Chapter 11 No complaint

Chapter eleven_No complaint

Looking at Hong Kong from a high place, with the gleaming lights, the bewildering scenery is reflected in the pupils of Qiao Yangbai, and she lost her words for a while.

This is different from the perspective of Victoria Peak, which she has visited many times. Standing on the wide viewing platform, the whole of Hong Kong is presented in front of her like a picture. It seems as if you can touch such a scene as long as you lift your fingertips.

“Have you wrapped up the entire floor?” Thinking of what Runshi had said accidentally, what brought her was not joy, but a huge sense of weight.

Qiao Yangbai played with a nice cup and couldn’t help but pour a little rum. He sat on the recliner while sipping while staring at the sky outside the window.

Destiny is a joke. Five years ago, she thought that she could study, work, get married, and have children like ordinary people. Who would have thought that she would be like this now.

The rum was very strong, and after a while, Qiao Yangbai felt a little drunk. She put down the cup, walked over and looked at the door, Shang Ruimo hadn’t come yet.

He probably works too much and can only come late at night. It doesn’t matter if you take a break, right?

Qiao Yangbai, who is inexperienced in alcohol, already felt a little dizzy. With her already tired body, she grabbed a pillow and stuffed it behind her, leaning against the couch all over.

In his heart, “You must wake up before he arrives”, Qiao Yangbai relaxedly pressed against the recliner, and fell asleep within a few seconds.

“Why is there such

a heavy traffic jam ?” “Sorry, President. This time happens to coincide with the rush hour after work, and traffic jams are normal.”

Because they always leave work late, they don’t take traffic conditions into consideration at all. Ruimo helplessly rubbed his forehead: “How long will it take to get to the Angel Hotel?”

“It will take about an hour or so.”

Shang Ruimo raised his wrist, and the time on the limited-edition Rolex was close to eight o’clock in the evening, and the fireworks view was It starts at ten o’clock. It seems that time is tight, and I don’t know if I can make it in time.

Shang Ruimo stretched his slender legs and rested on the soft seat for a while, then received a call from Runshi.

“Boss, Miss Bridge has been here for nearly an hour. Are you still on the road?”

“There is a traffic problem, come later. Protect her and don’t allow anyone to step on the sixth floor. I will be there within an hour.”

Taking a glance at the slow-moving traffic outside the window, Shang Ruimo silently closed the phone.

Qiao Yangbai woke up when he heard the sound of the goblet hitting the table.

Realizing that she seemed to have overslept, she hurriedly got up and saw Shang Ruimo sitting on the sofa wearing a bathrobe, holding an economic magazine in her hand.

Judging from the moisture level of the hair, it is probably a bath. This is the first time Qiao Yangbai saw him wearing a bathrobe.

“I’m really sorry, I fell asleep involuntarily.” Qiao Yangbai simply pressed his curled hair, thinking that he had come a long time later than himself, and asked softly, “Is there a lot of work today?”

“It’s okay .” “Shang Ruimo continued to close the magazine expressionlessly, put it beside the armrest of the sofa, stood up and crossed the bridge and walked into the bedroom.

Qiao Yangbai also followed him in.

Shang Ruimo drank the last sip of rum in the cup and played with the goblet in his hand.

Qiao Yangbai, who couldn’t guess Shang Ruimo’s mind, was a little uneasy. In order to break the atmosphere, she volunteered: “Do I need to pour you a glass of wine?”

Shang Ruimo did not answer. Qiao Yangbai thought it was a tacit consent. Walked to him and planned to take the cup. But suddenly Shang Ruimo grabbed his wrist.

“Shang…Mr. Shang!”

Shang Ruimo’s sudden move made Qiao Yangbai’s heart beat faster. Could it be that he was impatient after sleeping too long just now?

The struggle just now was just because I was slightly frightened. Qiao Yangbai knew that something like this would happen. She knew her position. Shang Ruimo asked, “Your legs are almost better?” I

don’t know where this is. At that time, why he suddenly asked about his condition, Qiao Yangbai had to return truthfully: “It’s much better…”

Shang Ruimo who heard this answer seemed very satisfied. He asked, “Like this view?”

Shang Ruimo whispered and exhaled the heat sprayed on the side of Qiao Yangbai’s ears, she nodded subconsciously, half of her lips were blocked by Shang Ruimo, and she experienced a deep and strong tongue kiss…