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Chapter 19 Our Secret Date

I walked into the fitting room. The space in this fitting room was very small. When I walked in, I accidentally touched my daughter-in-law’s chest, which was soft and soft. It felt so elastic and soft and very comfortable.

I stood up and walked to the back of my daughter-in-law. She was preparing to zip your back with your hands. Seeing me behind, she thought I was going to help her, so her hand also dropped.

I felt interesting in my heart. After pulling the zipper to her, I deliberately let go of my hand, and then the skirt on her body fell off as a whole.

My daughter-in-law exclaimed, I looked at my daughter-in-law’s back, wearing a thong, and a pair of small underwear/pants was deeply plunged into her round buttocks and stretched out.

I suddenly turned her head around and hugged her and said, “Xiaoling, you are wearing such sassy underwear today, do you want to seduce Dad outside? Dad is thinking about it now, let’s get some excitement here?”

The daughter-in-law looked very nervous, shook her head and said with a guilty conscience: “Dad, don’t you? It’s easy for others to find out here, so embarrassing.”

I looked at my daughter-in-law but hesitated without much rejection. I was full of expectations Tell her: “Don’t be afraid, no one here knows us anyway. There is no one in the

mall that will not be discovered today. My good daughter-in-law, my wife, Dad just wants to be more excited here, and you too I should be more excited. Don’t worry, and enjoy the excitement. For your birthday today, we should also have an unforgettable birthday.”

My daughter-in-law turned red when she heard me say this, although she was still a little worried. Nodded in agreement.

That timid look looks very cute.

I lifted her chin with my hand in excitement, my mouth moved closer to the sexy red lips of my daughter-in-law, and then the two lips touched together.

Without any action from me, the extremely excited daughter-in-law had already opened her mouth to me, and the tongue was still naughty in my mouth.

We stirred and sucked each other, and my hands didn’t keep walking around sensitive parts of her body.

Slowly, her breathing became heavier and heavier.

Seeing my daughter-in-law become sulky, I thought that today is her birthday, and I must give her an unforgettable birthday today. It’s better to have a wonderful taste.

I let go of her lips, I turned her over in her blurred vision, and my daughter-in-law supported the wall and raised her beautiful buttocks very well, because I knew the agreement with me, so the underwear/pants did not take off. As our last protection against taboos.

I slowly squatted down in her see-through panties/pants, revealing in front of my eyes, I might guess that she was wearing such sexy panties/pants for me. Thinking of this, my heart was instantly filled with pride and pride.

I stroked her panties/pants with my hand. She was constantly trembling like an electric shock, and she became extremely moist to the thin panties/pants. Now all the parts of her panties/pants were covered by me. I saw it.

Today I finally saw such a fascinating place clearly, and it was my charming daughter-in-law, which made me drool.

It is really unexpected to see such a sexy female body at my age. I feel my heart beating so fast that I can hardly breathe. I am afraid that I will miss such a baby in the great excitement.

In a special place like the fitting room of a shopping mall, coupled with the groaning that often spreads, and there are people outside, the daughter-in-law herself poses indecent poses to make her father-in-law appreciate it, so she is also very excited.

There was already running water under her, and I couldn’t help but stretch my face to the attractive place.

“Don’t dad, it’s dirty there.” The daughter-in-law bends down like an electric shock, and that action proves how strong she was stimulated.

I didn’t care about this, I kept kneading/squeezing her plump buttocks with both hands, allowing her to change various shapes in my hands.

This thin panties/pants was actually the same as not wearing them. After a short time under my tongue, my daughter-in-law groaned and almost fell to the ground.

Just now, I felt that my daughter-in-law was so beautiful and delicious, and I couldn’t wait to swallow her in my stomach. I even helped to lick her back door. Fortunately, my daughter-in-law was very clean and smell-free, and there were panties/pants blocking that small place.

My daughter-in-law was already sitting down on the small pier in the fitting room. I watched her look weak and didn’t let her irritate me, so I got it up with my hands.

The blurred vision of my daughter-in-law looked at the huge thing that swelled and turned purple in front of her. I couldn’t hold back her beautiful face, and it all exploded on her face and neck.

Coming from the excitement, the daughter-in-law was even more confused by this humiliating scene. I saw her tongue deep in her mouth, licking the corner of her sexy lips, and there was a mark on the corner of her lips sticking to it.

“Dad, you are so credible, it made me so much on my face.” The daughter-in-law was sober, and when she whispered, she found a tissue from her clothes and wiped her face and neck.

The scene in front of me was full of excitement. I really don’t know what to do when facing this coquettish daughter-in-law.

“Xiaoling, is it irritating? Clean it up for me.” I said to my daughter-in-law, and then looked at her hesitantly, holding my things in my hands, and wiping them carefully with a tissue, and then treating them Precious baby.

“Let’s try on the clothes first, it’s too much here. Let’s pack up quickly and go out.” My daughter-in-law was sober and said to me.

I tried the clothes, but I bought this one. Then we both left the counter.

After we came out, we continued to stroll around, and my daughter-in-law suddenly said to me in a low voice, “Dad, you made me run a lot of water just now. How could you kiss a place like that with your mouth just now? It’s so dirty, it’s not allowed in the future.

My underwear/pants are soaking wet now, and I don’t feel comfortable wearing them at all, Dad, you are such a slutty father-in-law. “After she finished speaking, she gave me a white look. I saw that her face was still flushed/red, she had the shyness of a little girl, and she had the charm of a mature/woman.

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