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Chapter 7 Breakthrough

I felt that my heart was beating fast and I was about to stop breathing, and my body was harder than ever before, even when I was young.

The daughter-in-law took off the panties/trousers and wiggled the laces on her hands. This was a thin pair of black sexy panties/pants.

Then she threw the panties/pants onto my chest with a smile, and at the same time said softly to me: “Dad, this is a good way to play with my panties/pants by yourself like the last time. Then, I will take it. Put the panties/pants full of your stuff under me to touch.

Okay, dad, I’ll go back to the bedroom first, and you should go back to the bedroom soon. Don’t let the panties/pants be seen by the mother-in-law.”

I cried out suspiciously “Huh?”

I was looking forward to my daughter-in-law’s stimulating tricks just now, but who knew that the ending was like this? I thought that the lowest treatment she prepared was to use cherry sips, or use her hands to solve each other with me. It.

But I didn’t expect this to be the case.

My surprised expression made my daughter-in-law couldn’t help but giggle. She just laughed twice and covered her mouth, for fear of being heard by her mother-in-law, then she turned and left with a playful smile.

Only then did I realize that it was my daughter-in-law who made a joke on me deliberately.

When my daughter-in-law was wearing a sexy nightdress in a vacuum, swinging her sexy waist, and deliberately twisting her sexy buttocks exaggeratedly and disappearing from my sight, I couldn’t help but smile.

I came back to my senses, thinking that my daughter-in-law’s sudden playfulness was full of temptation just now, and this unintentional look was the most charming.

I held tightly the panties/pants that my daughter-in-law threw on my chest, turned off the TV and lights in the living room, and went back to the bedroom.

I took the panties/pants into my hand and watched them carefully. This kind of panties/pants combined with a few laces is so coquettish/sassy. I don’t know how sultry it will be when worn on my daughter-in-law.

I looked at the panties/pants were already very wet, and a large group of wet places also proved that tonight’s daughter-in-law was more excited than before.

I put the erotic underwear/pants on the tip of my nose and smelled it, there was a slight feminine body fragrance, and there was also a slight scent.

When I thought of this, I watched her take it off in front of me with my own eyes, and then flirted with my hand and threw it on my chest.

This caused my blood to stretch again. I quickly took off my sports shorts and vest and climbed onto the bed, and immediately wrapped the soaked erotic underwear/pants of my daughter-in-law under my strong and hot body.

I held it tightly with my hands, feeling the thin, slippery underwear/pants clinging to me, really wanting to bring out the body breath of my daughter-in-law.

Keeping this action, I picked up my phone and took a photo under my body. The erotic underwear/pants hung high on my towering body, and then I sent the picture to my daughter-in-law via WeChat.

“You dare to molest me? It makes my heart full of expectations. Who knows it’s different from what I think.

But thank you, Xiaoling, are you lying naked on the bed now?” I gave them pictures and messages. The daughter-in-law sent it over.

My daughter-in-law quickly replied to me: “Haha, Dad, your expression in the living room just now was so funny, and you were all stupid.

I didn’t expect your thoughts to be really nasty, did you think I could use my mouth or hands?

Humph, I guessed that.

This photo looks terrible, bigger than the last time I saw it, and the color is all purple and red. Dad, are you suffocated?

Use my underwear/pants quickly Let’s vent it. When the time comes, leave the panties/pants in the same place, and I will hold the panties/pants with your body fluid and wear them underneath myself.”

Just like I thought, my daughter-in-law was playing tricks on me just now, but watching her open-minded message, I sent a message again: “Next time I see how I teach you to find you, if I play this disappointing joke with my dad again, Dad Just rape/rape you.” The

daughter-in-law sent a knife expression: “Dare you, you are the father-in-law, I call your dad, you still want to rape/rape me, I am your son’s wife, you don’t even let your daughter-in-law let go It’s really a beast.”

Between the lines, the message was full of teasing. I don’t know how my daughter-in-law feels so good today, but I still edited the message and sent it: “Xiaoling, I am rubbing me with your underwear/pants. Below, I’m thinking about entering your body now. I put you on the wall and asked you to lift your ass. I stuck your waist with my hands and hit your big ass fiercely.”

She sent another message at this moment: “Dad, when I talked, I also followed you to fantasize about changing faces. Now I also want to be pressed against the wall by you, and I am ashamed to be lifted up by you. Then your stuff came in

so much . I know I shouldn’t be so fantasizing, but I can’t help myself. I feel so excited when I think about it.”

After sending my daughter-in-law’s message, I took a picture of her in a few seconds. A picture of the body was posted.

I was even more excited when I watched it, because the last time I was covered by the curved legs, I was a little more relaxed now. I can see the ecstasy groin and the faint black grass, but the core part is probably ashamed. , Still not sent.

Suddenly I thought of a more exciting way, and I sent a message to my daughter-in-law: “Xiaoling, it’s too inconvenient for us to type and send pictures like this.

I want to video with you? Anyway, we’re not together, and there’s no such thing. Do you think I’m sorry to build the army, are you optimistic?”

This request is a bit too straightforward. The video can see each other in reality and hear each other’s voices. I am afraid she will not accept this most direct stimulation.

After I sent the message, there was no response for a long time, and I was slightly disappointed in my heart.

But who knows the next moment, my daughter-in-law’s video invitation popped up on my hand interface, and my fingers were shaking and receiving pain.

After I connected the video, I glanced at it and stared at the phone.

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