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Chapter 24 Dreams will come true

After looking at it, I feel that it is not enough. I have touched my daughter-in-law’s whole body, as she feels so sassy in her pajamas now, but if she can dance naked, then I will be even more excited.

I felt a bit dry and swallowed my mouth. I said softly to my daughter-in-law, “Xiaoling, thank you, you are really not there tonight. I was so frightened that I lost my soul.”

I was looking forward to it. In his eyes, my daughter-in-law did not disappoint me this time, and she nodded gently and said to me: “Dad, then come and help me take it off.

I like you to help me take it off. It feels like being stripped naked by my father-in-law makes me even more Sorry.”

My daughter-in-law said that was really unexpected.

I walked to my daughter-in-law’s side. With the cooperation of my daughter-in-law, I took off her suspender nightdress, then squatted down, watching my daughter-in-law’s slender legs, slowly taking off her tiny thong.

When I threw a ball of thong in my hand next to me, I stared at my daughter-in-law in a daze, which really fascinated her hot body.

The waves on the chest are at least 36D. After giving birth to a child, the daughter-in-law’s chest can be really big. The key is that her beautiful buttocks have become plump and charming, and she always wants men to enter her back fiercely.

But she was still straight, with her delicate skin and the arcs around her figure, she looked like a perfect artwork in front of her, and I almost bleed from my nose.

I feel more impatient after taking off my daughter-in-law’s clothes. Of course, I still want to go further. After all, for men, what they don’t get is always what they want most.

But I know I can’t be anxious now. The daughter-in-law showed her body in front of me for the first time. At this time, her shameful and pretty face was flushed, and she looked more charming and sexy.

Soon the daughter-in-law started to move. This time she was not covered by clothes. She constantly twisted her waist and chest, and even made grinding disc movements. This nasty posture made me drool. , I really didn’t think my daughter-in-law could do so for me.

Suddenly I feel that I am really happy, and being able to have such a beautiful woman at this age can do such a thing for myself. It is a scene that I can’t even dream of.

After jumping for a while, my daughter-in-law stopped looking tired.

I stood up from the bed, couldn’t help but tore off my underwear/pants, walked over and hugged my daughter-in-law. This time, it was our true frank confrontation, feeling each other’s heartbeats, this kind of skin without separation. Contact is so ecstasy.

“Xiaoling, you are so beautiful tonight. Look at your dad’s underwear/pants, you are about to get wet.” I talked and stretched my underwear/pants to the tip of my daughter-in-law’s nose, and my daughter-in-law sniffed twice carefully. The man’s unique smell made her face show a deep fascination expression.

This is the first time Guangguang let me hold it. I was excited when Guangguang let me look at it just now. In addition, after letting me hold it, the passion in my heart stirred me up, so I raised my beautiful eyes and looked at it. I, after seeing it, I knew that my daughter-in-law was begging me for my kiss.

The daughter-in-law stared at my eyes affectionately, and her eyes were full of expectation. After staring at me for a while, the daughter-in-law’s eyes were slightly closed, I bent my head, and my lips slowly moved closer to the daughter-in-law’s lips. The lips of the two people touched together, and the four lips touched, and the soft and fragrant touch made people’s heart beating.

I find it hard to kiss while standing, except that my lower body will touch her body from time to time, so I picked up my daughter-in-law and put her on the bed. After we kissed for a while, we slowly moved down, my mouth was holding her. The waves on my daughter-in-law’s chest, holding another in my hand, constantly kneading/squeezing it to change shape.

I can feel the excitement of my daughter-in-law, the unstoppable excitement, and the trembling that the body can’t control itself has been felt by me again.

This time it was different from any time before. The daughter-in-law made her father-in-law press and play with her body like this on her wedding bed. I clearly felt that her heavy breathing was slowly turning into a pleasant hum.

After I inhaled, I slowly moved my head down. The first time I was so close by my father-in-law, my daughter-in-law couldn’t help but shyly block her holy forbidden area with her hand.

I feel that my daughter-in-law is really cute now. The way my father-in-law looks eager but embarrassed in my own bed is constantly impacting the depths of my daughter-in-law’s heart.

I slowly took away my daughter-in-law’s hand. I knew that the daughter-in-law was not just for preventing me from seeing it but just a momentary defense from a woman.

When I removed my daughter-in-law’s hand, the charming lower body of her daughter-in-law finally appeared in front of me. After seeing it, I couldn’t help but kiss my mouth.

My daughter-in-law’s separated legs suddenly clamped my head, and she felt so hard.

She couldn’t help shaking her whole body, and her voice became hoarse and trembling: “No, Dad, don’t be like this, the bottom is so dirty.” When

I heard my daughter-in-law say this, I felt amused. This is exciting.

She smelled very fragrant after taking a shower, so I said, “Xiaoling, why are you dirty? Dad likes you, all your dads are willing to lick, you are a priceless treasure in my mind.

You don’t need to care about this. Enjoy tonight.” My daughter-in-law listened to me and cooperated with me to slowly separate her legs.

I used my tongue to lick, my daughter-in-law gasped violently, and then under my lick, I climbed onto the bed and turned around, so that I aimed my lower body at my daughter-in-law’s face.

I kept speeding up, but my big things just rubbed against my daughter-in-law’s face and the corners of her lips, and my daughter-in-law bit her teeth and didn’t open her mouth.

As my movements speed up, and I use both hands and mouth, she has become more and more relaxed, who hasn’t felt the taste of a man for a long time.

I felt my lower body being touched by something soft and hot, which should be her uvula, and then I felt a warm and hot dampness tightly enveloping my body, and my daughter-in-law finally opened her mouth deeply.

The intense pleasure/sensation almost made me explode. After a while, my feelings dissipated, and I listened to my daughter-in-law’s empty mouth saying: “So comfortable, Dad, Jianjun has never given me torture, you are so kind. The lick was so comfortable that I have never had it.

But yours is too big for me to eat.”

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