Chapter 70 I love you very much

Qiao Yangbai held Xiaoshi all the time, as if whispering the secret between mother and child, but never spoke to Shang Ruimo again. A few days later, Shang Ruimo began to stay out of the night frequently, and sometimes even if he came home early in the morning, he was full of alcohol and fell asleep. After a month, the whole person has lost a lot of weight and looked in a trance. Qiao Yangbai could think of it, he must have found a lady in a nightclub and had a lot of fun before staying back all night. The relationship between the two people will probably fade away with the drunken fans, and eventually turn into nothingness.

Taking care of newborn babies alone is also a hard task. Qiao Yangbai insisted on not letting the maids help, either breastfeeding or changing diapers, almost unable to sleep well every night. She has worked so hard that no one else can stand it. Guangyou and Runshi have persuaded several times, but Qiao Yangbai still insisted stubbornly, until one day Xiaotao found her curled up on the bed, her forehead was hot, her hands and feet were cold, and she was braving all over her body. Cold sweat.

“Sister Yang Bai? Sister Yang Bai!”

Qiao Yang had a high fever and was in a coma. Xiaotao notified the doctor in the mansion in a panic. After the doctor’s examination, he suggested that Qiao Yangbai should be sent to the hospital for a drip immediately. . Guangyou and Runshi ignored the driver and drove the black Bentley out of the garage and sent Qiao Yangbai to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Qiao Yang burned in a daze, and hallucinations began to appear before his eyes. For a while, Shang Ruimo whispered to her gently, and for a while, Shang Ruimo tortured her in cold blood. She wanted to cry, but the tears seemed to have drained, and she couldn’t cry at all.

“Remo… Remo…” When will

such a sad day come to an end? This way, the days when I can only whisper the name of my lover in the hallucinations… I have burned a piece of wound in my heart, and there will probably never be an end. I have made up my mind not to love you anymore, but why all your faces appear in my dreams.

The beautiful night view of Hong Kong whizzed past the window, bright yellow lights shining on everyone’s face. Qiao Yangbai caressed these lights aimlessly with his hands. I have loved you in the most beautiful time, but you have forgotten me in this most beautiful time.

In the nightclub where the demons danced around, the manager pointed to a few gorgeously dressed ladies around him, flattering to the handsome man sitting in the box: “Commercial President, these ladies are our top cards, you see …”

The ladies laughed and sat around Shang Ruimo, holding his arm, and wanted to toast him: “Yes, Mr. Shang, let us sisters take care of you.”

” Get out of here!” “The drunk Shang Ruimo yelled, his eyes were covered with terrifying bloodshot eyes, and the terrifying appearance made them tremble.

“I’m sorry, then you drink slowly…” The manager turned and left with a few young ladies angrily. This merchant is really strange. They have been in the nightclub for almost a month. Every time they just drink, they don’t even have a woman’s hands. bump.

Shang Ruimo sat alone in the box for a while, and took another sip of wine, his eyes slowly focusing on the phone on the table that was flashing the call reminder. The caller was Guangyou.

Shang Ruimo answered the phone, his tone was very impatient: “Don’t bother me after you said it!”

“Boss I’m sorry, but this matter is very urgent. Miss Qiao is sick, she has a high fever and became unconscious. Run Shigang and I are unconscious. Take her to the hospital, boss, come and see Miss Bridge, she is very sick…”

“What? Yang Bai is sick!?”

“Yes, very sick, otherwise she won’t be transferred outside.” From the big hospital.”

“I’ll be here soon.”

Qiao Yangbai’s painful expression lingered in Shang Ruimo’s mind for a long time and refused to dissipate. He owed her so much, but there was always a moment of no repayment. He supported himself to stand up, dropped a consumption card, and staggered into the garage of the nightclub.

Alcohol was paralyzing his nerves, and Shang Ruimo desperately retained his last point of consciousness, started the car, turned the steering wheel, and turned onto the road. The headlights of the oncoming car were so dazzling. The world seemed to turn into a pale white as the speed of the car accelerated. Shang Ruimo desperately stomped the accelerator to the end. Although he could no longer see the road ahead, he was the only one. His belief is to go to Qiao Yangbai’s side soon, hold her hand, and tell her her true heart.

The speed on the dashboard continued to rise, and Shang Ruimo seemed to have heard the sound of his car colliding with other cars, as well as the warning sound of the police car behind him. He also saw the big truck in front of him that seemed to keep honking his horns, and death rushed towards him, but he did not stop, no one could make him stop. He loved Qiao Yangbai’s heart and would never stop…

Even though he was frustrated with Shang Ruimo and vowed not to fall into his gaze again, when Qiao Yangbai woke up, he still felt that it would be great if Shang Ruimo could be by her side.

Qiao Yangbai looked at the bright red “ink” on his ring finger, and couldn’t help whispering softly: “Rui Mo…”

“Are you calling me?” There was a sudden warmth from his right hand, Qiao Yangbai raised his head in surprise and could see it. It was Shang Ruimo who looked at her eyes tenderly.


He held her tightly with his hands, as if to give her strength: “You are sick, and you have to recuperate, and Xiao Tao is taking care of him. You don’t have to worry about it.”

He was gentle, too. gentle. The gentleness made Qiao Yangbai almost cry. However, Qiao Yangbai couldn’t ignore the bandages exposed in his clothes and the painful expression he hid.

“What’s wrong with you…!?”

“When I rushed over, I didn’t sober up. I scratched a few times with other cars. It was nothing serious.”

Qiao Yangbai would never know. He was facing each other. The large truck ran into it. Fortunately, the large truck decelerated early and escaped, but it still caused a large area of ​​life-threatening trauma. After he simply bandaged it, he came to Qiao Yangbai’s ward and kept guarding her until She woke up.

“Is there a fracture? Is it serious!? I just have a fever. You don’t need to rush like this… No need…” As he said, tears slid down his cheeks as he stroked Shang Ruimo’s hair. I’m afraid she will never meet another man like this.

“You know, did Huo Dongchen say something when he slowly fell down in front of my gun?”

“What is it?”

“His silent mouth said to me:’If you love her, cherish her. ‘”

And this she obviously refers to Qiao Yangbai.

Shang Ruimo lowered his eyes. It was an expression that Qiao Yangbai had never seen before, full of helplessness and self-blame. He said softly: “Yangbai, we are together again, okay? I will take Shang The consortium and the Royal Merchants will slowly hand over to reliable people to do it. Let’s take Xiaoshi together and find a quiet place to live, okay?”

This man like an emperor now stands quietly in front of him, using The most sincere tone, I want to find my love.

Shang Ruimo endured the pain forcibly, his rib was broken, and beads of sweat that had reached the bean slid down his forehead. But he just stood still now, for Qiao Yangbai’s answer, he could lose his life.


“I don’t want to hear you say but, I just want you to tell me, do you love me… Do you love me? Yang Bai?”

At this time, how long can I hide my thoughts, happiness is close at hand , This time Qiao Yangbai never wanted to give up: “Love, I really love you…”

“It’s been so long, I seem to have never told you.”


“I love you, I I love you very much. I would not live without you.”

Upon hearing this, Qiao Yangbai burst into tears. Shang Ruimo held her silently. After two years of long love, she finally achieved a positive result. She thanked God for letting herself meet such a person, a person who can let her deliver for life. In a person’s life, there is destined to have such a person who wants you to do your best to love and care.

We are all walking in the ordinary world, only love is extraordinary. Everything can be bought, but love is not for sale. Hold you tight, kiss you, I love you.

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