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Chapter 25 Sudden Initiative

After speaking, the daughter-in-law ate two bites reluctantly, her beautiful eyes with a strong desire and blurry amorous feelings.

Originally I thought there would be no breakthrough. After all, my daughter-in-law kept emphasizing the bottom line, but tonight she broke the bottom line.

My daughter-in-law is about to get up, and my heart is full of regrets. I feel that tonight’s game is about to end. After all, we have now made a breakthrough with our hands and mouth, which is considered a great improvement.

“Dad, you lie down.” The daughter-in-law said to me not long after.

I lay down obediently, and the towering height of my lower body looked more obvious and huge.

At this time, my daughter-in-law took out a small plastic envelope from the bedside table, and I looked at it and immediately knew what it was. At the same time, I feel that my heart is full of strong expectations. Perhaps the surprise tonight has not yet been completed.

My daughter-in-law tore the thin packaging, then took the shiny film in her hand, leaned over and pinched my lower body, then put it on.

“Dad, I prepared this for you specially. Because in my opinion, it’s just self-deception to stick to the bottom line, because I feel like I can’t hold it anymore.

I’m a slut, a complete slut. , I want to be a man and want to be entered by my father-in-law. I have even imagined that you don’t care about me so much, as long as you brutally press me on the ground and force me.

But you, the sex father-in-law , stick to it. I didn’t make the last step to me. Okay, now I can’t hold on anymore and want to have a relationship with you. I

want to have sex with my father-in-law and be fucked fiercely by my father-in-law. I’m so embarrassed. Cheap. I didn’t expect my dad to be so forbearing. In fact, you know, I was expecting you to forcefully enter my body, so that I can find a fig leaf for myself when I enjoy the taste of a man, and I can tell myself that I am actually It’s forced.

I don’t want to betray my husband, but my body is still more straightforward and reacts as it wants.

Okay, I brought it here. It looks like your ugly big thing is really attractive. I really want to have it every day. But yours is too big, this condom looks a bit small, but let’s make do with it.

Dad? Now I’m here to rape/rape you, you don’t have to do anything, after we happen, even my shameless bitch daughter-in-law is seduce you. You can face Jianjun calmly.

All the responsibilities will be transferred to me. “I watched my daughter-in-law lying under me, close to my towering part. It’s

just that her words made me a little strange. When she said so excited words in her mouth, why did it give me a sense of sadness? Feeling?

I looked up at my daughter-in-law a little bit. At this moment, she was looking at my body with complicated eyes, and she was holding her hand tightly, as if she had caught a huge baby and didn’t want to let go. The

daughter-in-law stood upright and spread her legs to let her I lay on her legs/between her, and then I watched my daughter-in-law sit down inch by inch while supporting my hot body.

“Dad, I know you always wanted me. This is my son’s wedding bed and the wall. There are also our wedding photos. Just under the watchful eyes of his photos, I want to make friends with my father-in-law, and I want to let my father-in-law enjoy all my charm and beauty. “My daughter-in-law squatted down a little bit, and finally knelt on her. The elastic buttocks were about to touch my lower abdomen, and the top of my body was staring at her muddy mystery. At

this time, I felt like I was thinking about it. Like a demon, I suddenly got up and took my daughter-in-law’s shoulders and let her body lean to my side.

But I didn’t do anything, just gasping for breath.

Because I heard my son just now, I didn’t dare to look up. Looking at the wedding photo hanging on the wall, what’s more important is that at the moment just now, I saw two lines of clear tears flowing on the beautiful face of my daughter-in-law.

I want to be a charming and sexy daughter-in-law, I am empty. I need a woman, and I know the emptiness and loneliness of my daughter-in-law is worse than me.

But after seeing her sad tears, I couldn’t come down to enjoy the body of the daughter-in-law I had been looking forward to.

“Xiaoling, you were not right tonight, and now you are crying again. What is going on? If this thing makes you feel so stressed, you know I won’t make you sad.” I looked at lying down. The daughter-in-law beside me frowned and asked her.

As I came to the present, I found that my daughter-in-law tonight really behaved differently from usual, open and thorough like never before, just like a lot of things that I insisted on were suddenly discarded as rubbish.

And shouldn’t it be excitement and excitement at that moment? Why is there sadness in her eyes? This is the most uncomfortable part of my heart.

“What the hell? Tell me!” I was full of anger now, and my voice almost snapped out of my mouth.

Because now my daughter-in-law didn’t say anything at all except crying silently.

Seeing her like this, the unspeakable taste in my heart gave birth to a deep feeling of distress.

I put the pillows and put her body over again, so that we both lie on our sides and look at each other.

I held her in my arms, this wonderful body was trembling in a suppressed voice because I did not dare to cry loudly. The moment I held her, my daughter-in-law made me feel a taste of despair, and then hugged tightly. My waist, lying on my chest, weeping bitterly.

“Dad, Jianjun, he has a woman outside.” After finally speaking out, the daughter-in-law burst into tears.

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