Chapter 8 Conflict

Chapter 8 Conflict

When Shang Ruimo stayed in Qiaoyang White Room due to overwork the next night, although he arrived home on time, he did not step into Qiao Yangbai’s room as usual.

In his heart, Hashio Yangbai thought, “Probably I feel that I lost my face when sleeping with a disabled person he picked up”, and felt unreasonably worried. If I were in the Yongyao Clan, I would expect Huo Dongchen not to come every day. But for Shang Ruimo, even though Qiao Yangbai felt resistance, he couldn’t help but worry about what happened.

Although my body is still unable to walk during the recovery period, I have been recovering well these days and have reached the point where I can move in a wheelchair.

“Xiaoning, can you help me in a wheelchair?” After

arriving at this mansion, Qiao Yangbai has not stepped out of this room. It is better to go out in a wheelchair than to stay in the house all the time.

Xiao Ning and Xiao Tao helped her get into a wheelchair, and then Xiao Ning pushed her out of the room.

What a luxurious and magnificent mansion! If it weren’t for Qiao Yangbai who knew this was Shang Ruimo’s house from the beginning, she would definitely think that she was rescued by some European royal family and then brought back to the palace.

While pushing her, Xiao Ning introduced her: “We are in the largest house, and there are several smaller ones around it. This mansion has four floors, and the master’s study and bedroom are on the third floor. There are really many rooms. When I first came to work as a maid, I would often get lost not only in the yard, but even in the house!”

Even the rich and wealthy Huo Dongchen’s home mansion was not as luxurious as this house.

“Really beautiful.” Qiao Yangbai couldn’t help but exclaimed.

She had heard of the Shang consortium several times in the Yongyao Gang before, but she never thought that one day she would live under the same roof with the owner here.

Destiny is so subtle that it makes people laugh.

“Does Sister Yang Bai want to see the master?” Xiao Ning asked with a smile.

“Others are at home, but they didn’t come last night. I’m worried about whether I did something rude the night before to make him angry.”

Saying this might teach others to think that Qiao Yangbai was up against Shang Ruimo. A heart of admiration. In fact, Qiao Yangbai just wanted to get to know Shang Ruimo as soon as possible, and try to make herself as perfect as possible, so that Shang Ruimo might really let her out one day.

Because of her unbearable five years in Yongyao’s help, her stubborn character has taught her too much suffering. Under the fence, the only thing she can do for herself is this.

“Otherwise, I will use the internal phone to ask the master for instructions?”

“Well, thank you, Xiao Ning.”

Xiao Ning walked to the side and picked up the receiver to make an internal phone call. After a few words respectfully, she turned to face Qiao Yangbai said: “Sister Yangbai, the master works in the study, but he said it’s okay, then let’s go over now.”

“Will you interrupt his work?”

“I said the same, but the master said it doesn’t matter. It should be all right.” Xiaoning said and looked at Qiao Yangbai’s wheelchair. “Let’s go take the elevator, but the stairs wheelchair can’t go up.”

Qiao Yangbai, who heard the word “elevator”, said in surprise: “Eh!? Is there an elevator in the mansion?”

“Of course, the master’s mansion is perfect.” The

two took the elevator to the third floor.

Probably because the third floor is the place where Shang Ruimo stayed the most, there were few servants on this floor and it was extremely quiet.

Xiao Ning knocked on a carved solid wood door: “Master, Miss Qiaoyang Bai is here.”

A low and magnetic male voice came from the room: “Let her come in, you step back.”

“Yes.” Xiao Ning helped Qiao Yangbai open the door, and then quietly stepped back.

To Qiao Yangbai’s expectation, the design of this huge study room is quite simple and low-key. The huge solid wood bookshelves on both sides are lined up with neat and heavy books. Near the floor-to-ceiling windows, there is a luxurious large desk. In front of the desk are placed a few dark-toned leather sofas and a beautiful coffee table. The simple and noble wallpapers and the reliefs on the ceiling seem to be designed by famous artists themselves, chic and elegant. The floor is chestnut-colored, and the smooth pattern is very valuable even for laymen. It can be seen that the owner of this study is a very meticulous person.

“Are you here to visit my study?”

Shang Ruimo asked coldly, sitting on the leather chair behind the desk.

“No. But… the study is really more beautiful than expected.”

“I rarely allow outsiders to come in.” Shang Ruimo stood up, walked onto the sofa and sat down, sinking his back deeply, tired. The expression showed that he seemed to be tired for a long time.

His expression reminded Qiao Yangbai of the purpose of her trip. She turned the wheel awkwardly and came to Shang Ruimo: “Well, I have something to tell you.”

Shang Ruimo did not nod and did not speak. , Seems to be waiting for Qiao Yangbai to speak by himself.

“You also said that I am your toy. So I think I am probably not qualified to say this…” Qiao Yang paused and continued, “Even though I stay in the room every day, even I can detect it. You are really overworked…”

“I can understand that you are afraid because I was sleeping next to you due to lack of physical strength the night before?” Shang Ruimo said lightly, “I said I have nothing to do with the disabled. Interest.”

Qiao Yangbai hurriedly explained: “Mr. Shang, I don’t mean that. I just want to say, please pay more attention to your body. I think the people in this mansion care about you. Work too much. If you work hard, your body will collapse.”

“Don’t say such meaningless words.”


“I hate people who don’t know how to do anything but can only speak beautiful things in the original, if they can’t do anything. , What’s the use of just talking nicely?” Shang Ruimo gave her a disdainful look.

Qiao Yangbai, who said that Shang Ruimo’s cold remarks stabbed herself into nothing, didn’t know what to say. She bit her lip embarrassedly: “But I didn’t feel that I was wrong.”

Shang Ruimo didn’t expect her to retort. “Don’t be serious about boring things.”

“I will prove it to you…” Qiao Yangbai said, turning the wheelchair, and said softly, “Then…Mr. Shang, I won’t disturb your work. After that,

he left the study slowly.

Shang Ruimo didn’t look at her back. As a plaything, she actually still cared about my body? This woman really doesn’t know the priorities. Shang Ruimo spit out his smoke and thought coldly.

Two months later, Qiao Yangbai was able to get rid of the wheelchair a little and got up and walked.

The doctor said that the complete recovery is three months. Long-term bed rest caused Qiao Yangbai’s leg muscles to atrophy, so she still needs one month of rehabilitation.

Because of her increased range of activities, Shang Ruimo let her live in a large suite on the fourth floor.

This suite is very spacious, almost equivalent to a house for ordinary people. The large balcony makes the room light during the day. There is a living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, storage room, toilet, and a small attic. . The overall decoration is leisurely and elegant, giving people a very relaxing feeling, so it is very comfortable to live in.

On the first day of staying in, Qiao Yangbai asked Xiaoning and Xiaotao to buy a lot of ingredients and came back. When Xiaotao asked in surprise, “Don’t you like the food now?” Qiao Yangbai smiled and shook it. He shook his head and said, “I just haven’t eaten the food I cooked for a long time. I miss it a bit.”

Shang Ruimo’s mansion has everything, naturally, there is no shortage of ingredients. But because they were afraid that others would not take care of them well, Shang Ruimo’s three most loyal men, Runshi and Guangyou Ah Ming, sent them over on the same day.

“I really trouble you.” Looking at so many ingredients, there are several bags of rice and flour alone, and the three big men sweated a lot. Qiao Yangbai felt very sorry.

“It’s okay, Miss Bridge, it’s my honor to serve a beauty like you.”

Guangyou, who saw Qiao Yangbai for the first time, saw that she was indeed a rare beauty and was very happy to serve her after running.

“Mr. Guangyou, you passed the award.” Qiao Yangbai said to three people, “If you don’t mind, the three of you sit down and take a rest.”

Although the boss may be scolded to death if the boss learns about it, but three People were too tired, so I sat down immediately.

Qiao Yangbai made three more cups of cherry blossom tea by himself. The cherry blossoms at the bottom of the cup have opened their petals after being soaked in hot water and floated up, blooming beautifully on the water.

“Sakura tea is the most beautiful.” Run Shi quickly picked it up and took a few sips, and praised, “Miss Qiao, you make it so good.”

Looking at the stupid Runshi, Qiao Yangbai couldn’t help but laugh: “If Mr. Runshi likes it, I can often help you soak.”

“Wow, although I really want to drink again, but the boss will definitely kill me if he knows.” Runshi gave Aming a sad look. “Aming, what do you say?”

Aming is the most taciturn of the three. He looked up at Runshi and said, “The boss is so busy every day, can’t you give him less trouble?”

In front of the calm Aming, Runshi was like a coquettish child: “But this tea is really delicious. I have drank it before, but Miss Qiao makes the best soak.”

Qiao Yangbai sat down. In front of the three people, he asked, “Are you also living in this mansion?”

Guangyou said, “This is the central house. The servants live in the North House. Our little brothers live in the West House. “

Oh, yes.” Qiao Yang nodded, “I heard that Mr. Shang is the president of the Shang consortium, but why do you call him the’boss’ instead of the’president’?”

Runshi scratched his head, no I know why Qiao Yangbai doesn’t even know this: “We are not members of the Shang consortium, we belong to the Yushang Gang.”

“The Yushang Gang?”

Guangyou shrugged: “Our boss is both black and white. The family consortium secretly has the imperial merchant gang, which everyone knows.”

Qiao Yangbai did not expect that Shang Ruimo was also a member of the underworld. But this way, it can explain why he always feels cold and bloodthirsty.

What kind of person did I meet? Staring at the brilliant cherry blossoms in the cup, Qiao Yangbai couldn’t help but feel a little confused.