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Chapter 10 The Lost Daughter-in-law

My daughter-in-law and I were secretly chatting on WeChat, chatting that she was flushed and panting and put her phone in her pajamas pocket, I looked at her strange expression, knowing that she was excited to the limit, and continued to talk to me like this , The situation she showed will be seen abnormal by her son.

The daughter-in-law took back the phone and stopped chatting with me about such stimulating words. After taking a deep breath and calming her mood, she turned her head and said to her son: “Husband, don’t you hurry to take a shower and rest? You go to bed so late every day.” The

son did not look away. The TV responded casually: “I’ll fall asleep later, I will finish watching this episode first, and it will be over soon.”

I heard the conversation between the two, and my son didn’t like the obvious hint to his daughter-in-law, and I bear it. I kept

sending a message : “Xiaoling, it seems that you can’t receive public food right away.” Entering my cell phone, my daughter-in-law knew that I was sending a message to her. After a while, she took out her cell phone and took a look and sent it to me. A mischievous expression of a bunch of knives came over.

After watching TV for a while, my son took a shower.

Only my daughter-in-law and I were left in the living room. I and my daughter-in-law looked at each other, and could clearly feel the uncontrollable excitement and excitement in their sights.

I waved my hand to my daughter-in-law and patted the sofa next to me.

The daughter-in-law’s embarrassed face flushed, she glanced at the rushing bathroom, and still stood up and sat next to me calmly.

I carefully stretched my arm into the gap between the back of the sofa and my daughter-in-law. Wrapped around her waist and hugged her tightly, while her hands were constantly kneading/squeezing her daughter-in-law’s buttocks that was squeezed and squeezed. This kind of behavior was something I couldn’t imagine before, but now it has come true. I believe it will not be long before I want to truly enjoy and possess her sexy body.

“Dad, Jianjun hasn’t slept during the brainwashing process. The mother-in-law just coaxed the child to the bedroom and didn’t know if he was asleep? Don’t go too far. If I see it, I will have no face to live in the world.” The daughter-in-law twisted, although she was afraid in her heart. , But it is this ambiguity under the nose that seems to make the daughter-in-law’s excitement more intense.

I knead/squeezed my daughter-in-law’s beautiful buttocks through the soft pajamas. She just twisted her waist and let me go, but unfortunately, she couldn’t enjoy the elastic feel without any barriers through the clothes.

“You just said on WeChat that the bottom is wet, then I will feel it now to see if it is really wet.” I leaned closer and whispered to her, because I knew her bottom line was just making fun of her, she wouldn’t let it. I will touch the bottom line.

Hey, this kind of thing is actually a coincidence. Two times when my daughter-in-law was lost and lost, I actually had a chance to have a real relationship with her, but it was a pity that I was interrupted at Jieguyan and let my daughter-in-law regain consciousness and refused.

She listened to me and gave me a blank look. This charming and sexy action was a bit seductive and coquettish: “Dad, you hate it.

Your son dares to do this at home. He is too courageous. He knows to stand all day long. Daughter-in-law’s cheap, you sex father-in-law.”

Actually, my attention has always been on the bathroom. As long as I hear the sound of running water, I will immediately stop ambiguity with my daughter-in-law: “Where did he come out so soon after he went to take a bath? .

just like you talk me excited, and so the son showered on you bedroom you comfortable. I stay alone a person uncomfortable, how can you bear to dad usually you good, you help dad. “

she peeped Glancing at my sports shorts, a huge tent has already been inflated and stood upright.

This is the first time that my daughter-in-law is looking straight under me like this. She usually glanced at me on WeChat.

The huge waves were turbulent and violently ups and downs, my daughter-in-law’s buttocks were pinched by me, and she wrinkled her beautiful eyebrows and stared at me: “Be soft, it hurts. What tricks do you want to play today? I’m so helpful. You?”

I was very happy when I heard my daughter-in-law’s coquettish words and her act of kneading/squeezing her ass without resisting me.

My hand let go of her ass, because sitting on the sofa, what I touched was not the best. I raised my hand and moved my arm up from under the armpit while holding her and grasped the huge softness. .

After I started it, I felt so elastic and soft. I realized that there was a vacuum in her. It was cheaper for me. I started to knead/pinch it against a big ball that I couldn’t hold in my hand again, feeling it in my hand. The shape is constantly changing.

Really feeling the wonderful hot body of my daughter-in-law, I suddenly felt a sense of satisfaction in life.

Such a sexy woman can let my hand knead/squeeze her body, which really makes me satisfied and happy.

She breathed more quickly under my kneading/squeezing, and I felt for a while thinking that this environment really couldn’t go further.

“Xiaoling, have you ever stuttered Jianjun’s stuff?” I licked her ear while talking.

This is her sensitive point. She was so excited that she was yelled softly by me, and then she leaned softly on my shoulder, letting my hand continue to enjoy her body, she winks like silk Looking at me, I said, “I have eaten. Before the Jianjun, I used to force me to eat, but then I often eat.”

Her answer caused the big tent in my shorts to jump up twice, and my mouth almost stuck to my daughter-in-law. In her ears, I felt that my daughter-in-law’s desire had become extremely strong, and now she was starting to become excited again to a state of confusion.

My hand slowly loosened the huge softness, and slowly slid down, and then my hand reached in from the edge of her trousers. This time she, who was desperate for her body, didn’t stop me. I even touched her narrow. Thin sexy panties/pants: “Xiaoling, can you help dad do it now?

Let’s keep this excitement, and it’s not a sexual relationship, don’t you need to care too much about this, right?”

My daughter-in-law looked directly at my shorts , Those beautiful eyes were full of hot flames, full of strong desire, after I finished speaking, she even couldn’t help licking the corner of her lips.

I couldn’t help seeing this scene anymore. I stretched out my hand, one hand pushed my shorts and trousers to one side, and a huge thing popped up instantly, and the other hand had lightly stroked the long hair on the back of my daughter-in-law’s head, pressing it. She leaned her head down to me.

There was a purplish red luster in the dark, and the blue veins were exposed on the huge tower, which looked so hideous and terrifying.

The daughter-in-law’s delicate face is slowly approaching this ugly thing, but there are struggles and desires in her eyes, but there is no dislike for this ugly thing.

When I was really exposed to my daughter-in-law for the first time, I felt that I was about to explode, and even thinking about my daughter-in-law’s mouth twice, maybe I couldn’t hold it anymore.

With my daughter-in-law as if she had lost her soul, her head followed me gently, and her sexy red lips slowly approached my body, almost touching the top of the egg.

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