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Chapter 9 Irritation under the Eyelids

What surprised me these days is that my son Zhang Jianjun is back. He had just finished the construction site and waited for acceptance, so he went home for a while.

My son’s return delayed my plan to train my daughter-in-law. When I saw my son, I suddenly felt that I was very guilty, and I thought of my son’s wife indiscriminately, but countless times I knew it shouldn’t be, but I just couldn’t control myself.

Every day after our daughter-in-law came home, we were polite and polite. The family seemed to be in harmony as normal. There was not much to say about the orthodox relationship between the father-in-law and the daughter-in-law. The private things between us seemed to have never happened.

I was actually very happy when my son came back. Jianjun was outside with the construction company to do odd jobs. Making small money is usually very hard. I am also glad to be able to go home and rest for a while.

The only regret is that I can no longer chat with my daughter-in-law on WeChat at night like before.

That night, my wife took the grandson to rest after finishing the housework.

My son and daughter-in-law and I were watching TV in the living room. After the son came back, the daughter-in-law changed into the conservative pajamas I wore at the beginning.

My daughter-in-law doesn’t have the sensuality that she wore a few days ago. She sat opposite me and Jianjun sat on my side.

After my son came back, I dared not talk about passions with my daughter-in-law anymore. After a few days passed, my body’s impulse came out again.

I suddenly thought of something that could avoid risks. I pretended to chat with my son and daughter-in-law, and quietly changed my WeChat name, profile picture and other information.

After the correction, I took a look at my son. He was staring at the TV and I sent a message to my daughter-in-law: “Xiaoling, I am your dad, and I have changed all the information to a girl, so you can delete it after we chat. information.

If you ask the army to see who it is, you say that your colleague, he will not find a problem. you can also put your information into a static micro-channel sound, and I want to talk to you, to talk It’s fine for a while.”

After the information was sent, I pretended to be calm and calm watching TV, and at the same time chatted with my son without saying a word, asking about things on the construction site.

The daughter-in-law took out the phone and took a look at this time, and then her face turned red, and when she was concealed, I didn’t show any abnormality at a glance.

At the moment, we both seemed to be having an affair. The stimulating situation and the passionate thing with me on WeChat before, my daughter-in-law did not hold back after doing a few minutes, pretending to play with the mobile phone casually and sent me a message: “Dad, you Crazy? Your son is by your side and wants to tease his daughter-in-law? What do you want to talk about?”

Fortunately, I couldn’t see the text on my phone because of the distance my son was doing. I quickly sent a message to her: “I don’t want to What are you talking about? It’s the reward you gave me a few days ago.

Now it’s suddenly gone the past few days. I feel a little uncomfortable when I think about it now. Should we continue? You will be a filial dad, okay?”

I looked at My daughter-in-law’s expression became weird, and she even glanced at her ignorant husband Jianjun with a guilty conscience, and then sent a message back: “Dad, I will try to cooperate with you as much as possible what you think.

Your body is so uncomfortable . No way. I really can’t help you. If you don’t let your son find any abnormalities, I’ll just come in to satisfy you.”

I looked at this message a bit strange. It stands to reason that my daughter-in-law should be very satisfied in the past few days when my son comes back. , I still feel a strong desire between the lines in her words, otherwise, how could I cooperate with me like this?

In my heart, I sent a message and asked, “Xiaoling, it has been a few days since Jianjun came back. Do you enjoy happiness every day and leave your dad in the cold?”

My daughter-in-law fluffed her hair, watched TV and tapped her phone. After a while, I replied to a message: “Dad, what are you thinking about?

Your son came to make out with me once on the first day, and in just two or three minutes, he shivered and broke out when I felt it in my body.

I was very uncomfortable. After he broke out, he fell asleep, hanging my body up and down.”

I read this information, almost laughing, chatting with daughter continue to edit information:. “The army a long time for a long time to go home, get on the first day you once Why do not I believe ah big

and this army How old? How could it be finished in two or three minutes.”

My daughter-in-law was full of grievances by the message, and even replying to the message became much faster: “Who knows what’s going on, in fact, my husband and wife life with Jianjun has been in the past two years.

Not very good, the quality is very poor, but this time he came back I feel worse. Dad, did you say that your son raised a woman outside? So he came back once and didn’t want me. He must have been looking for it outside

My lover.” Sending a message, I secretly watched a daughter-in-law, and now she is pretending to be watching TV, her face is ugly.

I thought for a while and then returned the message: “No, we don’t know what kind of person the Jianjun is? Don’t be suspicious, it should be because your needs are too high.”

My words made her immediately. So, I quickly sent a message: “Where am I asking for? He didn’t even get in for a long time before he came out. I just felt that he was done, and it would be even more uncomfortable for me to finish it with him. It’s

not as good, it’s better to stay with Dad. Wechat chats very well.” The

message was full of grievances, and finally added a shy round face emoji when it finally talked about me.

The last sentence filled my heart with pride, and I continued to send messages to my daughter-in-law: “You also feel that chatting with me on WeChat is exciting?

Now if you say this, do you recall the previous exciting things in your mind? You said that in my heart. Suddenly I thought about it a lot.”

The complaint to the son made my daughter-in-law send a message with certainty: “Yes, Dad, when you say this, I think about it too, and my body is a little excited.”

“Under you .” Are you wet now? Let Jianjun satisfy you later. Hey, you still have a husband to use. Your mother-in-law is so much older than me. We’ve been fine for a long time.”

“It’s a bit wet, Dad, I was thinking about video with you on WeChat. It’s

broken, I’m now full of pictures and videos you showed me, your annoying big guy, I can’t wait for it to be true. Experience. I blame Dad.

I didn’t feel so strong before, but I couldn’t vent when I was so teased by Jianjun. I now miss men more.”

“What do you want about men? Which man do you want?”

“That’s it, think You can always do it.”

“Xiaoling, can you tell me? You don’t feel this is also very exciting.”

“I miss dad, dad’s big things, friends, I feel really shameless.”

“Dad Now that I want to make you feel more and more eager, I really don’t know how long it will last. I like you like this, and I prefer you to harass me.”

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