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Chapter 11 Next to Husband

Both of us were caught in a frenzied stimulus, but at the moment when I was about to enjoy the wonderful taste, I only heard a muffled noise not far away, and my son came out of the shower.

The daughter-in-law immediately woke up and immediately pushed away and stood up.

I was even more embarrassed and put down my shorts and trousers to cover my body.

In just a few seconds, I felt like I had gone through despair. When we used the fastest speed to pretend that nothing happened, I listened to the sound of brushing teeth from the washroom outside the bathroom.

In the huge shock, I felt that I was sweating for a few seconds, and now I have no strength all over. Because I don’t know what the consequences will be when my son sees the scene just now.

After my son brushed his teeth, my daughter-in-law hurried back to their bedroom. I sat outside with a guilty conscience and went back to the room.

I was shocked just now, and it took a long time for me to calm down.

But now I think about waiting for my daughter-in-law to make affection with my son, and I get excited again.

I could not fall asleep tossing about in bed. About two hours later, I inadvertently touched the phone next to the pillow and glanced at it.

I originally had insomnia for too long and wanted to check the current time, but suddenly I found that my daughter-in-law had sent me a message: “Dad, are you asleep now?”

I immediately felt more energetic when I saw this message. I returned a message to my daughter-in-law: “I haven’t fallen asleep yet. Why did you send me WeChat? The

Jianjun’s public pay is over? It’s a long time. You are now comfortable and enjoyable. My dad keeps fantasizing about you. I’m so excited, I can’t sleep at all.” My

daughter-in-law quickly returned a message: “ I’m so anxious. It’s not even two minutes since the founding of the army this time. We have already stopped work, but now he is sleeping. Now, I can’t fall asleep and feel bad, so I’ll try to send you a message to ask if you are asleep.”

When I heard this was the case, I was a little excited. My daughter-in-law was full of expectations, but when my son failed again and again, this desire was constantly suppressed, and one day it would burst out completely.

I replied with expectation in my heart: “Impossible? Jianjun is so young and time is not so short. What if you haven’t vented this time?

You can’t help but ask Dad to come for Jianjun with real ammunition. No, I can absolutely satisfy you to beg for mercy.”

I know in my heart that now my daughter-in-law is lusting/burning, I won’t be angry no matter how I tell her.

More importantly, I discovered that the relationship between me and my daughter-in-law has surpassed the relationship between my father-in-law and my daughter-in-law.

In our current relationship, she can tolerate a lot of my actions and let me take advantage of her body. I have touched my daughter-in-law’s body except for the most secret and important part of my body, although most of them are separated by clothes.

But now we even talk about a lot of taboo and stimulating topics, and it is not far from the real relationship between me and my daughter-in-law.

It took two minutes for her to send me a message back: “Dad, I actually want you to be satisfied in my heart, and I want to really feel your big things. Sometimes I can’t help but want to indulge with you. , No longer care about future things.

But we can’t do this, I can’t sorry your son. If I really did it with you, I don’t want to be not only me, when I face my husband, you face your son’s At that time, I will feel guilt and guilt in my heart, and even regret it. That kind of taste is even more tormenting.” After

sending a message, my daughter-in-law then sent a message: “I feel so empty below, I really want to find a hot big thing to fill in. Full of it, wishing to split me apart.

I am so uncomfortable, I really want your thing to come in!”

“Actually, Dad really wants to fuck you hard, but I know you are not ready yet. How about we watch each other masturbate in the video as before?

We just do not say anything. You are by your husband’s side and have sex with other men on video. This man is still your father-in-law. I think nothing is more exciting than this. I believe you can also be temporarily satisfied.

I am looking forward to it. I don’t know if you agree?” I was more excited than I sent a message to my daughter-in-law.

When I was in a complicated mood thinking about whether my daughter-in-law would agree, she didn’t hesitate to click on the video to apply for it. Come here.

My heartbeat quickened and I immediately agreed.

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