Chapter 3 Wake up

Chapter Three_Wake up

Qiao Yangbai had an unusually long dream.

It was a strange dream she had never had before.

She remembered that five years ago, she happily said goodbye to her parents who were on vacation abroad. On the third day after a few gangster men in black suits and tattoos knocked on the door of her house, the leather shoes were in the crack of the door as soon as the door was opened. , Without saying anything, forcibly took her away.

While struggling, she was drugged and fell asleep. It seemed that she was taken by a black-headed car into a gangster organization called Yongyao Gang. She spent the first night there after waking up in a damp dungeon. It was also that night that she learned all the facts from the men who arrested her here.

The parents’ company was bankrupted by the opponents, and there was not enough collateral to obtain a loan from the bank. They were forced to borrow large sums of money from the underground bank, and these comeback money was lost in less than one night after the investment. Parents are desperate, because they will never end those huge sums of money. In order to escape the vicious debt collectors of Yongyao’s gang, they had to secretly sign a contract to sell their daughter to Yongyao’s gang, and then the two left the country under the pretext of taking a vacation.

At that time, Qiao Yangbai finally understood that the mother knelt down in front of her that day, rubbed her cheeks with some rough hands, put her forehead on her forehead, and said sadly, “Yang Bai, If one day Mom and Dad make a very serious mistake, and it hurts you again, can you forgive us?” The true meaning.

She doesn’t know if she hates her father and mother, but she does know that she spent the ten most desperate and darkest days and nights of her life in that dark dungeon.

Although her life was upgraded to house arrest after that, the nightmare that began every night has never stopped.

She would dream of many miserable scenes, sometimes it was a corpse dripping with pus all over the street, sometimes it was a black cat with its limbs cut off, and sometimes it was an invisible room full of crying and sneer. She had terrible nightmares time after time, and awakened from nightmares time after time, and her only comfort was leaning against the cold wall, panting heavily and whispering.

But this time the dream is different.

There is a blue sea in her dream. She is walking on the coast beaten by waves in a comfortable dress. Not far away, a figure covered by the water over her ankles waved at her with a gentle expression, smiling and calling to her. She was barefoot, all eyes fell on that person, smiling happily.

Although she couldn’t see the man’s face clearly, and she didn’t know what it meant, but this dream made her so happy that she didn’t want to wake up.

“Miss, are you awake?”

The maid who was watering the potted plants in the room accidentally caught a glimpse of Qiao Yangbai’s raised mouth, then came to her and patted her on the shoulder gently, trying to wake her up come over.

The light stimulated Qiao Yangbai’s eyes, who had recovered some consciousness, and the scene in his dream instantly turned into nothingness. She felt the light above her head, and the light was getting stronger and stronger, so she couldn’t help but slowly open her eyes.

Seeing that Qiao Yangbai woke up, the maid leaned forward in surprise and said: “Great, miss you finally awake! The master will definitely be very happy!”

Once the consciousness is restored, the pain in the whole body will come with it. The injuries on his body were clustered together and clamored. Qiao Yangbai immediately felt dizzy and dizzy, as if thousands of ants were gnawing at her wounds. Like an astronaut who lost gravity, the pain made her tears fall.

“Ok… it hurts…” Qiao Yangbai gritted her teeth. She has gone through numerous pains, but she still couldn’t bear the physical pain out of instinct.

Seeing her pale and sweating, the maid asked in a panic: “Miss!? What’s wrong with you!?”

Qiao Yangbai thought “I was still thrown out, how many bones were broken, so I survived”, just squeezing out the words “It’s so painful” from the gap between his teeth. It almost made her tired.

“I’ll call the doctor and notify the master immediately! Please hold on! Please!” This day, the maid heard that this woman is an extremely important existence in the eyes of the master, and the master will definitely be furious if something happens to her. So she quickly put down the kettle in her hand, ran out of the room quickly, and ran to the first floor.

Not long after he got home from work, Shang Ruimo, who was standing in the lobby on the first floor, dressed in his newly changed casual clothes, leaned on the sofa and picked up the tea from his servant, and asked Runshi who was standing next to him, “Is she awake?”

Facing the boss who cared about the treatment of the woman who was picked up even during work hours, Runshi shook his head cautiously: “Boss, I went up to see you when you changed clothes. She hasn’t woken up

yet .” Asking in more detail, Shang Ruimo found a maid anxiously running down the spiral staircase, and said loudly: “Doctor! Where is the doctor!?”

“I think I should have said anywhere in the mansion. No servants are allowed to run indecently and shout loudly, how does the butler teach you!?” Shang Ruimo put the teacup back in the saucer and stood up facing the maid.

The maid, who had been in a panic, didn’t realize that the master was in the lobby on the first floor just now. After hearing the master’s voice, she immediately stopped her steps timidly and stood aside.

“Go on.” Shang Ruimo turned his gaze away from her and sat back on the sofa, sinking his body completely inside.

There are many servants in this mansion, and she has never spoken to the master before. And she also saw her master lose her temper a few times, her hands twisted tightly behind her back, and she stubbornly said: “Um… the lady upstairs woke up! It’s just that she has a very serious pain, and I want to help. She called the doctor over…I didn’t expect the master…”

Before she could finish her words, Shang Ruimo said to Runshi: “Call a few doctors over right away, and let me know when she is stable.”

“Yes!” Run Shi stood at attention, turned and walked out of the gate on the first floor.

Shang Ruimo closed his eyes and rested for a while, as if thinking about something or not thinking about anything. After a long time, he walked up the spiral staircase and walked into the study on the third floor.

He couldn’t undo what happened five years ago, that face lingered in his mind, and the wound had been secretly present in his heart. His purpose is very simple, is to make Qiao Yangbai live and become an object that he can use at any time.

Runshi had something to do, Shang Ruimo lit a cigarette, thought for a while, picked up the phone and pressed a series of numbers.

After waiting for less than a minute, someone politely knocked on the door of the study.

“Come in.” As the voice fell, the precious solid wood door was opened, and a slender man with long light brown hair walked in.

“Boss, you call me.” The man’s voice was a little soft, more to be precise, his neutral face with a slight smile.

Shang Ruimo was not infected by the smiles of his subordinates. He coldly ordered: “Guangyou, you can check the identity of the woman named Qiao Yangbai. The more detailed the better. The better. Within two days. Come in front of me.”

Guangyou, who received the new task, was obviously very happy. He bowed deeply: “Yes, boss, I will do my best to do it.”

“I said I don’t like seeing the person in front of me. An inexplicable smile.” Shang Ruimo coldly pressed the cigarette out in the ashtray, “Go down.”

The arc of Guangyou’s mouth disappeared, but he still couldn’t conceal the joy that filled his body. He nodded, turned and walked out.

The door was closed softly, and Shang Ruimo turned his gaze to the calendar on the desk. The red handwritten circle encircled the box on September 3, as if mocking Shang Rui, who could not escape those tragic memories even if he had the whole world. ink.

Push the calendar down firmly and make a “pop” sound. Then he leaned back in the chair, and closed his eyes deeply as if he was relieved.

Because the pain was only caused by the fracture, the doctors gave Qiao Yangbai an analgesic injection, and then carefully performed a full-body examination on her to confirm that she was in good condition before leaving with confidence.

After a lot of tossing, it was already late at night.

Qiao Yangbai is sure that she is not in the Yongyao Gang. The most profound memory of the decoration of the Yongyao Gang is the paper sliding doors, tatami mats, and plaques that can be seen everywhere. It is a consistent Japanese-style building, not the European classical style in front of me.

She vaguely recalled the scene where Huo Dongchen, the boss of the Yongyao gang, ordered to be tortured and thrown out because of a mistake. The two younger brothers in the gang threw her in the alley at will. It was raining heavily, and when she was about to faint, the only thing that existed in her memory was the touch of someone’s powerful fingers pinching her jaw and the blue umbrella tilted over.

Probably it was saved by that person. Qiao Yangbai, who had become accustomed to living without a sense of belonging, just thought this way, and stopped thinking about it.

Facing the south, this huge bedroom is well-decorated and has a wide view. Outside the transparent floor-to-ceiling windows, the dark blue sky was sultry and starry. The heavy rain last night made the air at the foot of the mountain fresher and cooler, and the atmosphere was full of vibrant new life.

Qiao Yangbai knew that she had probably ended her five-year-long life in the Yongyao Gang, but she didn’t know what kind of future was coming next. Five years of house arrest in the underworld organization has transformed her from a 17-year-old innocent girl into a 22-year-old woman who has experienced ups and downs. In the room with a little clear moonlight, she felt neither panic nor grateful. She just lay quietly. Her destiny has been out of her hands five years ago. She knows that the future is far away from her current self, and will always exist in a place out of her reach, so she Don’t think about it.

I am afraid that only she herself knows that it is not her strength, but her physical and mental haggard and bruises.