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Chapter 6 Taboo Edge

I am so excited that I can’t breathe. I am watching my daughter-in-law wrap her long legs and hot buttocks in sweatpants slowly downwards, and the most beautiful body is about to be exposed in front of me.

Suddenly, when I heard a loud shout from the front, my daughter-in-law and I trembled. In this case, we were so close, we were inevitably scared.

It turned out that not far ahead, the two of them had reached the peak of their field battle. Following the desperate indulgence and shouts, the two finally stopped moving.

In such a short time, the side of my daughter-in-law’s body slid out of my arms, and the pair of sweatpants was able to show half of the buttocks, and she was lifted up again.

My daughter-in-law’s eyes were messy, she looked at me and shook her head, looking at her a little bit painful, I suddenly felt distressed in my extremely excited heart.

One is the bottom line of morals and ethics, and the other is the unquenchable desire of the body. It can be seen that she is also experiencing unimaginable suffering now.

The people in front talked and laughed, chatting and laughing while wiping their bodies, and began to wear clothes.

“You old guy really knows how to play. Don’t go to the hotel or stay at home and have to come to the mountains to play.”

“Hey, isn’t it exciting? Last time you said that you really wanted to try field fighting. I just heard you scream. It’s so cool, I must really like it.”

“Well, it’s okay.”

“Then we will come here next time, OK?”

“…” The

two hurriedly dressed and packed up, the man embraced the woman contentedly. Waist, my daughter-in-law and I tried to hide our figure from them.

When they left, I finally saw what they looked like. This man is really old, watching the woman’s hands still beating on the woman’s buttocks.

Women look too young. It is estimated that in their early twenties, women and men look somewhat similar, with a similar look between the eyebrows and the eyebrows.

This makes me curious about their relationship.

When the two of them had just left the wild cannon for a long time, my daughter-in-law and I were no longer depressed, breathing loudly.

Suddenly the incident was over, and my daughter-in-law was also angry and defensive at me. After getting a little further away from me, she said: “Okay, now I’m finished reading, hurry down the mountain.”

After speaking, my daughter-in-law turned and left. Two steps almost fell out because of the weakness of the body. I kindly helped her push me away, and then staggered forward.

I was secretly annoyed, and even if the two of them worked together, how could they suddenly end up at this point.

With regret in my heart, I followed my daughter-in-law down the mountain.

“Xiaoling, what did you say about the relationship between the two? A man is so old, and that woman can probably be her daughter-in-law.” I was thinking about the stimulus just now, looking for a topic to talk to my daughter-in-law.

“Then who knows.” The daughter-in-law’s tone was not very good, and she didn’t know whether she was awakened just now, or her body’s desire made her irritable.

After going down the mountain, my daughter-in-law and I returned to normal, stayed for a while and then went home.

After a passionate day of climbing the mountain, my daughter-in-law seemed to be back to normal again and kept a distance from me again, which made me a little bit depressed.

My wife is used to going to bed early and waking up early, so she takes her grandson back to her bedroom when she sleeps.

Tonight, my daughter-in-law took a shower after finishing her work and went to the living room to sit on the sofa and watch TV with me.

The daughter-in-law is no longer wearing the conservative split-piece pajamas that she usually wears at home, but silk pajamas with a little seductiveness. The small sling is hung on the silky fragrant shoulders, making it even more so that the huge waves on her chest are surging.

The daughter-in-law sat down, revealing one-third of her thighs and knees, her slender calves were crossed, and her gestures were full of sensuality.

The light blue silk nightdress is very thin, and the hot figure of the daughter-in-law is completely outlined.

I glanced at her. She didn’t wear a bra inside, but I don’t know if she didn’t wear panties/pants underneath.

After she sat down and watched the TV seriously, I secretly looked at her, and before a few glances, my shorts had already bulged into a huge tent.

The previous few times her default made me slowly approach and sit next to her. I looked at the TV, but I reached out and stuck my hand on my daughter-in-law’s thigh.

The soft and elastic palm of my hand was full of delicate feelings, and I slowly let my palm slide on it again. During this time, my daughter-in-law and I kept our eyes on the TV, as if my movements didn’t exist.

Feeling her wonderful thigh muscle tightness, I can feel the kind of stimulation and throbbing of my daughter-in-law’s psychology, and the wandering between this taboo edge makes her body unable to control itself.

My hands moved very slightly from the beginning, and slowly I increased my strength, almost rubbing her thighs.

Although the heavy breathing of my daughter-in-law was disturbed by the sound of TV programs, I still heard clearly that her lust full of breath was slowly turning into a pleasant breath.

In addition to the tremendous stimulation I got, I think the tightness and gasping of my daughter-in-law’s body let me know that she is even more excited.

The current daughter-in-law’s thigh is being kneaded/squeezed by another man, by a man who is not her husband, and this man is still his father-in-law.

With this degenerate psychology of taboos and sins coupled with the body’s uncontrollable desires, her body reaction has already said everything.

I know that she is particularly empty and longing now, and I whispered in her ear: “Xiaoling, Dad is so uncomfortable now, let’s break through this limit tonight? It’s too torturous.

This way we can all be satisfied, and as I said last time, we all enjoy the wonderful taste. Think of it as an indulgent dream, okay? “

My words reminded my daughter-in-law of what happened last time, and suddenly pushed my hand away: “Dad, we can’t do that. At that time I don’t know how to face Jianjun.

In fact, this is pretty good for us, and we can all be happy. Or, don’t have a relationship, can you use other methods to meet each other? “

My daughter-in-law said to me with a flush/red face. After speaking, she subconsciously stretched out her dexterous tongue and licked her sexy red lips.

Could it be that

my heart was beating fiercely, and the words and actions of my daughter-in-law had been shown. It’s obvious.

Is it going to use your mouth? The thought of my daughter-in-law’s beautiful face and sexy lips and tongue makes me even more excited. My

daughter-in-law stood up gently at this time, and her hand in her silk nightdress reached in from below, in front of her. I took off the panties/trousers

in front of me . She took off the panties/trousers from her pajamas so boldly in front of me, knowing that the nightskirt was covering them so that I couldn’t see anything. But I could see my daughter-in-law in there. I can take off the underwear/pants in front of me, which is already enough stimulation for

me . I suddenly hate this damn sexy nightdress. The nightdress is covered and prevents her from taking off the inner/ The trousers scene.

But the regret in my heart flashed away.

Now I am waiting for my daughter-in-law, wanting to see her play some exciting tricks with me to satisfy each other.

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