shaking caused the scalp with her hair to be pulled painfully.

The thin man cursed on the side: “You are so kind to you, the boss is so good to you, why are you so ignorant to promote! Play our boss as a monkey, huh, kindly as a donkey liver and lungs! We deserve to be interrupted and thrown out! “

Don’t worry about her, no matter how good the boss is to her, there are still rules in the help. If the rules are broken, you will have to bear the consequences. Her legs are interrupted and she refuses to admit her mistakes. Staying here will let her take care of herself. Let’s go! Let’s go, don’t waste time here with a disabled woman!” The strong man took the woman’s hand away, kicked her aside, and said to the thin man, “After solving the troublesome problem, go for a while. Let’s have a drink!” The

thin man nodded: “There is a nice house before turning to the right. The dancing girl is so hot, Mimi is too big to hold her hand. Walk around.” The

two talked about vulgar topics. While driving a black car away from the abandoned woman in the alley.

Gackt deep voice from the street record shop slowly spread to the alley:

“Thou te mo na ku a man sa ma yoいho ki tu du ke ta

ka desu ka na Breath wo ta da white ku dye Circular te

shift ri BianそのMeng sa ni wa ri Yui ku seasonの

reason mo na ku Namida ga ko bo re ta …… “

(I keep a person aimlessly wandering

faint breath of white mist depict

a very short season transformation generated by such illusory

There is no reason to shed tears…) The

rain is getting bigger and bigger, covering the gray gloomy sky. The raindrops were so dense that it could maintain the half-awake state of the bruised woman, and in her eyes, the memories of that night were probably only the endless rain and the sad “Last song”.

Qiao Yangbai still remembers the five years since he entered the Yongyao Clan when he was young and now he was thrown out.

That is an unbearable memory that most people can’t imagine.

It all originated from the late summer that was mixed with joy and sadness five years ago.

In that long summer at the age of 17, Qiao Yangbai was experiencing the first love in his life. The teenager Ouyang Si, whom she has been in love with secretly, suddenly one day mustered the courage to confide all the love words to her. This sudden happiness made her cry with happiness.

Even after five years, the figure of Ouyang Si Yingting still exists in her mind alive.

In the summer, the promenade of the high school campus is full of green creepers, casting a dark shadow on the gray concrete steps. Although the weather is unbearably hot, if you hide here, you will be full of green and refreshing.

Qiao Yangbai, who passed the promenade holding the photocopy documents, was suddenly blocked by a white figure.

“Ah, classmate Ouyang?” The teenager who had been in love for a long time suddenly appeared in front of her, Qiao Yangbai seemed a little at a loss, her hands couldn’t be crossed because she was holding something, she continued to say after a long time in the cold. Are you okay?”

Ouyang Si nodded solemnly: “I have something very important to tell you.” The

young man naturally took what was in Qiao Yangbai’s hand, “You are going to the photocopying room? Then I will accompany you. Let’s go together.”

Qiao Yangbai, who was bumping into the deer in his heart, nodded indiscriminately, and subconsciously followed Ouyang Si.

The two walked one after the other in the shady corridor, the cicadas sang loudly, and the leaves were rustled by the breeze from time to time. The sun shines on the young faces of the two through the creeper, which looks very beautiful.

The teenager walking in front suddenly stopped.

Qiao Yangbai, who almost hit Ouyang Si’s back, looked at his profile in surprise: “Student Ouyang, why did you stop suddenly?”

“I like Yangbai for a long time, but you have not had the courage to say it. “Ouyang Si turned around, a little nervous but his eyes pierced. But I could see that I wanted to finish speaking in one gulp, so I spoke very quickly and loudly, “Although I don’t know exactly what is going on, but I just want to be with you, so I can’t do without you! So! , Please associate with me!” It

would not work without you. Please associate with me.

The most sincere inner words of that young man, accompanied by the fluttering sound of dove wings flying around, were deeply engraved in Qiao Yangbai’s mind.

At that time, she firmly believed in true love, and believed that forever, no matter what difficulties she encountered, she could persevere hand in hand. But her sweet love and happy family life was pushed into hell by the fatal mistake of her parents five years ago at the end of summer.

“Na. Yang Bai, your dad and I are going to France for a vacation. It will take a month to go. You have to take care of yourself at home!” The mother smiled and patted Qiao Yangbai on the shoulder.

“It’s okay, I’m 17 years old!” Qiao Yangbai stared at the picture album in his hand, “You just go, I will take care of your own affairs.”

“Also, get along well with Ouyang’s child. , He is a good boy.” The mother smiled helplessly, “Ah, yes, do the cleaning frequently. Don’t let me see the chaotic house when I come back.”

“I know.” He was mentioned by his mother to be with his lover. Qiao Yang blushed with shame, and quickly changed the subject, “You and Dad’s luggage are all packed. It seems that the flight is today, right?”

“Yes, we’re leaving now.” The mother knelt down in front of Qiao Yangbai, rubbed her daughter’s cheeks with some rough hands, put her forehead on Qiao Yangbai’s forehead, and suddenly asked with some sadness. “Yang Bai, if one day Mom and Dad make a very serious mistake, and it affects you, can you forgive us?”

“Mom, what did you say inexplicably!?” Qiao Yangbai sighed. With a sigh of relief, he put down the picture album in his hand and looked directly at his mother solemnly, “If you make a mistake, there must be difficulties. I am your daughter and a family. Why should I blame you!? Don’t ask again. Is there a strange problem, okay? I haven’t painted the joints of the human body well enough. I have to practice more these days, and I will have an exam in a week!”

“Okay, okay…” The mother’s original expression of sadness gradually gradually He turned into a weeping cry, and the father standing aside finally couldn’t stand it and held his mother’s shoulders: “Just go out to play for a month, why are you indifferent, get nervous here! Be careful to let Yang Bai joke!”

After listening to the father’s words, the mother seemed to have realized a certain fact. She hurriedly stopped the tears that were about to fall, and hurriedly apologized: “It’s me that’s not good. I haven’t been away from our daughter for a long time. It’s a bit…a bit uncomfortable That’s it.”

Qiao Yangbai held his chin with a pencil in his hand: “Dad, I feel that something is wrong with my mom recently. Don’t hide anything from me!”

The father, who heard his daughter’s words, hurriedly said, “No. Ah, your mother is like this. Just take a little thing to your heart! Yangbai, please draw well, ah, your mother and I will go now.”

“Well, be careful on the road!” Qiao Yangbai smiled at his parents He beckoned, “Ah, by the way, will it be my birthday in a month? Bring me a small gift, okay? I know that our family has no worries about money, but it must not be too expensive!” My

father suddenly Frozen for a while, then smiled: “No problem, Dad will complete the task absolutely. Yang Bai, you must take good care of yourself… Dad will miss you.”

Qiao Yangbai smiled and walked to the door: “Does it become more common when you are in menopause? I think you are just as wrong as my mother! Okay, let’s go.” After saying that, he pushed his parents out of the door, “Be sure to have fun. Oh! Dad, mom, goodbye!”

“Well. Goodbye, Yangbai.”

In the sunset, Yangbai suddenly felt that his parents’ eyes were filled with incredible reluctance and sorrow, so even after their parents had left for several minutes. , She was still looking thoughtfully at the sky filled with sunset clouds.

At that time, she suddenly remembered a movie called “Kisarazu Cat’s Eye” that she had deeply liked. When the protagonist Obuchi and everyone completely said goodbye, “I can’t go back to that place anymore, I really want to When I said “bye bye”, I used to cry so badly.

The 17-year-old did not know that the blurry scene of the setting sun was the end of her happy family life. And the phrase “bye bye” is really bye bye.