Chapter 7 Ju Ti

Chapter 7_ Ju Ti

Since then, except when Shang Ruimo went home on time, he would come to the guest room to grab a deep kiss every night, other things had not changed in the slightest.

Qiao Yangbai, who was labeled “toy”, had no idea what it was like.

At the same time, the supervisors working in the Shang’s consortium are delighted to find that the president is in a good mood every day. Although this incident will not be shown on his face, Shang Ruimo’s tone and expression in his eyes are indeed softer than those in the past that would freeze people to death.

The boss is in a good mood, and the employees are naturally in a good mood.

The Minister of Overseas Affairs is one of many examples.

“President, the industrial group in Los Angeles mentioned in the meeting last time. I have already opened up the road here. I don’t know what the president thinks?”

Shang Ruimo’s daily schedule is very tight, and sometimes in order to squeeze time, even meals will be rushed in the car, often for 48 hours without rest. For example, starting from the morning before yesterday, Shang Ruimo dealt with the affairs of the morning. At noon, he talked with the president of the company he had recently worked with in the restaurant while having lunch while discussing projects. After the end, I hurried to the airport and flew to Tokyo to inspect the operation of the new subsidiary. I only took a few minutes of rest on the plane, and kept watching the company’s statements for the rest of the time. After staying in Tokyo for less than five hours, he returned to China immediately, and even ate a little casually on the plane for dinner. Starting in the evening, he dealt with the urgent affairs of the subsidiary in Europe that he had just received. The next morning he went to accompany his friends in business for a 12-hour business trip. At night, he had to leave the rest of the day. The work is done. So he has not rested for 48 hours until now.

He was so busy that he couldn’t stand it anymore.

Shang Ruimo hadn’t had time to look at the company that the Minister of Foreign Affairs said. He just wanted to make an internal call to ask the secretary to fetch materials, but was stopped by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“President, are you tired? Do you want to lay down your work first and go back to take a rest?” The

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China is 59 years old this year, and he will return to his hometown in no more than a long time. NS.

“Nothing.” While speaking, Shang Ruimo picked up the phone and ordered the secretary to send the information immediately.

The foreign minister worried: “Your complexion is very bad…”

“President, I brought the information.” The

secretary placed the information in front of Shang Ruimo, looked at it worriedly, and couldn’t help saying: “President, you can go back and have a rest today! Your schedule is too tight, and it has been 48 hours. I can help you with the auction schedule in a while.”

“I said I’m fine, and I will attend the auction on time. “

He said blankly, and opened the information in front of him.

The foreign minister and secretary glanced at each other and shook their heads helplessly. The work intensity of their president is simply beyond the reach of normal people. Sooner or later, something will happen.

“Vincent Industrial!?”

Shang Ruimo, who was still reading the information quietly, suddenly frowned dissatisfied, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Department was scared into a cold sweat again. He is this age and his heart is not good, but he really can’t stand the CEO’s repeated scares!

“Yes, it’s Vincent Industry…President, you…?”

“Huh.” Shang Ruimo was obviously very upset, and he randomly dropped the clip on the table and folded his slender legs.

“I think that their company is very powerful, so I am interested in acquisitions. Is there any dissatisfaction with the president?”

Shang Ruimo coldly snorted, “Of course, but you don’t need to know why.”

“Then… Hold it aside?”

“No, it’s the opposite.”

Shang Ruimo made a firm “no”, and once again taught Monk Zhang Er, Minister of Foreign Affairs, that he was confused. Isn’t the president dissatisfied with this house? Why the proposal to shelve the acquisition plan was rejected?

Shang Ruimo’s slender fingers touched his side face, and he said fiercely: “This company, Shang’s acquisition has been fixed!”

Abandoning the dumbfounded Minister of Foreign Affairs, Shang Ruimo picked up the suit jacket on the sofa and walked upstairs. Next is the special car waiting for him to go to the auction.

Shang Ruimo, who hadn’t closed his eyes for 60 hours, was exhausted physically and mentally when he returned home at night.

The housekeeper watched Shang Ruimo growing up. Every time Shang Ruimo became like this, it was not only him, but the whole mansion was frightened. Although Shang Ruimo’s physical fitness is better than others, he can’t withstand such a long period of toss!

The maids took over Shang Ruimo’s coat and served him to change into home clothes. The butler standing beside couldn’t help saying: “Master, please go and rest! This way your body will be exhausted.”

“Yeah.” Shang Ruimo responded casually, and then asked, “Did

Qiaoyangbai fall asleep ?” “Yes, Miss Qiao just fell asleep.”

Shang Ruimo nodded, walked up to the second floor, and came to the bridge. Yang Bai’s room.

The light in the room was very dim, and Qiao Yangbai was obviously not asleep yet, and immediately woke up when he heard the movement of someone coming in.

Although Shang Ruimo kissed her as usual, unlike the previous deep kisses, this time he only gently covered her lips for a few seconds before leaving.

“Sorry.” Shang Ruimo, who could not hold on any longer, said in a low voice, and lay down beside Qiao Yangbai.

“Shang…Mr. Shang!?” Qiao Yangbai looked at Shang Ruimo’s close face in surprise. He had never stayed in her room before. What’s going on today? That’s wrong.

“I’m really tired.” Shang Ruimo said vaguely, and fell asleep.

Qiao Yangbai knew that he hadn’t been home for two days, because he hadn’t been to his room for two nights.

It must be too much work.

Thinking like this, Qiao Yangbai couldn’t help but stared at the man who had imprisoned her.

Shang Ruimo slept very steadily, probably because of being too tired. When he fell asleep, he lacked the usual aggressiveness that taught others to fear, and his overly perfect facial features appeared very soft. Shang Ruimo’s hair was not the neat and short hair of Huo Dongchen, but the kind that was slightly longer and scattered with a few strands. The slender and powerful arms draped horizontally on the quilt, breathing evenly, and the well-proportioned body buckled together regularly. In the moonlight, it adds a sense of gentleness.

Qiao Yangbai uttered a soft “Ah”, her gaze was interrupted by Shang Ruimo’s unconscious movements-

Shang Ruimo stretched out his arm and inadvertently embraced her in his arms.

Close to Shang Ruimo’s chest, he was so close that he could almost hear his heartbeat and smell the faint fragrance of his body… Everything about him was so truly presented in front of Qiao Yangbai.

What kind of man is this…

With this thought in his arms, Qiao Yangbai gradually fell asleep in peace of mind.

When the sunlight fell on Qiao Yangbai’s face the next day, she woke up.

Subconsciously looked at the location beside him, only to find that, except for the traces of the slight folds on the sheets that proved that someone had lain next to him, Shang Ruimo was nowhere to be seen.

It seems that I left to go to work long ago.

Qiao Yangbai, who was thinking this way, braced his body a little, but didn’t realize that his expression was a little lonely.

“Miss Bridge! Good morning!” Xiaotao was still carrying breakfast and greeted Qiao Yangbai with a smile.

“Good morning, Xiao Tao.” Qiao Yangbai also smiled, “The weather is good.”

“Miss Qiao is in a good mood too.” Xiao Tao blinked playfully and placed the tray on the lowered hospital bed board.

Central white bridge, said: “Do not call me after you and Miss Xiao Ning bridge, I feel too rusty called the name of it.!”

“But, if the owner knew would be scolded ……”

“Never mind you, I I won’t tell Mr. Shang.”

“Well, how about I call you Sister Yangbai from now on?” Xiaotao saw that Qiao Yangbai was in a good mood today, so she sat down beside her and asked quietly, “Sister Yangbai, master yesterday Are you sleeping here?”

Qiao Yangbai was surprised: “Hey!? How would you know?”

“The master came out of your room in the morning, I saw it!” Xiaotao continued to smile badly, “Wow Sister Yangbai, you are really amazing. You melted our master’s ice heart within a few days.”

Qiao Yangbai reluctantly explained: “Nothing. Mr. Shang came last night. When I looked at me, I was so tired that I happened to

fall asleep.” “The refutation failed, for insufficient reason.” Xiao Tao crossed her arms and struck a big cross.

“Speaking of it.” Rather than asking Xiaotao, Qiao Yangbai was talking to himself, “Does the average person fall asleep involuntarily from exhaustion?”

Xiaotao stood up and explained while wiping the lampshade of the bedside lamp: “The work intensity of the master is very high. It is common to eat all night. He always has no rest for several days. Once, he flew to five countries in one day and had a high fever, but he still insisted on managing the company!

Qiao Yangbai’s heart twitched.

She remembered Shang Ruimo’s deep sleep last night. Fragile and defenseless.

“If I’m not wrong, he is the president of the Shang’s consortium?”

“Yes, if the owner manages such a large company alone, it will definitely be exhausted.” Xiaotao said, “Although the owner has a cold personality, I I can see that he treats you very well to Sister Yang Bai. We low-status maids can’t help with these things, but Sister Yang Bai persuades her master to take a break!”

Qiao Yangbai’s eyes widened: ” Me?”

“Well, that’s right.”

“Actually…” Qiao Yangbai ate breakfast silently, “I didn’t actually say a few words to Mr. Shang. He fell asleep without saying anything last night. …In his eyes, I’m just a toy…”

Xiaotao suddenly said firmly: “That’s nothing.”


“The master’s concern for Sister Yang Bai, we can all see clearly. Clear Chu. But the master’s thoughts are rarely expressed, and these Yang Bai sisters will definitely feel

it one day .” Believe that there will be one day?

Does the day labeled “maybe” really exist?

If so, will I wait until that day?

With an expression of inexplicable confusion, Qiao Yangbai kept staring at the bright sky.