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Chapter 5 Fierce Wilderness

I looked around, there was no one here, and I put my hand in her T-shirt again.

As soon as I touched my hand in, I felt her whole body tremble, but there was still no resistance to my movements.

I slowly knead/squeeze across the bra, soft and elastic, and the wonderful feel seems to have brought me back to my youth.

My daughter-in-law’s face is flushed/red, her breathing is more chaotic, and her body is tightening. I feel that she is beginning to be emotional.

I am someone who knows how to boil a frog in warm water and tear her psychological defense a little bit.

I hung my body behind her, but it was a pity that I was sitting on a rock and couldn’t touch her ecstasy buttocks. Although I felt regretful in my heart, I still stuck out my tongue and touched her ears in surprise.

This little movement made her utter a rough nasal sound instantly.

Her voice sounds so beautiful to me, and the excitement in my heart is getting stronger and stronger, and I have quietly reached down through my thin sweatpants.

Although I was behind my pants, I could feel that her body had become muddy. I kept getting in touch with it, feeling that it was not enough to touch with my hands outside, and I was about to reach into her pants.

But as soon as I stretched out my hand, my daughter-in-law felt my intention and grabbed my arm with her hand to prevent me from reaching in.

At this time she finally opened her eyes: “Okay, Dad, we can’t go any further, we can’t do anything to be sorry for building the army! I’m resting, let’s continue climbing.” The

daughter-in-law still blushed and panted. But I can’t say anything when she speaks like this.

I was depressed and could only continue to climb the mountain with my daughter-in-law. After walking for a while, my mind finally calmed down. Thinking about the situation just now, I felt better.

Today’s contact with my daughter-in-law has made a breakthrough, which has satisfied me.

We had a long time to go up the mountain, and my daughter-in-law worried about my mother-in-law and grandson under the mountain, so she told me to go down the mountain.

I nodded in response. When I was turning around and preparing to go down with my daughter-in-law, I suddenly saw her stepping pause, and then there was a weird look on her face.

I quietly looked at the daughter-in-law in front of me, and just wanted to ask how to be in a daze, but I heard a woman’s voice vaguely.

No one came in the forest, and the woman’s voice was unconcealed, and this almost humiliating voice of ecstasy was not so much a yelling as it was a groaning loudly.

They are all grown-ups and I know what this is doing when I hear it.

Unexpectedly, my daughter-in-law’s ears are really good, I listened carefully and then she heard it.

When I looked at my daughter-in-law, she just turned her head and looked at me. This woman’s unscrupulous and indulgent voice made my daughter-in-law and I know what they were doing.

“I have only heard of this situation in the wild before, and I didn’t expect to encounter it in reality. Probably both men and women feel very exciting in this environment.” I spoke and couldn’t help swallowing while looking at my daughter-in-law. Spit.

Facing me with a deep smile, my daughter-in-law’s face that had returned to normal flushed with shame again.

“It’s nasty to do that in this kind of place.” My daughter-in-law spit out, and then she called me down again, embarrassed.

How could I miss such a rare good thing? I immediately stopped my daughter-in-law: “Xiaoling, it’s still early anyway, let’s sneak over and take a look?”

Everyone is curious, not to mention being caught by me just now. The excited daughter-in-law looked at her and said it was not good, but her slightly excited expression betrayed her heart.

Under my rhetoric, my daughter-in-law finally nodded and agreed.

I waved at her excitedly, and headed towards the source of the sound first.

There was no road in the woods. I walked tens of meters forward with my son, and heard this voice less than ten meters away from us.

My daughter-in-law and I stood on the spot, hiding behind the big rocks and watching secretly, the plants are a bit dense, even if the distance is so close, only a faint shadow can be seen.

A woman is covered with snow-white skin and good skin. At this moment, she is holding a big tree with her hands, and her legs are bowed and her hips are raised, welcoming the impact of the man behind her.

I looked ahead without blinking. The woman’s messy long hair obscured her face because of her windy/sorrowful posture, but I could see the man behind her.

The man seems to be quite young, and his hair is a lot grayer. I know at a glance that this man is about the same as me, he is also about fifty years old.

The two were fighting fiercely in the wild, and they would never have thought that we would be here. The unbridled crashing sound was accompanied by the excitement of the woman’s shouts, all of which seemed to be dreaming.

The situation in front of me deeply stimulated me. I looked at my daughter-in-law beside me. At this moment, her beautiful eyes were staring straight ahead, her eyes were blurred and longing, even her legs were clamped. , So that her mellow peach buttocks are tight.

The fierce battle between men and women in the wild made my body stand tall. I hugged my daughter-in-law next to me with shortness of breath, and pulled my pants down, completely releasing my physical and psychological excitement. Not to mention.

I pulled my daughter-in-law’s sweatpants. My daughter-in-law was afraid that the men and women who were fighting in front would hear it. She didn’t dare to speak loudly. She wanted to hold her pants, but I pulled them apart, revealing a touch of purple sexy panties/pants.

“Xiaoling, you can just watch the live broadcast. You have been suppressed for too long. Me too. Let’s treat today’s stimulus as a dream, okay?” I said while lying in my daughter-in-law’s ear, my tone almost taken away. Begging.

Being held in my arms, the masculine breath from my body and the stimulating sight in front of me, my daughter-in-law’s desire has also become stronger. After hearing what I said, I was taken aback for a while, biting my lips tightly and looking not far in front A scene of men and women violently clashing and shouting.

In the end, my daughter-in-law sighed slightly, and then in my surprise gaze, the daughter-in-law swayed her waist and hips slightly, and started to slowly take off her sweatpants.

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