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Chapter 17 Constantly lost

My daughter-in-law sent me a lot of facial expressions of hammers on my head, and then the message was sent and said: “Dad, your thing was so hot just now, I almost fell to the ground when it was hot.

I don’t know how to do this. Right, because now we have reached the bottom line. I found that in front of you, I have become less determined.

You are still constantly refreshing my bottom line, and now you have achieved this level. Now I’m so scared, Dad, promise me that the biggest scale between us is also like this, okay?

Can’t be too much. As for what you said, I still can’t accept it. If I can, I can talk to you. Using your hands together, you can also pinch your legs to make you rub against my inner thighs, and make you feel like you are playing with me, okay?” My

daughter-in-law’s words were full of worry and sin, but the final words proved her and me thoughts. The same, my heart is struggling and longing, but no matter whether it is mental or physical, the unimaginable great excitement can’t be suppressed.

“Well, let’s keep it at this level in the future. Both of us can be stimulating, and the relationship is not real. At

that time, we will try the level you said. Anyway, it is the best for you at the moment. That’s it. By

the way, Xiaoling, did you take off your underwear/trousers and vacuum out in the bathroom just now?

Don’t wash the underwear/pants, save them as a souvenir. After all, there are traces of us. Top.” I sent this message in the past.

The daughter-in-law continued to send it over with her favorite shy expression, and then she gave me a message: “Dad, in fact, my favorite is to wear this pair of underwear/pants, but it’s dirty by you. But I put him on again now, and I feel so tight in the underwear/pants hoop.

Many of the wet tops are yours. I will listen to you in the future, and I won’t wash this pair of underwear/pants. , Let these traces of shame remain on top.”

I think my daughter-in-law has not been easy for the past two years. My son has been in the field for a long time, and now it takes only two or three minutes to come back.

My daughter-in-law has been depressed for too long and too strong, and this desire erupted immediately after being teased by me a little bit. This kind of stimulation is simply not something her rationality can withstand.

The great satisfaction I got from me and the identity of each other made her a little fascinated by the excitement.

“Xiaoling, I want to kiss you suddenly now. Just like in the kitchen, the taste of kissing you is so wonderful.”

“Well, I have a chance next time, but I always feel embarrassed, I I don’t even dare to look into your eyes and feel like I’m too scornful and nasty.

Dad, you’re such a devil, I’m full of your body now, your big guy, I’m like a devil now, I’m very much now. Thinking.

I’ve been out twice today, but I feel more empty in my body, as if something is filling me up.

Or, Dad, let’s try next time. You enter my back door, right? Jianjun was interested in getting it twice. I think that place shouldn’t count as our real relationship.” This message from my daughter-in-law made me very excited, and even when I saw the last paragraph, I was soft. The body has a tendency to look up again, she said it was too exciting.

Before I had time to reply to the message, my daughter-in-law sent a message and regretted it: “No, I was excited to say it just now, but now I think it’s betrayal, because everything that enters the body is counted, including the use of the mouth that Dad wants very much. .

this thing is not to mention, most to me is that you can dawdle, it is so. “

this piece of information in the past, I really heaven to hell, hey how wonderful it is gone.

It turned out that my daughter-in-law had been knocked out of the back door, thinking of her peachy hips, and of the backyard that was so narrow as to be exaggerated, I can’t wait to go to my daughter-in-law’s bedroom to feel it.

“You really disappointed me. You knew how happy I was when I first saw you talking about it. Hey, I’m so disappointed now.” I sent a message to the past, which means I am really emotional now.

“Dad, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disappoint you, but I really can’t do this, and your stuff is still this big, at most, at most, I will do it for you with my hands at the time, and I will do it for you with other places. Come out and watch it.” The message sent by my daughter-in-law also comforted me a little, at least this level is much better than before. Before, it was all videos and messages, and now I can rub each other’s bodies.

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