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Chapter 20 Go remote

The tone didn’t mean to blame me, but felt that she was acting like a baby to me. Thinking about the scene just now, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Just after laughing twice, my daughter-in-law slapped me on the arm like a spoiled baby and said, “Dad, you still laughed. When we came out just now, you didn’t see how weird the salesperson’s eyes were. You must know us. What are you doing in it.

There are also tissues for wiping those dirty things, and they are all left in the fitting room. I don’t know how they would laugh at us when they see it.”

I looked at her and enjoyed her acting like this to me, and I was satisfied. Said to her: “What are you afraid of? They don’t know who we are, and the stranger knows that the two of us are doing exciting things just now, aren’t you more excited? By

the way, after buying the coat, dad I’ll give you a pair of underwear/pants as a birthday present.”

My daughter-in-law heard that my face was still flushed/red when I was still in the aftermath of the peak, and she took a peek at the surroundings, which made me look white with a little coquettish/sorrowful look. “Dad, you are really getting too much. For my

daughter-in-law’s birthday, no father-in-law will give her daughter-in-law panties/pants. People know that we still don’t laugh at us, I can’t let you send them. For such private things, I should buy them myself. It’s better.”

“Xiaoling, why is this shy? We are all close to this level. Who knows if you don’t say it? Besides, doesn’t Dad often need your underwear/pants.

It was prepared for Dad at that time. Right.” As I said, she might think of me masturbating with her underwear/pants, which made her blush even more.

I continued to strike while the iron was hot and said, “Xiaoling, will you meet my requirements? And my gift can protect your most precious place. I think of you wearing the gift I gave you, and I will be excited in my heart.”

My daughter-in-law heard me say this. I also thought that I had developed such a close relationship with my father-in-law, and it was not a big deal to give some underwear/pants or something.

The daughter-in-law’s face was constantly changing, and she probably remembered that she would often wear such a special gift from her father-in-law in the future, and her heart was faintly excited.

So my daughter-in-law nodded and whispered: “Well, just this time, it’s really shameful. But I still have to thank you, Dad.”

We both went to an underwear shop and walked in. I thought about giving her a gift. You can also use it or see it often, so you must choose the one that is particularly showy.

I asked about the style and quality of the shopping guide. This young female shopping guide looked at the age difference between me and my daughter-in-law. She also came to buy this kind of stuff together. She must have regarded the charming and sexy daughter-in-law as my second breast. Valentine’s.

How could it be possible to buy underwear together if there is such a big difference in age?

We watched at the counter, and I picked a few very sexy lace underwear/pants, and I chose a few of them in various looks and colors. The styles are different but they all have one thing in common, that is, they are very sexy and showy.

Finally, the shopping guide was packed before we left the underwear shop.

We bought the goods and went straight to the parking lot. After we got in the car together, the daughter-in-law drove out again.

The car slowly started and the daughter-in-law said in a low voice, “Dad, I’m

ashamed . Just now we went to buy underwear/pants. People must feel that I am your little lover. How can a father-in-law buy this kind of things with a daughter-in-law, shameless My face is still hot now.”

I watched my daughter-in-law’s charming movements while driving. After experiencing this taboo and exciting contact, her whole body looked charming and charming.

I said with emotion: “How can it be that you are the kind of noble and elegant woman, how can you be a second/military lover. If

you want me to say that I am your second husband and old lover.”

My words The daughter-in-law chuckled and couldn’t help but giggled.

The joy of my daughter-in-law makes me feel happy from the bottom of my heart. Even if I don’t do anything, even if I exclude sexual and physical cravings, I would rather see her happy every day. This is the most important thing for me.

When I was in a trance, my daughter-in-law smiled tremblingly, then looked at me with beautiful eyes full of seduction and said: “Dad, also a second husband and an old lover, you are a sex father-in-law.

But the underwear we bought this time is very sexy, almost all of them are transparent or all of them are patchwork, how dare

I wear such styles. I usually wear skirts, if I accidentally go to school in class Let the students see it, then I’m really embarrassed.”

I shook my head, how can I show it to other outsiders: “Then I usually wear yours at work, and I wear these when I wear them at home for my dad.

Xiaoling, isn’t the one you are wearing now very wet? How about you put it on now? Wearing that kind of wet underwear/pants is very uncomfortable.

Just let Dad see you put on the one I gave you What is the effect of the gift.”

After hearing what I said, my daughter-in-law knew what I was thinking. The flush/redness on her face has not faded. She cooperated with me and nodded and said: “Okay, you This bad father-in-law knows to humiliate me all day long.

How can there be a dad like you, hey, I’ll change it later when I drive to a lesser place.”

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