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Chapter 4 Getting Open

Anxiously, I just walked to the bedroom door and didn’t open the door. My phone jingled slightly, and I quickly picked up the phone and took a look: “Dad, let’s forget it, it would be too sinful if it happened.

Nope, Just now I said that our level is quite good, and the last step cannot be crossed.”

Hey, she suddenly changed her mind again. My heart became empty, and the huge surprise was followed by a huge regret.

I lay on the bed again, turned off the light, continued to wrap my underneath tightly with my daughter-in-law’s original underwear/pants, and then sent her a message: “Xiaoling, can you also take a picture of your sexy body for me to see? Make Dad

excited too .” Now not only I am over-excited, but also my daughter-in-law. After more than ten seconds, she really sent a picture over. I was surprised when I saw the picture. It was a half-length picture with my legs slightly bent and raised. The most mysterious place is blocked, but the figure shown in this picture is so sexy and enchanting, it is really a fascinating stunner.

Seeing this picture made me really excited, and the movement of one hand became much faster.

I sent a message with emotion in my heart: “Thank you Xiaoling, you are so kind to me.”

She quickly replied: “No thanks, I can help you, but I am embarrassed to follow you. The part of her body is too private, so you can only see my legs and side butt.

You and your mother-in-law came here to take care of me and my son. It’s very hard work, so this is considered a reward for you.”

I looked at the photos up and down Moving faster and faster, thinking of various taboo hot scenes with my daughter-in-law in my mind, my excitement finally reached its limit within a short while.

My body became soft after it was tense, and I felt uncomfortable in my whole body.

I sent her a message saying: “Xiaoling, I have finished the solution, thank you. I just can’t help but get all your underwear/pants on. Looking at the amount of too much, I will clean it up for you in a while.

Thank you for helping me so much. I haven’t experienced this level of excitement in years. “

I wiped my body with a paper towel, and before I went out, I received her reply: “Dad, you don’t need to wash it, you put it on the small shelf in the bathroom.

I’ll go down to take it and wash it in a while. How can the father-in-law wash the underwear/pants for the daughter-in-law. “

I looked at the message and couldn’t help but smile twice, then I put her panties/pants full of my body fluids in the original position, and after I came back, I sent a message saying that I put them away.

I wanted to keep it secretly . Look here, I wonder if she comes out without clothes, but after thinking about it, forget it.

It’s exciting to keep this mystery, but the key is that I am afraid to make her angry again and ignore me.

Go back to the bedroom and rest. While I was about to go to bed, my daughter-in-law sent another message: “Dad, I got the underwear/pants back. There are so many sticky things on my hands, why are there so many?

I vented too, thank you. This is our secret, remember not to tell anyone. I am very happy tonight. Now I can sleep well. good night. “

I heard her say that there were so many sticky things on my hands when I took the panties/pants, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Okay, what happened tonight is our secret, good night.” “After replying to the last message, I lay on the bed relaxedly, because I fell asleep sweetly soon after I was relieved. I

feel that my daughter-in-law is in a much better mood these days . It should be from the secret of the last night.

Yes . Every time my daughter-in-law sees me, she always has a smile on her

beautiful face . Beautiful face, because she has just given birth for a year, her figure is getting hotter and hotter and more sexy.

Time will come again soon It’s the weekend, and the weather is good today.

Today my daughter-in-law said that our family would go out for fun, and my mother-in-law and I rarely go out with children.

The factory where I used to work was not profitable, so I retired early, and I got a pension. The son usually works as a small contract foreman in the field, and he goes home once every two or three months. The daughter-in-law is also a teacher, so the family is not considered rich and rich, but also considered to have two small money.

My daughter-in-law has a car that is close to RMB 100,000, and she drove us to a scenic spot.

My wife is pushing my grandson in a trolley, and my daughter-in-law is very charming today.

Wearing a pair of sports pants is tight, and a short-sleeved T-shirt on the upper body is also tight, showing her sexy figure perfectly.

I secretly looked at my daughter-in-law’s body a few times, and I found that my daughter-in-law’s plump buttocks were upright.

People can’t help but want to knead/squeeze.

The current casual sportswear are all in this style, but I look at my daughter-in-law and think too much.

We went around the scenic spot and walked to the foot of a mountain. My daughter-in-law suddenly said that she wanted to exercise and climb the mountain.

My wife looked at the densely planted mountain forest and shook her head and said, “I won’t go up. I feel exhausted after turning around. I’d better play with my grandson here and take a break.”

Since my wife doesn’t want to go up. , Then it happened that my daughter-in-law and I went up the mountain together.

When I first started crawling, I deliberately let my daughter-in-law walk in front of me because I wanted to look at my daughter-in-law’s sexy ass.

For me this is the most charming scenery.

Climbing for a long way makes me tired. When I want to call my daughter-in-law to take a break, she first said that she was tired.

We walked to a big rock and sat and rested. It is estimated that my daughter-in-law often writes on the blackboard with chalk. I stretched my shoulders while watching.

“Xiaoling, do you want dad to pinch it for you? When I was young, I learned some massage techniques from others.” For me, this is a good opportunity to touch my daughter-in-law’s body. I hurriedly reported to myself and said courageously. One sentence.

The daughter-in-law looked at me strangely with disbelief in her eyes, but she nodded and said to me: “That’s great, Dad, then you will be hard for you.”

My wife often hurts her shoulders and neck, and I massage her. Now my hand is resting on my daughter-in-law’s shoulder, feeling the delicate fragrance of the shoulder, and I also press it in a decent way.

After pressing for a few minutes, my daughter-in-law said that the technique was really good and the pressing was very comfortable.

Now my daughter-in-law is really tired, and I have a good technique, so my daughter-in-law closed her eyes with enjoyment.

Taking advantage of this effort, I got bolder and craned my neck to look in front of my daughter-in-law.

I couldn’t stop the enthusiasm when I saw it, the neckline of the T-shirt opened very wide, and the scenery inside can be seen from my angle.

The two towering huge waves were so in stock, most of them showed that they were not wrapped in the top of the bra. As the daughter-in-law’s body shook slightly, the big group inside also trembled slightly.

This black bra with almost transparent lace makes the whole of the two big balls faintly visible. The middle of the two bra cups is connected by a thin belt, which is hung over the fully exposed deep groove, making the groove even more impenetrable. Measurement.

When I saw this scene, my body immediately reacted strongly.

I hugged her waist from behind and said, “Xiaoling, Dad is tired, can I hold you for a while?” At the same time, I pressed my face to her ear and said, “Xiaoling, can I hold you for a while?”

She didn’t respond to what I said. , I know this is her acquiescence.

After borrowing her underwear/trousers a few days ago, I have become a lot bolder with my daughter-in-law. I know that as long as it is not too much, she will still accept it.

Holding her waist, I moved my hands slowly upwards greedily, and through her thin soft T-shirt, my hands finally climbed up the soft and elastic mountain.

My daughter-in-law didn’t get any response from my daughter-in-law. Even though my hands were holding these two ecstasy balls through the clothes, she still kept her eyes closed, but she could see that her breathing became hurried and her ears were behind her neck. All became flushed.

Seeing that she turned a blind eye to my actions, I became bolder now.

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