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Chapter 8 Tuning

In the picture, the daughter-in-law picked up the phone in one hand and faced it directly, but the most mysterious part of her lower abdomen was covered with a towel the size of a towel.

The flat belly, naughty belly button, and the slender and straight legs are all exposed in the video. The bath towel is horizontally on the most secret part, the length is horizontal to cover the hot body, and the length only covers the square inch from the bottom of her lower abdomen to the base of the thigh.

Except for a small bath towel covering a mysterious place, the body of my daughter-in-law is exposed in front of my eyes. The phone is not trembling, so that her huge round chest often dangles in the phone, making me dizzy.

One of my daughter-in-law’s hands has been put into the narrow bath towel, and her arm flicked slightly. Even if I can’t see it, I know what my daughter-in-law is doing.

I don’t have that much estimation. I directly pointed the camera on the back of the phone to my straight lower body and exposed it completely under the camera.

After adjusting the angle, I spoke softly, because I was too excited to stimulate my voice to be a little hoarse: “Xiaoling, thank you really, I thought you would not agree to the video.” The

soft voice of my daughter-in-law also passed. Came over, accompanied by her own slow movements, as if she was gasping for me: “Dad, don’t you sex father-in-law want to beat your daughter-in-law all the time? Now it is enough to satisfy your perverted psychology.

I feel very excited now, and I can’t wait for it. It’s true with you, but I know that won’t work, so I only hope that we can find pleasure/sensation in other ways.”

I was using gloves on the phone, and I knew that my daughter-in-law never showed her face. It must be looking straight at the screen on the phone now.

My daughter-in-law’s legs are so tempting, I want to lick even the flat belly.

Seeing that the hand in the small bath towel became happier, I was thinking at this moment, if this hand is mine, how good it would be to touch the most mysterious and sensitive part of my daughter-in-law with my hands.

I was gasping, and the daughter-in-law’s moan on the phone became more and more ecstasy. This voice and her movements made me more and more excited.

I looked at the screen and stared at the hot/hot body inside, and couldn’t help but said: “Xiaoling, I seem to have put this big thing into your body now.” My

daughter-in-law is now in great pleasure/feeling. And my words made her fall into fantasy, and she responded to me very tacitly: “Dad, I also want your black and big ugly thing to come in.

This thing is so big, too big than Jianjun’s. It’s too much. I think I’ll feel very comfortable after I come in.”

I continued: “Xiaoling, I’m almost at the top now, I’m thinking about fucking you

harder .” My words made my daughter-in-law move more hands. Coming sooner and harder, his voice was full of licentiousness and temptation: “Dad, I’m coming soon too, you come in quickly and fiddle with your daughter-in-law.

You sex father-in-law, unexpectedly give your daughter-in-law something to play with. look, I feel myself to be ashamed.

you’re too sick, and I feel good metamorphosis, dad looked at things, but also thinking about my dad get bitter. I now feel myself dying. “

in the wind-law / With the help of Sao’s words, my speed is also accelerating, getting faster and faster when I reach dozens of ups and downs, and I stand up like crazy, my whole body tight, I can’t help humming.

Feeling the body beating clearly, a large amount of body fluid burst out, soiling the sexy underwear/pants in his hand, and it looks even more exciting.

The daughter-in-law in the screen of the mobile phone groaned numbly after I broke out, and I watched her predecessor trembling violently, and her plump buttocks and legs were clamped desperately.

This action I know she has also reached the happy cloud.

I watched the screen quietly, the daughter-in-law in the phone was limp on the bed, only her heavy gasping sound was heard.

It took a long time for my daughter-in-law to speak, “Dad, it’s so cool.

It’s never been so strong. At that moment, I thought I was going to die.

Now it’s not early to rest. You put my underwear/pants away first. Tomorrow I will come back and wash again. If I put it in the bathroom, my mother-in-law will be troublesome when

I see it. I am so tired now, I don’t want to go and take it again. I’ll wait until tomorrow, good night, Dad. I’m going to bed.”

We said good night to each other . I turned off the WeChat video and went to bed.

This night was so refreshing and satisfying. At this moment, I feel that I am the happiest man in the world, not young, and able to communicate with such a young and charming daughter-in-law.

After this night, my daughter-in-law and I were calm for a few days. It seems that my daughter-in-law will become rational after her physical desires erupt, but I am not in a hurry. After two days, my daughter-in-law’s physical needs will become stronger again. When the time comes, I will take the initiative to tease/call me.

This is the state of my daughter-in-law that I accidentally thought of. Taking advantage of this situation, I began to plan in my heart how to really get a daughter-in-law and be able to enjoy the wonderful taste of her hot body.

Now that I know my daughter-in-law’s physical desire, from the beginning of inadvertent contact, to this level, the distance between me and my daughter-in-law is constantly getting closer. She didn’t even notice this.

Under such circumstances, I am confident that as long as I apply some means, my dream will come true.

And the plan in my mind is constantly improving. I named this plan of training my daughter-in-law very grandly: the super plan of training.

The ultimate goal is to train my daughter-in-law without any shame and guilt in front of me, and become my wonderful plaything.

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