Chapter 10 Beginning

In life, wearing ordinary home clothes, the hair is just a simple tie. So she didn’t find the designer fashions in the closet, the large row of shoes in the shoe cabinet, and the countless precious jewels in the dressing table drawer.

The hair is tied into a three-strand braided hairstyle that is popular nowadays by Xiao Tao’s dexterous hands, and the remaining part is perm into soft curls. Paired with exquisite and beautiful diamond earrings, pearl necklaces and crown rings, Xiaotao put on a light makeup look. Qiao Yangbai, who was originally very beautiful, is even more beautiful.

Xiaotao looked at the beauty in the mirror and exclaimed: “Wow! Sister Yangbai, you are the most beautiful person I have ever seen!” Qiao Yangbai, who

has been said so by countless people, just smiled faintly: “Again Beauty is nothing more than a skin.”

“Sister Yang Bai, please don’t say that.” Xiaotao happily helped her paint her nails, “Today is your first date with your master, you must cheer!”

Knowing Xiaotao is While cheering for herself, Qiao

Yangbai rallied : “Yeah.” “I can rest assured that Sister Yangbai is so energetic!”

Qiao Yangbai smiled and said, “Now, Xiaotao. Do you like Mr. Aming, don’t you ? “

Huh!?” Xiao Tao opened her round eyes suddenly, “Yang…How do you know Yang Bai?”

“How can I not know. Every time Mr. Aming comes, your face is so red. It looks like a big apple. Most people can see it.”

“I…I…” Little Tao blushed and didn’t know what to say, “but…Mr. Aming doesn’t know at all.”

” Little Mr. Aming.” She seems to be a little bit dull in this respect.” Qiao Yangbai was also a little bit distressed for Xiao Tao. Xiao Tao is the kind of girl who looks lively and cheerful on the surface but is actually very shy, and happens to be like Ah Ming. It’s really hard to handle a dull object.

The nail polish was almost dry. Qiao Yangbai stood up and looked at the high-heeled shoes that Xiaotao had just taken out and put them all over the floor: “My legs are not very good. Will I wear high-heeled shoes…”

“But if you match the dress, you must wear high heels.” Xiaotao said, “It shouldn’t be too much to walk, Sister Yangbai will bear with me.”

Just as Qiao Yangbai finished taking care of everything, Runshi called inside again. Phone, said the car is downstairs, ask Miss Bridge to go down.

This is the first time Qiao Yangbai has walked out of this mansion in more than two months.

The one who came to pick her up was a black Mercedes, the driver was wearing a neat uniform, and the one sitting in the front seat was Runshi. An unknown little brother opened the back door, and Qiao Yangbai sat in the back seat.

Runshi was stunned by such a beautiful Qiao Yangbai. For a while, he forgot to look so rudely: “Miss Qiao, you…you really…”

Qiao Yangbai, who knew this would happen, immediately changed the subject: “Run Mr. Shi, where are we going?”

Run Shi, who was interrupted by Qiao Yangbai’s words, immediately replied, “Angel Hotel.”

“It is about the same height as Victoria Peak, the most famous viewing hotel in Hong Kong? “Qiao Yangbai had eaten there several times with Huo Dongchen before, but it was Huo Dongchen’s official business, and he had never visited it.

Seeing Qiao Yangbai’s rare interest, Runshi excitedly introduced: “Yes, just like Victoria Peak, it overlooks the entire Hong Kong. It’s a super beautiful one.”

“Mr. Runshi also go there?”

“Well, this one. At this time, there were about two dozen younger brothers as bodyguards. But we stayed at the entrance and exit, and won’t disturb you and the boss.” When

Runshi misunderstood his meaning, Qiao Yangbai hurriedly explained:” I don’t mean it, I mean…”

“I know. Miss Bridge, you have to take this opportunity to melt the ice heart of our boss! Today I was inexplicably fined for a week to mow the lawn. If you are not good, you will be punished. If you think about it, you will feel miserable!”

I thought, “You did something wrong and you don’t know it”, Qiao Yangbai smiled slightly.

“Wow, I was ridiculed by Ms. Bridge too. It’s embarrassing. What should I do…”

“Nothing, if Mr. Runshi gets tired from work, you can come to my place for a snack. Maybe you can relieve a little fatigue.”

Runshi, who was still frowning just now, suddenly became happy when he heard her words, and danced in the driver’s helpless eyes: “Miss Bridge, you are so kind, I am so touched that I don’t know what to say!”

“Haha. “Qiao Yangbai smiled and nodded, looking sideways to see the night view flashing outside the window, he had just left the gate of the mansion. With a little expectation, the Mercedes car carrying her was heading towards the Angel Hotel.

On the Shang’s consortium, Shang Ruimo, who had finished his work, took the elevator downstairs.

Although it was already off work time, the employees were still surprised that the president was able to leave on time. The usual president was almost the last one to leave in the entire building.

“The president has worked hard.”

“President, you have worked hard…”

The employees who saw Shang Ruimo bowed respectfully and said goodbye.

Shang Ruimo walked out the door, and a black Mercedes that had been waiting for a long time slid over.

After receiving a call from Runshi that “Miss Bridge will be here soon” in the car, Shang Ruimo slid his hand to his neck and loosened his tie.

It is undeniable that this is the first time he has brought Qiao Yangbai out. Although I don’t know why I decided to book one immediately after seeing the promotion of the “Victoria Bay Fireworks View Sweet Luxury Suite” launched by Angel Hotel, but I am sure that I also had the expectation.

At this time four years ago, he also took the person who left a deep trace in his life to watch the intoxicating fireworks and the most beautiful night view on Victoria Bay.

Now that the person has long been lost, Shang Ruimo subconsciously closed his right hand. The person once took this hand and said angrily: “Ruimo, you don’t smoke, your lungs will definitely not be able to stand it! “

“Lung cancer is not my turn.”

“Hush.” The man put his index finger against Shang Ruimo’s lips, “Don’t say such bad words, Ruimo, you must live a long, long time.”

“Why? “

The man smiled happily, his eyes full of expectation: “Of course we will live a long life together! Becoming an old man and an old lady will be together forever!”

Now recalling that scene, that person is like a child. In Shang Ruimo’s eyes, there was probably only boundless bitterness left in his heart.