Chapter 6 Dongkou

Chapter 6 _

Dongkou merchant Ruimo ordered a form for Qiao Yangbai that can be executed for three months according to the doctor’s list.

When to rest, when to eat, the recipes for three meals a day, the type and quantity of medications and the time, all are recorded in detail on this densely packed form.

The scariest thing is that at the bottom right of the table in this chapter, there are three supplementary explanations and one label below the words “Notes” in an unobtrusive small five-point font.


one. If not on time or without rest, inject Diazepam;

two. If you do not eat on time or do not eat, test tube feeding;

three. Do not take the medicine on time or take the medicine forcibly.

Note: Once the above three items are violated, after implementing corresponding measures, Mr. Shang Ruimo will decide the punishment method.

Just seeing the last mark, Qiao Yangbai felt a trace of sorrow from the bottom of his heart.

She didn’t guess wrong, leaving the Yong Yao Gang, she fell into a more painful abyss.

When Huo Dongchen is angry, he will desperately tortured her body to make her surrender. And when this man was angry, in addition to torturing her body, that mentally invisible strength still completely occupied her in his heart, almost teaching her to breathe.

Qiao Yangbai couldn’t calm himself down and think as usual, as if there was a huge hole in his chest, and this hole seemed to suck away her reason, her freedom…all of her.

“Miss Bridge, have breakfast.”

Xiao Tao’s sweet voice interrupted Qiao Yangbai’s sad thoughts.

Sunday, the first day of the execution of the form, Xiaotao delivered a well-prepared nutritious breakfast on time. The food on the pink tray is perfect in color, flavor and nutrition.

Qiao Yangbai glanced indifferently, and immediately said: “I don’t want to eat.”

Xiaotao is most afraid of Qiao Yangbai saying something like this: “Miss Qiao! You can eat a little bit! If this is known by the owner, then… ……”

Looking at Xiao Tao’s expression, Qiao Yang continued blankly: “What should I do? I was held down by three men and ate it in a test tube, right?”

Xiao Tao continued to persuade her: ” Miss Bridge, these things are carefully prepared for you. Besides, if you are weak, can you just

take a bite ?” “I won’t take a bite.”

Xiao Tao said puzzledly: “I know you will definitely be treated like that. I feel uncomfortable, but why are you so troublesome!? The master is also for you, eat more to get better soon! Anyway, you want to eat, why do you choose to be hard-poured by the test tube!?”

Qiao Yang Bai quietly looked out the window. Although Xiao Tao’s hand holding the tray was sore, she still made no sound.

The room was quiet for a long time.

“Put the food down, I want to be quiet.”

Xiao Tao put down the tray and pushed it out silently. Facing the sun, Qiao Yangbai raised his wrist to front, and a string of leather bracelets with metal buckles fell into her eyes.

The leather at the interface has faded, revealing a rough inner layer, and the metal buckle looks dull due to long-term wear. But in Qiao Yangbai’s eyes, this bracelet is indeed the most beautiful item in the world.

Stroking it, Qiao Yangbai showed a bitter smile.

She thought that probably without its support, she would never go to the present.

If she can be counted as a tree, then these five years of life have dried up all the branches and leaves, just like hibernation. Even if it looks dead, there is still a trace of business in her heart.

I still don’t want to give up stupidly…

Qiao Yangbai, who was thinking so, silently picked up the bowl by the bed.

At 9 o’clock in the morning on Monday, a meeting of senior officials is being held in the main conference room of the Shang Consortium Building.

In the long German-imported conference table, Shang Ruimo sat at the forefront of the symbol of supreme power, dressed in a precious HUGO BOSS custom suit, staring at the big screen with stern eyes, and listening to the business executive’s explanation with a global restaurant Business negotiation and cooperation projects.

The entire conference room was terribly quiet except for the cautious voice of the business executive. They all knew that the president was a bit strange recently, but

I couldn’t tell what was wrong, so I watched his face secretly to prevent some of my negligence from causing a catastrophe.

Fortunately, for this important cooperation, all departments have worked hard to make full preparations. Therefore, Shang Ruimo simply offered a few small comments without showing any dissatisfaction.

The president did not refute, and the Shang consortium is tantamount to passing smoothly.

Immediately afterwards, the ministers of various ministries took the stage one by one to report on their work routinely.

“Recently, Overseas Department has noticed a very powerful industrial group in Los Angeles, USA. I have written the details in the report to you. I hope that the president can consider acquiring them in due course and become the Los Angeles branch of our business consortium.” The foreign minister quietly glanced at the president’s face, saw that there was no change, and quickly wiped his sweat in secret.

“Well, I’ll look at the information later. You can follow up on the investigation there.” Shang Ruimo nodded and closed his eyes, “Next, the Planning Department.” The

planning director stood up with a sigh of relief, nervously He was also sweating, and the foreign minister who passed by him was obviously relieved.

When the meeting came to an end, Shang Ruimo’s cell phone vibrated on the table and made a small noise.

At this time, Shang Ruimo opened his eyes and picked it up, and clicked on the new message sent by the manager at home.

The host, Miss Bridge is in good condition, and the food and medicine have always been delicious. do not worry. In addition, she also said that she would like to see you at night and talk with you.

After reading the information, Shang Ruimo raised the corners of his mouth unconsciously.

His action scared the dozens of supervisors present into a cold sweat.

“Today’s meeting ends here. The meeting is over.” Shang Ruimo put away his mobile phone, and walked out of the meeting room after leaving behind the materials that the secretary would come to fetch for a while.

The head of the business department is one of the few female high-level cadres in the Shang consortium. Shang Ruimo has been away for a long time, and she seems to come back to her senses: “Is it an illusion? Why did I see the president smile just now! ?” As

soon as the conversation started, the supervisors started to discuss.

“Yeah! The president laughed!”

“I feel that the president laughed after reading the information. I haven’t seen the president laugh a few times since I have been in charge for so many years.”

“What’s the matter with that information? What can I do? Let the president laugh…”

“Could the president have a girlfriend!?”


“Why not! As a man, what does the president lack? The woman has to rush over! ? ” “

Although it is so, but the president seems to have no fancy eye …… not imagine such a good man also so abstinence! ” “

Yes ah, strange, a little scary. ” “

but Ye Hao, president of laugh Handsome, so handsome!”

One of the ten incredible mysteries promoted to the Shang Consortium was-“What kind of information made our ice cube president laugh”.

Since Qiao Yangbai became abnormal because of that magazine, Shang Ruimo banned all books, magazines, and television. In addition, she was unable to move due to a fracture on her body, so she had nothing to do so that she didn’t have to turn on the lights, but stared at the ceiling in a daze in the dark room.

With a soft sound, the door was opened, revealing a ray of light.

“Thank you for

coming to see me.” Looking at the vague figure approaching her from the door, Qiao Yangbai uncharacteristically thanked him.

Shang Ruimo did not answer.

Qiao Yangbai tried to ask: “If… I mean if I get better one day, will you let me go?”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know… I just think that I am just a medicine jar that costs money…”

Shang Ruimo walked to her bed, sat down on the chair, and folded the slender one. With both legs, he replied: “Maybe I will let you go.”

Originally, foreign merchant Ruimo would say “no” viciously, Qiao Yangbai said in surprise: “Can I really leave!?”

“I said maybe One day I will let you go, but not now.”

Qiao Yangbai lowered his eyes: “When will it be?”

“When?” Shang Ruimo snorted coldly, “It depends on your performance.”

Qiao Yangbai, who heard something in Shang Ruimo’s words, couldn’t help shrinking. She knew what he wanted. He wanted the same thing as Huo Dongchen: “I…I…”

“I won’t touch. You. I’m not interested in touching a disabled person with broken bones all over.” Shang Ruimo said coldly, “So give me a good meal and good medicine. In three months, I want someone who can be alive and kicking to please me!”

Qiao Yang Bai wry smile.

It turned out to be the same.

At the beginning, Huo Dongchen also said, “If you do a good job, I will consider letting you go free”, but he still imprisoned her for five years and didn’t mean to let it go.

Seeing that Qiao Yangbai was silent, Shang Ruimo raised her chin and kissed it roughly.

Qiao Yangbai was stunned, so shocked that he had forgotten to resist, but his eyes widened, letting Shang Ruimo’s tongue always raging in her mouth.

The long and domineering deep kiss almost suffocated her, her lips and teeth collided fiercely, and a lot of sparks burst out of the teacher’s white brain. She couldn’t see Shang Ruimo’s face, but sadly felt that the body fluid in her mouth became more and more fragrant and sweet. She began to groan that the sensitive body that had been exhausted by Huo Dongchen actually started to heat up.

“Um… uh… uh…”

Shang Ruimo deliberately teases the most sensitive part of her mouth like a sadistic, and gradually leads her into a whirlpool of loss.

I don’t know how long it took, the long and strong kiss finally ended.

The lips and teeth of the two were separated, and fresh air was refilled in Qiao Yangbai’s mouth.

Qiao Yang gasped for breath, his cheeks flushed, showing a stunning and magnificent color.

Shang Ruimo’s eyes looked sharp under the moonlight, and he stared condescendingly at Qiao Zhongbai, like a wild beast watching his dinner.

He could not refute: “My name is Shang Ruimo, remember, from today, you are my toy.”

As if struck by lightning, Qiao Yangbai immediately stayed away.


Does it belong to him… In

the end, it turned out to be like this…

Qiao Yangbai screamed in his heart and covered his face, but couldn’t stop two lines of tears slowly leaving behind.