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Chapter 21 Waiter brother

The daughter-in-law drove the car to a place on the outskirts of the city and stopped the car. There are fewer people and fewer cars. The daughter-in-law still changes underwear/pants in the car on the roadside during the day. She still feels embarrassed.

The daughter-in-law first adjusted the seat back to expand the space slightly, and then slightly pulled up the skirt.

She was afraid that during this period, others would come to see and constantly turn her head to look out of the car window.

I know what my daughter-in-law thinks in her heart. Watching her with such a coquettish/ temptation with excitement is also comforting her: “Xiaoling, there is no one around here. Besides, you only change the following, then No one will see it. Don’t worry about changing it.” The

daughter-in-law became more shy, took a deep breath to make the two lumps on her chest appear more prominent, and then said to me: “Dad, I know.

This It’s the first time I’m changing underwear/pants outside. I’m a little embarrassed.

Besides, with my father-in-law sitting next to me , I feel ashamed to think of this, and I feel more and more turbulent.”

She finally paused . Take off those panties/trousers, but unfortunately I can see the slender and charming thighs, but the short skirt blocks the wonderful place.

When I took off the wet panties/pants and my daughter-in-law was about to put on the sexy panties/pants I just bought, I suddenly thought of something more interesting.

I enthusiastically said to my daughter-in-law: “Xiaoling, do you think this is okay? Don’t you want to wear underwear/pants today? Would you like to go around with me like this?”

My proposal is too bold, daughter-in-law It seemed a bit embarrassing, but I watched her panting violently, knowing that she was vaguely feeling the pleasure of exposure.

In the end, my daughter-in-law gave up her psychological burden and agreed. She probably felt that I didn’t want to be too disappointed when I came out to play with me today. It was also me who satisfied me: “Dad, my skirt today is a hip skirt, which is very short. The arm will expose the vacuum inside.”

Seeing my daughter-in-law began to hesitate again, I hurriedly struck the iron while it was hot and said: “Anyway, no one knows, only the two of us, so we will be more exciting, okay.

Who would have thought of a gentle and elegant beautiful intellectual woman who would not have a short skirt that would show off Wearing underwear/pants.”

The daughter-in-law who stimulated my words hesitated again. Seeing her desire look, I knew she was tempted, and whispered to me: “Well, then.

You stayed with me today . A happy birthday. I’m in a good mood, Dad, then I’ll satisfy you and make you happy.”

I nodded quickly, remembering that my daughter-in-law didn’t wear underwear/pants to play with my father-in-law. God, I can’t stop the excitement.

I couldn’t help but want to reach out and touch my daughter-in-law’s thigh. I also wanted to try to touch Fangcao Cong. When my daughter-in-law took my hand away.

The daughter-in-law really put down her short skirt and did not wear new underwear/pants and said, “Dad, it’s noon, we should have something to eat.

I am so frightened by you that I am hungry now. Dad, you Be careful, and be careful outside. It’s too embarrassing to let me not look at me in broad daylight.”

I nodded when I heard my daughter-in-law say this.

After finishing her skirt, the daughter-in-law drove off in a vacuum with a short skirt covering her hips.

Ever since I have been in close contact with my daughter-in-law, I feel like I have found the kind of impulse and passion when I was young. That’s why I couldn’t help but make such an excessive request, and my daughter-in-law actually agreed to it, which really made me overjoyed.

It seems that after she continues to reach higher stimuli and continues to enjoy this taboo excitement, her heart is full of dependence and tolerance for me.

She should have accepted me in her heart long ago. The only regret now is that she didn’t really insert her daughter-in-law’s body, and she didn’t enjoy the wonderful taste of her body.

We returned to the city. After my daughter-in-law drove the car to the parking area of a restaurant, we came in and sat down at a table by the side window.

Ordering good dishes, I looked around and found that the restaurant’s business is so good that it’s almost full of people, and the distance between the tables is a bit too small, and there is basically no room for activities, but my daughter-in-law said that my colleagues brought her here in the past. I’ve been here, it tastes good, and she also chose it today.

Due to the large number of people eating, the food is very slow now, and my daughter-in-law is bored playing with the phone while facing me. I suddenly noticed that the table is made of transparent brown glass.

But now my daughter-in-law is not wearing underwear/pants. I suddenly thought of a strange idea. It would be very exciting if I could appreciate the charming underneath of my daughter-in-law at this time.

But now there are a lot of people here, and the tables are still very close. I don’t want to tell my daughter-in-law this way. This is really fun when people hear it.

So I sent a WeChat message to my daughter-in-law on my mobile phone: “Xiaoling, you lift up your skirt a little bit higher. Let me see the scenery inside you. There

are people all around, watched by my father-in-law. When I get to the vacuum below you, I feel very exciting when I think about it.”

My daughter-in-law turned red after seeing this message. She probably remembered that I just asked her to take off her underwear/pants and she didn’t wear it yet. When there were so many people, the father-in-law asked himself to hit the skirt and pull up again, which made her extremely shy.

She and I were afraid to be too affectionate outside now, so my daughter-in-law sent me a lot of facial expressions of hammering her head, and then said with a text message: “Dad, you know there is no one under me. Wearing underwear/pants, you told me to lift up my skirt.

What should I do if someone sees me? It’s a shame, I don’t want it. Dad, you are getting more and more perverted now, and I was taken by you now. Began to be psychopathic.”

I thought about it for a while, but it made sense, but I didn’t give up. I thought of a way to send her in the bathroom: “Xiaoling, you only need to pull it, and then let me see it from the side angle. I won’t see it.

You also promised to come out without wearing underwear/pants, don’t you want to get this kind of excitement too? Let’s try it, okay?” The daughter-in-law’s shameful face was hesitant. After thinking for a while, I sent me a message saying: “Okay, Dad, you are really my enemy, an annoying father-in-law. I just cooperate with you. It’s a pervert.” After

sending the message, the daughter-in-law pulled the short skirt with her hand. After a while, and then raised her leg to my angle, after my daughter-in-law adjusted, her charming vacuum was revealed before my eyes.

After adjusting, the daughter-in-law thought that it was in broad daylight, and there were so many people around here, and also let her father-in-law peep under her at the same time, so her excitement became more and more intense.

I can even see the faint wetness and crystals below, and gradually the water is flowing again.

Being able to look at my daughter-in-law’s most intimate charm in such a scene, I was also excited, so I sent another message to my daughter-in-law: “Xiaoling, thank you, I really love you so much, it seems the same as before. , Help you use your mouth well.” The daughter-in-law made a shy expression, looking full of coquettish feelings: “Dad, such a humble initiative to show you, makes me so excited now, sex father, you really Bad.”

After the daughter-in-law finished the delivery, we served food here. The waiter was a young guy. When I watched him serve the food on the table, this guy also saw the attractiveness of the daughter-in-law through the transparent brown glass. landscape.

When he saw it, his expression became weird. Perhaps he never dreamed that he could see such a beautiful young woman and such a beautiful vacuum while serving food.

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