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Chapter 18 Fitting Room

Then it’s time for my daughter-in-law to work again. Except in the evening when we have time, we will touch each other for a while, and in my heart I love kissing her soft red lips, especially teasing her smart and soft tongue is even more exciting.

I know that my daughter-in-law usually has to prepare and correct homework when she goes to work. She is usually very busy, so I haven’t had any trouble with her during this time.

On this evening, the family of three finished their meal and was ready to rest.

I lay down in my bedroom and looked at the time it was almost nine o’clock in the evening. I missed my daughter-in-law very much, so I was hesitating whether to send her a message saying that I missed it.

I know that my daughter-in-law will cooperate with me immediately.

When I hesitated, my daughter-in-law suddenly sent me a message: “Dad, tomorrow is my birthday. Do you have a birthday gift for me?”

I looked at the daughter-in-law’s message, and now we are fine. If you talk about love, make fun of each other, I feel that my relationship with my daughter-in-law now looks more and more like a lover.

My daughter-in-law’s words made me sound. If you count the time, tomorrow is really my daughter-in-law’s birthday, so I can’t help but express it.

But what should I say about the current state of

my daughter-in-law and I ? So I sent a message to my daughter-in-law and asked: “Xiaoling, on your birthday tomorrow, are you asking for leave? I want to go shopping with you and buy some gifts for you What do you want? It

’s not easy to manage this home and have to go to work. Your son is not at home and all these are weighing on you. I will compensate you for him.” The

daughter-in-law then sent a message and continued to be shy. The round face expression: “Dad, I will adjust the class with my colleague tomorrow, and I also told my colleague that I am celebrating

my birthday. I can’t think of what I want. In fact, we don’t need anything for our normal family life. Don’t bother. Give me a gift, I’m very happy if you can say that.

Hey, Jianjun is not around. I just want you to be with me tomorrow and I will be very happy. Hey, I am getting shameless and hungry/thirsty for my father-in-law when my husband is not at home. “

I am very happy when I heard my daughter-in-law say this, because she can think of letting me be with her on this special day, which shows that her heart is becoming more and more dependent on me. Whether it is body or heart.

But I feel a little bit distressed for her. It feels like my daughter-in-law is not easy. I even thought that if my daughter-in-law had an affair with another man outside, then I would cover

it up for her. You buy, you forget that Dad still has a monthly pension, which is usually not spent. “

Well, Dad, it’s late, you can rest early, and we’ll talk about it tomorrow.” At that time, I pretend to go to work normally, and when I get off work in the evening, I will pretend to be home for my birthday.

You must remember not to be noticed by your mother-in-law. “The

message was sent here. After I said goodnight to my beloved daughter-in-law, I fell asleep early.

By the next morning, we went out together after breakfast. My daughter-in-law came out and pretended to go to work. I went with his wife to say I used to play with the workers there.

I specifically said that I have not seen the old man, estimated at night shall they eat, when to eat at home without me.

daughter also said her mother to go to work at night and said Colleagues gave her late for her birthday and didn’t eat at home at night. After

we laid out all the plans in advance, I left home. I felt unsafe and waited for her outside the community.

After a while, my daughter-in-law I drove to my side in the

car . I got in the car and sat in the co-pilot. Today my daughter-in-law is wearing a light yellow silk skirt. The long-term teaching career has made her look very temperamental and cultivated.

This feeling Very charming and charming.

Her dress also made me think of a good idea. It would be best to buy a set of clothes for her.

The gift from her father-in-law made her feel good in wearing that way, so I told my daughter-in-law, “Xiaoling, can I buy a set of clothes for you as a birthday present today?” The

daughter-in-law shook her head and refused. I didn’t like clothes, but said to me, “Dad, don’t have to be so troublesome. That is, I just feel that today is very meaningful. It’s good for me to come out and play with me.”

That’s not good, I pretended to be angry. Tell her, “How can I do it? Today, your birthday dad can’t say no at all!

I still want to see you put on the clothes I gave you. I feel happy when I think about it, Xiaoling, can you promise me? “

Seeing me being serious, my daughter-in-law smiled softly and nodded at me. She was so cute and charming: “Well, Dad, thank you.”

Looking at the playful appearance of her daughter-in-law, I couldn’t bear it. She stayed sideways and kissed her on the cheek. The daughter-in-law was so frightened that she steadied her car and looked around. In broad daylight, I didn’t expect me to do this.

Seeing my daughter-in-law’s infinite amorous glance at me, I couldn’t help laughing contentedly, as for the other hand already on her thigh.

My daughter-in-law drove over to the commercial street, and I took my daughter-in-law into a fairly high-end shopping mall.

We went to the innermost, I picked a very fashionable dress, thinking that such a beautiful dress would be even more beautiful when worn on my daughter-in-law.

The most beautiful thing is that I tore the beautiful clothes and pierced her deep into her body.

I took the clothes and asked my daughter-in-law to try it out. My daughter-in-law picked up the clothes and looked at it a little bit. She also seemed very satisfied.

So I got my own size clothes, and my daughter-in-law walked into the fitting room.

I waited outside and watched the surroundings. It was early today, and it was not a weekend or holiday. There were not many people in the mall, but there were three or five women choosing clothes not far away.

Suddenly the fitting room next to it opened, and my daughter-in-law said to me with an embarrassed expression: “Dad, the zipper of this skirt won’t get stuck behind my back. Come over and help me pull it.”

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