Chapter 70 There Will Be One Day

Chapter Seventy_There Will Be One Day [Online version finale]

Seattle, the United States is a very suitable city to live in. It is close to the sea and is like spring all year round. The neighbors around are also very kind and friendly. As a pregnant woman, Qiao Yangbai always walks along the beach with her puppy in the early morning, enjoying the fresh Air.

That’s right, the last night with Shang Ruimo actually planted small seeds in her body. When the doctor in Seattle heard the news, the baby had already settled in Qiao Yangbai’s stomach for nearly two months.

Qiao Yangbai thought, this is probably a gift from God to him, or in other words, compensation for himself who has left Xiaoshi.

Now that the due date is approaching, Sandra has put her work on hold, and came to Seattle, Washington from Los Angeles, California, in order to take care of Qiao Yangbai, who is alone and pregnant with children.

After leaving Shang Ruimo for so long, in fact, Qiao Yangbai knew that she did not love her, but was hurt so deeply that she didn’t want to love anymore. Now her life is very stable. She has a fixed job with no more or less income, and she no longer wants to make any changes. She hopes that there is a girl in her belly, so that she can be dressed beautifully, take her to go shopping, watch movies, and taste food together.

Sandra lives in Qiaoyangbai’s house. Although her cooking skills are not very good, she can at least help a little bit. Most importantly, as Qiao Yangbai’s best friend in the United States, she can often talk to her and relieve her boredom. During the period, Fiss had also visited Seattle several times. During the conversation, she learned that Fiss was married and married to a man who loved her very much. Now he lives a happy life and plans to have a child next year.

Everyone is very happy, so that’s it.

Sandra was gulping for pizza. She was not married yet, so she was very curious about the little guy in Qiao Yangbai’s belly: “If the little guy is a girl, what are you going to name her?”

“Shang Chengyao Well, in Chinese it means to be able to withstand the farewell and live happily forever.”

“Hey, you still pay attention to so many names in China, I don’t understand, but the bridge you make is absolutely beautiful. I think you can also get an English name? I’ll start it, it’s called Hathaway ( Hathaway), I like Anne Hathaway very much, she is beautiful and temperamental.”

Qiao Yangbai looked at her serious look and smiled: “Well, Xiaoyao’s English name, you’re a godmother. It’s the final word.”

Sandra dangling the unfinished pizza, smiled at Qiao Yangbai’s belly and said, “Hathaway, little Hathaway, after you were born, I must be better than you and me. Mom is still kissing.”

Qiao Yangbai shouted while pushing her: “Hey, Sandra, your pizza is going to fall on my clothes, hurry up and sit aside.”

“It’s really stingy. I’m talking to my little baby, why do you want you to interrupt.”

“You are really messy, no wonder you haven’t married until now.”

“Oh, don’t you poke my sore spot, bridge you are getting worse and worse. “

If you can live such a stable and prosperous life every day, even if you don’t have your favorite person by your side, it’s another kind of happiness.

Five years later.

“Dad, Dad, the teacher in the kindergarten taught me today. Every child has a father and a mother, but why do I only have father and you, but no mother?” The five-year-old Xiaoshi pulled Shang Ruimo’s suit trousers while working. , Seeing Shang Ruimo ignored him, pouted a little mouth, “Dad, give me a care, why don’t I have a mother?” For

so many years, Shang Ruimo has tried his best to soften the way he treats children, but still Can’t do the same as other dads. At this moment, he was looking at the file while frowning and replied: “Who said you don’t have a mother?”

“Really? I have a mother? Where is my mother?” As soon as Xiaoshi heard about his mother, he climbed into the business with excitement. On Remo’s lap, he begged him to talk about his mother. After all, Dad didn’t mention these things very often, and the tone was a little strange when he mentioned it, so he didn’t dare to ask every time. Every child in the family has a very gentle mother, why does he only have a father who is made of ice cubes! ? He wants his mother.

“Your mother is not in Hong Kong, and she won’t be back in the short term.”

“What is meant by a short period of time, adults talk so strange, there is no exact time.” Don’t look at Xiao Shi is still young, the words in her mouth are one thing. “I’m looking for mom, I’m looking for mom, dad, you’re too cruel to me.”

Shang Ruimo, who was signing the document, suddenly stopped the pen in his hand, as if he was thinking of something. After a while, he slowly said, “There will be such a day.” The

usual dad is either very fierce or very cold. There are very few such expressions on his face. Xiaoshi couldn’t help asking: “Dad, what will there be such a day? “

Shang Ruimo hugged Xiao Shi and looked at his and Qiao Yangbai’s similar eyebrows, the past in the dust suddenly became clear in his mind. When Qiao Yangbai left, Xiao Shi was still in his infancy, and now Xiao Shi is five years old. It has been five years, he and Qiao Yangbai have been separated for five years.

He didn’t know how he had survived these five years. From the initial pain and sadness to the helpless melancholy now, so long had passed. How is she? Have you already met someone you like and started a family? Or will you still be alone, like yourself, still unable to erase the original feelings?

Huo Dongchen was shot to death by his own hand in that rally. I still remember the moment when Huo Dongchen slowly fell down, his silent mouth said to Shang Ruimo: “If you love her, cherish her.”

Thinking of this, Shang Ruimo He whispered: “Little Stone, there will be one day, and goodbye to my mother.”

“Is what Dad said true?”

“Yes, Dad promises you, there will be one day.”

“Okay, let’s pull the hook.” Xiao Shi stretched out The little hand hooked Dad’s pinky finger, “Dad, I want to travel to the Maldives with you this holiday. The teacher in the kindergarten said that the Maldives is beautiful, and there are many beautiful foreign big brothers and sisters who go there for vacation.

” Maldives?” Could it be that the children nowadays are all internationalized, and it’s not easy to know how to go abroad for vacation at such a young age, and it’s really not easy to look at handsome men and beautiful women.

“Well, Dad, please, come with me.”

Looking at the coquettish little stone in his arms, Shang Ruimo’s eyes finally softened, and he said softly, “Okay.”

“Oh, Qiao, I found that Hathaway, this little girl, is getting more and more beautiful.

Ah , a standard Asian beauty.” Since Qiao Yangbai finished giving birth safely, Sandra hurried back to Los Angeles to continue working. The two also had frequent contacts during the period. Sandra always thought about Xiaoyao and wished to see him every day. she. And Xiaoyao is very close to Sandra. If Xiaoyao is also American and says that they are mother and daughter, it is estimated that nine out of ten people will believe it.

This time coincided with Xiaoyao’s fourth birthday. Sandra was busy with work, so Qiao Yangbai brought Xiaoyao to Los Angeles to celebrate her birthday.

Qiao Yangbai sorted out Xiaoyao’s princess dress, and said to Sandra: “This time Xiaoyao’s birthday, we will probably live in your house for a few days. The Seattle company sent me on a business trip, so I can’t change it anyway. People, the ticket I booked is the day after tomorrow, and I fly directly from Los Angeles.”

Now Sandra is also married, and her husband is Isaac , whom Qiaoyang met when Baihuai Xiaoshi. Because they are busy with work and have no plans to have children, they both like the cute and cute Xiaoyao.

“That’s great. I can only see Hathaway a few times every time. I can finally live together this time.”

“It’s troublesome for you and Isaac.”

“You are always so polite .” , I’m really out of sight.” Sandra hugged Xiaoyao affectionately and asked, “Where does your company send you? What do you have to do?”

“It’s a tourism development proposal. I was the chief planner at the beginning. So this time I was also sent to conduct a field study. The location is in the Maldives to develop a series of resort attractions.”

“Maldives? It’s really good. You can also take a vacation. The sea there is so beautiful. You want to take Hathaway?”

” Um, yes, you can relax by the way. Xiaoyao loves to play so much, I believe he will be very happy there.”

“Mom, are we going to find dad?” Innocent Xiaoyao always likes to ask about dad recently. The problem is probably that other children have fathers, so I want a father too.

Qiao Yangbai didn’t want to hide anything about Shang Ruimo, so she smiled and said to Xiaoyao: “It’s not this time, but my mother promised Xiaoyao that there will be one day to meet with Dad. Xiaoyao is good, okay? “

Okay, Xiaoyao is the best behaved.” The child’s attention will always shift quickly. After a while, Xiaoyao waved his hands and showed great interest in the ice cream truck across the road. “Fuck mother, I want to eat ice cream.”

“Well, let’s eat ice cream, little beauty, go away.”

Looking at her daughter’s immature figure, she didn’t lie to Xiaoyao. She really believes that there will be one day, and business. Remo met unexpectedly somewhere. Thinking of this, Qiao Yang smiled faintly.

That night, Qiao Yangbai had a dream, exactly the same as the dream she had on the first day she had just entered Shang Ruimo’s residence.

There is a blue sea in her dream. She is walking on the coast beaten by waves in a comfortable dress. Not far away, a figure covered by the water over her ankles waved at her with a gentle expression, smiling and calling to her. She was barefoot, all eyes fell on that person, smiling happily.


Bridge Yangbai was unable to take care of Xiaoyao from time to time while working in the Maldives, but Xiaoyao seemed to have found a playmate of the same age here, and he had to play late every time before returning to the hotel.

One day at noon, Xiaoyao ran back to the hotel out of breath, grabbed Qiao Yangbai’s skirt and didn’t let it go: “Mom, mom, today my friend’s father wants us to have delicious food. I said I was brought by my mother to Maldives.

Yes , so they invite you too.” “Really? Wait a minute, mom will go after this work. If you are hungry, go first.”

“Okay, mom must go.” Xiaoyao in the princess dress cleverly waved to Qiao Yangbai.

Perhaps because of that dream, when Qiao Yangbai saw the familiar figure on the blue seashore, he was not surprised. He just smiled faintly and said to him: “Long time no see.”

Shang Ruimo Frozen there, five years away, she is still so beautiful and beautiful, but she has become more mature.

“Yang Bai, long time no see.”

Shang Ruimo said so, but suddenly he went to see the little girl who was very similar to him who was playing with Xiao Shi as if he was thinking of something, and suddenly he understood what was coming.

“She’s Shang Chengyao, and her English name is Hathaway.”

Shang Ruimo curled his mouth gently: “Is that right? This name sounds good.”

Qiao Yangbai watched his son and daughter play on the beach. Playing, she suddenly had a strong sense of sight, she seemed to have seen the same scene in her dream as it is now. She believes that what will happen in the future is connected with the dream, and today, all of this has finally come true.

The right hand was suddenly grasped by a wide hand, exuding the warmth of happiness. Qiao Yangbai did not struggle, just let the sea breeze blow his dress, quietly watching the beautiful sea horizon.

(The dream at the end is exactly the same as when Qiao Yangbai first arrived at Shang Ruimo’s house^^)