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Chapter 23 The Dance for Me Only

Although my daughter-in-law was on the way back to her hometown last time. I was forced to push it halfway and half by hand, but it turned out that it was the first time that my daughter-in-law took the initiative to take it out, and her eyes were staring straight at things.

This time, it is no longer the pictures and videos on WeChat, but the things that can be seen and touched in reality.

My daughter-in-law took the initiative to hold my body in such an environment, and I could feel the trembling of her soft little hands.

As the little hands kept playing up and down, she felt shame and excitement again, and said to me in a low voice: “Dad, your stuff is really big.”

After my daughter-in-law let go, I finally felt this one. The wonderful ecstasy of the little hand, while gently wandering, and then sliding to the root, all kinds of tricks make me a little overwhelmed.

Her hands started to get faster, and my excitement became stronger and stronger, and I felt very comfortable.

I whispered in my daughter-in-law’s ear, “Xiaoling, you make Dad so cool. Or sit on your own, no one can see here. Dad wants you now, so he can do it fiercely.” You.” The

daughter-in-law showed a longing and painful expression with a lingering feeling of distress in her expression. She whispered to me: “Dad, we, we are fine like this. Both are good. Can enjoy the passion.

Why do you have to do the last step, even if I am really going to give you all three holes in my body, it will be at the right time, but not now.

After all, we are sorry for your son, too Don’t let the guilt torture us. When the guilt in our hearts dissipates a lot, we can all experience the consequences of the union, then I will do me whatever you want.”

I heard my daughter-in-law say this and I know that there is still no such thing today. There is a way to get a daughter-in-law, but the words just now have become slack again, and they are not as persistent as the bottom line mentioned before.

It’s another huge piece of good news for me.

Then let her type it out for me, so I used my middle finger to continue my daughter-in-law’s body. My daughter-in-law’s breathing became quicker again, and even her dexterous little hands accelerated, which made me fly.

Soon we both seemed to have stopped breathing, and our whole bodies were tight.

There is a pool of wet hands on her, and my hands are all water from her body.

I took out a tissue to wipe her hands clean, but I couldn’t wipe her hands clean, because it would get wet again soon.

The two of us went home after playing out late, we staggered back in front of the time and went back, and my wife didn’t think much about it.

Since my daughter-in-law and I had an unusual birthday, I found that the relationship between each other has grown further.

In the next few days, we are like couples in love. As long as we avoid the sight of my wife, I will always pat her beautiful buttocks or rub the waves on her chest.

And she would give me a small kiss, or show a charming annoyed expression, and retaliately squeeze under my body with her hand.

The feeling between our father-in-law and daughter-in-law is so sweet and irritating with taboo stimulation.

I was about to go to bed tonight, when I suddenly received a message from my daughter-in-law: “I watched my mother-in-law’s bedroom turn off the lights, and I saw that the child and mother-in-law were sleeping.

Dad, don’t you want to see me put it on and buy it with your own eyes. Underwear/pants? Why don’t you come to my bedroom now?

I put them on and show you in front of you, which is also a thank you for the gift you gave me on my birthday a few days ago, and for being so warm with you It’s been a long time

since I felt happy for a long time.” In fact, since I bought some sexy underwear/pants that time, I was looking forward to seeing my daughter-in-law put them on, but unfortunately I didn’t have a good chance and only wore them once. .

Unexpectedly, my daughter-in-law would tell me this tonight, and she still wanted me to go to her bedroom.

I was extremely nervous and looking forward to it, because during this period of time we were limited to just a touch of water, and it has been several days without real enjoyment too fast.

So I opened the door cautiously, as if I was doing something with a guilty conscience. I lowered my voice and slowly twisted the doorknob of my daughter-in-law’s boudoir, and the door opened with a soft click.

I quickly stepped into the room and saw my daughter-in-law was already standing there wearing a beloved suspender pajamas. Although the pajamas were not very transparent, they looked very thin and soft.

My daughter-in-law’s slender and straight legs are completely exposed in front of me. The suspender nightdress shows a large unrestrained chest wave, which shows that she is not wearing a bra.

This hot sexy body makes me have an impulse that is hard to suppress. The daughter-in-law of the night looks like a coquettish stunner, a fairy who can squeeze a man dry.

When I locked the door, I stood in front of my daughter-in-law, looking at her so sexy, wearing only a pair of underwear/pants, I already stood uncontrollably high.

The daughter-in-law bit her lower lip, and even such subtle movements have infinite amorous feelings: “Dad, you sit down first, today, today I will give you a dance.” The

daughter-in-law wears a sexy nightdress and finishes her words. After putting his hands on his waist, he slowly twisted his hips and jumped up.

The more I look at it, the harder my body feels, because this sultry butt-beating or self-touching look is clearly a striptease.

My daughter-in-law felt very different to me tonight, and I couldn’t tell what was wrong.

Now that I have a bloody bloodline, I live there, watching my daughter-in-law wearing a charming pajamas thinking about me dancing.

Between the constant twisting, there is a deep taste of passion.

In her movements from time to time, she wore a thong, which is almost a thin string, with her beautiful legs and buttocks appearing in front of me from time to time. You can also enjoy the charming and seductive daughter-in-law’s style/show dance, and you can see the sexy and hot daughter-in-law. The body really makes me feel like I am dreaming.

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