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Chapter 2 Intimate Contact

I was a little worried that my daughter-in-law would be angry, but who knew she actually answered.

I feel that my breathing has become a little faster, and my daughter-in-law’s answer makes me bolder. I seem to have found a novel and exciting topic, and I continue to ask my daughter-in-law with a strange feeling of excitement: “You too

Do you use your own hands? How long do you usually use your hands? At that time, do you imagine some exciting scenes?”

Before we talked about this topic, we sat far apart on the sofa. When I saw my daughter-in-law and After I discussed this topic, I slowly moved my body over.

Now I am sitting next to her but there is no physical contact.

Of course my little daughter-in-law saw it, but she didn’t respond by letting me sit and watch her by default.

My daughter-in-law’s breathing became a little faster, and while her beautiful face was flushed/red, I watched her legs unconsciously clamped.

“Dad, what do you think of? Of course I am fantasizing about my husband. Otherwise, who else can I think of? Didn’t I dream of my husband at that time, but also my father-in-law?” The daughter-in-law smiled, using a strong and calm tone of jokes. Just joked with me.

After my daughter-in-law finished speaking, I watched the violent waves on her chest. It seemed that this joke made her nervous and excited.

Our identities determine that when we talk about this topic, the level of excitement is extremely strong.

Now that my daughter-in-law can make jokes with me at this level, she should be open to my father-in-law in her heart.

I was excited about my thoughts, and continued to talk around this taboo topic, and at the same time used a joking tone: “Why don’t you think about me? If you really want me, it might be more exciting, so you too It’s easy to vent. When I held my hands behind my back, I really fantasized about you several times.”

After I finished speaking, I felt a little hot on my face. It should be that the more I talked, the more sexually I got, and the more straightforward what I said.

My daughter-in-law probably never dreamed that I would dare to tell her about the fantasy that she would fly/plane by herself. After she heard it, she took a sudden breath, and the whole person became panicked.

Seeing that I was talking more and more excessively, my daughter-in-law stood up at the same time feeling embarrassed and said: “Dad, let’s not talk about it, I will go to bed soon.”

Actually, I’m talking vigorously, but no Be careful to give my daughter-in-law the embarrassed fabric, I said with regret in my heart: “Okay, you go to bed.” The

daughter-in-law stood up, her pajamas tightly wrapped her beautiful buttocks, with slender His waist looks so round and charming.

I was sorry to die after listening to my daughter-in-law, so why didn’t I stop talking all of a sudden?

Taking advantage of the excitement of the large-scale topic just now, I did not give up and said the last sentence: “Xiaoling, can you have a hug before going to bed? I heard that this promotes sleep.”

I regretted it, and normal words killed me. I dare not say that. Taking advantage of the enthusiasm in my heart, I can tell the truth, even if my daughter-in-law refuses, as long as I don’t ignore me in the future.

When I was feeling anxious, who knew that my daughter-in-law stood there thinking for a while, with an embarrassed expression on her face, she said to me: “Okay.”

Looking at her daughter-in-law, looking nervously at the direction of the bedroom, Probably because she was afraid that her mother-in-law would come out suddenly, her arms were trembling slightly with open arms.

I was startled by my daughter-in-law, staring at her with wide eyes, but she didn’t move for a while.

My daughter-in-law opened her arms to see me tense, but she calmed down a bit, and said with a smile, “Dad, do you want to hug before going to bed? If you don’t, then I’ll go back to the bedroom.”

I wake up and stand up quickly. When I got up, I was afraid that my daughter-in-law would suddenly repent, and immediately hugged her tightly like a dream.

My daughter-in-law was wearing a very soft pajamas. When I held her, I felt her chest squeezed by the softness of the huge elasticity. This wonderful taste made me want to hold her like this for a lifetime.

I held it so tightly that I could feel the wonderful rise and fall of my daughter-in-law’s chest when she breathed, and my body couldn’t help but react in a short time.

Hug with her inadvertently against her, my daughter-in-law felt it, and immediately let go of me and said: “Dad, it’s okay, I’m going to rest. I hope you can sleep well tonight.” My

daughter-in-law left quickly . , Seeing some embarrassed hot body leave my sight, I still feel like I am dreaming.

I didn’t sleep well tonight, I was full of daughters-in-law.

In the early morning of the next day, I got up to prepare breakfast for my daughter-in-law, which is usually made by my boss.

This morning, I told my wife that if you are tired of taking your grandson, you can sleep more. I will cook breakfast.

This wife was moved a bit, saying that you old man finally knew my hardship.

I’m a little speechless, how can I say I am just over fifty, and my body is very good, so I am an old man.

I complained to my wife in my heart that if breakfast is ready soon, I knocked on the door to wake my daughter-in-law for breakfast.

The daughter-in-law got dressed and went out to the bathroom to wash.

My daughter-in-law wore a short skirt today with a lady’s shirt she was wearing, which really felt like a strong woman in the workplace.

Seeing me walking by, my daughter-in-law smiled to me and said, “Dad, good morning.”

She greeted me in the washroom outside the bathroom and started brushing her teeth.

I also smiled and responded: “Morning, Xiaoling, let’s make breakfast and go to work after a while.”

I watched my daughter-in-law in front of me bend over her hips and brush her teeth. I looked at her peach-like hips wrapped in a short skirt from the side, and I remembered what happened last night again.

The situation in front of me was irritating me almost crazy. I walked behind my daughter-in-law and held her flexible waist and hugged her.

I don’t need to do anything special. I already feel that I’m pushing her ass with great strength. At the same time, I bend over and whisper in her ear: “Xiaoling, it feels so good to hug you last night. Dad still wants to hug you. “

My body stood firm against her, and my daughter-in-law felt it right away.

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