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Chapter 12 Extreme Excitement

The light on the phone screen is dim, but I can still vaguely see that the daughter-in-law should only turn on the small bedside lamp.

The sexy body of my daughter-in-law appeared in the video, this time it was not covered up, and now I hate the dim light, because this dim and unreal feeling drives me crazy.

After seeing the whole body of my daughter-in-law in the dim light, I realized that my daughter-in-law’s figure is so perfect, with breasts and fat buttocks, while the waist is still very thin. The curvature between the waist and the hips really makes men spit blood.

The daughter-in-law was lying on her knees with her legs bent and raised her calves. Her hands were already under her body and kept rubbing.

Looking at the sexy/sorrowful stunner in front of me, I felt my saliva quickly flowed out, because Jianjun was turning to sleep next to her, and we didn’t make a sound. I also adjusted the angle to face me and it was huge. Under the body.

The daughter-in-law is doing it with her hand over there, and I am doing it with her hand up and down here, maybe at this moment we are all fantasizing about each other’s body.

This video with my husband by my side is undoubtedly a tremendous excitement for the daughter-in-law.

It didn’t take long for me to see my daughter-in-law clenching her legs while arching her waist tightly, her body still trembling.

This kind of stimulating environment quickly caused her to explode, and after she was released, I speeded up.

Probably I have been excited all the time tonight. I am a little numb underneath, and I didn’t burst out so quickly.

The daughter-in-law over there has never left the screen of the phone, staring at my movements, staring at my huge body.

Seeing that I hadn’t come out yet, my daughter-in-law slowly twisted her body, enjoying the wonderful aftermath of subversion, and then the screen switched her daughter-in-law’s face to the phone.

My daughter-in-law’s face was flushed/red. The outbreak just now made her feel very satisfied. Seeing me constantly moving and showing a mischievous smile, I then knew why her mischievous smile was.

Stretching out a middle finger, my daughter-in-law stretches out her dexterous tongue and gently licks her middle finger, licking it inch by inch, from the top to the root of the finger, and finally back to the top of the finger, her sexy red lips slightly open , And then put the whole slender middle finger into the mouth at once.

I watched my daughter-in-law continue to swing her head to make hesitating movements to her middle finger, and then her head was fixed again, letting her fingers go in and out of her sexy mouth constantly.

Seeing my daughter-in-law so coquettish, I quickly broke out.

My daughter-in-law turned off the video after seeing my outbreak.

I lie down comfortably for a long time before I cleaned my body. After lying down again, I saw my daughter-in-law sent me a message: “Dad, is it exciting tonight? The last performance is for you. Reward.

Now that I can’t control myself more and more, I actually made such a lewd/slutty behavior in front of

my father-in-law. But I am satisfied because the video with you vented again, so cool. I slept, hope We all have good dreams. Good night.”

I smiled happily after seeing my daughter-in-law’s message, and then I fell asleep after saying goodnight to her.

The interaction between my son and my daughter-in-law was very inconvenient these days when my son was at home. Except for the secret video last time, we who temporarily relieved our desire became calm again.

After a few days in the blink of an eye, it was the weekend, and my son was going back to the construction site in a few days, so he discussed with my daughter-in-law and I to go back to his hometown.

I can’t go back to my hometown several times throughout the year. The relatives over there have invited several times and haven’t been there. Now my son is embarrassed to want to go around, and the family relationship will become weaker and weaker.

Our hometown was originally in a neighboring city, about two hours away. Our son was rarely free, so we decided to turn around and leave relatives.

I’m a little embarrassed that I haven’t returned to my hometown during the New Year.

After making a decision, let my son drive early on the weekend and take us off.

His wife was motion sickness sitting in front, and his daughter-in-law was sitting behind Jianjun with her grandson in her arms.

We prepared a lot of things when we went back this time, but the things of the Seven Aunts and Eight Aunts were too shabby.

This is a compact family car that my daughter-in-law has been driving. After the trunk was full, I took some and put it in the back seat. I can only sit with my daughter-in-law now, so it feels a bit crowded.

Soon after the car drove, I saw my grandson asleep, and my daughter-in-law took a little bedding to cover him for fear that the little guy would catch a cold.

I secretly stared at my daughter-in-law.

Back home, my daughter-in-law is also very attentive in dressing up. The top is a round-neck short-sleeved T-shirt. The slim style makes the daughter-in-law’s chest look firm and big. I look at her neckline from the top, and I can see most of it. The snow-white spheres are displayed in front of my eyes.

In the car, my daughter-in-law and I are close to each other, even my thighs are close to each other.

Rubbing with my daughter-in-law’s body made me excited again.

I secretly dropped the hand close to my daughter-in-law, and the small mattress on my grandson’s body covered it, and my hand touched my daughter-in-law’s thigh.

It was so irritating. When I stroked her thigh, the rough palm slipped over the sexy stockings on my daughter-in-law’s legs, and it immediately made me hard.

My daughter-in-law felt I was touching her thigh, and quietly turned her head and gave me a white look.

She didn’t dare to speak in the car, so her daughter-in-law took out her cellphone and sent me a message: “Dad, don’t mess around. You dare to touch my thigh if Mom and Jianjun are both here? It’s over.”

I also gave her a message back in the past: “Don’t be afraid, my hand is blocked by a mattress.

You can’t see it in the rearview mirror when you sit behind the Jianjun seat. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Dad’s things are again. It’s hard, let me touch my hands.

We are all good comrades in the same boat now, you still have to help me if I have a problem. “

My daughter-in-law saw the corners of my sexy lips curling up, and

she almost didn’t laugh at my last sentence. She looked at me deeply with a smile, her eyes were spoiled and coquettish. , There is also an unbearable obsession.

My daughter-in-law did not continue to send me messages, I knew she had acquiesced to my small movements.

I happily stroked my legs slowly with my hands for a while, it felt really wonderful.

Fortunately, my daughter-in-law’s skirt was short. Sitting on the seat, the skirt was folded almost to the edge of her buttocks. For the first time, my hand reached the inside of her skirt.

My hand accidentally touched the sensitive part, and I felt my daughter-in-law’s body jerked. Tightened for a while, and then slowly relaxed.

Then I watched her take out her phone again: “Dad, if you want to continue playing this kind of exciting game with me in the future, you can’t cross the boundary. If you are satisfied today, I can let you touch it. Inside my skirt.

But let’s first say yes, don’t put your hands in your underwear/pants, at best I can tolerate you touching it through your underwear/pants. “

I read the message and looked at her again. At this time, my daughter-in-law closed her eyes after sending me the message. It felt like she wanted to squint for a while.

I was even bolder when I saw her like this, my fingers Enjoying her beautiful body in her skirt.

I am stroking the most attractive part of me through the smoothness of the underwear/pants. Although the underwear/pants are thin, there are still barriers. If I don’t let me touch the underwear/pants, I can’t insert my fingers or feel her sensitive spots.

I use my middle finger to touch the sensitive spots of my daughter-in-law through my underwear/pants. After a few moments, I feel her wetness underneath. This feeling is so obvious. , And even I can feel the charming grass.

Her legs clamped involuntarily, and she was already excited under my touch while her face was flushed and panting.

In addition, my husband and mother-in-law are sitting in the front seats less than one meter away. As a father-in-law, I feel more exciting to touch.

I enjoy the beauty of her body with my hands, and at the same time, I constantly want to give her happiness. I look at her face from time to time. My daughter-in-law is clenching her teeth, probably because she is afraid that she will groan under such stimulation. sound.

My daughter-in-law has always been in a wonderful and exciting enjoyment, and now her legs are trying to open under the cover of the bedding, trying to cater to my fingers.

Seeing her excited to such an extent, I pulled the quilt in her arms over my grandson and covered it on me, and then took my daughter-in-law’s little soft hand and pressed it under me.

My daughter-in-law has been pretending to sleep under extreme stimulation. Under my guidance, when her hand just touched my firm lower body, she retracted back like an electric shock.

Excited, I directly unzipped my pants to release my big things, and I was not afraid when the mattress was covered.

After that, I did not give up and pulled my daughter-in-law’s hand over again. This time, the hot parts of me and my wife’s small hands were in contact with each other without any separation.

At this moment, I felt an electric shock, but my daughter-in-law was probably ashamed to die and wanted to take her hand back.

I kept speeding up my movements, and the hands in her group gave her more intense stimulation. In this situation, my daughter-in-law subconsciously held my hot body tightly.

“Xiaoling, are you okay? Seeing your face is so red, are you also getting motion sickness?” The moment I was held by my daughter-in-law’s little hand, I was shocked before I could enjoy the wonderful taste. My wife looked back at this time. Grandson suddenly found that his daughter-in-law’s face was blushing abnormally.

My daughter-in-law didn’t dare to move, her small hand held the thick barrel of the gun tightly, and my hand was tightly attached to the most secret part of the daughter-in-law through the underwear/pants.

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