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Chapter 14 The Kitchen Ambiguous

My son went out of town, and suddenly I felt that there were only a lot of things, because the last time my grandson got up and met, my wife also pushed the cart to take the grandson with him when he was shopping for vegetables.

I woke up when my wife went shopping for groceries this morning. After washing up, I saw my daughter-in-law making breakfast in the kitchen.

I was about to ask why my daughter-in-law didn’t go to work, and suddenly I remembered that it was the weekend again today. People who don’t go to work like me now have no specific idea about the weekend.

Today my daughter-in-law is wearing a purple translucent pajama, the one she wore very sexy before. It may be that the relationship between my daughter-in-law and me is constantly getting close, especially after a few closes, I have no defense at all.

She probably knows that her mother-in-law is very slow to buy vegetables and go to the market, and she won’t be able to come back for a while, so she is wearing such a sexy dress. I thought to myself, and at the same time I walked into the kitchen.

I looked at her from now on, and the black sexy panties/pants with the round buttock edges were faintly revealed. There was a physiological reaction in the morning. After seeing this scene, my body immediately raised my head to pay tribute to her.

So I walked behind my daughter-in-law and gently hugged her medicine, and rubbed my daughter-in-law’s hips with my lower body through shorts. This feeling was so wonderful, I wished to press her on the cold desk cruelly. Shocked her body fiercely.

I whispered in her ear: “Xiaoling, you are dressed so sexy today, and you are not afraid of being seen by your mother-in-law? Did you deliberately dress like this to seduce me?”

I hugged me tightly from behind, and added The rigidity of the upper and lower body was rubbing against and against her beautiful buttocks through the thin cloth. This kind of stimulation immediately made my daughter-in-law’s breathing become rapid.

My daughter-in-law turned her head white and said, “Dad, how do I know these things in my mind all day? I ate less last night and felt hungry in the morning, so I got up early and made breakfast first. Who knew you would get up today? So early.” The

next moment I held her, I realized that my daughter-in-law’s bra was not worn, and the bulging chest looked even more seductive.

So I held my hand upwards through the soft pajamas, and my daughter-in-law pretended to cook noodles, but now her breathing became heavier.

My action just made her twist her waist a little bit resistingly, but I didn’t know that the feeling of her gently twisting her beautiful buttocks made me almost fly off.

She didn’t push me away. After so many close contacts, I knew that my daughter-in-law would treat me as long as it was safe, except for not letting me touch her under her body. Acquiesced.

My daughter-in-law did not object, so I was more assured to enjoy the wonderful taste her body brought me.

The slowly daughter-in-law was already breathing quietly.

I watched my daughter-in-law’s depressed body have begun to show, she is always reserved and scrupulous, but I know her state, once excited, she will become bold and straightforward.

My daughter-in-law tilted her head slightly and whispered to me: “Dad, I’m so excited. I don’t know why every time I let you take advantage of me, I always feel very excited.

Dad, you sex father-in-law, you are better than your son. That’s a lot.”

I was very happy to hear her saying this, and at the same time the pleasure/sensation became more intense. I used my already angry body to push her ass even more desperately, as if I was about to put the cloth They are all topped.

I have hugged and touched a few times before, but she never let me push her with something so straight and make such an intimate move.

I am also afraid that she will be disgusted and angry and did not do that, but now she has slowly accepted everything I did to her in her heart.

I was wearing shorts and she was wearing pajamas. There were several layers of thin cloth between them, so she knew that I couldn’t actually insert it, so she accepted my stimulation more assuredly.

I know that she still can’t accept that my body really has a relationship for the time being. Although she didn’t go directly in, the sensitive bodies between each other can already enjoy this beauty.

The daughter-in-law was pushed hard by a man who did not belong to her husband, and I was her father-in-law, which made her even more excited.

Unable to bear the stimulus, she couldn’t help turning off the gas stove, and then turned her body towards me, and when she raised her head, she looked at me. This feeling of staring at each other is even more fascinating. Give out taboo pleasure/feeling.

My daughter-in-law’s face turned red and gorgeous, with a complex expression of shame and joy on her face. I couldn’t control myself anymore, so I continued to hug her face to face.

My lips are almost close to my daughter-in-law’s lips. While looking at each other, I can feel my lips and daughter-in-law’s red lips touching.

I slowly leaned forward, my daughter-in-law’s eyes flashed with complex and hesitant expressions, but I didn’t give her too much time to think about it, our four lips finally touched.

The soft and fragrant touch is so soft and ecstasy, I gently bit her red lips and began to suck gently, and at the same time, I kept provoking and protruding into her mouth with my tongue. When she was very tight to prevent me from moving forward, I kept testing inside, and after a few seconds, she finally compromised.

The sexy red lips were loosened, and my lips and tongue stretched straight in, leading her soft uvula to taste. At the most enjoyable and wonderful moment for each other, I suddenly heard the sound of the key turning at the door of the room.

I immediately knew that my wife had returned from shopping, and I quickly let go of my daughter-in-law, who quickly returned to her bedroom with her blushing face and panting.

Because I was too involved with my daughter-in-law just now, I was afraid that my wife would find me tall shorts with a tent, so I concealed the past by pretending to be holding noodles.

Fortunately, my daughter-in-law made breakfast, otherwise it would be embarrassing.

I came in with a cart, took out the dishes under the cart, and when I saw the following, I said to me: “I thought you couldn’t get up so early. I bought breakfast specially.”

I found a reason to conceal the past, and then I made it all right and let my wife go and call my daughter-in-law to get up for breakfast. Next, my daughter-in-law pretended to have just woke up to wash. I watched her put on a conservative set of pajamas, and my heart was full of satisfaction, because just now it was proved that the sexy nightdress of daughter-in-law was just to seduce me. prepare.

We ate breakfast as if nothing had happened. We don’t have to be busy this weekend. My daughter-in-law is teasing with grandson in the living room. I watched my wife sitting there and watching TV, so I went back to the bedroom.

I was lying bored by the bed, and suddenly my daughter-in-law sent me a WeChat message: “Dad, I was really scared to death just now. If my mother-in-law sees me like you, then I’ll have no face to live. Going down.”

The scene just now really scared me a lot, but I still have to comfort her and return the message: “It’s okay, enough reaction time, your mother-in-law has to push in the cart, plus her usual The movements are not fast.

But it was very exciting just now, Xiaoling, this is the first time we kissed, right? Your lips and tongue are so soft, soft and fragrant, I really want to swallow them.”

“It was a bit irritating just now, especially When I was kissed by my dad, I still have to look at each other’s eyes with you, and feel

like I’m so mean and depraved. It ’s so exciting to kiss you, dad, why are you so powerful and irritating women? You and I said, have you played with a lot of women outside? Or did you play a lot when you were young?” The message of my daughter-in-law made me stunned. I wondered how to answer it. When I was young, it was really true. I played it secretly, it was all a few years ago, and now I am still a little bit empty when asked by my daughter-in-law.

But I can’t admit it. After all, now I feel that if I tell the truth, she probably will be jealous. If she gets angry and loses her temper, she will lose her money.

I sent her a shy face and added a message to her in the past: “How could it be possible that there was no one other than your mother-in-law before, otherwise I would have such a big reaction to seeing my daughter-in-law so beautiful and seductive now.”

Xiaoling, really, let’s try it again. My stuff can make you feel real excitement and excitement. If it doesn’t work, we can wear a sleeve. It doesn’t matter if there is a layer of membrane. Do you want to try it?”

This time when the news was sent, she immediately returned me with a bunch of hammers on her round face, and replied with a message: “Dad, you always think, I know your big things It will make me more excited.

After all, when you used something against me just now, I felt very clearly, it was thick and scary, and I could feel the hotness through the pants.

Actually, I also think in my heart, but we still can’t make it to the last step, do you know? Now I feel like I’m so nasty and sinful. If I do the last combination, then I really have no dignity at all, and Also betrayed your son, sorry for him.

After reading the information, I sighed in my heart, and wrote back to her saying, “Okay, Xiaoling, I know it too, but it’s hard to bear it. I

don’t know what’s wrong , Dad is full of you now, and I’m fantasizing about your every move, and I don’t want to get your body all the time. Just like being tireless, every time I think of you or touch your body, my reaction is very strong.

Xiaoling, your body is now Isn’t it wet?”

After a while, my daughter-in-law said, “Yes, I just asked you to top your butt, and you kissed me. The emptiness of the body is already suppressed. It’s wet.”

There’s nothing happier to tell my daughter-in-law about this topic. I suddenly had a good idea in my heart, and I quickly sent a message over: “Xiaoling, why don’t you go back to the bedroom and pretend to sleep? Come to accompany Dad.

Can we make intimacy in words, okay? The excitement I’ve gotten by you can’t go on anymore.

My daughter-in-law sent a message and asked me: “What is intimacy in text? I have never heard of intimacy in text. Dad, you have a lot of sugar, so I can cooperate with you if you want to do it, and I am also very excited now. . But you can’t do anything too perverted.”

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