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Chapter 26 Throughput

I was stunned, and I couldn’t believe all of this. My son is an honest child, and he and his daughter-in-law can see how deep the relationship between them is from their relationship to marriage.

Now the child has just given birth and is not yet two years old, and now his son has a woman outside?

“Impossible, don’t you know what kind of person is in the army? If he really has me, he will break his leg and wait for me. Call him early tomorrow morning to ask.

No matter what, I’ll be the master of this matter for you.

Xiaoling, how did you know? Tell me, I’ll help you out.” I don’t know what to do. After all, my son is old, and many times he doesn’t listen to my preaching at all, and his wings are stiff.

Next, the crying daughter-in-law told me about tonight.

It turned out that on the birthday of my daughter-in-law, I even called Jianjun specifically, but I just hung up when I just asked about the child casually. Jianjun didn’t remember that day was the birthday of my daughter-in-law.

Tonight, my daughter-in-law called Jianjun again. It was true that a woman answered and asked who the daughter-in-law was? At

this moment, the daughter-in-law had a lot of thoughts. Jianjun’s phone had her own number stored on it, but the woman still gave it back. Can you ask who you are? This makes my daughter-in-law wonder that the name of the number editor is definitely not a wife or something.

The daughter-in-law hung up the phone silently, but her heart sank slowly, until at the end she was greatly stimulated, and called me to her bedroom tonight, and then the following situation occurred.

I continued to persuade my daughter-in-law and analyze various possibilities, and finally it took a long time for my daughter-in-law to calm down.

Just clutching my arm tightly, shrinking into my arms like a helpless child, it makes me feel heartfelt to see.

The psychological impact on my daughter-in-law today was too great. After I watched her tiredly closing her eyes and calming down, my heart was filled with endless emotion.

Then I sat up and wanted to leave my daughter-in-law’s bedroom. After all, in this case, it would be inappropriate to force my daughter-in-law to enjoy her body.

As soon as my body moved, my daughter-in-law woke up as soon as she sensed it. After seeing that I was about to leave, her eyes were full of guilt again. For her this time, perhaps she felt more guilty for me.

I thought to myself, but I still smiled at her: “It’s okay, it’s late, you go to bed. When you wake up tomorrow, everything will be fine. Don’t worry too much, Jianjun is not what you thought of. That kind of person, I will know the result until tomorrow, at least this bastard dare not deceive me.”

I comforted my daughter-in-law, and after seeing her helpless expression, I stretched out my hand and gently stroked her face.

My daughter-in-law enjoyed my touch very much, rubbed her delicate face in my rough palm, and said to me: “Dad, tonight, I was impulsive tonight. I am sorry for you and let you down again. Once.

Only I know how disappointed you are, because I am actually looking forward to and longing for

it like you . Dad, thank you for comforting me tonight.”

I smiled and said that I didn’t care, even leaning over her smooth and clean A kiss on the forehead.

My petting gesture made her smile happily, and I just turned around and felt my arm caught.

“Dad, I’m so happy to be slurred by you tonight. You are so disappointed tonight. I want to make up for you. Anyway, I also slurred for you just now.

Since the bottom line is also broken, then I I won’t insist on it. I’ll help you eat it so that you can vent faster and save time.” My daughter-in-law looked at me with a flushed face, and leaned over after speaking.

I stood by the bed, my daughter-in-law lay on the bed, leaned close to my body, pulled the condom from my body and threw it on, and then took another mouth. The hot and tight little mouth wrapped my body tightly. Living.

Constantly playing naughty with my tongue, my daughter-in-law licked every inch of this part of my body, including the softest sac at the root.

In this extreme pleasure/sensation, I finally couldn’t bear it. As my daughter-in-law said, with the enjoyment of her little mouth, the time was really fast.

When I hugged my daughter-in-law’s head tightly with both hands, and then dashed like her sexy body.

The rough and savage movements stimulated me more strongly. I looked at the delicate face of my daughter-in-law, the enlarged sexy mouth, and the body that I walked in and out.

At this moment, I finally exploded, and the moment of the eruption, the conditioned reflex was pushed deep into the depths, seeming to hit my daughter-in-law’s throat.

My whole body was trembling, goose bumps kept popping up, the bursts of my body were so obvious and strong, and a drop of it broke out in my daughter-in-law’s small mouth.

Probably the action was a bit too much. My daughter-in-law made a whine of retching. I quickly pulled out of my body and looked at her with great anxiety. At this time, I felt a little distressed and blamed myself for my recklessness.

My caring eyes made my daughter-in-law smile after she coughed twice, but she closed her mouth tightly.

The next moment, I saw my daughter-in-law’s throat roll slightly, and then the daughter-in-law opened her mouth and smiled happily this time. There was nothing in her mouth: “Dad, isn’t it so cool? There are so many of them. I almost vomited out without touching it.

But in the end you were a bit too rough, got too deep, and your throat hurts. How about? Is this satisfied?”

Looking at the proud and dependent gaze of my daughter-in-law, I nodded and kissed her red lips again. The strong smell of body fluid made me feel sorry for her. In order to compensate me, my daughter-in-law had sacrificed enough.

“The happiness I have never had before, the beauty I have never enjoyed in my life, I did not expect to enjoy it in you. Xiaoling, thank you.” I said to my daughter-in-law seriously.

The daughter-in-law got up, and he could see that he was also very soft.

Then my daughter-in-law put on a nightdress and opened the bedroom door to go to the bathroom to rinse my mouth. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I took my underwear/pants and followed and left and returned to my bedroom.

The scene just now in the bed was still in a trance. It broke out in my daughter-in-law’s mouth just now, and my daughter-in-law would lick every inch of my skin so carefully, which I didn’t expect.

The bottom line is breaking through a little bit, what’s next? Next time, is it necessary to actually insert it?

Whether it is the mysterious and sensitive place in the front or the strange ecstasy in the backyard, it is full of hugeness for me Temptation. It won’t be long before my brutal hitting my daughter-in-law, let her toss and turn under me.

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