Chapter 2 Temperature

Chapter 2 Temperature

The tailored high-level suit wraps Shang Ruimo’s perfect figure. He walks alone on the bustling street with a blue umbrella. Even the rain can’t cover up his majesty and aloft. Temperament.

September 3. Shang Ruimo picked up the phone and reconfirmed the date flashing on it.

The incandescent lights of the 24-hour convenience store on the street were shining brightly, and the vehicles were flowing on the slippery road. Shang Ruimo lit a cigarette, and while inhaling slowly, he turned and walked into an alley.

“Hmm.” There was a slight groan, which was very vague in the rain.

Hearing this voice, Shang Ruimo’s keen vigilance immediately increased. He looked around and asked, “Who is it?” In the

dim vision, he caught a glimpse of a small group of trembling objects, and he approached his body vigilantly, only to find It was a drenched woman leaning against a corner.

He knew that he was not a kind-hearted person, nor a person who would be merciful to save a person home in such weather.

But all this changed radically after he saw the woman’s face.

Even though that face had scars of horror that had been beaten, it became paler because of the cold and pain, but it still couldn’t conceal that breathtaking face.

For Shang Ruimo, this face is not only as simple as beauty, but also has a profound meaning deeper than ordinary people. He has never forgotten, and there is no way to forget.

He took out his cell phone and dialed the number of his younger brother Runshi.

Runshi, who received a call from Shang Ruimo, almost cried: “Boss! Where are you!? It’s so late, and you go out without even taking a bodyguard. What if you have an accident!? We all have to worry about death. Now!”

“Speak less.”

Hearing the dissatisfied voice of the boss, the excited Runshi fell silent.

“I’m in the small alley next to Shuiyuan Street. There are big neon signs outside. You are only allowed to drive over to pick me up within three minutes.” He said coldly, “Call any doctor and ask him to come.” Later, Shang Ruimo ignored Runshi’s surprised call on the phone, “Boss, you are injured!?” and cut off the phone coldly.

He leaned down and squeezed the woman’s chin, causing his daughter’s somewhat distracted gaze to gradually focus on him.

“What’s your name?”

Qiao Yang heard someone ask her name in a daze, her eyes were covered with mist, and she couldn’t see the person in front of her clearly.

“I’m asking what is your name?”

Came the chin is the only warmth was covered, with a touching warmth that makes the white central bridge involuntarily replied: “Bridge Central Bridge …… White ……”

say These words exhausted the last bit of Qiao Yangbai’s strength at the same time. She slightly felt the rain lighter, and it seemed that the person tilted the umbrella over… There was no time to think about it anymore. She leaned against the wall and completely lost consciousness. .

When it comes to the business consortium, the industry is full of awe. It is one of the world’s top wealthy consortiums. Not only does it do business with amazing profits, it also has a huge underworld organization called the “Royal Merchant Gang”. The boss, Shang Ruimo, slapped both black and white, as
As a consortium boss, he is clever and brilliant, and often suppresses his opponents invisibly to nothing. As a gang boss, he was cruel and fearless, and his tentacles spread so far that everyone who heard his name was frightened.

The doctor called by Runshi in the middle of the night has arrived at Shang Ruimo’s mansion. This palace-like building is located at the foot of the beautiful mountain. Within a few kilometers, it is all Shang Ruimo’s mansion. It takes fifteen minutes to drive inside. Forests, meadows, flowers, and running water surround the huge villa in the center. Its luxury is unmatched by royal residences in some European countries.

The doctor carefully examined the injuries of the woman placed on the king-size bed.

In addition to the doctor and Qiao Yangbai, Runshi and the owner Shang Ruimo stood in the room.

As the inspection took too long, Shang Ruimo had already frowned impatiently. The doctor who realized this was sweating finely on his head. He knew that there were thirty or forty personal doctors in the Shang family, and there were many people who wanted to squeeze in. If he made a mistake, the golden rice bowl might be broken.

“Mr. Shang, please don’t worry, it’s not that I can’t find out where this lady is injured, but that she has too many injuries…” The doctor considered the words, “May I ask Mr. Shang to go back to rest first? After the diagnosis and treatment, I will write a list of all the injuries and the medicines needed and submit it to you.”

“I want to know how she is. If you say you can’t check it, then pick the key points.” Shang Ruimo Sit down on the imported Italian sofa on the side, rubbing his forehead.

Runshi didn’t know where the boss picked up such a wounded person. Ordinary bosses will never show kindness to help others. Besides, with the boss’s charm and financial resources, what kind of woman can’t get it, he just has to pick one back!

“Run Shi, do you think you put on that expression and I don’t know what you are thinking?” Shang Ruimo, who didn’t even look at Run Shi, said suddenly.

Runshi who was scolded suddenly broke into a cold sweat.

Shang Ruimo picked up a cigarette, and Run Shi bowed to light it, while persuading: “Boss, it’s so late, you should also go to rest.”

Run Shi said this, and Shang Ruimo turned his eyes to the doctor: ” How is it? Do you have a bit of eyebrows?” The

doctor nodded, and said: “Mr. Shang, I will roughly say that this lady has three major injuries. There was a comminuted fracture in her left hand, three ribs were broken, and her legs were broken.”

Such a serious injury caused Runshi, who had worked hard in the underworld for several years, to take a breath.

Shang Ruimo’s brows frowned. It was the first time he saw a woman like this, and he immediately asked, “What caused it?”

“Battered.” The doctor replied simply, “This is just a new injury. She still has a long old wound on her body, I am afraid… I am afraid that she has been tortured for a long time. “

Battered? Abuse? Shang Ruimo breathed out smoke thoughtfully, his eyes suddenly became sharp. Being beaten up like this and thrown out, the background of this woman is not simple!

Shang Ruimo leaned forward, narrowing his eyes dangerously, “When will she fully recover?”

“If you take medicine on time, match the food that is good for the injury, and take a good rest, it will take about three months. Can recover.” The doctor said, “But before that, all her fractures must be dealt with. If you delay, the result will be the loss of her left hand. Not only will her leg be lame, but if the broken ribs are probably a lung. Inside, it will cause suffocation.”

Shang Ruimo folded his hands and pressed his chin: “You also need to pay attention to diet?”

“Yes, I will write a detailed list in a moment.”

“Good.” Shang Ruimo said a little bit. Head, turned to Runshi, “Call all the good doctors here. The broken bones must be brought back in one day. I’m not interested in seeing a disabled person. Also, after things are done, follow the doctors He ordered the kitchen to prepare meals carefully. If there was a mistake, I would push him into the sea to feed the sharks!”


Although he had looked at the boss’s fierce gaze more than a few thousand times, Runshi was so frightened that he immediately went down to give orders.

Shang Ruimo stood up, looked at Qiao Yangbai, who was still frowning and sleeping, and said coldly to the doctor: “There will be more doctors in a while. I will give you all the equipment and medicines needed. Prepare the best. But you must heal her for me, otherwise you know what the consequences are!”

After speaking, he left the room neatly.

The doctor had already been scared by Shang Ruimo’s eyes, and his cold sweat was low. He kept stroking his chest for a long time before he was relieved.

“Miss, you must get better!” The doctor prayed while continuing to examine the woman in front of him.

Thanks to Shang Ruimo’s murderous eyes, six doctors and ten nurses not only bandaged the wounds on Qiao Yangbai’s body, but also connected all the broken bones on her body at noon on the second day after an overnight stay. .

Shang Ruimo, who was sitting in the office of the chairman and general manager of the Shang consortium, received a call from the end of the treatment. He just said “I know”, without showing any dissatisfaction. All the doctors and nurses of Panda Eyes are grateful!

The end of the treatment means that the kitchen is getting busy. Adhering to the principle of “If you make a mistake, you will be pushed into the sea to feed the sharks” as conveyed by Runshi, everyone from the dishwasher to the chef maintains the first level of attention. Because they know that the boss must do what he says, and if something goes wrong, it will definitely end up!

And the series of things that happened caused many people in the mansion to start quietly talking about who was rescued by the boss that night.

When there are more people, all kinds of opinions will come up.

Some people say that she is an old lover that the boss never forgets. Some people say that she is the long-lost sister of the boss. Some people say that the woman is a charming fairy who fascinates the almost cold-blooded handsome boss.

And these remarks, the first sentence of the boss who had never cared about anyone when he came back from get off work was the act of “Is she awake”, which became more mysterious and bizarre.