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Chapter 22 The Dark Cinema

It’s just that the waiter’s expression is too obvious, even if it’s weird, it quickly pretends to be normal, but all of this is still in my eyes. Originally, I was using my mobile phone to secretly take pictures of my daughter-in-law’s body, but now I also took pictures of this kid’s every move.

The daughter-in-law may be too hungry to put her thoughts on the dishes, and did not notice the waiter’s expression at all.

She didn’t know that her charming underneath was not only seen by her father-in-law, but also appreciated by other men.

Although I can see clearly, I can’t remind my daughter-in-law at this time that if I let other men see that I will blame me for harming her,

so I pretended that everything was normal and started eating.

The young man could have left after serving the food, but in order to watch his wife’s hot body more, he decided to stay at our table.

Slowly pour us tea and get paper towels. It seems that women’s bodies are really precious, and many men can change too much for it.

Especially the target is a beautiful and charming woman like a daughter-in-law. I really don’t know how many men are willing to pay for her. I feel very satisfied when I think that I can still enjoy the treatment of a daughter-in-law at this age.

Not to mention the excitement of a meal. After that, my daughter-in-law and I went outside again to the afternoon.

Then my daughter-in-law wanted to go to the movies, and then bought a ticket for me to watch a movie with her.

It doesn’t matter to me, it’s just that after hearing my daughter-in-law say that he married his son in the past two years, my son has never watched a movie with her.

When I heard this, I suddenly felt sad and worried about our current state, because my daughter-in-law obviously regarded me as a person to rely on. Whether it is physical or psychological, I only hope that this situation will not ruin my son’s family.

My mind is full of entanglements and sins, but in the face of such a seductive and charming daughter-in-law, I can’t control the desire. Perhaps I am really inferior to a beast, a goddamn father-in-law, as my daughter-in-law said.

My daughter-in-law doesn’t know my inner self-blame. Now she is full of cheering and joy, like a little girl falling in love, full of longing and hope.

The daughter-in-law bought two tickets for the romance film. It seems that the romance of love in her heart is still at an age of fantasy.

My son is busy at the construction site all day, and listening to my daughter-in-law means to deal with the matter in a hurry. This has long ignored the inner feelings of my daughter-in-law, and this old fellow who is not worthy of my daughter-in-law enjoys an unexpected and wonderful harvest.

The movie started. My daughter-in-law and I chose a seat very close to the back. After we sat down, we saw that there were fewer than ten people watching the movie at this time.

The few people sitting in the rows behind us are basically young lovers.

The movie gradually kicked off. As the broadcast began, my daughter-in-law and I were also brought into the plot of the movie.

Even when the passionate scenes that are essential for romance appeared in the movie, I found that in the dimly lit studio, the lovers were slowly infected. Several couples hugged and kissed each other.

The daughter-in-law may have also seen the movements of the previous couple, and I felt that she was also infected by this atmosphere.

Her face slowly turned red, so I lifted my daughter-in-law’s hand in my palm. My daughter-in-law separated her slender and soft fingers and clasped my fingers together.

Leaning her head over and leaning on my shoulder, she whispered, “Dad, it would be great if I could go on like this forever.”

My daughter-in-law’s words made me feel sore, and I was also wondering what is between me and her. What kind of situation?

At first, I accidentally saw my daughter-in-law go to sleep in a sexy vacuum and go out to hug her grandson, and then slowly come into contact with each other and understand each other. mutual.

But now I gradually realized that I was really full of her, and I think her condition is not much different from mine.


my father-in-law and my daughter-in-law falling in love? I’m not sure, but I know that my heart is messed up at this moment. I even want to escape from here at this moment, so I dare not face my daughter-in-law who I don’t understand anymore.

But I know she tempts me most, knowing that there is a forbidden door of sin ahead, I can’t help but want to step in.

Because in that horrible door, there is my charming and sexy daughter-in-law.

Snuggling their heads together tightly, there is no need to say anything to each other at this time, just watching the movie in front of me.

When I regained my senses with emotion, I saw that the people around me became more and more excessive. It seemed that I could see that the lovers had put their hands in each other’s clothes.

My face felt a little hot, and I glanced at my daughter-in-law quietly. I saw in her eyes that she also needed my kiss.

When I turned my head, my daughter-in-law’s sexy red lips were already close to my mouth, and our lips were touching together, so violently and straightforwardly.

I wrapped the tip of my tongue into my daughter-in-law’s body-filled mouth and stirred her in her mouth, and my daughter-in-law also offered her own uvula and I sucked it all at once.

We just alternately sucked each other’s tongues, and our eyes met occasionally, and we could see each other’s love and emotions. Her soft and fragrant tongue touched my heart. I even gently bit her upper lip and sucked roughly while using my tongue to tease her. My daughter-in-law has been cooperating with me all the time, and even sucked my saliva cleanly and swallowed it.

I felt my daughter-in-law’s breathing more and more like this, and the hot nose sprayed on my face, obviously she was already moved.

I stretched out my hand a little and put my hand into her short skirt, and directly touched the mysterious place where she didn’t wear underwear/pants today.

This time my daughter-in-law didn’t reject me weirdly, that is to say, the bottom line I said before was silently torn apart, maybe there is also the daughter-in-law’s credit, after all, all this happened with her acquiescence.

As soon as my hand touched that charming place, I found that my head was soaking wet. I slid my finger across the soft grass to reach the most sensitive part of my daughter-in-law.

When my finger touched the sensitive area of my daughter-in-law, her legs, which had been slightly separated because of excitement, were suddenly clamped as if she had received a huge shock. Her whole body trembling made a muffled noise from her nasal sound. .

While enjoying the fact that my fingers were caught by my daughter-in-law’s delicate and soft thighs, I moved my mouth to my daughter-in-law’s ear and whispered: “Xiaoling, there is a lot of water under you. You are with me all day. Together, it seems that the water below has never been done, right?” The

daughter-in-law bit her tight lips and trembled slightly, and she immediately put on an extremely shameful expression on her charming face and said, “Dad, you sex father-in-law, be with you. Together you are always playing with me. I can’t do anything I want.

Now it feels so exciting, and there are still people around. In such a place, you can directly touch my sensitive parts, and I can’t stand it.

Dad, Promise me the last thing, don’t put your hands in, okay?” The

daughter-in-law’s thighs were still trembling slightly, and I carefully felt the shape of her lower body with my hands. It was bulging and soft, and it felt very comfortable.

As the daughter-in-law’s continuously suppressed heavy gasps sounded, the daughter-in-law broke out early in this stimulating environment.

I watched my daughter-in-law leaning on a chair to rest. As for the plot in the movie, I didn’t care about it. I said to my daughter-in-law: “Xiaoling, I helped you to figure it out with your hand. You can also help dad touch it. I’m now It feels uncomfortable.”

Taking advantage of the dim light, I straightened my body and looked forward to looking at my daughter-in-law.

Her face began to entangle and hesitate again, and finally took a breath and gently opened my zipper with her hands.

When she fiddled with her panties/pants to one side to release my body, she was afraid of being seen and deliberately approached me to cover it.

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