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Chapter 16 The Bottom Line That Constantly Breaks Through

I had a more exciting thought in my heart.

After I passed the bowl, I gently hugged her from behind.

My daughter-in-law was terrified. She turned her head and gave me a shy look, and said quietly, “Dad, don’t mess around. Mom is still outside. She only needs to take two steps to see our actions. you do not so. was discovered more than embarrassing. ” “

she took the children will not come out, there not here a sliding door in front of the living room over there well, you can rest assured that nothing would happen.

just yet Tell me to kiss my husband and look like my husband. Now you are done and kill the donkey?” I put my head on my daughter-in-law’s face and said softly.

My slightly pierced beard and stubble daughter-in-law passed by with a tingle face, but now I don’t say anything anymore.

I held her in this way and gently said irritating words to my daughter-in-law’s ear: “Xiaoling, you are wearing pink underwear/pants today, and you can see it inside. Did you wear them on purpose? I saw it? It seems that you didn’t show up enough just now, and you want to continue to show up.” The

daughter-in-law’s face has been flushed/red on her ears and neck, and she continued to turn on the faucet to make a bowl-washing sound, and then to me He whispered, “Sister-in-law, I am not irritating because of you. Now I say that.

I didn’t know you like my underwear/pants in the first place, so I bought two very sexy ones in the past two days. Underwear/pants. The other is the kind of string that almost exposes the bottom.

This is the first time I wore it today. Are you very happy?”

I was almost excited when I heard the words of my daughter-in-law. Wanting to jump up, I didn’t expect that the sexy and beautiful daughter-in-law would actually buy such sexy underwear/pants for me.

My daughter-in-law is changing her attitude towards me little by little, and this subtle change is improving every day. This shows that she has accepted me in her heart, and she is more accepting to be in this kind of urgent game with great pleasure/feeling with her father-in-law.

I was so happy in my heart, so I said to her: “Xiaoling, dad really thank you very much. Hearing you

say that because I like the sexy panties/pants I bought, dad was happy and moved in my heart. Dad just stole I saw it, it looks really good, and it suits you very well. It looks sexy and coquettish.”

My daughter-in-law looked very happy after I heard that I was so touched by what she did for me, probably I feel very exciting because of my own practice.

“Dad, as long as you like it, I’m afraid you don’t like it. When did you see it? You are really a sex father-in-law, I want to surprise you.” My daughter-in-law’s shy words are undoubtedly the most for me. Strong catalyst.

I couldn’t care about my wife in the living room, so I took off my shorts, and after a tangled in my heart, I still held things up to her.

I think my daughter-in-law and I are in this situation, she shouldn’t be angry with me.

My daughter-in-law is already a little wet underneath. I took out my lower body and stuffed it directly into her deep buttocks. I felt tightly wrapped in a mass of hot soft flesh, and I could even feel it through my underwear/pants. She was soggy.

I kept pushing my body and making a posture as if my daughter-in-law’s waist was stuck in a frantic back.

In fact, I walked with her to know that there was panties/pants, and I was just rubbing against her hips.

A few meters away is my mother-in-law, my big hot thing squeezed in her buttocks, Li frantically rubbed her, my daughter-in-law, my body was constantly swayed by me, the powerful pleasure/sensation at this moment made me feel that I was really possessing her .

Originally I just finished venting, but in the first close contact with my daughter-in-law, I quickly lost the battle. When I exploded to the limit and felt the body beating constantly in the buttocks, I felt the daughter-in-law clipped. It has to be so tight.

“Dad, you are really getting crazy. Hurry up and put on your pants and go out. We have been in the kitchen for too long, and the mother-in-law found something abnormal and was done.

Hey, it’s really terrible, my friend, I feel like I can’t do without you anymore. If this goes on, I can’t help but want you to come in, you sex father-in-law. “I heard my daughter-in-law say this. We pulled out our body and didn’t clean it up. It seems that I will go back to the room to change underwear/pants.

As for the daughter-in-law, I walked out as if nothing was wrong, and then quickly went to the bathroom. I think there is a large pool of my stuff left in the

gap of my hips. If nothing happened, I came to the living room to watch TV, thinking about the excitement of contacting my daughter-in-law, as if the relationship between us had broken through again. My daughter-in-law has a

hot and sexy body . , She looks so beautiful, and the teacher has a more gentle and elegant temperament.

I think if this beautiful woman hadn’t been with me all day, maybe she wouldn’t be looking at my middle-aged and old people. .

I feel really good heart happy, but the thought of daughter, but also a kind of unspeakable guilt and guilt, it seems daughter was right, if the relationship is really happening, perhaps we guilty hearts of the army will be very let us Tortured.

But I thought in my heart, if it wasn’t for my son to care about her enough, and if it wasn’t for his son’s sex life that couldn’t satisfy her, I don’t think I would reach this age and still get such beautiful things. Women’s favor.

After all, it is her psychological and physical loneliness. What I bring to her is the psychological and physical stimulation and satisfaction.

My daughter-in-law went back to the bedroom after she came out of the bathroom. I guess it was just now. There were traces of me wiped inside, and that pair of underwear/pants was probably covered with traces of both of us.

I took out my phone and sent a message to my daughter-in-law and said, “Xiaoling, you are too sexy today. You won’t be angry about what happened just now? Actually, I couldn’t help it either. For me, the friction between us is not directly related. It should be acceptable, right?

Xiaoling, shall we give each other mouths or hands? Or just like before, use the waves on your chest to clamp me, your thighs to clamp me, and your ass to clamp me. “

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