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Chapter 15 Addicted to this taste

“Xiaoling, how can my dad be as perverted as you think. Besides, the more perverted things can excite you, the more exciting it is.”

“Hate, Dad, how can a father-in-law say that to a daughter-in-law? I will not play with you if I humiliate me like this.”

“Good, don’t laugh at you, I can’t hurt you in time, how can I humiliate you.”

“Then what do you mean by intimacy in the text? “It’s

that you think of yourself as my woman. Then I will tease you with words and wait until you do what I ask. It’s easy. Let’s see if it’s very exciting.”

“Okay .” Dad, then I look forward to your teasing. I want to try it.”

“Now you tell your mother-in-law that you are too tired to work these days, so go back to your room to make up for your sleep. We can only use words now, otherwise your mother-in-law will listen to you. It’s not good when it’s moving.” When the

WeChat chat ended, I didn’t see my daughter-in-law continue to reply, but outside I vaguely heard the conversation between my wife and daughter-in-law.

“Mom, you look at the child first. I feel a little tired. I want to go back to the bedroom and sleep for a while.”

“Oh, then you go, isn’t it uncomfortable? I think your face is so red, if you get sick. Just take medicine quickly.”

“It’s okay, but the school has a lot of things these days

, and I’m a bit tired.” “Okay, I’m looking at my little baby, you can go to bed for a while. There is nothing to do for the big weekend.

” Hmm.” The

outside conversation ended in just a few sentences. I even heard the footsteps in the corridor outside the door, which should be the sound of my daughter-in-law passing by the door of my room.

A few minutes later, WeChat left with a message: “Dad, I just felt it was a crime to lie in front of my mother-in-law, and it was shameless to seduce her husband and my father-in-law behind her back.”

“But the more you feel the guilt in your heart, the more excited you are?”

“Well, yeah, you sex father. I am in the room now, what do you think I should do now? I still look forward to it, when I think of being you. Seduced by my father-in-law, my body is already wet.”

“Xiaoling, take off your pajamas and soaked sexy underwear/pants now.”

“Dad, I have taken it off, and I am really wet now. . ” “

now let’s put aside their identity, the identity of the couple’s okay with you? “

” how to use the couple’s identity? “

” that is, this time you have to call my husband. ” “

Yeah, really ashamed to call my own My father-in-law is called my husband, and it feels so perverted.”

“Wife Ling, are you shouting or not?”

“Husband, sex husband, isn’t that okay.” “Wife

Sao, you are now lying on your double legs with your legs open.” , And then slowly touched my breast, belly, legs and buttocks. I imagined that I was touching you.”

“Okay, my husband, I have already posed, and now I am touching my body with my hands, in my heart I think you are touching me.

But I always can’t think of you as my husband. I always feel like you are still touching me and want to take possession of my body.”

“Wife, mine is so hard, I still remember Did you fly/flight me the last time? Now you want to give me a few strokes like that time, and then slowly get closer to your body. Would you like to actively shove my big things in?”

” Yes , Of course the reason. My body is waiting for my husband a long time ago. Come in quickly to make me feel good. I can’t stand it anymore. I feel all water on my hands.”

“Wife Sao, are you holding my big thing and putting it under you? Then you slowly straighten up your hips and raise your ass, and you take the initiative to put it in.”

“I have entered, husband, I feel It’s too big, it’s going to blow me up. But it’s so comfortable.”

“Now beg me, beg me to get you.”

“Dad, dear husband, get on me, get hard on me, it’s really going to torture me to death I want it, I’m going crazy, please get me.”

I’ve seen her say this about the joy that I can’t express in my heart, and even the movement of holding the lower body with my hand has become a little harder.

Although it is all literary fantasy, she can say that, begging me to do it, it shows that her heart is gradually changing. I believe that under this taboo game, she will definitely accept me and will have no shame. Begging me as I do now.

All kinds of fantasies and intimacy, even all kinds of tricks, using each other’s mouth, hands, and imagining in front of the table, in front of the window, on the ground, we use words to bring the fantasy into the fantasy, let me and her achieve the indescribable beauty of the clouds.

After venting, I lay on the bed and breathed, maybe now my daughter-in-law in the next room is in the same state as me, lying limp on the bed.

After a while, I sent a message over there, with a shy expression: “Dad, I didn’t expect to be able to reach such a crazy state in words with you.

You are so amazing, I just came out a lot. , I have to wash the quilt and bed sheets later. It’s too wet, just like the pee, it’s so embarrassing.”

I didn’t think she could even blow the nest when I saw it, it seems Her body is really sensitive, and she is an easily satisfied woman.

I rested for a while to reply, cleaned up and left the bedroom to play with my grandson in the living room.

It took a few minutes to remember the door of my daughter-in-law’s room. I watched her come out with the bed sheet in her hand. It should be because there were too many traces of her to be cleaned.

I secretly looked at her, my daughter-in-law’s beautiful face was flushed/red, with the satisfaction after the peak, I lowered my head to coax my grandson to play, as if nothing had happened.

“Xiaoling, don’t you say sleep? I’ll be out now?” The wife on the other side saw her daughter-in-law come out, and immediately asked suspiciously.

The daughter-in-law’s face turned redder, but she was strong and calm, and she didn’t know whether she felt irritated in her heart when she was just talking about that topic on WeChat with her father-in-law when facing her mother-in-law.

“Mom, I feel tired and can’t sleep, so I was thinking about packing up and washing things on the weekend.” My daughter-in-law found a reason and said, and then started to wash the sheets.

Today’s daughter-in-law has gained tremendous stimulation and satisfaction, and the whole person looks full of charming and charming atmosphere.

In the evening, we sat at the dining table and had dinner together. When my wife wanted to take the grandson, we sat on the other side with the grandson, and I sat on the same side with the daughter-in-law.

When I lowered my head to eat, I gave my daughter-in-law a look. She was also wearing a mini-skirt. It should be that the pajamas were wet and washed. Besides, the sexy pajamas were too sexy to be spread out for my mother-in-law to see.

I pretended to continue eating and touched my daughter-in-law’s thigh with one hand.

My daughter-in-law never dreamed that I would dare to touch her in such a situation. When I touched her beautiful elastic legs, I felt her body tighten, and even the big long leg shook.

I know she likes all kinds of taboo pleasures, but this kind of situation is easy for her mother-in-law to find out. After all, her mother-in-law is sitting opposite, and my movements are tightly separated by a table.

She also pretended to be eating normally, but quietly moved her leg to one side under the table, avoiding my hand to touch her beautiful legs.

Putting down the soup bowl, my daughter-in-law pretended to check the phone time, and then sat next to me and sent me a message. After the message came, I also picked up and read it: “Dad, you sex father-in-law, this is too dangerous, the mother-in-law is here. We are sitting across from each other. It’s not good for you to touch me like this and be seen by her.

Our kind of thing is a private matter, and being known by others, I really can’t face anyone.”

I saw her say this. I couldn’t say anything, so I continued to lower my head to eat.

After the meal, the daughter-in-law went to clean the table and prepare to wash the dishes.

The daughter-in-law said, “Mom, it is very hard to buy vegetables and cook with children. I will do it if I am at home in the future. It is not a tiring job. You should take a rest first.” The

wife happily responded. After I got homework, my daughter-in-law always rushed to do it, maybe because she was very diligent and knew that she respected people and was filial. My wife liked this daughter-in-law very much.

Of course, there are more reasons why I like her.

My daughter-in-law went to the kitchen to clean up, I also helped her carry the bowl, and my wife hugged her grandson to watch TV.

When I came into the kitchen, I saw my daughter-in-law washing the dishes, her skirt was so short. When I bent down a little, I saw the pink hollowed-out sexy panties/pants wrapping her buttocks.

The beautiful buttocks are so round and straight, and the panties/pants are so narrow and windy, which can cover the buttocks between the buttocks.

This pair of panties/pants looks so coquettish, almost translucent. I watched her bow and butt from behind, and I seemed to be able to see some grass in the deepest part.

I really want her to lift her up a little bit from this wonderful buttocks, I use the back-entry to play her crazy.

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