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Chapter 3 WeChat Passion

The daughter-in-law immediately pushed my hand away after she felt the push on her hips behind her, and she also whispered: “Dad, you can’t do this, if you do this again, I will be really angry!”

Although she spoke with a serious tone , But I can’t see any angry expression from her expression.

But I dare not go too far to stop doing it again.

I went to the kitchen and put breakfast on the dining table, and after a while my daughter-in-law came out to have breakfast.

When I was leaving for school, I couldn’t help being close to my daughter-in-law, wanting to feel the wonderful taste of her body.

But my daughter-in-law turned her head to whiten my eyes and said, “Dad, stop making trouble, I’m about to be late.” When

my daughter-in-law saw my nasty thoughts, I smiled a little embarrassingly.

My daughter-in-law went to work, but I felt that she was not angry.

In the morning, I wondered if my daughter-in-law was not busy now, so I deliberately took two photos of my grandson and sent them to show her.

My daughter-in-law saw her son’s photo and asked about his son’s situation today. After saying this, she sent me a message saying: “Dad, you were too much this morning. You are my father and I am your daughter-in-law. How can you go from behind? Then hug me. That action is very shameful, it is not something that a daughter-in-law can make.”

I felt a little confused about my daughter-in-law’s psychological thoughts, so I gave her a message back in the past: “Okay, I know, you first

I’m busy waiting for you to go home and talk.” The daughter-in-law didn’t pay much attention to me for the next few days, as long as she saw me getting closer, she quickly avoided.

I found that my previous actions made her really angry with me now.

My daughter-in-law is bothering me these days, and I am very sensible and did not harass her.

But tonight I felt a bit strong in my physical desires, and my daughter-in-law went back to the bedroom when the mother-in-law had put the child to sleep.

I was lying in bed tossing about and couldn’t sleep, so I couldn’t hold back and sent a message to my daughter-in-law using WeChat: “Xiaoling, are you asleep? What are you doing now? I can’t sleep.”

I thought about my daughter-in-law, now Just try to send a message.

I thought she would not pay attention to me when she slept, but who knew that my daughter-in-law immediately returned me a message: “Dad, I haven’t fallen asleep, and I can’t sleep either.”

I was very happy when I received WeChat, and I hurriedly sent a message. : “You can’t sleep, do you have a need again in your body and mind?”

My daughter-in-law immediately sent a round face picture with a hammer on her head, along with a text message: “Maybe, it’s nothing good. The way. Dad, why can’t you sleep?”

Excited, I felt my body react more intensely when I heard this: “I’m the same as you.

Xiaoling, can you do Dad a favor?”

“What’s the matter ? Dad, don’t go too far.” The daughter-in-law’s message was filled with curiosity and expectation.

“You can not agree to me after I say it, but you can’t be angry. Dad wants to borrow your underwear/pants for use.

Don’t worry, I will clean it for you after I use it.” I sent the message and now I ‘S hands are shaking.

My daughter-in-law hasn’t responded for a long time. I felt bad in my heart, thinking that I was irritating her again, ready to go to bed full of regrets, but the next moment I heard the sound of information.

I opened WeChat and took a look. I was so happy that I almost couldn’t help but yell: “Dad, I put it on the small shelf in the bathroom, and you can go and take it later.”

I was so excited that I immediately walked out of the bedroom and went to the bathroom. Go to her panties/pants and put them on the small shelf hanging on the wall.

I picked up this little thing with my hands and looked at it carefully. This pair of panties/pants is like a treasure to me.

When I looked closely, I found that the central part of this pair of underwear/pants was a little wet, and I smelled a faint feminine body odor when I put it on the tip of my nose.

I can be sure that this panties/pants was just taken off from her body, and her body is also excited.

Holding the panties/pants, I quickly returned to the room, and sent another message to my daughter-in-law, saying: “Thank you Xiaoling, did these panties/pants just take off from you?”

My daughter-in-law is probably waiting for my message , I just passed, she quickly replied: “Yes, don’t thank me. I hope this can help you.

I feel this is very good, I will not do anything against morals and ethics, and I will not be sorry for Jianjun , I can help you.”

My daughter-in-law’s reason did not occur to me, and then I sent a message and asked: “Did you also touch it just now? Your underwear/pants are already wet.”

She sent me a message. The shy expression did not speak.

I continued to chat with her on WeChat: “Xiaoling, are you touching it by yourself now?”

This time my daughter-in-law sent a word over: “Yeah.”

She admitted that she made me more excited with her hands, and I said Her wet panties/pants wrapped under me.

Then I took a picture from the bottom and sent it to her. The picture was straightforward and revealing, and the posture I held across her panties/pants felt very nasty.

“You help me, then I want to help you. You may be more excited to see this. If you don’t like it, delete it. I promise I won’t send you this kind of photo in the future.” Action, edited the information with one hand and sent it to my daughter-in-law.

When I posted this photo, I was actually quite scared. After all, it was so obvious that I was afraid of her being angry.

After a while, she returned a message to me and made my worries disappear invisible: “It’s okay, it looks good.

Thank you for your kindness, the things in the photos are big and scary, much bigger than the Jianjun, which is very good. “

A message sent two lines of’very good’, and it seems that she is also very excited and excited now.

I feel relieved to continue chatting with her: “Do you want to feel this thing now?” Not only is it big, it is also very hard, and the temperature is also hot. “

My daughter-in-law is really in excitement. At this time, she is constantly cooperating with me, sending me more exciting messages: “Yes, I am now in a fantasy. I have an unspeakable feeling. I have never tried one side. Talking about this with other men, I still use my hands. I feel so excited. “

Do you want a real experience?” “I felt that my body was about to explode, and my trembling hand tapped on the phone to continue sending messages.

Her current state seemed to drown her sense of desire, and she sent me a note: “Well, think, think so much. I can’t stand it anymore, now I will go to the bathroom and wait for you. “

Seeing this, my heart was about to jump out, and my body swelled to its limit in an instant.

I sat up from the bed and prepared to go to the bathroom.

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