Chapter 4 Welcome

Chapter Four_Welcome

In the two days since Qiao Yangbai left, Yong Yao helped the chickens and dogs restless and panic.

Everyone in the gang knows that Qiao Yangbai, who has been raised by the boss for five years, secretly delivered food to a girl in the dungeon and tried to help her escape and taught Huo Dongchen to be furious. Originally, she only had to apologize and accept a small punishment. In the past, Qiao Yangbai just didn’t bow his head to admit his mistakes.

Among all Huo Dongchen’s mistresses, Qiao Yangbai is the most favored one, and this favor has lasted for five years. Many people can’t understand why he has been interested in a mistress for so long. And Huo Dongchen is a person with strong self-esteem, domineering and vicious, he can’t tolerate the woman he loves most doing things that violate the rules of the gang.

Pampering belongs to favoring. Yongyao Gang has regulations of Yongyao Gang. Since Qiao Yangbai didn’t know good or bad, Huo Dongchen did not hesitate to order his subordinates to break her legs after beating her and throw her into the rain. For him, it doesn’t matter to have a lowly mistress, but the rules in the gang are unbreakable.

Therefore, anyone who knows the temperament of the boss of the Yongyao gang thinks that if Qiao Yangbai does not bow his head, Huo Dongchen will never allow her to come back.

But this time they were wrong.

“Go and get Yang Bai back for me.”

The next morning that rainy night passed, it seemed that Huo Dongchen, the boss of the Yongyao Gang who hadn’t slept well all night, ordered his subordinates to bring back the Qiao Yangbai who had been thrown out last night.

Although many people in the gang were full of questions and surprises, no one dared to show it on their faces and had to go out to find someone according to Huo Dongchen’s instructions.

However, the result of the search by almost all the staff was-Qiao Yangbai was missing.

The Yongyao Gang is also one of the best organizations in the underworld. Under the leadership of Huo Dongchen, it is thriving and has a huge network of relationships everywhere. Such a Yongyao gang can’t miss a mouse, but it just can’t find a big living person. Even more frightening is that this person is still the woman who seems to be important to the boss!

“Rice bucket! A group of rice buckets!” Huo Dongchen swept all the documents on the solid wood table to the ground, and shouted at the shivering row of younger brothers below, “Is it so hard to find a woman!? A bunch of useless things! Give me all

Fuck off !” Huo Dongchen, who was furious, was like a leopard with red eyes. Whoever provokes him will suffer. The stunned little brothers rushed out of the room.

“Where did this guy go!?” Huo Dongchen anxiously put his broad palms in his hair, pacing restlessly on the floor.

As one of Huo Dongchen’s personal bodyguards, A Qi said calmly: “Boss, I asked the two younger brothers who sent Miss Qiao out. They indeed threw her in the alley next to Shuiyuan Street. They didn’t need to. Lying, it’s not good for them.”

“Does this still need to be yours!?” Huo Dongchen’s handsome face showed a hint of murderous air, “How far can she go if her legs are broken and her body is injured? Don’t say it is to walk. Now, how far can she climb? She must have been rescued by someone!”

Aqi nodded, “But it’s an inconspicuous alley, and there won’t be many people passing by in heavy rain. If you ask nearby If you do, I’m afraid there will be no results.”

“In this way, you take a few people to the hospital in the city to check it up, and don’t let the small clinic go. Yang Bai insists on refusing to admit her mistake, then catch her back first.” Huo Dongchen left. Go to the flower viewing platform and sit cross-legged, “By the way, what about the little girl that Yang Bai was going to let go before?”

“Still locked in the dungeon.”

Huo Dongchen nodded, resting one hand on the floor behind him and the other. Holding a cigarette, looking up at the sky, he continued to say for a while: “Aqi, do you know why Yang Bai is not willing to admit his mistakes?”

Suddenly asked by the boss, Aqi pondered for a while, and answered truthfully: ” Uh… the subordinate has not spoken to Miss Qiao several times, and this subordinate does not know it.”

Huo Dongchen closed his eyes and stopped speaking, and A Qi also stood quietly and silently.

There was silence like this for about a quarter of an hour. Huo Dongchen suddenly opened his eyes and said with a relaxed mood, with a smile but a smile: “Don’t look at her for five years with me, but her temperament is different from other women who follow me willingly. Although she has become that The state of being slaughtered by others doesn’t necessarily have to be polished away by me.”

Aqi couldn’t guess the boss’s mind. He didn’t know why his mood improved all at once, so he didn’t dare to take the conversation and had to listen to the boss.

But Huo Dongchen didn’t elaborate on the reason why Qiao Yangbai refused to admit his mistake.

“It seems that if I find her this time, I must have a good talk with her.” The cigarette in Huo Dongchen’s hand has burned out, and he waved his hand backwards, “Go down, I want to be quiet.”

Aqi nodded. While saying, “Subordinates will check the hospital as soon as possible,” he backed out and walked out.

The flowing water in the courtyard knocked on the bamboo tube and made a “doom” sound, and the heaven and the earth seemed to be peaceful. No one saw the coldness in Huo Dongchen’s eyes.

“Wow …… ah ah ah ah ah ah !!! What are you doing!?”

How can the world’s most incredible thing is that you wake up full of people surrounded the bed. The most important thing is that they are all strangers-strange maids.

Central white bridge instant his hand over his eyes, and said to himself:. “Well, well, I thought I was dreaming this or you let me how to explain why there is a lot of maids around my bed?”

The The six maids who looked at Qiao Yangbai as rare animals whispered to each other.

“Wow, it’s true, she’s really beautiful…”

“Yes, it’s even more beautiful when you open your eyes. You really deserve to be the one the master looks after, so envious.”

“And it’s a bare face, then Wouldn’t it be more beautiful after

putting on makeup?” Qiao Yangbai stretched out a hand with a splitting headache and spread out his five fingers: “Are you all here to take care of me… Ah, in fact, I want to say that I really don’t need this. Many maids…”

“No, I heard that you woke up last night. We are very curious about what kind of person you are, so as soon as the master left us this morning, we will come to see you secretly.” A maid closest to Qiao Yangbai, Tian Tian He smiled sweetly, “Sorry, I didn’t offend you?”

“Uh… it’s okay. But I have nothing to see, I’m just a broken man everywhere.” Qiao Yangbai’s hand slipped down and put it back. On the abdomen.

A maid quietly asked: “Will it hurt?”

Qiao Yangbai laughed, but this smile clearly carried some sadness: “It won’t hurt, but it doesn’t feel good.”

“But the master hired it .” There are a lot of very powerful doctors. You have been busy for a long time, and you will definitely get better.” The maid innocently encouraged Qiao Yangbai, making her, who is almost desperate for the world, unable to help but feel helpless.

Qiao Yang smiled and stopped talking. Seeing that she was feeling a little depressed, the maids quietly walked out, leaving only one cleaner in the room.

Qiao Yangbai was lying with muscle soreness and wanted to move, but because of the splint on his legs, he couldn’t move, so he tried for a while and gave up.

Seeing that she was bored, the cleaning maid introduced herself: “My name is Xiao Ning.”

“Xiao Ning, a nice name.” Qiao Yangbai looked at the ceiling feebly, “My name is Qiao Yangbai.”

“Well, I took it down. Miss Bridge, I will take care of you with another maid named Xiaotao, and she will come over in a while. I hope you can take care of it.”

“On the contrary, I need you to take care of it. I really have nothing to do with this place. I don’t know what to say, where is this?”

“This is the master’s mansion!”

“I heard you mention the master from the beginning. Am I rescued by him?”

Xiao Ning nodded, “Yes. Yes. I was wiping the vase on the first floor the night before, and I saw Mr. Runshi hurriedly entering the door with you on his back. You were soaked and bleeding a lot, which shocked me.”

Qiao Yangbai listened attentively: “Your master is Runshi?”

“No, Mr. Runshi is a subordinate of the master, and is with the master all the year round, as are Mr. Guangyou and Mr. Aming.

” That is to say, your master found me, and then notified his subordinates to bring me back?”

“Well, that’s probably the case.”

Qiao Yangbai didn’t ask any more, she knew such a luxurious mansion in her heart. Even if she doesn’t know how it looks, just by looking at the luxury of this room, you can know what kind of character she was saved by.

And as a result of being saved by such a person, he will probably start another life that is no different from that of Yong Yao Gang.

Seeing that Qiao Yangbai stopped questioning, Xiao Ning said softly: “I thought you would ask about a lot of masters.”

Qiao Yangbai paused and said, “Five years ago, when my life suddenly fell. When I entered a strange place, I was very disturbed and confused. I kept asking strangers around me about everything there, but what should happen still happened, and I can’t escape. All facts are already like this, no matter what Good or bad, I don’t want to ask more. For me, the future is very far away, I just want to live a good today. “

Yes, I just want to live a good today. Qiao Yangbai thought calmly.

“It’s okay, Miss Bridge. Although everyone is surprised that the master cares about you unusually, I think the master has his reasons. Although the master is very strict, he is a very good person.” Xiao Ning’s flexible hands He said while helping Qiao Yangbai massage his shoulders.

“Thank you.”

Xiao Ning smiled softly: “Today is Saturday, and the master will be back at noon. If he knows that you are awake, he will definitely see you right away.”

“So I can see you at noon. To him?”

“Well, it should be like this.”

Feeling the muscles on his shoulders feel more comfortable, Qiao Yangbai turned his gaze to the clock on the wall.

A simple clock without any markings, with the minutes pointing downwards at a standard 165-degree angle to the hour hand.

At 11:30, there are still 30 minutes.

She still remembers the scene when she first saw Huo Dongchen, the boss of Yongyao’s help. She was crying in fear, and kept crying “No! No! Please let me go”. But this time, she has already put on a calm mask, what will she be greeted?