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Chapter 27 Ending

Early the next morning, my daughter-in-law went to work as usual. Everything seemed to be normal. It was like crying and crazy venting last night.

From an angle that my wife can’t see, my daughter-in-law kissed me before going out. She also patted her cocked butt, everything is so tacit.

I watched that the time was up in the morning, and then I called my son Jianjun and the phone rang a few times: “Hey, Dad, what’s the matter?” If

I have a lot of skills, I can’t call me as an old man. I called you. You are getting better and worse now, and I really can’t afford you in the future. “

My heart was full of resentment. When I thought of what my daughter-in-law said last night and how sad she was crying, I didn’t speak to my son in a good tone. On the

phone , my son was still sharing money innocently: “Dad, Who of you this morning made you angry? Didn’t I just ask casually, you just said that on the line.

I’ve been running around all day, and I’ve got a lot of stuff, dad, don’t you trouble me, okay? “

I’m causing you trouble? You’re causing me trouble.”

Hear him . When I spoke, I immediately became angry. After saying this, I questioned him about my daughter-in-law last night.

I didn’t tell him everything. I just said that my daughter-in-law was crying all the time, and then she was very sad. Only when I asked, I realized that the woman who called him last night was the one who picked him up. The woman also asked who the daughter-in-law was. Hearing this, I felt your son breathed a sigh of relief, and then began to tell me about this matter again. After I said it, I asked dubiously: “What you said is true? Wouldn’t it be true? Lie to


“How can I? What kind of person am I? You have been wrong when you see your elder son. That’s how it is.” My son’s words gave me a reassurance.

I ease down after a long sigh of relief went on with his son: “That being so quickly give Linda a call in the past, you do not know how much she was crying last night.”

OK, I have this thing Pie I really didn’t care, let me explain to her. “I talked with Er Fengzi for a few more words and then hung up the phone.

It turned out that my son was eating with Party A in the project department at night, and the mobile phone was placed in the data room for charging, so the female data officer was asked to help look at the mobile phone. , And then maybe thought that there was something on the call, and the data officer didn’t dare to delay, so he connected the phone.

Originally wanted to ask for the name, so that the son could go back to her without delaying things, but the daughter-in-law was sensitive. , I hung up as soon as I heard the woman’s phone call, so the information officer thought it was a harassing call and didn’t say it, and my son was careless not to go back to look at these call records.

These are all misunderstandings. It

seems that everything is true, but I

My heart always feels a bit inexplicably complicated. I feel empty, because in my opinion, this kind of result is the best. After all, there is nothing more important than the harmony and perfection of the family.

But the sense of loss is lingering. No, because I know that even if I’m really selfish, hang up this phone and don’t tell my son, maybe tonight my daughter-in-law will give me all her sexy body that makes me so obsessed with her. It’s the

greatest satisfaction for me to take possession of my daughter-in-law’s body, tear up the last shame and scruples, but I know myself, after deceiving my daughter-in-law and deliberately disturbing this matter, just like my daughter-in-law said, I will Feeling guilty and having a conscience.

Many things depend on fate, and no one knows if this kind of thing will happen in the past, but I know that in the heart of my daughter-in-law, the imprint on her is getting deeper and deeper. Regardless of her body or mind,

The thirst for me has also continued to increase until my daughter-in-law comes back from get off work. I saw my daughter-in-law’s face really improved a lot. It seems that my son called her to make it clear that all this is no matter how complicated my mind was before, but I It is enough for me to know the true heartfelt happiness of my daughter-in-law at this moment.

In the past few days, my daughter-in-law and I are chatting on WeChat. Most of the time, she is teasing/calling me, telling me all kinds of temptation words. It is hard to believe this vulgar but can stimulate the deep inside. The words are from a gentle and elegant daughter-in-law.

By the end of the week, my daughter-in-law did not go to work and started to wash clothes again. I watched her secretly carry her underwear/pants to wash for several days. After seeing this, I know what’s going on. This is because I get too excited and get wet every night when I chat with me.

In the past few days, after crying in my arms last time, my daughter-in-law really seems to have figured it out a lot. Even when the mother-in-law is sitting in the living room and watching TV, in the kitchen she will take the initiative to hold my things and play tricks. Once I stepped back down my shorts and squatted there, setting off my beautiful buttocks even more.

After hesitating for a while, my daughter-in-law would help me clean up my fuchsia lower body saliva, and then silently leave the towering tent with a smile, making me unable to vent and wait in the kitchen for a long time. I drove out after the energy passed without the tent.

Every time I came out like this, my daughter-in-law would always have an uncontrollable smile on her face, pretending to talk to her mother-in-law indifferently to cover up the past.

My daughter-in-law’s mouth is really amazing, and after one breakthrough, I can almost fully enjoy the pleasure/feeling. When I was going to bed at night this week, my daughter-in-law was washing and holding the child quietly. Said to me: “Dad, wait for the night, don’t lock the door, I will go to your room tonight.”

My daughter-in-law stretched out her hand and rubbed my lower body quietly. I took my grandson and went to my wife’s bedroom.

When it was time to rest, my wife also went back to the room to sleep. After I came to my bedroom, I lay down in bed full of expectation.

In the waiting time I felt like years, I finally heard the soft sound of the door, and then the sexy and hot body of my daughter-in-law appeared in front of me. The door in the dark was closed quietly, and the

shadow of the dim figure was facing my bed. When the side is close, in this case, it is more full of sultry/inspiring interest. When that delicate body got on the bed and hugged me tightly, my hands had just been kneaded/squeezed to a huge soft lump. I felt my daughter-in-law adjusted her position sideways, and immediately caught me.

Her movements are really getting more and more proficient, and now she has no scruples, as if she should do all this intention.

Even when my daughter-in-law, who was slowly becoming open to me, knelt under me and vomited constantly, she would turn her body, and then lift one leg up, aiming my head between her legs.

Then my beautiful buttocks slowly approached my face, and I stretched out my lips, using my rough beard stubble and my tongue to constantly enjoy the body of my daughter-in-law. Nothing is more exciting than this kind of six or nine

, this sexy one / When Wu Kneeled in front of my eyes, the curve of the body was so hot, I could even feel my lower abdomen being constantly rubbed against by the soft waves on her chest.

Then the daughter-in-law let go of her mouth and reluctantly adjusted her position and lay with me.

This time, she was lying on her side with her back facing me. I was just right for my hand to wrap around to knead/squeeze her softness. At the same time, I was using the other hand to tightly fix the pliable sexy waist to make my body tight. Stick it on this wonderful hip.

I tried it with my hand, and it turned out that my daughter-in-law came directly to my bedroom with nothing to wear this time.

I wanted to talk twice, but it was a pity that my daughter-in-law covered my lips with her little hand, as if she didn’t want to break the tranquility and excitement in front of me.

I didn’t speak, and squeezed my lower body into these two sexy buttocks.

I didn’t enter the front door or walked to the backyard. I was tightly wrapped in my hips. Then I began to push my waist slowly, dreaming of talking to my daughter-in-law about the most primitive impact.

My daughter-in-law kept pushing her hips against me, as if I was rubbing against a hidden part of her door, and she also felt a huge stimulus. I kept rubbing faster and faster, just like real thrusting/plugging.

Perhaps it was because the movement was really a bit bigger.Unlike before, my hard and hot body suddenly entered a tight place and wrapped me tightly.The hot temperature and violent squirming seemed to harden me. My body melted inside and I couldn’t help but snorted, and even my daughter-in-law yelled in a low voice at the same time.

Then I knew what was going on. I accidentally entered my daughter-in-law’s body.

I listened to my daughter-in-law’s gasping voice getting heavier, but she let out a sigh.

The voice was full of melancholy and perplexity, and more calm and liberated. Still came in. “In the

dim, my daughter-in-law sighed, and the tone of her voice couldn’t tell how she was feeling now.

I didn’t expect that the bottom line that I had always adhered to would be so easily pierced. I didn’t move, so I entered the daughter-in-law so deeply. The body seems to be waiting for her to continue talking.

Even if I don’t give up, I know that as long as she speaks , I will pull it out in pain.

But what I am waiting for is not the words of my daughter-in-law, but the daughter-in-law’s beautiful buttocks slowly move by itself. I got up, hugged my body tightly, and an inch of in and out was so clear to me. My daughter-in-law had responded to me with her reaction. At this moment, I was really crazy.

Kneeling down, while supporting my daughter-in-law’s sexy body to cooperate with me.During this period, our bodies are deeply integrated and have not been separated. I let my daughter-in-law look like a bitch who has been in heat, with her upper body lying on the bed and kneeling on her peachy buttocks. Towering to the extent of exaggeration. My daughter hold hands tightly slim waist, as he did many of the same dreams, beginning violent sprint impact on her daughter’s body I feel, that I let fly clouds wonderful sense of

feel like In heaven.

My daughter-in-law is kneeling under me. It seems that the graceful daughter-in-law has turned into a sulky woman at this moment. While she is holding onto the bed sheet, she is still gritting her teeth and not letting her sing and scream. Too loud.

And her mellow buttocks were matching my shock, and it was too high for a moment, as if to completely melt my big things into her body and pierce them to places she had never enjoyed.

In the days to come, I don’t know what this relationship will become, and I don’t know how to face my son next.

But after inadvertently breaking through the final bottom line that night and having a relationship, apart from sighing, the lamenting daughter-in-law was like letting go,

keeping intimacy with me and enjoying the wonderful happiness that each other brought.

I don’t know how long this relationship can last or how it should develop.

The only thing we have now is intimacy, all kinds of tricks, even once I let my daughter-in-law sit on me and sink by herself, and then occupy her wonderful backyard, which means that my daughter-in-law now treats me both physically and mentally. Has become more and more since.

Whether it is a sexual partner in the emptiness and loneliness, or a harbor where the soul and body depend on each other, it seems to be in good condition now.

Even when I typed these words, she was still knelt under my body and was working hard on her hot body.

Did you raise your head and glance at me, that lewd look made me want to fuck her cruelly.

What happens next? Leave it to God.

At least it now seems that we are all sinking in this kind of indecent happiness. This unimaginable huge stimulus makes us not want to think about the future, but now we are more and more inseparable from each other.


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